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Ezana Sehay 02/10/17 It is conventional wisdom that politicians are more likely than the general population to be susceptible to sociopathic traits. Such politicians tend to be selfish, callous, remorseless, users of others, irresponsible, glib, con

Ezana Sehay 02/10/17

It is conventional wisdom that politicians are more likely than the general population to be susceptible to sociopathic traits. Such politicians tend to be selfish, callous, remorseless, users of others, irresponsible, glib, con artists, and of course pathological liars. Furthermore, they have high sense of self-worth, are chronically unstable, and poses unrealistic goals.

Brimming with seemingly easy charm and boasting calculating mind, a psychopath politician promotes populist agendas.  But should something go wrong, like the criminal psychopath, exhibit failure to accept responsibility for his/her actions. Such a leader eventually creates pathocracy – a totalitarian system bent on power, control, and deprivation of basic human rights.

I don’t think I need to hit you over the head too hard with the point here, do I?  The world has come to know Isayas Afeworki, the Eritrean president, as a petulant, vindictive, and pathologically narcissistic demagogue.

So, when the Eritrean state media announced he [Isayas] is going to give an “interview” initially I shrugged it off.  The problem with Isayas’s interview – – it is monotonous. But against my intuition [hopping he might say something new and relevant] I proceeded to watch the “interview”. Boy! Was I wrong. As I watch him unwind his thousands-word toxic screed on national TV, almost felt sorry for the man – the once astute statesman is now reduced to self-parody. What could be sadder than a man in his 70s mumble incoherently for hours. Listening to him; would annoy you, make you sad – to keep listening you need to have semantic anesthesia.

The first part dealt with internal issues, particularly the economy. Isayas’s assessment of the economy is as gloomy as ever, he admitted that there is not a single sector of the economy that is functioning.  Yes, it is that bad, so bad, even Isayas couldn’t pretend otherwise. But none of it is his fault, apparently. Per him the blame falls on the usual external suspects. Further, displaying his customary show of contempt for the Eritrean people, he didn’t bother to forward a remedy for the ailing economy. He just told the people to suck-it up.

The Eritrean people are being asked to sacrifice even more precisely when the pain of prevailing socio-economic situation is becoming unbearable – there is precious little left to squeeze out of the ordinary Eritrean, either by bankrupt economy or bankrupt state.

In his second part of the interview [by far his favorite] he dealt with politics – not local of course.  Isayas the habitual scrambler of chronology; started mumbling about irrelevant [geopolitics] gibberish and then steered to his usual cheap chicanery argument of “we are surrounded by enemies”.  Having lost the most pointless game of political chicken; you would expect a grand sense of reflection and change of approach, not Isayas.

A typical dictator that he is, Isayas is a man of many plots. He is a plotter who is for ever plotted against, at least in his own mind. As he sat there in his Masawa palace, controlling his hermit kingdom with lies and suppression, he has grown convinced that his enemies are scheming against him. He assumes they are like him.

Throughout the two-part interview there have been so many lies, contradictions and distorting claims made by Isayas, that by the end of the interview, I couldn’t tell whether his claims are laughable, annoying or both.

Much of Isayas’s misleading and irresponsible rhetoric may be nonsense, but there is no denying the real damage such nonsense can do to everyone listening. As nonsense is a disruption of reason or meaning, it necessarily shatters our most fundamental beliefs, which is what makes it so captivating, and so dangerous. Hearing Isayas’s brand of nonsense in the context of national affairs may fall short of apocalyptic, but it does feel truly dystopian.

By any socio-economic metrics, Eritrea has become a failed state. But that is not a concern, not a bit for Isayas, so long he thinks his power is safe. Isayas’s willingness to prioritise power above all else; including the welfare of the Eritrean people who have sacrificed a lot for almost a quarter of a century, his ruthlessness, and utter lack of social conscious is with no parallel.

He, if ever, no longer sees the Eritrean people with dignity and worth but as things to be manipulated, maneuvered, canned, in to believing he has their best interest – but kills, incarcerates if they dare step out of line – all the while refusing to own up to his failings, God knows how many.

The mounting failures and blander of Isayas and the government he leads has made Eritrea a one-legged stool. Check this out.  Isayas has been in power of government for 26 years, that is equal to a period of one generation. If we take the average African annual birth rate [the government haven’t conducted an official census] as a guide, the population of the country should’ve grown by almost two million.

Consider the following fact: according the UNHCR data, in the time between 2000-2015, almost 700,000 Eritreans youth have fled the country. This number doesn’t include the tens of thousands of undocumented ones. Those who remain inside the country are condemned to a perpetual slave labour camps. Put another way, thanks to Isayas the youth of post-independence Eritrea has become a disposable-generation. Consequently, concerned Eritreans are voicing their anxiety as this is leading to the “Palestine-ization” of Eritrea.

To recap: what ever hopes the Eritrean people may have had of Isayas salvaging a vestige of responsibility from the charred rubble of his rule: those are now gone.  Instead, the president retreated further in to his dogmatic cocoon. He turned in a braying, scowling, often in coherent rendition, which he capped, astonishingly, by declaring to strengthen his party [PFDJ] and restructuring the country’s admirative zones for the sheer purpose of control.

Put differently, the “interview” was a display of incompetence and ignorance to put all his previous forays to shame.  Isayas has proven to be a consummate aloof. When it comes to politics and statesmanship, it’s accurate to say he has no idea what he’s talking about. What’s more: He expresses no desire to learn. Instead he spins his ignorance as a virtue all the while distorting the facts.




Review overview
  • Hagherawi February 11, 2017

    Teclay and a few of his compatriots who want be part of Eritrea or incorporate Eritrea into Greater Tigray are really stupid to say the least, and here a few reasons why this is simply ‘hilmi dorho’:

    – Oromo and Amhara know very all what Weyane are upto. They won’t allow them to get Eritreans on their side and rule them for another century as the Amhara did in the past. Tigreans are a small minority they should accept that fact and stop dreaming controlling other Ethiopian nationalities or expanding on their neighbors land.

    – A Tigray dominated nation will be at war with all neighbors.
    Ethnic supremacists who want a Tigrigna nation (Agazian) at the expense of Ethiopian Muslims and all non-Habesha Eritreans and Ethiopians will realize that such diabolic dreams are a declaration of civil war.

    – Eritrea has it’s share of citizens of Tigreyan decent, many of whom are proud Eritreans who have contributed to the making of free Eritrea like WelWel. But a few who nowadays are joining hands with Tigreyans to dismantle Eritrea will face justice. Calling for ethnic cleansing of fellow Eritreans will not be tolerated.

    • alem February 11, 2017

      Teclay and his likes are hunted by the nightmare of loosing power to amharas and oromos who may clear every tigrayan from the rest of ethiopia. Well acept the reality, be honest, stop considering ur self as liberators of the whole ethiopians and thus deserve to rule them forever. Stop ur divide, weaken and rule tactic, instead believe in equality and above all return the stolen lands to the owners – the amharas and eritrea. Be proud of ur language and identity.

      • Zekarias February 11, 2017

        alem aka Hagherawi/Arebawi/Yemenawi/Shirewawi – Tigraway mushmush aslamy rootless Arab dog. Don’t insult our intelligence with your Yemeni nomad shiTaratat.
        Your stinking savage evil moslem Arab dog’s foot soldiers foot prints are clear to identify the old crock criminal of the savage barbaric corrupted Islamic ELF mendef.
        Rot in you moslem HELL where you belong wedi monster evil Mohammed beast.
        Wedi Halima savage evil moslem Arab dog, you and your vicious cancer Islam are not wanted in Eritrea and you’ll soon be dumped back to Tigray – Ethiopia or to your Gods thesavage evil moslem Arab slave masters or to your original Yemen/Sudan.

      • Sihul February 11, 2017

        What is Worrisome is not about ones power!!! It is the emptying of a small nation called Eritrea. the sexually productive young are either on trench for the last 19-years, or on the move in a strange land.. population growth is negative. birth rate and migration/trench confinement are not matched, and so Eritrea is emptying faster than we can Imagine. It is the Kebessa people that are disappearing for good to unknown world!!! Those are historic indigenous people being uprooted to never return again, It is Sad and the worst tragedy of them all!!!

    • Amdebirhan February 11, 2017

      Rules you need to Know!

      1. Tigrians are creators and re-creators of History.
      2. Tigrians superb warriors but only as last resort.
      3. Tigrians enter a war for victory and never for a defeat.
      4. All past wars and victories had Tigrians at the center.
      5. The Adwa war architect were all Tigrians.
      6. Italians,Turks, Egyptians(20000 war prisoners) all defeated,
      7. Shaebya tried tigray had his back bone broken for GOOD!
      8.Shaebya-Amhara war 30-years Shaebya-Tigray just 4..5 days(Badme)
      9. Big mouth, empty stamina never flinch a Tigrian.
      10. the Good for nothing counts to nothing.
      12. Kebessans are 100% Tigrians.
      13. By all means Kebessa have to be reunited with Tigray.
      14. Merger of Tigrigna speakers is the ultimate viable goal
      15. Get lost with your majority minority theory, we are always for result and not for redundant figure.

      • Aron February 11, 2017


        You have moved almost all military hardware of Ethiopian Army to Tigray, for fear, just in case the Amhara officers manage to control the Army.
        It simply shows how much you hate your fellow Ethiopian Amhara and Oromo and feel insecure.
        The problem is not with the people of Tigray but with the Weyane and their expansionist dreams.
        Eritrea is a sovereign nation, the Tigrigna are the owner of their land, don’t expect them to be part of Greater Tigray. One Tigreyan they trusted is bleeding them, how about all those of your with twisted mind and heart.

        • Amdebirhan February 11, 2017

          Come with facts and prove me Wrong, if there is any War in the last 2000 years that was Engineered and won by your heroes!!! even Mahamed ghragne who descended from Harar, had to be fatally fatally wounded at Embasneyit in Tigray after rampaging them all, So every thing from A……Z is Tigray. All the Ethiopian Art, Literature, war victories, Ark of the covenant, Justice had their origin in Tigray. Your heroes like Asmarinos are good at lies and dinning table, just go back to history and get me one proof!!! The Tigrian move will be logical and would never lead to blunder. Blunder is for Shaebyans and the Vultures!!!

        • Yibrahl February 12, 2017

          To Aron;

          People are the one that do the fighting, not military hardware. If what you claim was true how in the the world did the Tigrians(Tigray + Kebessa) defeated 500,000 Amharu army, armed to the teeth, with the most sophisticated Russian weaponry hardware??? You could run but you will never escape!!! .

      • alem February 11, 2017

        No anwer to agaminos. Go to mariam titkobelkum elnakum enako kab ertra kinzergekum kelena. Amhara/oromo gin bsanja eyom kigoyukum. Mariam titkobelkum elom aysegukumn eyom. Kemta nay gonder eya fileta. Abak!

        • Zekarias February 11, 2017

          alem mushmush rootless aslamay Arab dog, may your evil savage allah rot you in his savage evil moslem HELL where you come from and where you belong Wedi Halima mushmush saHsaH rootless Arab dog.

      • alem February 11, 2017

        Are u proud of ur identity andibirhana? Do u speak tigrigna or amharic? Why are u looking for help from eritreans if u are history makers and always victors. Sukelka maaltika kuzer.

        • Zekarias February 11, 2017

          alem – Libi savage evil cancerous aslamay Tiwiyiway – a crocked heart of an evil savage rootless immgrant moslem Arab dog.
          Lemani/beggar goHaf aslamay “Adi yeblu Awdi yeblu”, indeed.

        • Amdebirhan February 12, 2017

          But will you stay that Longer??? I mean the Mediterranean sea and the Sahara desert!!!

    • Degoli February 11, 2017

      … then why are the old Jebha pan Arabists with little and old dying followers?
      Why is ato Tesfazion getting more followers in his Youtube agazian channel? Is there a reason more people are listening to him:


    • Ferede February 12, 2017

      That is typical Shaebya’s common Sense, a blunder of 1998. Rest assured Amhara will live like ordinary Ethiopian, no more no less and so do soulless Asmarinos. Those unfit to swallow this fact, will aged, and die in the white world.

  • Bruh February 11, 2017

    Isias is not educated. Not because he wasn’t fortunate but because he was stupid at it. He found that fact early on when he failed on his freshman year. Even though for image building and grandiosity reason he spread a made up story of a once “engineering student who sacrificed this chance for greater good of Eritrean independence” on all eritreans. The hard fact is you can’t join any field of study if you failed in your freshman.

    If a person is born blind, they compensate their lack of sight with unparalleled sharpness in other areas. The same is true of Isaias. he make up for his low academic and natural gift for good with enormous capacity to cheat, lie. conspire (against close comrades) and ultra cruelty. It is some of these traits some people mistook for astute ( as this writer did). Isaias is a thug. he has no statesmanship or any virtue for that matter. He is in the sub human category. Isaias has been the same throughout. Running his personal ambition. he has done this for nearly 50 years. And you want him to learn ? ? No psychological, biological or another science exists that support such fact as a man can change or learn after staying 50 years or so on the same course. Now, it is up to us to understand this and expect nothing different. If we like to change course, then we should better know what to do. It is a waste of time to try to analyze after all this time. We are the only ones who has been wavering. Isaias is firmly planted in his idiocy and narcissistic view. Period !

    • Degoli February 11, 2017

      You wrote, “Isias is not educated. Not because he wasn’t fortunate but because he was stupid at it. ..”
      If your three Iraqi or American three degrees are better than Issaias Afeworki’s High School Diploma from Luul Mekonen, why are you hiding in the Christian and free West of USA, UK and Australia?
      Issaias’ problem is not his lack of education, it is rather the idiocy of his generation to buy into the dreams of the opportunist pan Arabist Abids and the Italian Fascist left over elite urbanists.
      The result is slavery, Abidizm, death at sea, poverty, burning languages, hating one’s self ….

      • Tsegai February 12, 2017

        Get real you mad dog! His generation made him the isaias of today. But your petulant and psychopath isaias abused the innocence of his makers and downgraded them into subhuman objects. Don’t try to defend isaias. He can more than defend himself. Make your own history. It would be good if it is for the betterment of the people.

      • Sol February 13, 2017

        1) education is mentioned to clarify the falsely circulating educational background of Isaias. Otherwise not to suggest education is the only factor for good governance. Any one with good intention and vision can lead regardless of their academic level, because as a leader ones job is to organize, mobilize and coordinate the labor, skills and talents of the people for the development of the country.

        2) Isaias attended high school in Ethiopia with his uncle, who was the governor of Wollo and later vice minister of the interior of Haileslassie. This info in itself doesn’t reduce the worth of his high school diploma. Nonetheless, this info in itself has implication.

        3) If Isaias had any good intentions he had ample time to show it. 50 years in a position of absolute authority is a lot in a human life. He has clearly shown instead he has no people or country agenda. He wouldn’t mind if he becomes a ruler anywhere for that matter. So generation, country’s and people’s fate don’t mean anything for him. All he cares is his being in absolute power.

        4) How did he succeed to stay in power for so long ? That is where he is devilishly gifted. He not only read but lives Machiavellianism.

  • Teclay February 11, 2017

    ኢሳይስ እንታይ እንተዝብል ምዓገብኩም???
    እዚ ናይ 60 ታት ናይ 70 ታት ኮንቶ ዝኾነ ወለዶ፣Psychiatrists ክመራመሩሉ ዘለዎም ወለዶ እዩ።ጎይንታና ኢሳይስ እኮ እዚ ን50 ዓመታት ሒዝዎ ዘሎ ስልጣን፣ንስኹም ፈቲኹም ዝሃብክምዎ ዘይኮነስ ፣ብሲሪኡን ብሓጎሉን እዩ።ዝበለጸ ሓንጎልን ስረን እንተ ትውንን ኴንካ ፡ እንሆለ ፈረስ እንሆለ ሜዳ ።ካብቲ ብዞሕ ሓንቲ ኣብነት ።ክቡር ፕሮፈሰር ኣር ኣያ ደበሳይ ይብለ ፣ ኣብ መወዳእታ ሰማያታት ኢሳያስ ምስ ምሁራት ኣዝማሪኖስ ኣኼባ ይገብር ፣ኣብቲ ኣኼባ ብዛዕባ ናይ ቀደም ናይ ጀብሃ ነበር ምሁራት ከም ኣዝማሪኖስ መጠን እጃሞም ንኸበርክቱ ጎይታና ኢሳያስ ፍቓዶም እንተኾይኑ ንኽሕተቱ፣ዝብል ዝቐረበ ሓሳብ ..””ንሕና ንጎይታና ከሕርቕ ኣብ ዝኽእል ኢድና ኣይንሕውስን””” ብማለት ፣ንፕሮፈሰር ንበይኑ ይገድፍዎ ። እዚ ክብል ኮለኹ– ኣለዉ ዝበሃሉ ሙሁራት ፣እሞ ድማ ኣብ ኣሜርካ ኣብ ነጻ ዓለም ምዃኑ ኣይትዘንጉዑ።እሞ ኸ ኣበይ ኣሎ ሓንጎል ኣበይ ኣሎ መዓንጣ ???ስለዚ ንስኻ ክትሰምዖ እትደልዯ ክዛረብ ግድነት የብሉን።

  • Degoli February 11, 2017

    Only retards, the useful idiots and the losers of the old pan Arabist Jebha whose Arabized stunk brain would blame only Issaias for the current misery.
    Issaias is one of the many problems of Eritrea, not the only one. Issaias did all the best and the worst to create a nation out of what the Italian Fascists left behind because there were many who willing to die, and the other opportunist vultures were waiting from the sideline, and some are still waiting, to create an Arabized fake nation by burning the thousands years old history, languages and identity of the region.
    Did some of the useful idiots ever have asked why some of the retards and idiots are willing to burn Eritrean languages such as Tigre to Arabize Eritrea?

  • AHMED SALEH !!! February 11, 2017

    The more Tigrai-Tigrigni speaks the more our forum expect us to deviate our attention for something positive ,

    • alem February 11, 2017

      Aklen xebibuwen eyu. Baalen ziagodaa hawi kitbelen gemira.

      • Zekarias February 11, 2017

        alem aka andom, adhanom, Sol, Hagherawi, WediHagher – WediHalima, Savage evil moslem Arab dog, mushmush saHsaH rootless Yemeni nomad saHab gimel, Zafu, Wedi Saho stinking rat/snake, Habtu, Yohannes Beraki, eyob tesfalem, alamana, Khalid/Khaled, Mohammed, Wobawzan, Mokie, Mehari Woldegabir, comedian Iraqi Ali, Abdurobo, hawuka mushmush illegal immigrant lemani aslamay abey alo, etc..
        In short, a disturbed, desperate, confused, demented SUPER MOSLEM NEFAHITO baAl bizuH temen/snake melihas ab hade re’isi mushmush aslamay gimel.
        Bojboj asshole Wedi Halima savage evil Arab dog, at least like your two ignorant rootless Arab dogs cousins (Ahmidi al-Salihi aregit kelbi Arab WHORE/Pimp and the snake whore peadophille PH) stick to one stinking savage evil moslem Arab dog name. Use your freaking old Yemeni shiTara only when you go back to your stinking savage Yemen or to your original Shire/Sheraro/Welkayit – Tigray. Your days in Eritrea are very numbered so start packing your stinking camels, goats, tents and your stinking backward moslem dogs wives. You’ll be burned alive before you rot in your savage evil moslem hell where you belong savage Arab dog with the rest of your stinking illegal immigrant savage cancerous moslems.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! February 12, 2017

        Ezom kordafat Intay teghebernayom emo yihayish
        Kem kurdid tibk inda belu uko mokh abilomna

    • Zekarias February 11, 2017

      aregit mushmush rootless kelbi Arab WHORE/PIMP, the most ignorant damaged beyond repairs savage evil old stinking poisonous cancerous moslam Arab dog get lost to your either the savage evil moslem ArabYemen/Sudan or to Shire/Sheraro/Welkayit – Tigray, Ethiopia where you and all your stinking cancerous moslems were expelled from and dumped on poor Eritrea. You’ve nothing positive to offer to our Eritrean people you son of a whore Arab dog, you are on poor assenna 24/7 spreading your evil savage poisonous Islam shit and Arab’s hidden agenda. Your freaking days in Eritrea are very numbered so start packing your stinking beggar’s Arab dog’s WHORE/PIMP belongings before we burn you alive and throw your stinking poisonous moslem corpses into your savage evil wild moslem Arab dogs and Arab world.

      • Zekarias February 11, 2017

        The above comment was meant for the most ignorant dead brain and demented beggar (life long welfare dependent, food stamp collector, recycled cloths collector) aslamay lemani goHaf aregit kelbi Arab WHORE/PIMP ahmidi al-Salihi of Yemen, Shire/Sheraro. He is simply a damaged beyond repairs moslem fagnatura ass hole.

        • andom February 11, 2017

          Zeku shikoriti
          When did u check ur broken ass last? Kkkkki.
          U are rejected by all eritreans and ethiopians. Eta tiwiyway libkum aytekemetkumn

          • Zekarias February 11, 2017

            Mushmush aslamay saHab gimel savage evil moslem Arab dog, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry on your freaking moslem gimmicks? But I can assure you one thing Wedi Halima savage evil moslem Arab dog, I am closing in finding you in one of your stinking Saho rat hiding holes and remember how the Americans brought out your other bojbaj moslem rat Saddam Hussien from his hidind rat holes and hand him over to the Iraqi authorities!!
            Well. the only difference would be I’ll burn you alive in your stinking Saho rat and then bring you out to dump you and to throw your stinking ashes into your savage evil moslem Arabs.
            Wedi Halima savage Arab dog, just out of curiosity, why are you so much in love with our peaceful Christian names, are you really that ashamed of your savage evil moslem Arab dogs names like Ahmid WHORE, Salihi PIMP and the rest???

  • Nahom S. February 11, 2017

    Brother Zekarias,
    This fake person with alem & andom pen-names is a very mysterious, dubious, serial cheat and paid agent of the Arabs (the enemies of Habesha & Christians)., I don’t really understand why Assenna moderators allow on their websites?? These Arab agents and mercenaries are destroying the good name and reputation of
    Brother Zekarias, you may have missed it but on previous and recent article this idiot moslim Arab agent was coming on as “wedi hayka” and was unashamedly insulting our Hamassien and Seraye people and was advocating for the republic of Akeleguzay with a moslem president by the name of Drar Birhan for the new state of Akeleguzay.
    These moslims have beheaded and mistreated badly our young Eritrean in their backward barbarian moslim countries and we should also revenge by beheading all the useless moslims in Eritrea who are working day and night to Islamize/Arabize our Eritrea and put us back to their stone age of Sha’ria laws and hijabs.

    • Nahom S. February 11, 2017

      correction: this sad miserable moslim Arab agent was advocating for the new republic of Akeleguzay with a moslim president and also with a moslim flag. He has no shames neither a working human brain!! He must be a half human and half Arab animal talking.

      • Zekarias February 11, 2017

        Thank you brother Nahom S.
        Yes indeed I read the ridiculous, absurd and childish comments between the two poor rootless illegal immigrant moslem nomads the savage evil moslem Arab dogs of Yemen originally but dumped to our poor Eritrea from Tigray -Ethiopia commenting on their supposedly new republic of AkeleGuzay.
        Don’t worry my friend Nahom, the people of AkeleGuzay especially the young are waiting for them to chop them into pieces and then burn them alive the stinking moslem cancerous Arab dogs shit. Rest assured they are too weak rats to do anything or to cause any troubles. Even their savage evil moslem Arab slave masters don’t see or treat them like humans but like garbage goHafat.

    • Gebrenigus February 12, 2017

      Nahom S, you are the same Zekarias the PFDJ. do not act smart. you keep on changing names to saw hate between Eritrean Moslem(which you think are adamant enemies of PFDJ) and the christian highlanders. That is a stupid try but you failed miserably!!!..

  • Mohamed February 12, 2017

    A message to Higdef operatives:

    – Out of 10 Eritreans, now at least 8 know that Higdef is a fascist organization.

    – Overwhelming majority of Eritreans want remove this fascist clique at any cost.

    – People know very well that Higdef is behind the divisive propaganda.

    – Higdef’s sectarian propaganda is not knew in Eritrea. It was started by Hailesellasie and perfected by Derg.
    But they all failed to ignite a civil war.
    What they all did not see or purposely ignored is the fact that despite following different religions, Eritreans are highly integrated, because many share the same ancestry.

  • Atsebiha February 12, 2017

    Cleansing Colonial Pollution!!!
    First and utmost priorities, with out it:-

    1.) Asmarinos can not sustain a healthy and normal conduct with others
    2.) Eritrea is small country and small population that can not self-sustain or influence others, which is blindly and ignorantly cherished by Asmarinos
    3.) Even under best case scenarios, Eritrea’s being sandwiched by the red sea and Ethiopia will barely self sustain economically.
    4.) Eritrea will remain economically and politically stampeded by Ethiopia, because of Ethiopia’s focus on Education, Industrialization, its huge population, large land mass, huge natural resource, and 5 or 6 neighbors for economic/political integration, which all boost Ethiopian position to be the emerging economic power of Africa, creeping slowly but surely.
    5.)with all the above super imposing factors. Ethiopia’s dominant economic emergence is imminent, and Eritrea’s chance to do any thing is blink.
    6).In all of that,we have the colonial pollution and behavioral disorder which has crippled and secluded Eritrea from the region. and Actually, the cry of “Badme” is not really about Badme, but a cry for Ethiopia to open up its Economic gateways to sustain Eritrea.
    7.) Off all the most important preconditions, for Asmarinos to live in peace and harmony, with their neighbors and brothers, a self cleansing ritual of the colonial pollution is an important priority and must be implemented with out delay and rural population should be the bench mark in this case!!!

    • Simon G. February 14, 2017

      Facts: let me just give only one (#2)
      Eritrea is #99/195 countries in terms of how big the country is. So, Eritrea is not a small country compare to many rich European and middle eastern countries (including Israel).
      If you just keep you great grandsons to yourself, Eritrea would have been in a great shape.

  • Bokre February 13, 2017

    Ayte Atsebiha

    Ethiopia is undergoing some fundamental changes while you people are still deeply intrenched in jingoist dreams and Tigreyan ethnic supremacism.
    The bad news for you is that the Oromo will never allow you to treat them as second class citizens and remain empty handed from all the wealth their region produces.
    That marginalization policy you enjoyed for long time is now already a thing of the past.
    Another thing that now is going to cause you so much pain is the so -called Agazian nation, a sectarian and fascist entity. Ethiopian Muslims are the first victims of such a scheme. Any move on the ground to realize that will open all the gates of hell. Besides, the neighboring countries, many of whom happen to be Arab or Muslim countries will impose economic blockade on Ethiopia.
    Unless you behave like a peace loving nation, your future is as bad as that of Somalia.