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Time for Change – Rescuing Eritrea’s Future – DC Conference, May 24-25/ 2013

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Review overview
  • ማሊሻ May 10, 2013

    It is my hope that Adhanom Gebremariam will come out in the open to expose Ghedli and its worthless principles instead of defending it.
    Adahanom has only one life to live. He should only tell the truth. He may have been too young then to do the right thing but he is now, not only an adult but also an elder shimagle.
    He should call it a spade is a spade. Nothing good has come out of Ghedli and nothing good will come out of it in the future. It is a failed project destined to be cursed by the future generation.

    Here is how wedi zere described it:

    wedi Zere said,

    Dear Kalighe,
    Its kind sad that we are more concerned and waste most of our times worrying about a nation that is 20 times larger than we are and endowed with abundant natural resources but best of all,a nation where the rule of law prevails when we have our little Eritrea that has become a nightmare to the region in general and to its own people that fought so hard to be free in particular.The magnitude of the atrocities that have been committed in our little land against our poor people in the last 22 years can ONLY and ONLY be compared to that of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge rule(1975-1979)
    We should be worried and more concerned about the motherland we all love that is falling apart and dying slowly in the hands of yesteryear’s tegadeltti and today’s shefatu.We should spend our valuble time on how to save our youth that are vanishing in the deserts,deep sea,African prisons and in the hands of Bedouins.We are too little and too insignificant to be compared with Ethiopia.Speaking of border demarcation,I think its stupid to be obsessed and argue about demarcation when we have a nation that can’t survive without the cooperation of Ethiopia.If truth is to be told,Eritrea is a nation that can’t stand on its feet and with no viable economy to live on and neither Djibouti.Our colonizers,the Italians and later the British knew it and that was why the Italians renounced their claim officially in 1947. It makes me sad and sick that even our stupid educated ones failed to understand that we still had to turn to Ethiopia to make use of our stupid ports to survive after we fought them tooth and nail.I am not saying that the previous Ethiopian repressive regimes shouldn’t be fought but they should have been fought to be replaced with a democratic ones.The end always justified the means though,after the end of our 50 years madness,neither freedom nor a nation with a viable economy achieved but a nation that is totally left to the mercy of a lunatic man with all kinds of power under the sun.I regret to be part of a generation that applauded the flawed,unrealistic and fake revolution that we call “gedlli” that has become the source of all the miseries,agonies and sufferings of our people and always will.

    Ezi Wedhanka,

    • Amir Akeza May 11, 2013

      Shame on Wedi Zere. Million times shame on him to underestimate the heroic struggle Eritreans have made and the independence they have scored. Let me share withe you very few but basic facts with you:

      1. The struggle for independence was fought not by the tegadelti alone, but by the
      Eritrean people as one.
      2. The Eritrean Independence has totally been hijacked by few juntas working hard
      for power.
      3 Eritrea has many sons and daughters to save it from the present crisis and have
      it stand as one strong nation that can exist in peace with its neighboring
      4. Your dream that Eritrea has to merge with Ethiopia for its existence will never
      come again and hope the present Ethiopian Government is not foolish enough to
      have this agenda in its mind.
      5. Contribute something to save Eritrea, if you belong to it as your native
      country, rather than hopelessly regret of being part of a generation that
      rightly applauds the legacies of the Eritrean struggle for independence from its
      colonizers as I believe that there can never be any ordinary and normal person who does not want to see his/her country liberated from occupation.

  • Semhar May 10, 2013

    As long as Isayas and HIGDEF are in Eritrea misery and death will continue. 

    The only solution is to get rid of crazy mad dog ድያብሎስ!Isayas wedi Medhin Berad, his son, and his blind followers HIGDEF just like the Libyans did to Gadafi, his sons and his followers. Eritreans should unite and get rid the tyrant mad dog Isayas, his son and his blind followers the HIGDEF.

  • ማሊሻ May 10, 2013

    Truly said: “Don´t make the Eritrean situation exceptional!”

    The Eritrean situation is truly exceptional because it is only in Eritrea that some Eritreans burned their own indigenous language, in this case Tigre, to promote Arabic.

    MightyEmbasoyra wrote, “You just used English language to communicate here but does this make you a slave. As you may know, English is not Ethiopian language.”

    Isn’t Eritrean politics strange, whenever an Eritrean is cornered and can not challenge anything, the person with opposing views is a called “weyane, tigrayan, ethiopian or racist …”

    This is how “Truly”, in his untruly state is acting. This will make the Higdefites better than some of the would be oppositions. As far as I know, Hazhaz is not Ethiopian.
    In this case, Hazhaz is right. Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Egypt, China use a lot of English language but none of them use it as their legal language as some Eritrean slaves or Abeeds want the Arabic language to be used in Eritrea. None of these nations use any foreign language to replace their own languages or to burn their own languages as the Jabha left overs and eritrea did.

    Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Egypt or China did not prevent their own languages from being used in schools, radio, tv or the courts and to replace it with an alien language, again as some Eritrea Arab slaves want it to do by burning Eritrean languages such as Tigre, Kunama, Afar. It is true the Jabha leadership burned Eritrean text books written in Tigre to give priority to Arabic language.

    As Hazhaz said, in this case, with all its weaknesses and bad human right records, the Eritrean regime even did not stoop to this level as some of the Arab slavish mentality did that is common in the opposition.
    In Eritrea the most popular current local radio program is in Tigre broadcast on Sundays, called Sembet Abay and their Saturday entertainment programs.

    There is even a daily Bilen broadcast as there are in many other languages. On Saturdays, the Bilen program invites guests and the listeners ask phone in questions to lawyers, doctors, psychologists, teachers, elders, sociologists … who speak Bilen language.
    In your little Arab slaved brain this will not be possible. Here, the undemocratic Issaias afewerki beats most of the slavish opposition who hate their own languages so much that they want to burn it or had already burned it down.

  • Semhar May 23, 2013


    The mad dog ድያብሎስ! Isayas was sent by Asrate Kasa the former Governor of Eritrea and by his uncle Degezmach Solomon Abreha, former governor of Wollo province of Ethiopia to dissolve the Eritrean Liberation Front. 

    1) He dissolved E.L.F in 1980. 

    2) He dissolved E.P.L.F in 1993 and replaced them by his own blind organization HIGDEF.
3) He took down The Eritrean Liberation flag in 1993 and replaced it by his own burned flag.
4) He dissolved the historical Eritrean provinces in 1993 and replaced them by his own Zobas. 

    5) He dissolved the historical law of the land “HIGHI INDABA” “Eritrean constitution” and replaced it by his own MAFIA Law.

    2013, the mad dog ድያብሎስ! Isayas has a new mission, 

    1) To sacrifice Eritreans in the war against Ethiopia by siding with Egypt.
    2) To surrender the port of ASSAB to Ethiopia by leasing it to Qatar and Qatar leasing it to Ethiopia. 

    As long as Isayas and HIGDEF are in Eritrea misery and death will continue. 

    The only solution is to get rid of crazy mad dog ድያብሎስ!Isayas wedi Medhin Berad, his son, and his blind followers HIGDEF just like the Libyans did to Gadafi, his sons and his followers. Eritreans should unite and get rid the tyrant mad dog Isayas, his son and his blind followers the HIGDEF.