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TO ALL PARENTS WITH CHILDREN AT THE YPFDJ – Dancing with PFDJ is dancing over the graves of our brother and sisters!

TO ALL PARENTS WITH CHILDREN AT THE YPFDJ Dancing with PFDJ is dancing over the graves of our brother and sisters! We understand many young people attending the forthcoming YPFDJ conference in the UK are diaspora born

Dancing with PFDJ is dancing over the graves of our brother and sisters!

We understand many young people attending the forthcoming YPFDJ conference in the UK are diaspora born young people whose parents think their involvement in this and other PFDJ related activities is beneficial. Here is our messages to those parents:

Every parent wants the best for their child/ren; we are sure that you too are only after the very best for your children, who are going to the YPFDJ summit in the UK, later on this week. However there are a few facts that you may want to take into consideration before you take the risk of sending your child. We ask you to seriously weigh the implications of your action, before you subject your children to this.
In previous years we have tried to warn against these meetings purely based on the political merits of supporting dictatorship, this year things are different, the polarisation in our community has reached a stage where it is not just political integrity that is at stake. The anger against the regime that has turned a blind eye and even collaborated in the heinous act of selling our brothers and sisters to the highest bidder has reached a level where we are not going to tolerate the wilful support to the regime by organisations such as YPFDJ. Your children’s involvement will have consequences!
Our brothers and sisters are having their organs stolen, after they have been tortured and raped as a way of extorting ransom, we are not going to tolerate your children dancing, over their graves ,and adding insult to our injury.

Our parents have been reduced to begging outside churches and mosques collecting ransom for their abducted children, we are not going to tolerate the regime paying for your children to have a luxury holiday.

Please don’t ignore this warning, the years of us looking in, in helpless desperation are over and enough is really enough! If you and your children think the trip to the UK is going to be a positive experience of pure enjoyment we ask you to really think again and consider whether the risk is worth taking.


Review overview
  • tewelde_wedi_Taba March 26, 2013

    every penny collected from such concerts is being used by PFDJ to lock away thousands of innocent eritreans back home. how come parents in the diaspora miss this grave situation?
    knowingly or unknowingly they are collaborating with pfdg prolonging the suffering of millions back home. the love of your country need not necessarily be reflected by how you dance or sing..we are in a trial situation, and no in his sane mind should lose this fact, I would rather not sing or dance at all, till the thousands of poor souls locked away in the harsh dangeouns of shaabiya are released, the army demobilised, and the constituation is put in its rightfull place. For me, I don’t have a country to dance for, unless these serious issues are addressed ASAP. I am sorry, we have people whose rightly ID should be just DONOKOR. The country ak’li xebibwa, everyone is running away by any way available. how can you miss this sad situation? how can you pretend eveything is ok, and you go to the same system that is tourchering our fathers, mothers, brothers back home?….My God

  • ahmed saleh March 27, 2013

    Keep dreaming to take things that doesn’t belong to you .

    • ahmed saleh March 27, 2013

      Sorry my comment has meant on response to that slick person who dream to have Barka and Asseb
      under Ethiopia rule .

    • belay nega March 27, 2013

      “Keep dreaming to take things that doesn’t belong to you ”





    • belay nega March 28, 2013

      “OUR DEAD BODY !”


  • Truly,Truly i say to you March 27, 2013

    The best form of challange against PFDJ menndef i believe should be face to face, eye to eye. I am not proposing violence. But Yemane monkey should be confronted with logical sensitive arguments and questions. For instance the participants must ask him, why Eritrea is ruling by publicly unelected president and why for more than 21 years there is no election in Eritrea? How many times we heard monkey, wedi Gerahtu and many others propagandists when saying those opposing us are not more than 2% in number. If that is the case and what are saying is true, for what they scaring for then not to legalize Isayas´s presidency through legal public election? Let alone 98% even if they confident 51% supporters they have i mean. Anyway it is also better if you able to acknowledge to the British parliament and public as there is no legally elected president, and as there is no held election in 22 years in Eritrea. This i say it because i doubt weather the world community would know about this jungle regime behaver? The youth must also ask monkey, why they not release or give mercy to our heroes ? How many times PM Meles gave mercy to his arch enemies? But why not Isayas give mercy to heroes who brought independence? In the name of border issue for how long must be our youth be hayjacked? Why is not believe Isayas´s resignation as that could bring solution for peaceful negotiation with Ethiopia.( I mean to end the border conflict) Are we defending and concerning about our territories, or about one wicked power hungry selfish dictator life?

  • Truly,Truly i say to you March 27, 2013

    It is true PFDJ as they try to forbid not to enter in their assembly to anyone they suspect who can ask the above questions, but not in violence but through legal way you have to convince them as you have full legal right to participate in your national affair concerning like others citizens. This i say it because i saw some die hard bodyguards, without acknowledgment of the embassy workers, when they forbid normal citizens not to enter just simply because of personal hatter. Those who doing that are people with identity crises, either they are Deki Arbas or Tewolges who have no confidence with their identity who came to Asmara to collect Beles and grown up there are. I tell you these people must be confronted justfully. They have no any right to forbid real citizens since the person is peacefully likes to attend the assembly as far as the meeting is held inside a democratic nation. The oppositions also are too wicked in the case of how to defend their rights.

  • Truly,Truly i say to you March 27, 2013

    I better like to see two courages youth who can challenge monkey inside assembly , rather than from hundreds of you fruitlessly shouting outside assembly. Please understand me i don´t mean protest demonstration is valueless. But PFDJ because they know only by protest demonstration you wouldn´t achieve or change anything is that, ridiculously quoting at you, ” the dog barking, while the camel continue marching all the time.”

    • Harnetna 2013 March 28, 2013

      Truely truely
      We can not accept election now even hgdef think there could be any election, because only 10% percentage of the population supports HGDF which are mostly based in democratic countries like the west. So our people need a complete change of regime and never want to to hear the name ‘PFDJ’ again.

  • OROMAI ERITRA March 28, 2013

    I hope the kids get scared & quit ypfdj.

  • SikabMeaz March 28, 2013

    Those who are supporting YPFDJ meetings with Monkeys, and those who are ignorant of this..

    if your brother was thrown to PFDJ underground cell for no reason, beaten to death there.And your sister made it to sinai somehow, yet she was gang raped as you could not pay the 30,000$$ ransom; TRUST ME YOU WOULD NOT HAVE SUPPORTED IT, NOR YOU COULD BECOME IGNORANT OF THIS..

    Nai bizuhat awyat keysimeakum, eznikumn aynikumn axikum, you are contributing to the life of PFDJ through YPFDJ. PFDJ will soon knock at your geza betesebkum, and we will see what you will say. Afterall, its a matter of time.
    I am in tears while writing this, as the above story is never a ficition, but is of MINE.

  • hailu March 29, 2013

    thanks for exposing them

  • Joel March 29, 2013

    My dear brothers and sisters,

    is this all you got ???
    Threats towards parents who send their children to a Eritrean conference.
    That shows how desperate you are!!
    You can not get the MAN(even with the help of the IMPERIALIST) so you turn to teens who gather under the Eritrean flag.
    Keep trying,Keep trying,Keep trying,Keep trying,Keep trying,Keep trying.
    If the ALMIGHTY would even hear a single prayer of you traitors the MAN would not be on this earth anymore.
    He has dedicated over 40 years to bring ERITREA where it is now.
    NO ONE TELLS ERITREA WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do some research where ERITREA is standing in this world.
    And please do not search in the mainstream media.
    Although I believe you are not capable of anything else than that.
    Some of my family members are in prison but you need to sacrifice your loving ones or yourself for the benefit of the country.
    If you would have a bit of knowledge how the WEST is playing you day in and out you would be on the right side.
    But since you do not have the bigger picture.
    You are tempted to follow the overall conclusion of the western opinion about your country.
    I feel sorry for you all who only thinks for their benefit instead for the country one.
    Yes times are hard and this is the time where we actually should stand side on side.
    My dear brothers and sisters I do not mean to upset anyone as we are all ERITREANS.
    This is my opinion and if you do not agree with it it is fine.
    As GOD has it plan for ERITREA and at the moment it looks like that HE/SHE is not responding to any of your prayers.

    Best Regards,
    your brother Joel