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  • Hakim August 28, 2015

    What about Ethiopians? I believe Ethiopians are becoming Eritreans once they reach Libya.

    • Wedi Haki August 28, 2015

      Dear Hakim,
      Are you insinuating that those who are drowning in the deep sea or dying along the way trying to are Ethiopians? I HOPE NOT. They are believed to be 98% Eritreans and its just sad that numbers are rising exponentially by the day and we don’t seem to do anything about it. Worse, we are denying that they are even ours like the disgusting regime that tagged them as “Africans” in the aftermath of the Lampadusa disaster on the coast of Italy. Hypothetically speaking,had they been Ethiopians,would have you been happy? Why is it that we seem to have some kind of solace dragging the Ethiopians into the mud and want them suffer the way we are suffering? Are we that much sadistic? I may be wrong but this is what I sense.
      Folks, Ethiopians are not only our neighbors but undeniably our brothers and sisters. They are doing so good and so busy developing their impoverished country and we should be HAPPY about it.

      • Hakim August 28, 2015

        Dear Wedi Haki
        That is not what I am saying don’t change the subject I have no desire to see anybody die Ethiopians Somali or any other people we are all humans. I was listening to an Ethiopian interview he was saying when we get to Libya we all change our identity to Eritreans don’t ask me why. When Somalian government collapse everybody became Somalian and when we have genocide in Rwanda everybody became Rwandan and now everybody is using Eritrean identity to get easy asylum and this the fact you can do a little research and you will find it. are we Eritrean dying in Sinai Sahara and in Mediterranean yes were are dying in thousands and my condolence to all Eritreans who lost their loved one
        All am saying is how come there is no any refuge registered under Ethiopian.

      • semere 2 August 29, 2015

        Wedi Haqi,
        Good point! I think some of us are stuck in the HGDEF propaganda. Whether Ethiopians and Eritreans we are all human beings created in the image of God.

        • AHMED SALEH !!!. August 29, 2015

          To say I am Eritrean to get asylum either be
          Ethiopian , Somalian or Sudanese national is
          take advantage for acceptance . We heard many
          Tigreans reached in USA through Eritrean refugee
          settlement program . So , why we object Hakim
          comments for expressing his observation to take
          it out of context.
          I wonder why some people seem offended when the
          name Ethiopians mentioned at discussion .

  • Tes August 28, 2015

    I wonder about what’s wrong with my Eritreans lack of self belief. When serious issue raised about the current exodus of our brothers and sisters, why are wanted Ethiopia to be in the list. Why don’t you think how do we get to this. I feel sorry for you to act like hgdef cadre denied the hard truth. As for Ethiopian became Eritreans when they get libiya so what have you done to reverse that? That’s the thing you need to ask your self. how many other nationalities use Eritrea for asylum is non of you business. They’re are not asking asylum in your country. Asylum is no a monopoly brother!

  • down down dictator August 28, 2015

    Brother Tes,

    Excellent point.So many of our people are worried about who is using the suffering as opposed to who is suffering. I think we lost our soul in september 1961.

  • koreri August 29, 2015

    Dear Hakim
    Can you please fill the blank bellow

    Somalia.. government collapse.. Asylum
    Rwanda.. …. genocide..Asylum
    Eritrea…… ——–..Asylum

    Otherwise no one wants to leave his mother land and home.I hope you have family, parents brothers and sisters.

    • semere 2 August 29, 2015

      If you allow me I will try to fill the blank

      Eritrean.. People’s Front for Democracy and Justice…Ayulum

  • semere 2 August 29, 2015

    Correction: Please read

    Eritrea.. People’s Front for Democracy and Justice … Asyulum

  • ዩራኔም-235 August 30, 2015

    Why do you compete against Ethiopians? I don’t give a damn whether they claim Eritreans or Somalis.
    If they claim Eritreans to be granted, doesn’t that makes it Eritrea really bad? If you claim you are Canadian and claim asylum in Europe, they will laugh at you. Do you really know what you are saying is till makes Eritrea bad, either way?
    Get out of this competition against, Ethiopia or Sudan or Somalese. Think higher than that.

  • alenalki August 30, 2015

    The point is every Eritrean has filled his mind the propogandas of hgdef. I think it would be better if there is a machine which washes the corrupted minds of the poeple to free from hgdef’S illness. Then people like Hakim could be cured.

    • Hakim August 30, 2015

      I really don’t know who you are and I could care less. This article is about Ethiopian becoming Eritreans once they reach Europe to get easy asylum this has nothing to do with HGDEF propoganda or any other issue go to Oakland Denver Columbus Seattle and other city most of those who are coming from Ethiopian refuge camps are Tigrawot I seen it with my own eyes and I helped those people to settle in. Please listen to Al gezera or Ethiomedia or any other Ethiopian website and the Ethiopians will tell you on how they do it.
      No wonder Isias is still in power because people like you advocating for Ethiopians maybe you are one of them please listen to this interview on youtube
      ESAT Radio Interview: Henok Alemayehu on Refugee Life in Libya

      • Gemal September 8, 2015

        I do not expect balanced news from ESAT, because it is Eritrean government channel.