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URGENT CALL FOR URGENT ACTION; Stop Forced Deportation of Eritreans by Egyptian Authorities

Every Eritrean-registered prisoner in Egypt, particularly, in Hurghada, Aswan and Bene'ab  Prisons have had their phones removed and are being transported to Cairo today for deportation to Eritrea. Please, take whatever action you can; contact anyone

Every Eritrean-registered prisoner in Egypt, particularly, in Hurghada, Aswan and Bene’ab  Prisons have had their phones removed and are being transported to Cairo today for deportation to Eritrea.
Please, take whatever action you can; contact anyone and everyone to get this deportation stopped!!

A young Eritrean lady had already been forcibly deported back to Eritrea the day before yesterday.

Concerned Eritreans and Human Rights Activists contact the UN, the Egyptian embassies in your respective countries, local government officials etc to stop this gross human rights violations of poor Eritrean refugees.

Concerned citizen from Egypt

Review overview
  • ahmed Saleh October 17, 2011

    Personally I feel restrained. There is not one person who can act alone to address this situation,
    let alone resolve it. I am calling on every concerned Eritean citizens, to get together as a people to
    utilize their skills, come up with ideas, ways in which we may as a people help each other. For now
    our political and civic organizations use your power by any means to save our brothers/sisters
    from being handed to those monsters in Asmera.

    • isabel October 17, 2011

      what´s wrong with you guys? this is not a deportation they are going back to their motherland ERITREA. what can they do in egypt? our country will be soon paradise. I am very happy for these people who can get a possibility to back to their homeland with out paing nothing. when I came back to my country two years ago from cairo, my family paid for me for the air ticket. this people must be happy.

      • ahmed Saleh October 17, 2011

        You said your family paid your ticket to back to Eritrea not like those who
        are deported back home for free. So you ask me why I complain. The answer is
        I’m not you . Go and have fun inside in my Asmara with those AWALU. The real
        real Asmarinos is comming back to clean you all. Enough is Enough.

        • ahmed Saleh October 17, 2011

          I am sorry to respond that way immotionaly, but feel their suffering.
          They didn’t run from Eritrea, they run from HGDF. So get the picture.

    • isabel gual gejeret October 18, 2011

      Brother ahmed
      who are those political and civic organizations that you are called to save our brothers and sisters. these NEO ANDENET like that old monkey dr, bereket and company. or amanuel iyasu and wedi alem meharena. or those who based in addis abeba under shoes of weyane forget it my btother join with AYANA ISEYAS!He is the only person who can save our people and country.

  • Almaz October 17, 2011

    I am not sure who you are but thousands TEGADELTI and Warsay are leaving the country because it is a country run by whim of few individuals, who set themselves as law of the land, not by a constitution. If you are an honest person this is not good for any one, including you and your families.
    What makes Eritrea very strange is our people has fought for justice, which is diametrically opposite to what is happening in the country daily.
    As ahmed rightly put it, our youth a running from the wild beast HIGIDEF not from candid people of Eritrea.
    I am sure you know all this; you are here for a mission (to confuse and sidetrack the discussion from the major target – HIGIDEF MENDEF).

    • isabel gual gejeret October 18, 2011

      if you want to know who am I, I am pure eritrean and proud to an eritrean. I am not one the members of HIGIDEF but whether you like or not HIGIDEF bring as FREEDOM and now protect our people from these HASADET WEYANE. you are trying to tell me that many people are leaving the country. yes I know, but as our president issayas said one time “those people are not refugees they are turists” infact after two or three years they come back to their mother land. those people theghadelti and warsay they never patcipate in demonstration against the government of eritrea. this means they are NEFEKTI SIDET like you. LONG LIVE HIGIDEF with out shaebia we can not survive.

  • The Bee October 17, 2011

    The distractions you get as you read an article is tooooooo much! Good bye my form-mates. I have to find some other way of getting my news.

  • aderosso October 18, 2011

    I feel sorry for those who will be handed to the brutal dictator. but i doubt if all are political refugees.i hear that as young as 11-13 years old are seeking refugee in neighboring countries. We the people in diaspora are more to be blamed than the brutal regime for this mass exodus. No blame, they are trying to follow our steps to help their loved ones.

    • ahmed Saleh October 18, 2011

      As you said, if 13,14 years olds are seeking refugee statue on neighboring
      countries for finnacial purpose at that age, for real we are in a big trouble.

      • aderosso October 18, 2011

        They assume that every one is being airlifted to the USA from the refugee camps in Ethiopia. what they don’t realize is the misery life of refugee camp, rape, hanger, despair and hopelessness.