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Turkey disappointed over allegations by Eritrea

Statement by country’s information ministry arose out of misinformation, says foreign ministry ANKARA Turkey expressed disappointment Saturday after Asmara accused it of obstructing the peace process between Ethiopia and Eritrea. "We are saddened to note the baseless allegations

Statement by country’s information ministry arose out of misinformation, says foreign ministry


Turkey expressed disappointment Saturday after Asmara accused it of obstructing the peace process between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

“We are saddened to note the baseless allegations about Turkey in a press statement dated April 3, 2019 by Eritrea’s Ministry of Information,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“We believe this statement arose out of misinformation.”

The ministry said that as a strategic partner of Africa, Turkey maintains multi-dimensional cooperation with African countries and attributes “great importance” to the security and stability of the continent.

The ministry also emphasized that Turkey’s appreciation of the normalization process between Ethiopia and Eritrea and developments towards the stability of the Horn of Africa has been made public on many occasions.


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  • Jahray April 6, 2019

    Tsehaye , you are reacting like a mad peasant. I think it is better to understand the reason why turkey is disappointed by the allegation and whether eritrea;s accusation is solid. Shouting and crying before studing and understanding regional politics is just utter rubbish.

  • Haben April 7, 2019

    You are one of the supporters of the Eritrean dictator who has been and still working hard to divide us by region and religion. But there is no place for such thing now. As we Eritrean Christians and Muslims stand together than ever as we did during our struggle for our independence.
    Ok did you get that?

    • Asmerom April 7, 2019

      Wedi Halima {Abdurobo TeraAraA & comedian/chemical Ali},the rootless evil muslim garbage Akar mushmush KURDID aslamay, you never ever get tired of changing your evil muslim taliban/jihadist NEFAHITO colors and hijabs, do you??? Poor Haben/Wirdet aka “Woldegebriel”, Sol, fake Hagherawi/Arebawi, Aba thimmer, fake Asmara Eritrea, Jahray and so many pathetic craps. Wedi Halima/Khadija kondaf saHsaH saHab gemel nomad, just ROT in your evil Islam Hell,OK!

  • Gindae April 7, 2019

    I don’t care what the shithead savage Erdogan of Turkey says about Eritrea. He is another populist dictator, no better than Issaias who is persecuting millions of innocent Turks and the poor Khurdish Muslims.

  • Hagherawi April 7, 2019

    The Eritrean dictatorial regime is running short of enemies. Iseyas is desperately looking someone to blame.
    Blaming Weyane is not helping him, because now Eritreans understand that it’s looking for a scapegoat .
    That is why he is blaming a UK registered religious institution (Eritrean Muslim Scholars League) that has nothing to do with politics. Recently they had opened an office in Istanbul (actually represented by a student), with the sole purpose of helping students who study is Turkish religious institutions.
    There is nothing new here. Iseyas from day one he set his foot on Eritrean soil in “Meda” he blames Eritrean Muslims for everything under the sun to divide people along confessional lines.
    But times are changing for better. The mole of the enemy is finally exposed.
    Eritrean patriots Muslims and Christians will never allow anyone to divide them and hand over their country to it’s historical enemy.
    Iseyas game over !!

  • Hagherawi April 7, 2019

    “Thanks God, the Ethiopian Muslims are not like you Eritrean Muslim CANCERS, they are peaceful people.”

    Hilna Albo / Sur Albo / Kirdad

    You see you are already scared to say something bad about Ethiopian Muslims.
    The Weyane won’t allow you. They know well where that kind of bigotry can take Tigray, specifically now that they are downsized to fit their Killil.
    It’s not in their interest to create enemies on both side of the border.
    Dr. Debreztion knows well that Tigray cannot afford to bad mouth Ethiopian Muslims.
    Both Iseyas and Weyane secretly used to handle the so-called Agazian. Weyane have tried to hide this fact but it’s in the open with pictures circulating on the net.
    On the Eritrean side, this fascist group is now dead . A few young Eritreans who used to follow them have abandoned the fascist clique. Some of them were ecouraged to work against the group from within.
    Bigotry will not lead you anywhere.

    • Danilo April 7, 2019

      Indeed brother, those retarded members of Agiazian have nothing to debate unless insult repeating as parrots. The same words. they are dead men walking. People with out value couldn’t devalue others

      • Danilo April 7, 2019

        Furthermore, I hope they don’t respond to my comment because I have no fun of insult despite they call me ” pigo ” that non existing in any vocabulary.

        • Hagherawi April 7, 2019

          Brother Danilo

          Sono dei maleducati.
          Ma a volte bisogna fargli capire che non sono altri che dei merdoni.

          • Danilo April 7, 2019

            Hai detto bene fratello,

  • k.tewolde April 7, 2019

    Unrelenting Hagherawi and Danilo after putting the cyber critters in their respective crevices,I say to the Islamophobics ,just like the Christians and other faiths, the Muslim Eritreans have all the right to organize,assemble and individually or collectively voice their political opinion wherever they are at home or abroad,for a prudent and democratic person this is the norm,for the fearful coward autocratic mind, it is a threat. Obviously,the geriatric ruling gang in Asmara is getting paranoid by the minute thinking every shadow that moves is a jihadi.The pressure is getting to them,lets keep pushing together.

    • Hagherawi April 8, 2019

      Dear k. Tewelde

      The ruling clique in Asmara has been driving a wedge among different communities in the county for decades. Presenting Muslims and Islam as threat to Highland Christians has been Iseyas’ main political tactic throughout the years.
      Even when 70% of ELF tegadelti where Highlanders he and his supporters referred to it as Muslim dominated front.
      Ieseyas’ poisonous ideology has destroyed Eritrean unity by deliberately promoting a sectarian narrative.
      Now finally he is exposed.
      Thanks God, we are coming together to reclaim back our unity, country and dignity.
      Thank you Brother k. Tewelde.

    • k.tewolde April 9, 2019

      It is coming soon to the neighborhood near you,you can’t stop the people when they say enough is enough together,NISIR LSHAA’EBI AL SUDANI,Thank you Hagherawi for the good news, it gave me butterflies to see the youth with their army counterparts.