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UPDATED: Voice of Assenna: OUR LIVES – Interview with Mr Kassahun Checole, Part 1, Thursday, Dec 24, 2015

Review overview
  • ኣርዓዶም ኣርኣያ December 25, 2015

    ኣንታ ኣንባቢ ዜና ብኽብረትካ ህድእ ኢልካ ኣንብብ፡ መታን ብልቢ ክንሰምዓካ ክንክእል።
    ሰማዕትኻ ባዓል ኣደን ኣቦን፡ ባዓል እነ ሓጎን ኣቦ ሓጎን ክህልዉ ክምዝኽእሉውን ኣስተብህል።

  • Setit December 25, 2015

    Good one Assenna! I hope you will similarly interview some of the members of MEDREK.
    Differences in perspective shouldn’t be a barrier to who you invite.

  • Berhe Tenesea December 27, 2015

    Thank you very much for the very informative interview.
    Mr Khashun is very smart and politically mature person, and his input these days is very much needed.

  • alganesh asgedom December 29, 2015

    Ammanuel thanks for informative interview with Kassahun Chekole to help us learn the way things were.

  • Wedi Zere December 29, 2015

    Dear Ato Kassahun,
    Its much appreciated that you share the Eritrean experiences of the 60’s and particularly the Emperor’s policy of homogeny politically, economically and culturally. With all due respect though, there was only one thing that made me a little dumfounded when you say “passing Amharic was a pre-requisite for joining the university” By the way, I didn’t live through that era and I am only 37 but I have uncles and unties that lived through that era and were able to make it to the then famous Haile Selassie University literally with little or very low Amharic language proficiency. So I am wondering if you don’t mind checking your facts.
    Thank you,