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UK Quietly Deploys Warship To Guard Oil Shipping Off Yemen

The UK has deployed its most advanced warship to guard commercial shipments through a narrow strait off the Yemeni coast, through which most of Britain’s oil and gas supply travels, The Times reported on Wednesday. The deployment of

The UK has deployed its most advanced warship to guard commercial shipments through a narrow strait off the Yemeni coast, through which most of Britain’s oil and gas supply travels, The Times reported on Wednesday.

The deployment of the HMS Daring ship has not yet been made public due to the sensitive nature of having a British warship linked to the conflict in Yemen, the UK’s newspaper noted.

According to The Times, HMS Daring was on its way to join a mission in the Gulf, but was redeployed to the Bab al-Mandeb Strait, the waterway of global trade between the Mediterranean, the Suez Canal and the Indian Ocean.


The Bab al-Mandeb Strait – which links the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aden – has seen a recent spate of attacks on navy vessels and merchant tankers, which have highlighted the risk that the oil and gas trade in the region faces, with renewed piracy attacks as well as attacks connected with the civil war raging in Yemen.

Yemen has been the site of a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran after Iran-allied Houthi rebels forced Yemen’s President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi to flee to Saudi Arabia, Yemen’s neighbor to the north. The international community recognizes Hadi as Yemen’s legitimate leader. Since March 2015, the Houthi rebels and loyalists to Hadi have been fighting a civil war in Yemen, and forces in a Saudi-led Arab coalition are trying to restore Hadi to power.

According to Peter Roberts, a senior research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, as quoted by The Times: “It is really critical that the strait stays open.”

According to a UK defense source, the warship is there to give “reassurance to UK shipping” in the strait, The Times says.

Iran, for its part, said yesterday that its Navy would escort all its tankers and other commercial vessels leaving the Iranian coast to ensure their safe passage through risky waters. Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, the commander of the Navy force of Iran, explained that the Navy had been approached by the National Iranian Tanker Company to guarantee the safety of commercial vessels setting sail from Iran to the south, where they must pass through the treacherous Bab al-Mandeb Strait.

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  • k.tewolde November 10, 2016

    Make sure their treasure squeezes by without a hitch and the guards who live in the periphery get paid a cut one of them being the tyrant who deposits it in his offshore account and my poor Eritrean people can’t even get ear drops for otitis media.

  • Alem November 10, 2016

    Saudi Arabia and the UAE have contracted the Eritrean regime for assistance in the War on Yemen, using Eritrea as a transit and logistics base for their operations, as well as 400 of it troops for cannon fodder in Aden.
    The Saudis and their lackeys have succeeded in blockading the Yemeni coast and conquering Aden, thus returning most of the unipolar world’s control over their lost ‘real estate’ in this ultra-strategic region.
    The Saudis and Emirates now have a naval presence in Eritrea, the UAE is also seeking to open a naval base in Berbera along the northern coast of Somalia in the breakaway Somaliland region. The US and France have an on-ground presence in Djibouti, but they are also joined by the Japanese under the justification of “anti-piracy”.
    They might all also be joined by China, under the same slogan of “anti-piracy” to justify any possible forthcoming presence, but no matter what its stated grounds for doing so are, such a base would serve the additional purpose of safeguarding the Chinese-financed Djibouti – Addis Ababa railroad to the fastest-growing economy in the world and the headquarter state of the African Union.

    • koubrom November 14, 2016

      We will send you to Saudi Arabia, they will cut your head, inshallah
      Ooh my happiness that moment, next your dad

  • Grar November 12, 2016

    What are the “civilized” Wahhabi Arabs doing in Eritrea’s ports? We burned our own Tigre -Tigrinya languages to import Arabic and to be closer to the Arabs. We gave them our kulit, kidney and heart to support the rich Gulf Arabs lives for free. We became Abids and slaves for them. We gave the Arab Bedouins and Rashaidas millions of dollars and Euros.We sold the young Eritrean boys and girls to the Arabs.
    Last but not least, we are so smart and intelligent Abids, we handed them our ports.
    That is called Eritrean Evolution to Abidism
    Sewra history as dictated by the Arabs in Cairo and repeated by the elite Abids teaches us:
    “Haile Selassie was backward and feudal who speaks in his own language but Eritreans are smart and civilized who speak Arabic.”