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The Process of Nation Building and State Construction under Arrest in Eritrea: Unmasking the Evils of the Rapacious Regime

There is a common, yet grave, mistake that Eritreans make these days. They tend to equate the Rapacious Regime (PFDJ Regime) in Eritrea with the EPLF as if they were one and the same. The

There is a common, yet grave, mistake that Eritreans make these days. They tend to equate the Rapacious Regime (PFDJ Regime) in Eritrea with the EPLF as if they were one and the same. The Rapacious Regime is an illegal and illegitimate entity that has been ruling Eritrea by force (without the expressed consent of the Eritrean people) since 1997.

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  • k.tewolde March 21, 2018

    I felt the well written article abruptly came to an end,however it eloquently and masterfully highlights the current state of the nation, a nation which lost its ways,its true identity,a nation which span out of its orbit and drifting to spacial unknown destination.Lord have mercy.

    • rezen March 21, 2018

      Confession: I always admire your succinct ways of commentary on any subject. Others, notoriously me, take more than 300 words to narrate what you would have in one line:!!! Take this line of yours >>>”… a nation which lost its ways,its true identity,a nation which span out of its orbit and drifting to spacial unknown destination.” Fantastic!!! And it nails down by irrefutable phenomenon>>>” Lord have mercy” Perfect.

      k.t. if we were in Asmara (miraculously) I would have invited you to the most typical indigenous enda shahee [i.e. being a generous person!!!] for the famous Berrad Shahee Maamer, served with appropriate glass ‘boosh’. — and a delight of laughter, of course.

      Anyway, going into the subject, in another commentary, I put it in the borrowed famous title: “Paradise Lost”. And we have NOBODY to blame but OUR INNOCENT SELVES from beginning to end. We never realized — in fact, we didn’t want to realize — that there has never been “DEMOCRATIC” so-called “liberation fronts” in the history of human revolution. I know very well that my shameful, artificial, knowledge of human history goads me to be daring in such sweeping statement. But I believe it.

      Let me be daring and come HOME: The ELF and EPLF were NEVER DEMOCRATIC groups!!! In fact, to accomplish a specific task of liberation, as well as consequentially long hidden respective FINAL goals, (1) they could NOT afford to be DEMOCRATIC. They were ruthless liberation fronts based on individual dictators’ whims to accomplish a goal in their own image and way of doing things >>>AT ANY COST. Yes, at any cost!!! PERIOD. That is why, and how, the innocent and faithful people of Eritrea paid horrendous price as ponies of political chess game, ultimately, for NOTHING. A perfect example is AFRICA, itself, in totality — without exception. THE END.
      (1)Eritrean liberation was NEVER a FINAL goal for ELF nor for EPLF. And when they received “99.8%” of emotional approval by the ‘hungry’ people of Eritrea for liberation, the protagonists must have laughed to their hearts content. ELF having lost its war against EPLF didn’t have an open road to its final objective. It has to wait for appropriate time.

      In the meantime, Issayas has to satisfy (calm the emotion) of the innocent expectation of the people – after thirty-years of war. He utilized the service of internationally renowned Eritrean Scholar of the Highest Order to draft a Constitution [which he never believed upon it], thus satisfying the expectation of the innocent Eritrean people. It is said (by a Lady, ardent supporter of Issayas) that the expert was fortunately and handsomely paid in US Dollar for the drafting of the Constitution. In the end, as Issayas knew it and hatched it, the Constitution became another paper for the waste paper basket.
      The Eritrean people were crashed—to be followed by another shocking news that eleven well known, top most Patriots were rounded-up from their respective residence, in the middle of the night, at precisely 0300 hours, and taken away to oblivion never to be seen again. Issayas Afewerki Abraha secured his MASTERSHIP over the entire speechless, helpless, and hopeless Eritrean people >>> as he, in fact, divulged his scheme to a colleague in a moment of relaxation over a couple of drinks. And so, the subjugation of the Eritrean people for over one-hundred fifty (150) years still continues – and more to come. By the way, the ELF final aim is still alive,and on course.

  • Michael Tesfamariam March 21, 2018

    Dr., please try to rewrite the article and post it again, it does not seem to be accessible. All we can see is your photo with wide smile and a lengthy title. Please try to put the whole article in the form of HTML format. riht on the website, just talk to Asenna, they will be able to do it, they have professional IT expert. Thanks.

    • k.tewolde March 22, 2018

      Love the venue and fixing,the imbotito is on me,someday we will be together,I am hopeful.Thanks rezen.

  • rezen March 22, 2018

    “Eritrea: Eritrean Music 2018 men’yu delay ftHi (መንዩ ደላይ ፍትሒ) Mihreteab Michael ~ ምሕረትኣብ ሚካኤል
    by AI Staff, on 16 March 2018 (

    Commentary, 22 March 2018
    “ሕቶለኒ ዘይተመለሰ ሕቶ” translation >>>’I have a question; a question that was not answered’ so laments Mihreteab Michael
    I wish I could write it in my parents and ancestor’s language – TIGRIGNA. But as it may seem bizarre I am not a good writer of Tigrigna! I prefer the English language. Bizarre! It is like an Englishman NOT knowing his language but proficient in the language of his conquered colony! Bizarre! The schools that I went to from early stage of my Life didn’t think that my written language, based on ancient Geez [comparable to Latin], with its grammar and all, would fit to the indigenous mind! More bizarre! Hence, brain washing started at my early age, all the way down to the pit; hence, permanently inflicted by INFERIORITY complex and loyal mimicker for Life.
    Everything I do and say is to avoid being MYSELF – always striving to be what I cannot be! Even in attire, I had to look like someone else; including TYING my neck with a piece of cloth hanging down to my belly bottom – a perfect rope to be chocked by any naughty person in a fight. Luckily (or shrewdly), I am a perfect docile person.
    I cannot address all the mimicking that I have gone through to avoid myself being myself but always striving to be what I can never be. I am still doing it and will probably die with it without ever being the civilized, the cultured species that I was striving to be. It is the same with every BLACK SKIN Species. I can be hang for that generalization!
    “ሕቶለኒ ዘይተመለሰ ሕቶ” ። It is a question of fifty-six (56) years old. Who were those smart-alecks who promised that I will be liberated? From what? From whom? They simply repeat that I will be free and liberated and the master of my destiny. Alas, TIME proved them wrong. They were, and are still, my charlatan masters – not to mention criminals against humanity. They were, and still are, smooth operators until they get hold of my Soul – and I am totally finished by then. My proof is the daily entry in the Internet where I sing, with my victim compatriots, like parrot over and over until it becomes my name. I am doing it NOW with this diatribe!!! What did I do to deserve such a treatment from my masters?
    “ሕቶለኒ ዘይተመለሰ ሕቶ”። What did those eleven students at the University of Cairo, Egypt had in mind when decided to uproot (i.e. disturb) the entire people of the so-named Eritrea? Why? Why were they heading in that direction – where ever it may be? What did they think they would achieve by uprooting the entire society from its normal Life and submerged them into war? We now have physical reality on our hands i.e. the consequence of the emotional students’ action. And much more to come, we suspect. The situation still begs a question: What would they achieve by destroying the complete society of a country?
    “ሕቶለኒ ዘይተመለሰ ሕቶ” ። What did the other protagonist hatched in Ala, Eritrea to destroy Eritrea? Is it a revenge? Can we daringly say that the entire population of a peaceful people were manipulated and hypnotised to destroy themselves, by themselves, for the benefit of manupilators?!? Yes, bizarre as it may seem, it is human history. And Eritreans will suffer more, only because the elasticity of power by mortal dictators will come to its natural stretch limi. It will never be due to the effort of the so-called Highly Educated Scholars, Graduate of the most distinguished Ivy League Universities around the Globe. It is NOT in their nature to get together to save Eritrea from total disintegration – a reality that we will see soon.
    In summary, the mysterious question is still mysterious and we will keep on singing “ሕቶለኒ ዘይተመለሰ ሕቶ” to our graves. THE END

    I will be delighted to be literately cut into pieces – if the good hearted, loyal, honest ‘Eritrean People benefit out of it in one piece.