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by Fetsum Abraham From the forum Merion on March 23, 2013 responded to my last article as; “I think you express your self well through your article. Your sloppy substance to explain Afwerki’s sloppiness is the very

by Fetsum Abraham

From the forum

Merion on March 23, 2013 responded to my last article as; “I think you express your self well through your article. Your sloppy substance to explain Afwerki’s sloppiness is the very explanation of yourself. Your understanding on the quality of leadership to be quantify through the number of the population of a country is absurd. What matters most is the kind of challenges, both internal and external you face, the kind of resources in kind and value you have, and regional and international attitudes to the very being of a country. If you talk all this consideration in to account you will find Ethiopea muladministered with the all advantages it has ecompering to Eritrea and you will understand how sloppy you are to judge a man who led a country to independence against all odds.”
Zebib on March 23, 2013 responds:
You are dead wrong when you assume that it is Isayas who has the credit for leading the country to independence!! Our Martyrs, our Sunkulan and our Fighters together with the Eritrean people fought, paid a high price and won the day for independence of Eritrea. To give the credit to this unkind man is not reading history correctly as it is abundantly coming out today.
Isayas emulates personalities who had easy rides to absolute power and is focussed only on the grip of absolute power, period. Had he been a benevolent ‘dictator’, making sure that this small hard-working country, Eritrea, was as achievement-oriented as it was during the struggle and was in the forefront in education, development and better standard of living, may be one could have closed an eye (or even two) on his obsessive clinging to power and refusal to implement the Constitution and rule of law. It is just that he is a FAILURE, period. It seems that by depriving the people of a better lifestyle, a higher education and sound economic development, he can best control them because they would focus in the search of basic needs (bread, electricity, medicines,) and they cannot harness the necessary collective energy to drag him and his cronies down on their knees like the dogs they are who have betrayed the trust and love of the people BIG TIME!!”

The snag

A good discussion was going on between the very articulate Zebib and at least three people in the other side of the fence when someone called Berhe posted the following response:

Berhe on March 24, 2013 on Zebib

“Belay Nega….
Zebib is known as Free Eri at EYSC FB page and his real name is Semere Habtemariam. He lives in Texas and he got extreme hatred against can see his post on tthat page…I hope I will meet this crook one day.”
Brother or sister Merion certainly thinks the president is intelligent. I do agree to some extent at least when it comes to organizing things. I am one of the best defenders of the president for what he accomplished and one of his opposers on the merit of his disastrous role in our society. I think I have balanced the two notions very well in my book to feel comfortable about my neutrality on the subject matter.
In this reaction, I completely uphold the right of Marion to have a different opinion from mine on the president’s intelligence and also positively accommodate his opinion on my poor intelligence.
 Our difference probably will stay intact but our harmony should not be disturbed by our subjective views on something. Meron’s statement  was a subjective opinion well written not to pollute the objectivity of the issue at hand.
 His/her starting of the statement by the expression “I think” makes Marion a civilized person who knows how to differentiate subjectivity from objectivity. For the sake of consistency though, Meron should at least positively accommodate my subjective opinion of the president’s poor intelligence without accepting it. At the end of it my “Afwerki to me is a very sloppy individual who cannot manage a society fewer in number than the population of Addis” was a subjective opinion challenged by Meron’s subjective opinion in “I think you express your self well through your article. Your sloppy substance to explain Afwerki’s sloppiness is the very explanation of yourself above statement.” Therefore, we were equally valid on our subjective views on a someone‘s intelligence.
 Further, I believe I can challenge Meron’s “…you will understand how sloppy you are to judge a man who led a country to independence against all odds”  by reminding him/her that the statement was as good judgmental on me as mine was on the president. This coincidence should harmonize both of us as having been judgmental at opposite but equal level of significance as ordinary human beings.

On Berhe

Berhe’s comment on Zebib was uncalled for and extremely destructive to say the least. There is no way Berhe could identify a person’s gender or identity from this type of communication and therefore the act was deception and a tragedy for itself. Berhe must be civilized to first understand the concept of ciber-media as one that gives people the opportunity to use any name they want for privacy purposes and that we are not afraid any longer from people that are destroying our nation and we sure will stop them at the end of this struggle.
You need to challenge Zebib logic for logic if you are a person of integrity but this certainly tells Berhe was incapable of doing this in this scenario. This person had no intellectual substance to challenge the vibrant Zebib on what was being discussed in the forum. As a result this person went on sneaking the divisive poison (elimination by character assassination) that has no place in civility and in our situation any more. Berhe is a good example as to how Afwerkists are indoctrinated to demoralize other Eritreans even by means of “street tactic” the SAWA Psychologist DESBELE was teaching the Diaspora kids in training  (see Yemane’s THE YPFDJ CULT- part I). The act angered Zebib a bit of course and I am sorry for that but I know Zebib is up for a cause and a cheap shot like that of Berhe’s will never deter her from her spiritual mission in Eritrea. As she said it again and again she is here to defend the defenseless and I glorify her participation in this forum with maximum respect and want to tell here in this opportunity that she is very important to the resistance that will eventually get rid of the dictator and the Afwerkist mind set from our society.
The Weyanes have been the permanent excuse of Afweki’s  and Afwerkists’ failure in almost every category of civil governance and social life. According to them, the Weyane conspiracy against the Eritrean sovereignty is the most immediate danger to our society that must be dealt with at priority level of the Ethio-Eritrean stalemate. I will present the first of my two articles dealing with this issue as compact as possible and finally give my opinion on the rational validity of Afwerki’s Weyane theory for his terrible leadership performance.


Until the crisis of 2001, the handful of leaders of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the dominant force in the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) in power since 1991, worked in a remarkably collective way.
The first major conflict within the TPLF leadership occurred in 2001 after the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi won the war over the 1998-2000 with Eritrea. High caliber TPLF officials like Kinfe Gebremedhin and Hailu Gebremeskel were eliminated in controversial politically motivated plots while the Gebru Asrat clique was thrown out of TPLF and former Defense Minister Seeye Abraha was jailed for six years on charges of corruption.
The most passive elements of TPLF leaders including Abay Tsehaye, Berhane Gebrekirstos and Seyoum Mesfin staying ineffective in the political dynamics, there was no such force called TPLF in the real sense of the word since 2001 when Meles emerged as the undisputed boss of the front and Ethiopia at large making Sebhat Nega (TPLF) and Bereket Simon (EPRP) the most powerful individuals in his regime.
After recovering from the internal crisis of the TPLF, Meles went on distributing power out of the Tigreans and bringing people like Hailemariam Dessalegn to the main political stage by appointing him as the foreign minister and the deputy prime minister of Ethiopia. Ethiopia had the first non-Tigrean foreign minister since Meles took power when Seyoum Mesfin (19 years in duty) was disqualified from the post. In the going, Meles continued breaking out of his closest circle of almost all Tigrayan advisers. One of the most obvious activity in this regard happened when Bereket Simone (said to be a non TPLF member and 100% Eritrean by blood) became the best public relations advisor to Meles on top of his assignment as the Ethiopian Information Minister. I do believe that this event among few others substantially neutralized Sebhat Nega from being the closest politician to Meles, further significantly alienating the veteran TPLF official from the TPLF itself and the Ethiopian political life in general.
 The military wing of the TPLF was then integrated into and represented within the all-inclusive Ethiopian army under a central command of the Ethiopian government. General Samora, a qualified veteran soldier of the TPLF and an ally of Meles runs it as the Chief of Staff under the complete authority of the government.
Meles appointed 37 new Generals into the military on September 12, 2012  including at least 23 from Tigray  in what appears to have been a tendency to ensure the Tigreans would not dominate the political power structure of the country while looking after their security issue in case of a potential turmoil that may arise in the future because of the unification process of the Tigrean mentality from the old secessionist psychological-setup focused on liberating the nation of Tigrai from Ethiopia.

Today’s  TPLF

TPLF ‘s current leadership no longer has the intellectual capacity or a charismatic character to dominate national political issues as it had had in the past two decades before the death of Meles.
It has  been weakened by divisions: between hardliners in favor of their historic dominance and moderates who focus on Ethiopinization at large; between Tigreans in Tigray and in Diaspora and the mentality gap between the older and the younger generations in the society, etc.
Meles left behind an unresolved internal contradiction between the political losers of the 20001 shakeup including Seeye Abraha and Gebru Asrat who are still very popular with rank-and-file members of the Front and the Sebhat Nega who used to be the closest man of Meles throughout the internal friction of the front. Although Seeye and Gebru may try to save the TPLF from extinction, chances are it is too late to fix it to its original form.
And finally, there is the powerful Azeb Mesfin (Meles’s wife) who knows a lot of secrets and well understands the strengths and weaknesses of all the players. As a politician who has supporters amongst the cadres of the Front, Azeb has close ties with the security services that used to protect her husband as their primary role in the society.
“Azeb Mesfin, has recently become deputy head of the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT), which owns several multimillion-dollar companies. She will serve under Abadi Zemu, the chief executive officer (CEO) of EFFORT, replacing Sebhat Nega, the most senior leader of the TPLF. It looks like she has won the fight against Sebhat Nega in so far as controlling all Woyanne’s assets. “Not only was Azeb elected to the Federal Parliament in 2005 by a constituency in Welkait, she is also a chairperson of its Standing Committee on Social Affairs. She was also elected as a member of the Central Committee of the TPLF, a place she first got four years ago.
Sebhat Nega, as the former TPLF chairman largely seen as the God Father of Meles Zenawi, was humiliated at an EPRDF congress when Azeb poured all nasty words on him, and led to his dismissal.”
A few other important names may include Arkebe Enquay and a rising star Debretsion Gebremichael a young college educated and a senior figure in the security services. A man called Abay Wolde is also around in the top list of the front according to my research.
Unlike the 2001 conflict between Meles and the dissidents that he later wiped out of the political scene of the country, the current conflict is not about the national interests of Ethiopia nor about democracy or human rights but rather about power and survival” says an analyst.
On the other hand;
In post-Meles Ethiopia, Sebaht Nega openly blamed Meles for “killing TPLF,” and began to talk to former TPLF officials privately that they need to regroup and restore their lost power, fame and fortune. Sebhat was now trying to give the [losers of 2001 internal scuffle] a new lease on life.”
The question is if he can do it or not. I do not think this is possible because the Seeye and Gebru cliques and his clique consider each other as enemies because Sebhat was the designer of Meles’s effective elimination of the two individuals and their followers from the TPLF to begin with. Desperate Sebhat Nega claims to have the support of aging TPLF members Seyoum Mesfin, Abay Tsehaye and others along the TPLF rank and file but these individuals are known to have been passive elements that swing with the flow.
While Azeb has the support of all those Meles confidantes like Bereket Simon and Gen. Samora Yonus to help her dominate whatever the issues may be in between, the other TPLF elements are simply trying to be counted in, in this final struggle for survival.
In the mean time Abai Woldu has opened a third front of power struggle. To put things in perspective, the power rivalry is among three groups: Azeb Mesfin/Bereket Simon vs Abai Woldu vs Sebhat Nega.
See you in my follow up article.

Review overview
  • Truly,Truly i say to you April 1, 2013

    part 3
    From the reliable persons i heard even as that, The Ethiopian army was supporting by modern western satellite, weapon and strategical plan , so that the Eritrean Army to kneel down . I heard too even as there was military secret film seen which proving about the Ethiopian army how was supporting in a way they supported like they occupying Somalia similarly as was the Eritrean case. Unfortunatly some foolish Eritrean generals they started after all these damage and humiliation caused they started to realize and admit the fact how they be able defeated, dispite the fact those heroes in jail (G-15) they warning and advising to face the coming danger peacefully, because they very new and calculated how woyane was sytemaically well occcupied and supporting by powerful nation during that two interval years , but it is Isayas just to revange the Eritrean army delibertly refuses the peaceful proposals, while in otherside allowing and compromizing through Port Asab to be transmitted to that was systematically to punish Eritrea in the name of hunger orchestrated and then contributed donation. This is why woyane easily able to humiliate Eritrea. But the worthless filthy Agame Isayas Afeworki sorry if some of you fill offended by this word, i am only using to identify the evil person wolf with sheep skin who calling us i am an Eritrean but in reality to that not is. This filthy after embarrassing Eritrea and causing for the lost of 24, 000 Eritrean heroes life within two weeks war only, he said now i am ready to accept the peace plan. Please don´t tell me you blind supporters this is not happened and not truth.

  • Truly,Truly i say to you April 1, 2013

    part four
    So socalled ,”Truth triumph” if you like to know the real truth, unless the order not come from powerful nation to stop the war because they knew what kind of Holocaust was causing there, Woyane has not other alternative unless to accept what his masters were ordering him, not by its own good will was withdrawing from the occupied territories and from marching to Asmara. PM Meles very well knew about all this secret, unless by the his masters order as he can nor do anything even he has ambition to march to Asmara. But the fools like Seye Abraha and you because belives in own might you were defeating over Eritrean army and your wish to marsh to asmara interrupted, regreatedly you are taking about your felt ambition.This is why the difference caused among Meles leadershipment and outsiders Seye Abraha and alikes.

  • Truly,Truly i say to you April 1, 2013

    part 5 and last
    So poor guy this was the fact. You have not to expect any westerns army to fight the fight for you. In the contrary your own army for other interest, We know it for instance how much human sacrifice paid the Ethiopian army in Somalia. For the mission accomplished with cost of human life ,we know too what kind of military, diplomaticaly and financialy support your government is gaining. One fact to explain despite your poorness we heard as if you self buy 200 modern tanks from Ukraine without any critic and embargo. This is the fact. In other side contrarly from that Ethiopia was supported, if in contrary Eritrea was be supported atleast with 10% from that Ethiopia was supported, trust me with in 10 days least our army were be able to occupy Addis Ababa. So stop your hypocrisy! We know it, who has a key influential role ,power and might for instance in the case of the third round Ethio- Eritrea war case, and in many third world counties people uprising, who decides and leads people to victory. By the way i am not opposing every support that is coming from powerful nations if its aim is to wipe all dictators this world, and as far as the help is since for justice and democracy erection. But not when my nation unfairly threated and bleed, when my nation wealth is systematically stolen by powerful nation injustice action and by lateing wicked dictator to stay in power, though they knew how primerly human right is violating and abusing in Eritrea. So poor guy know this bible word its meaning, so that to be kept from false pride and hypocrisy.
    ” can an ax claim to be greater than the man who uses it? Is the saw more important than the man who saws in it? A club doesn´t lift up a man; a man lifts up a club.” (Isaiah, 10; 15) I hope you understand it about what the talk is going on, if you have brain.

  • yemane April 2, 2013

    Sorry Belay Nega my response is to the statement in the article that is under your name

    Belay Nega….
    “Zebib is known as Free Eri at EYSC FB page and hi real name is Semere Habtemariam.He lives in Texas and got extreme hatred against Akeleguzay you can see his post on that page… I hope I will meet this crook one day.”


    • belay nega April 2, 2013