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U.K. issues Eritrea security alert, cautions against travel to all borders

The United Kingdom (U.K.) on Monday (September 4) renewed its travel advisory for Eritrea cautioning its citizens against all travel to borders of the country. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) said nationals should avoid all

The United Kingdom (U.K.) on Monday (September 4) renewed its travel advisory for Eritrea cautioning its citizens against all travel to borders of the country.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) said nationals should avoid all travel within 25km of Eritrea’s border with Ethiopia and Djibouti – in the case of Ethiopia, due to border tensions dating back to 2008.

The same advice was issued with respect to Sudan with specific mention of Eritrean towns like Tesseney and Barentu all located in the country’s south-west.

Constraints on travel within Eritrea means the British embassy in Asmara is unable to offer consular assistance to British nationals outside Asmara.

A summary of the latest update read as follows: “constraints on travel within Eritrea means the British embassy in Asmara is unable to offer consular assistance to British nationals outside Asmara.

“Entry requirements section (Visas & Foreign currency) – visa applications can take a significant amount of time to process, so you should plan well ahead; you should be aware that you won’t be permitted to take more than 500 nafka (ERN) out of Eritrea.”

The British Embassy, the advisory added, was constrained in assistance that it could offer citizens who were outside of the capital, Asmara. “Six British nationals were provided with consular assistance in Eritrea in 2016,” the statement added.

Source: AfricaNews

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  • AHMED SALEH !!! September 7, 2017

    We can be whatever we want to be .
    Your expired old accusation to call Eritreans names ARABS , ISLAMIC and so on is the result of corrupted
    mind inherited from centuries old backward feudal system influences ..
    No wonder you can not live in peace with country people out your circle . And I don’t expect different
    approach toward my people .
    True Justice seekers do not tolerate hate mongers .

    • Asmerom September 7, 2017

      Once again, please enlighten us with your tremendous knowledge and wisdom as what exactly you mean by “approach toward my people”, as we are not mind readers which are you referring as my people?? Come out of your snake/fox hiding holes and be more precise.
      Enda evil Islam are like worms and think with their poisonous snake stomachs or body as prostitutes. One shouldn’t expect much of a clear mind and/or heart from nasty evil people who treat other non-muslims like hated slaves and animals when they themselves are also treated as garbage slaves/abeeds by their Arab slave masters.
      Worse, Enda Islam evil muslims think like parasites and can only feed on the blood and sweat of others before they die after or before they kill their host in the name of their evil Islam shit religion. It is well over time for you and your likes to focus on your shitty Islamic Arabs barbarism and chauvinism issues and to leave Eritrean affairs/issues to real/genuine Eritreans.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! September 8, 2017

        Fair enough , when I mentioned my people , it meant to fake Eritreans
        like you who keep barking ARABS – MOSLEMS all year around using
        multiple identities to confuse participants .
        You represent yourself with abnormal behavior that make us wonder
        about your state of mind . The funny part you do not have a little shame
        to mention about genuine Eritreans , hahaha . KEZABAT .
        XELEL-XELEL KITBL ABZIKHKAYO YIMESLENI . Calm down , you fool .

        • Dawit September 8, 2017

          As a weirdo foreigner, you have amazingly more concern for Eritrea than the highland Christian people who own it (the country).
          What a delusional jerk!
          Reveal yourself, or get lost from here as Eritrea is none of your fucking Islam business. You are a HUMUM KELBI ARAB barking poorly. Get lost fast.

        • andom September 12, 2017

          Do not worry ahmed
          We know dawit, kokob, ermiyas sami is one disgruntled person with identity crisis. So ignore hime, worries, desperation and frustration will chew him up.

  • Dawit September 7, 2017

    Some poor innocent Eritreans joined ghedli of their own volition and thousands were forced recruits; only given a month or two months military training and then used as cannon fodders. The Eritrean ghedli was executed by mindless people holding the helm power. I don’t blame the untrustworthy moslem Arabs for this, I blame the Eritreans especially the Kebessa for being duped {by alien colonial aspiration} and who committed with their moslem bandit killers so much heinous crimes. Otherwise, I do understand that foreigners, especially Arabs {in order to spread their 7th century Islam} and Europeans have always been in desperate need of other peoples’ lands. That is the simple reason why Italy crossed the ocean to occupy Ethiopian {including Eritrea} lands and people.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! September 8, 2017

      Swallow it , Eritrea is free country . HRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

      • Dawit September 8, 2017

        With your ghost “free” Arabic Eritrea, RIH – ROT IN HELL where you really belong..
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  • Amba September 8, 2017

    Eritrea is a sovereign country because of all the blood, tears and sweat our fathers and mothers paid for; however, they never died to burn our own languages, identity and history as some retard enslaved minds did to Tigre and Tigrinya languages in order to Arabize Eritrea. We did not die to replace Amharic or Italian by another alien language to make Eritreans Arabic at the expense of our own.
    Anyone who dreams to impose alien language on Eritrea may go to Showa or Saudi Arabia or Cairo. Eritrea is not a land to do their social engineering experiment for Arabic or Italian languages.

    • Danilo September 8, 2017

      Amba, don’t worry, Eritrea will prevale for ever. my doubt is if tigrày exist as a nation. look what is happening in side mamma Ethiopia, you can no longer exploit nothing. We had more patience with people like you but no more. do you got what I mean! Enough is enough pretending as a real eritrean. Sorry, we had enough go to your origin ADWA that makes you proud. Of course you have to be. Also , but ,bear in mind! Tigrigna is dieing, totally replaced by Amharic, isn’t it. However, it is your right to use it as we are using all languages in Eritrea.

  • Danilo September 8, 2017

    Oh yes! Please know my beloved songs of wedi Tukabo more or less Danielle del pino grazie.

    • Dawit September 8, 2017

      May be this guy Ermiyas did not have the privilege of going to the top madrassas like yourself!!
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      • Danilo September 8, 2017

        Of course, thanks to scarico! But I late him first to pray and confess per haven sake upon his religion , no matter who is.

        • Dawit September 8, 2017

          So Danilo, are you saying you are going to teach Ermiyas from your evil 7th century barbarian evil Islam religion how to bend, how to wash your stinking asses five times a day, how to lie, how to bomb, kill, behead, kidnap, abduct innocent people???? And of course, would all these kind muslim brotherly gesture services would be on free of charges????
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          • Dawit September 8, 2017

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  • Danilo September 8, 2017

    Dawit,እንታይ ድዩ መሲሉካ፡ወይ’ውን ብቀሊሉ ታሪኽ ከዘንትወልካ ሕራይ’ዶ? እምበኣር፡ሓደ ጽጋበኛ ዓቀታይ ካብትግራይ ሙኹዋኑ ኢዩ፡ምእንተማሪያም ዝቃለሰኒ ምስበለ “ማሪኣም ትመሳሕ”ብሃሊ ረኪቡ ከኣ ናብዛ ሓመዱ።ግን፡ኣድግመኒ ስለ ዝበለ፡እንተ ኣድጊመካ ክቀትለካ ኢየ ምስበሎ ተዓሪቆም አበሃል።ስለዚ፡ጠበቃ ኢርሚያስ ኣይትኹን።ካብ ኩሉ ንላዕሊ ክርስቲያን ተመሲልካ ከምሃመማ ዚዝዝዝዝ ኣይትበል።

    • kokhob September 9, 2017

      Danilo Scarico, can you please translate your tigrigna story into your Arabic or Italian languages!
      This story that you are sharing with us, is it meant to be an entertaining or an educational story??
      Did this amazing story of yours happen in your ADWA, Sicily/Milano or in your stinky Yemen??Next time please tell your boring kindergarten evil muslim beggars story to your jihadi talibans.