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The Long-delayed Constitution and the Claim of “Eritrea is an Island of Peace”

Many Eritreans quietly commemorate the “referendum day” every year.  The commemoration is in celebration the Eritrean struggle finally liberated the whole country in 1991.  The total liberation of the country imposed referendum to be held

Many Eritreans quietly commemorate the “referendum day” every year.  The commemoration is in celebration the Eritrean struggle finally liberated the whole country in 1991.  The total liberation of the country imposed referendum to be held in 1993, which resulted in the Eritrean people’s 99.83% “Yes” vote for independence.  The referendum’s results compelled the Ethiopian government to declare Eritrea an independent country.  With the declaration of the independence of Eritrea, the illegal Ethiopian occupation officially came to an end on April 28, 1993.

The declaration of independence gave the Eritrean people a beginning to live their peace and liberty.  For many Eritreans, regaining the liberty they know under the federal administration gave them the strength and power to make changes in the ways they process their thoughts and the ways they express their political views openly and freely.  People believed under the same political climate they would need no body’s consent to live their freedom and liberty to pursue their dreams that they gave up under the Ethiopian occupation.

Eritreans expected that the transitional administration, if not more, would at least have the same policy as the federal administration towards worker’s and government employees’ rights of going on strike, also known as Sciopero in Italian.  During the federal administration, Sciopero was a normal form of protest as a way to express, through disobedience, employees’ disapproval of unfair policies and practices by the employer, be it a government department or a company.

In some cases, even the workers union would call for general strike to arouse the conscience of the people over injustice or mistreatment of any employee.  Thoughts propelled by the rights of going on strike against injustice during the federal administration were first and for the last time indulged by the disabled fighters.  The disabled fighters in MaiHabar were the first, in 1994, to test the borders of rights under the transitional administration.

The disable fighters believing they were following the appropriate procedure, they first sent their request to the authority to visit their accommodation.  After repeated requests for improvement of their accommodation and the harsh quality of life they were living, they decided to take their case to the street.  Marching towards Asmara, the disabled fighters demanded chanting their accommodation to be made fit for their disabilities.  Suddenly, the peaceful marchers were met by the tyrant’s troops, who poured a hail of bullets into them.  Many were seen lying injured and dead.  The tyrant, as usual, denied giving the order.

The tyrant’s behavior of “giving order and then denying,” made Eritreans feel unprotected under the transitional administration.  The way the disabled fighters were treated, dangerously frightened the believers in the rights of taking grievances to the streets.  Thus, the incident of MaiHabar proved that the right of Sciopero (going on strike) was not part of the rights to be revived under the transitional administration.

For many of those who believed that the freedom of speech was part of life like food, they were expecting freedom of speech to be enjoyed within a reasonable context.  Believing it was their right to enjoy freedom of speech, some people started imparting their discussed views.  Raised concerns about the roles of the transitional administration started to give new life to the Eritrean politics by disseminating the discussed issues for further discussions by others.  The open discussions were seen to increase the political awareness of the people, even promoting the behaviors of those who not believe in multiparty system to accommodate controversial political discussions.

To prepare better the people for the expected political changes, some Eritreans started to speak of independent newspapers.  The dream of having independent newspapers became a reality when Setit became the first to obtain a license and the first its bi-weekly issue to hit the stands and be distributed on August 21, 1997.  Soon, 14 other independent newspapers began their editions.

The failure to revive the right to demonstrate peacefully and the limitation to freedom of speech were never expected by the Eritreans.  It was a shock to see the iron-willed disabled fighters, who never felt intimidated by the enemy’s tanks and cannons, to be defeated and weakened by one man.  After all, the march of the disabled fighters was a march of anger at the way they were treated.  They did not deserve that cruelty.

Many believe that the excessive force that turned into horrible massacre of the innocent disabled fighters was meant to make the people witness the horror and scare them into total silence.  The fear of that day appears to never fade away so long Isayas is in power.  A leader, whose cruelty springs from the fear of his own people, never sleeps a peaceful night until he is sure he could overpower the whole population.

How the Pre-existing Conditions Killed the Drafted Constitution?

The excessive worry for Isayas was that the constitution, if implemented, would protect the strong and the weak equally.  The implementation of the drafted constitution would also uproot the existing order, where competition with Isayas was totally not allowed and that everything was entirely under his control.

As unfavorable as the constitution was to all those who were involved in crimes, Isayas appeared to have read the fine prints of the constitution.  Isayas was well aware that the constitution, as the supreme law, would make him march into the courts of law.  Because of the fact that Isayas always showed contempt for the rule of law and denied shared decision-making, most of the Eritrean people were anticipating somehow distractions from Isayas to hamper the implementation of the approved constitution.

According to his life-long comrades, Isayas who enjoyed imposing his will on others and hated to be checked would not be welcoming the implementation of the drafted constitution.  Those who were familiar with Isayas’s web of intrigues knew that the unexpected could happen any time.  They were dreadfully waiting for the approaching death of the constitution but they never expected it to be through a declaration of war with Ethiopia.

Although power was handed over to Isayas by his comrades, he never showed any sign of sharing it with them.  Throughout the struggle journey, Isayas sought superiority and dominancy. Lest not lose the journey and the goal of the struggle, Isayas’s comrades had to accept his dominance.  In the process, many members of rank and file of the EPLA, who were known for their unswerving devotion to the struggle met their fate or were thrown into Isayas’s secret prisons.  At any time, anyone who questioned Isayas’s behavior was deemed guilty of treason.

There were enough evidences that Isayas was not going to support the constitution or defend its constitutionalism and abide by its laws.  Although Isayas provided all the grains of the drafted constitution, he appeared to be threatened by the fact that the drafted constitution if implemented would only protect his victims.

The constitution drafting committee, knowing Isayas well should have demanded their work to be protected by a higher body composed of members of the collective leadership.  The body would have helped to ensure safe implementation of the constitution by making it less prone to distraction or surprises of Isayas.  The implementation of the constitution was awaited to protect the people’s life and properties from the depredations of criminals.  Yes, the law abiding Eritrean people needed the constitution to live in peace.  The people knew, if the country was left for land lords, they would suffer from crime spree, looting and premature deaths due to starvation and lack of access to adequate healthcare or affordable medicines.  They were not wrong.

The constitution drafting committee, during its drafting process, had to deal with a number of Isayas’s differing perspectives.  Isayas’s uneasiness with a lot of issues was a clear message.  Indeed, Isayas’s attempts to push the committee fall into his traps contributed to divergence.  The committee was looking forward for a “country of peace” through rules of law, while Isayas was seeking to rule with unlimited power that was firmly to be framed in the constitution.

On the onset of liberating the country from the Ethiopian occupation, Isayas decided to continue his absolute dictatorship.  When he realized that he could not conquer the people’s demand for constitution, Isayas lowered his desire to a constitutional-dictatorship.  But, when Isayas sensed that the drafting committee was firmly focused on constitutional-democracy and there was no chance to convince it to give in to his demands of constitutional-dictatorship, he started to weave new strategies on how to hamper the pace of drafting the constitution and the process of enacting the implementation of the constitution.

To avoid being hit the hardest, the constitution drafting committee should have been on the lookout in order to protect and insulate itself from Isayas’s surprise attacks.  Indeed, to guarantee a smooth transition, the collective leadership of the Front and the party should have delegated a body with an authority to isolate and corner those who were believed to be against the implementation of the constitution. Those who deemed Isayas’s surprise attack impossible not only proved they were wrong but also have become victims of his betrayal.  The  worst yet was that the Eritrean people have failed to understand how Isayas had hidden behind his distraction the border war with Ethiopia and his further plans of “no war, no peace” to totally kill the approved constitution.  Ever since, the Eritrean people are suffering for failing to build the needed resilience and the commitment to achieve the wanted changes.

Fighting Injustice is an Individual and Collective Thing   

Isayas refused to cave in to constitutional rule of law but has succeeded to force the people to surrender to his absolute rule.  He also denied the people the right to hold opinions without interference and freedom of assembly.  Isayas not only compelled the people to cease their claim to constitutional-democracy but also left them to crush under the weight of corruption, poverty and starvation.

The Eritrean people with their wounded pride could not fight back.  Since the country is drowned in a sea of problems in that nothing is left undestroyed, the people are fleeing the regime’s brutality, gross human rights violations, endless conscription and arbitrary imprisonment.

To gain complete control over the people inside and outside Eritrea, Isayas has sown hatred against those who do not want to cease their claim to constitutional-democracy.  Still worse, Isayas’s divide and conquer policies have destroyed the ties among the Eritrean people including members of an Eritrean family so that they don’t work together to find solution to their problems.

The Eritrean people have failed to stay shoulder to should to defend their rights as well not to come together for a coordinated action to force Isayas to accept the implementation of the constitution.  The feelings of helplessness and humiliation are due to never taking action in time.  Such lack of action gave Isayas an opportunity to ensure his rule-for-life by leaving no stone unturned to subdue the Eritrean people.

Isayas’s arrogance in the region and with other countries has continued to weaken him.  The weaker Isayas gets the more venomous, unpredictable and dangerous he becomes against his own people.  Indeed, Isayas’s policy of divide the family members to weaken the Eritrean people fractured members of a family, villages, towns and cities by eating away at the fabric of the Eritrean society.  Many Eritreans believe that the damage done to the unitary family, unitary community and unitary state is beyond repair.

The pro-Isayas Diasporas are eyes witnesses to all damages done, through and through.  This visitor from Europe was an eye witness to the sufferings caused to the Eritrean family members time and time and time and time, again in prisons and mistreatments.  Those who could are crossing the border to liberate themselves from Isayas’s oppression and tyranny.

The Eritrean people to avoid being doomed to the same humiliation have to join hands to defeat Isayas’s tyranny.  Only concerted efforts, be it at an individual’s or group level, can help to repeat the liberation and referendum victories.  All Eritrean Diasporas should first stop destroying with their own hands the relationship between the Eritrean people and their country by not putting themselves at the service of the tyrant to undermine the unity of the people.

Since only freedom from fear gives the people the right to live in peace, all Eritreans should condemn Isayas’s rule by fear and force.  For years, the transitional administration of Isayas has depended on fear and force to silence the people and claim that Eritrea is an island of peace.

Only the Eritrean Diasporas can spread hope inside Eritrea by doing what is required and putting salvage of the people inside Eritrea first.  The hopes must be reinforced by commitments to overcome all the indifference towards joining hands to salvage Eritrea and its people from the ongoing destruction.

In commemoration of the referendum day,













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Review overview
  • Danilo April 28, 2018

    Mamino, you make me remember the mai habar situation in 1994. Those disabled fighters had only two rooms stinky, smelly and extremely hot on the day or cold on the night. Apart they had one bar against their pocket in one side and crippling mind on the other side. From there, I still remember the say ” tereguabi aassa bira tuum seb gn ruguum ” which exactly belongs to the killer.

  • k.tewolde April 29, 2018

    “For years, the transitional administration of Isayas has depended on fear and force to silence the people and claim that Eritrea is an island of peace”…..Yep,the D.Kuresh compound in Waco,Texas was quiet and peaceful too until the ATF came knocking….. the day of that knock on adi halo’s gates is fast approaching.

  • Yemane April 29, 2018

    ኦሮማይ! ሻዕብያ- “ጣጥ! ጣጥ! ክብላ ያእየን ተረድኣ!”
    ነውራማት ዕባያት አስመራ ወለዶ ኢሳያስ ንሕዝቢ ኤርትራን ሰሜን ኢትዮጵያን ንዘላዓለሙ ኢኮነምያዊ ረብሁኡ ናይጁቢቲ ሽሻይ ገይሮም ምስቲእከይ መርገም ተግባሮም ሃደ ብሃደ ካብዛ ዓለምና ይዕለዩ’ለው፡፡ ጂቡቲ- ኢትዩጵያ መልክዓምድራዊ ተፈጥሮ ሜዳ ምስምኳኑ እቲ ዝህነጽ ዛሎ ሜጋ ፕሮጀክታት ትህቲ ቅርፂ ንዘላዓለሙ ንኤርትራን ሰሜን ኢትዮጵያን ኢኮነምያዊ ረብሃ ናብ “Black hole” ዝደርጎሃ’ዩ፡፡ ድህሪ ሂዚ ዋላ ምስ ህግደፍ ሠላም ይምፃእ ንጂቡቲ-ኢትዮጵያ ኢኮኖምያዊ ምትእስሳር ኪቅይር ዝክእል ተአምር የልቦን፡፡ እቲ ናይ ሰሜን መልክዓ ምድሪ ንባእሉ ኣብይ ፈተናን እንቅፋትን’ዩ፡፡ ነውራማት መርገም ሕዝቢ ሀንጀል መንጀል ህግደፋት ይኩኑ YPFDJ ድህሪ ሂዚ ጣጥ ጣጥ ትርጉም የብሉን- ተወዲኡ!- ግብርኩም ነዚ ሀፋሽ ሕዝቢ ለኪሙዎ- መቃብርኩም ኣይኳኧት- ኣብቲ ላዕላይ ሰማይ ጋሃነም እሳት ይቀበልኩም!

    • Mesfin April 29, 2018

      Bravo brother Yemane, you put it {described it} excellently indeed.
      It is called “mergem – curse” nay zelalem for the northern people of Eritrea and Tigray.
      What is worse and sad is that the Isaias regime, by driving out the Kebessa {Christians} youth out
      of the small nation in epic proportions, is doing an excellent job of finishing off Kebess (Christian}.

      • amanuel April 30, 2018

        All iseyas is doing results from his identity crisis. The same problem his brothers (tegaru) have in ethiopia. If you fail the first year of university and dismissed at freshman, that inferiority complex also makes a bad combination when you want to be a leader and want to appear knowledgeable.

        • Mesfin May 1, 2018

          It seems sadly you are also suffering from severe identity crisis – inferiority complex – denying your al-shabab Islamic religion for Christian to deception and for convenience. You should be on a long term medications of confusion and identity crisis. Indeed, the Tegaru were right to kick you out of Tigray – Ethiopia for being a two faced cheat and betrayer “Telam Muslim”. You and your untrustworthy Muslims must also be kicked out of Eritrea soon.

    • k.tewolde April 29, 2018

      ” ነውራማት መርገም ሕዝቢ ሀንጀል መንጀል ህግደፋት ይኩኑ YPFDJ ድህሪ ሂዚ ጣጥ ጣጥ ትርጉም የብሉን- ተወዲኡ!- ግብርኩም ነዚ ሀፋሽ ሕዝቢ ለኪሙዎ- መቃብርኩም ኣይኳኧት- ኣብቲ ላዕላይ ሰማይ ጋሃነም እሳት ይቀበልኩም!”……..there is no sane person today who wishes good for HGDEF ,even the Lucifer himself is saying,this creatures here outdid me. I don’t mean you Yemane with all sincerity.

    • amanuel April 30, 2018

      You (i mean tigray) have two problems.
      1. Identity crisis. You want abay tigray that borders sudan, gumuz, and somalia. To do that- steal land namely Wekayt, tsegede, qimant, raya kobo.
      2. You want to be part of ethiopia but control everything depriving the 95% all their rights by promoting ethnic division to weaken oromos and amaras- your 2 threats to power. Well that backfired on you and the public rage drove you out of amara and oromia.
      Now what? Do You want to be independent state using your article 39? Every ethiopian is looking forward to it. You know you can not survive and will never declare independence. So you turn into working day and night to create hatred b/n amara and oromo and see if that helps bring any solution; obviously desperate measure and bold experiment.

      3. Try agazian project and hope it may help tigray gain access to red sea- not knowing that the project itself was dead at conception. There is nothing like tigray- tigrigni. It was rejected by eritreans long time ago and now with a new name agazi does hold no water.

      My sincere advise to you tegaru is as follows

      Be honest, return stolen lands to amara and eritrea, apologise to eritreans, amara oromo and you will see people will forgive you. Forget the quest to be dominant in ethiopia- simply you can not since every body is awaken to your malice and you are the minority of minority.

      To you yemane i give you a credit for using the same name to post the same comment in assenna and your tigraionline. I also give you a credit for posting as tigraway with out trying to pose as eritrean unlike the agazians who we know are either 100% tigray or 50% eritrean.

      • Yemane April 30, 2018

        መንነት ኣያታቶም ዝደርበዩ ኢዋሉ ዕባያት አስመራ ንሻዕብያ ዝተቆፃፀሩ አለውና፡፡ በቲ ሀደ ወገን ተማሂርና ኢና ዝብሉ ደቂ ተከተልቲ ኬኒሻን ካቶሊክን አንፃር አመንቲ ተዋህዶ ዛቅነኧ ፣ በቲ ካሊእ ብህውነት ትግርኛ ተዛራባይ ሕዝቢ ሰጊኦምን ዝነብሩ ተከተልቲ ሃይማኖት እስልምና፣ ብሳልሳይ ሰልፊ ክኧ ኣሰር መንነት ዘያብሎም ተራ ኢዋሉ ሻሂ ቤት’ዮም፡፡ ሻዕብያ/ተቃወምቲ ጽሟቅ ዞም ሠለስተ’ዩ፡፡ ሳሙኤል ብዝብል ስም ዕብድብድ ትብል ዛሎካ’ውን ወይ እምኒ ርእሱ ሻዕብያ ወይ ክኣ ደንገጽካ እትሃድር ጅሃዲስት ኢካ፡፡ ኣንቱም ጃሃዲስትስ ድሃን! ብሃቂ ዛግሩሙለይን ዛህፍሩኒን ግና እቶም ሀንጎል አድጊ ሂዞም ከም አድጊ ዝዕንድሩ ደቂ ከበሳ ህግደፋት ዝባሀሉ’ዩ- አይኖም ኧሚቶም ናብ ገደል ዝፀድፉ!፡፡ ወዲ 7-ዓመት ቆልኧ’ኳ ጥቅሙን ጉድኣቱን አፀቢቁ ያላሊ፡፡ ጣጥ! ጣጥ! ተብለኩም ኢኮነምያዊ ረብሃ ወደብ ንዘለዓለም ሲኢንክምዋ’ለኩም ፣ እቲ ዛህዝነኒ ግና ናይቲ መፃኢ ወለዲ ዕድላት ቀቲልክናሉ ትከዳ ምህላውክን’ዩ፡፤ ናብ ኢትዮጵያ መስንርኢ 100-ሚልዮን ሕዝቢን ልዕሊ 88-ቢሄራትን አዋሃሂድካ ምምህዳር ቀሊል እንተኮይኑ ንኢሳያስ ህተትዎ፡፡ ይኩን’በር ወያነ ምስ ሻዕብያ ዊኢሉ ስለዝነበረ ጥራጥ ሻዕብያ ተማሂሩ ከምዘይኮወን ተስፋ እገብር “ምስ አድጊያ ዝዋኧለ ተስታይስ ጥራጥ ተማሂሩ መፀ!” ካብ ዝባሃል ምስላ ትግርኛ ይምሃረና!

        • amanuel April 30, 2018

          There is nothing to argue with you. If you were eritrean brother, i would have. But as a neighbour who are known for dishonesty, prostutition, lies, and stealing all that made you worthless people in ethiopia and eritrea, i can only offer you a good advice that can help you reconcile with yourself. Try to be honest- people like honesty. Return stolen lands- no one has slept in peace stealing land; in your case you will loose the whole tigray if you mess up with eritrea and amara. You can not steal land to eastablish abay tigray. Pray that oromo, amara,gurage,welayta, and others do not invoke article 39 for you. If they do, you will not survive even 1 year.
          That said, i will apreciate if you leave our affair to us-keytewaredka.

          • Yemane April 30, 2018

            አማኑኤል፣ አልማዝ – መርከበኛ መንገደኛ ኣብ አስመራ ደቂልኩም ዝከደ አቦኩም ዘይቲፈልጡ ቅልውላው መንነት ዛለኩምን ህግደፍ ደጊሙ ዝሰጉኧኩም እርይራይ ድቃላተት፤ ደቂ ከበሳ መሲልኩም ኣብ መንጉ አህዋት ተጋሩ ጽልኢ ክትተክሉ ላህ ትብሉ?- ድቃላታት መራህቲ ሻዕብያ 50-ዓመታት ፂኢሮም ፈሺሉ- ንስካትን ድኣ ኣብ አዲ ፈረንጂ ተፀጊዕክን ናብራ ሲኦል ትመርሃ እንታይ ለውጢ ክታምፃ!
            ስጉዕ ዐዕምሮ አማኑኤል ከም በጊዕ አፍካ ካብትክፈት ታሪክ ዓለም አንብብ- ታሪክ ትግራዋይ ፀሩይ’ዩ፡- ነዞም ኣብ ሽንቲ ፈረስ ዝድቅሱ ዝነበሩ አምሃሩን ኦሮሞን ሂዚ ናብ ቪላ አሰጋጊሩዎ’ምሎ- ባይናይ ዓመልኩም ክትመፁ’በር ኢትዮጵያ ብፍላይ አዲስ አበባ መፂኩም ራኣይዋ- ጂሀዲስት እንተዘይኮይንካ እቲ ጽላተ ሙሴ ኣብ አክሱም እንሄለ- እቲ ሀወልቲታት አክሱም እኒሄ ነባሪ ምስክር፣ ናብ አድዋ ገጽ እንታቢልካውን ኮለንያሊዝም ዝተቀበረሉ ራዕሲ አሉላ አባ ነጋ ንአውሮፓውያን ዝሀምሸሽሉ አሎ- እታ ነፃነት ኤርትራ’ውን አምሃራይ ኣይኮነን UN ኣይኮነን ብረት ሻዕብያ ኣይኮነን ትግራዋይ’ዩ ነፃ ፈኒዋ- ወያነ አፍልጦ እንተዘይህብ ከምሶማሊላንድ ከፍ ክትብል ነይራ- እዚ ስረ ዝሃትት ውሳነ’ዩ! እቲ ሰናይ ትምኒት ወያነ ዲቃላታት መራህቲ ሻዕብያ ጉሂፈምዎ፣አራኪሰምዎ- ናብ መርገም ቀይረምዎ፡፡ ኪድ ኣብ ሥርኧተ ትምህርቲ ቻይናን ፐርሺያን(ኢራን)፣ ተጋሩ መን ምኳኖም ኪነግሩካ’ዮም፡፡ ተጋሩ ከበሳን ትግራይን ብሃዱሽ መንፈስ ህውነታ ከነለምልሞ ኢና- ተረዲእናኩምስ ጉሂፍናኩም!

        • almaz April 30, 2018

          Mushmush agame kumalka hizka adka atikaleka. Ahwatkawin kab gondern oromiyan mis kumalom nabaka metsiom alewu. Halewlew aytibel ab mekeleka sirah anady. Kalie zeynatka aytitemit. Eti tuwuyway libukum abshigir awdikukum alo. Zigedede keymetsekum tim belu hiji.

          • Tsehaye April 30, 2018

            Haw Ato Yemane,
            These sick unknown nasty moslem outsiders and infiltrators are paid messengers and mercenaries of the bastard Arabs working day and night as fake amanuel, almaz and Danilo street moslem crocodiles. Remember our old saying of ‘rigum/lemani Aslamay Adi yeblu Aedi yeblu or Adu zeyflut Awdu zeyflut’ except their devils animals moslem/islam killings malicious and devilish religion. Don’t worry as no one is fooled by their devilish moslem nature. Our Eritrea/Ethiopia should have been cleansed from these devils moslem outsiders.

          • Lelom May 8, 2018

            Not only Yemane,, Me also a proud Agame!!!!I feel pleasure and feel great when u Areb bitch guys are calling us. ….Underline my work…Slave is always Slave. ……thats why u guys are always bragging with Empty pocket.

    • almaz April 30, 2018

      Just remember that djibuti is dominantly muslim country. Somali kilil, afar kilil and southern oromiya too are muslims. Tigray too has muslim tegarus. Just reminding you.

      • Tsehaye April 30, 2018

        The moslems of Djibouti are NOT parasites like you bastard malicious killers and destructive hasadat. Thanks to Ethiopia our brothers/sisters people of Djibouti are making {profiting} 2 billion US dollars per year just from their port services. Somalis are under our pockets and the Oromos will soon be after your Arabic dog Kelbi Maakor.

    • almaz April 30, 2018

      Mariam tirdaekum elna segignakum ekaena.

      • Tsehaye April 30, 2018

        You sound like a typical aslamay lemani dirbay nay Enda Mariam – Asmara. I bet you used to beg enda mariam or enda medihinaalem our churches as a fake Christian amanuel, almaz and danilo???? Yes, you also f**king came to our Christian Habesha countries of Eritrea and Ethiopia as a dirbay lemani/beggar and you will die as a dirbay lemani.

  • Danilo April 29, 2018

    Mesfin, make a proper calculation please. If you accept my calculation? More Muslims also driven out years back from the start era Haileslasie, Mongustu and now Issayas. All are ethiopians in power so far. Neither the two nor the third cares about people but land of Eritrea marked on their mind.

    • Seifu April 29, 2018

      If the two or the three (I.e H/selassie, Mengstu and DIA) are all Ethiopians according to your Muslim calculation, you must bloody be from Turkey, Egypt or Pakistan. In other word, you too are bloody Muslim foreigner in Eritrea who was probably left the Sudanese (Durbush). Your bloody Muslims should never be in Christian Eritrea anyway.

      • Tsehaye April 30, 2018

        Haw Ato Seifu,
        You have really put this nasty moslem outsider and infiltrator back to his Arab desert where he f**king belongs. He has the moslem devilish audacity {out of desperation and sheer ignorance} to challenge our authentic Habesha Christians of Eritrea and Ethiopia. As they are a nasty paid agents they would do and say anything to get paid but it is also our responsibility and task to sort them out and to put them in their shit derests.

  • rezen April 29, 2018

    Subject: “The Long-delayed Constitution and the Claim of “Eritrea is an Island of Peace” by Mamino, April 28, 2018
    Commentary, 30 April 2018
    The Draft Constitution of Eritrea was NEVER intended to see the light of the day! It was one of issayas’ maneuvering tact to have international image until he secured his place firmly — locally and internationally. The proof of his success was the Day President of the United States of America declared that Issayas Afewerki and Meles Zenawi (RIP) were Young African Renaissances Leaders. The rest, as we are witnessing, is active display of dictatorial ruthless history, never seen in Eritrea.
    I am daring to say, but free to express my opinion by virtue of being secured in my adopted free country, that Eritrea, for all practical purposes, is a doomed country that lost its indigenous name with or without the concurrence of its people! The land mass called “Eritrea” was never liberated in its entire existence. It has always been under external colonial marauders and subjugation by indigenous internal dictatorship. At this point in time, it is not the constitution that matters; its very survival as a country that is at stake.
    Going back to history, Issayas Afewerki had been a leader of the Eritrean people’s Liberation Front for twenty-six years and self-appointed president of the State of Eritrea for another twenty-six years – and still continuing. There is no sign that he will give-up his post. In fact, it doesn’t matter. Eritreans do not have the culture of electing ‘Head of State’, even in its tribal chieftain’s systems. I stand to be corrected.
    Anyway, what is Issayas’ plan on Eritrea? For an answer, we are fortunate to know that, in a moment of relaxation with a colleague over a couple of glass of spirits, Issayas revealed what he intended to do with Eritrea. A full quotation is in order, thanks to an Author, Andebrhan Welde Giorgis who directed us to a widow to the mentality of Issayas Afewerki towards the Eritrean people. Here is the quote in its entirety:
    QUOTE “I know that you call me Agame (the name of a district in Tigray misused in popular parlance as a pejorative reference to people if Tigrayan origion) behind my back. I will show you! I will take this country down as I put it up” [ብድሕረይ፡ ዓጋመ ከም እትብሉኒ እፈልጥ እዬ ። ከርእየኩም’የ! ነዛ ዓዲ፡ ከምታ ዘምጻእኩዋ ከጥፍኣ እዬ።] UNQUOTE (1)
    In my opinion, in view of the: a) psychological make-up of Issayas afewerki; b) dysfunctionality of the Eritrean societies as a result of debilitating religion, region, tribalism, and other parochial matters; and c) non co-operative attitude of the Eritrean Intellectuals, preferring, instead, to occupy the helm upon their ‘tribes’. I am afraid the last six words of the above gem of a quotation [ነዛ ዓዲ፡ ከምታ ዘምጻእኩዋ ከጥፍኣ እዬ።] would seem to be the eventuality of the Eritrean demise. (1)
    Last point of conjecture: What would have been the outcome of Eritrea if the Cairo Students (1961) agenda were to succeed in its entirety – i.e. instead of Issayas Afewerki’s EPLF? Personally, I have no doubt of the out come in view of the experience that we have garnered since then. In both cases, Eritrea would cease to be the Eritrea that ordinary Eritreans (“ሓመድ ሓፋሽ”] hoped to be. Eritrea is an UNLUCKY country. It is most probable that Eritrea will revert back to its old self of being the pony of international chess game – as it has always been. In the wisdom of our ELDERS it is መርገም ። THE END
    Footnote: (1) page 322, “ERITREA AT A CROSSROAD. A Narrative of Triumph, Betrayal and Hope” by Andebrhan Welde Giorgis, Copyright 2014.

  • k.tewolde April 30, 2018

    Might sound redundant,1975 in Mogoraib military training camp right after graduation I quipped during a conversation,”this person is not one of us, he doesn’t think like us..’ referring to the tyrant A statement that was frowned upon and drowned in the hustle and bustle of new combatants leaving to their respective assignments, just breaking to my teens then.Instinct is never wrong as manifested by the flight of the unaccompanied underage today from a nation led by the same character. This time the kids are saying the same statement with their feet.God help us all.

    • rezen April 30, 2018

      Hey! k.tewolde, I have an observation for you . It is about YOUR era of the 1975. That era must have been the era of smart ‘kids’.
      I also know a young fellow of that era. Very sharp. I used to be amazed by his detailed description of his era. What captivated me most was his eagle-like observation and narration of what he set out to tell. Just one example: about Issayas. Apparently, Issyays preferred specific seating position in a meeting [without making it obvious] so that he can scan the facial expression (reaction) of each participant without making it obvious!!! Obviously, Issayas’ ingenuity had no end to accomplish his long hatched hateful desire of what to do with Eritreans!!!
      Ahhh………It burns my heart, honestly, that so many brilliant minds were arrested by one man and devolved into the gutter of Issayas’ World.
      For all it is worth, I sincerely salute YOU and Your Generation who sacrificed their LIFE for what they believed to be a noble cause – never imagining they can be betrayed by their ‘OWN.’ I wish you the very best in your remaining precious long Life.
      Without appearing to be too critical, I would say that the level of argument that we read daily on the Interment is an insult to the noble history of Eritrean gallantry – regardless of the outcome. But let me rush to add: The service that we are getting from to express our opinions freely, without discrimination, is simply extraordinary and no doubt will always be remembered by History.
      OK, Dear k.tewolde, I better stop here before elongating it to my usual habit of pouring my usual three-hundred to six-hundred words of commentary. I can’t help it; that is rezen!!! With that accommodation, we can debate ferociously in a civilized manner, without falling into the gutter of insults [that we are constantly reading], demeaning ourselves; hence, portraying an ugly image about ourselves to the World at large. Thus, WE BECOME OUR OWN ENEMIES in the face of the World. And that would be the slow TRAGIC END of us [1]
      ———————————————– [1] The length of this ‘short’ commentary is 341-words!!!! check it out! SMILE

      • Tsehaye May 3, 2018

        Dude, you sound like a typical “WaTa” praising Arab’s foot soldiers and sold out bandas. Indeed, your usual toilet roll nonsense is too boring and meaningless. Do you also suffer from severe identity crisis – inferiority complex like that stone head Muslim garbage posinf as a fake Christian amanuel, almaz and etc? Why are you hiding your Tigrayan?

  • amanuel April 30, 2018

    Dear amanuel/ assenna moderators
    Would you please remove the insulting comments of yemane/thehaye/seifu who are ethiopians (tegaru) interfering negatively in our affairs. They should not be allowed to try creating religious divisions in eritrea. They have moslems in ethiopia and tigray if they want to insult moslems. I do not this will help assennas image as a forum for eritreans to communicate and express themselves.

    • Tsehaye April 30, 2018

      Dirbay Askeriyen aslamay hasad terewae, why should Amanuel of assenna listen to your childish crocodile cries? Do you f**king share your blood money from your Arab bastard pay masters???
      No one invited you to our Christian Habesha forum from the begining and just get lost f**k off to
      your moslem Arab killings forum where you could discuss about beheading, bombing Islam devil plans.

    • Tsehaye April 30, 2018

      Let me give you a kind suggestion that is just to stop you from your further ‘lemani nay enda mariam’ crocodile cries speciality; just beg {by offering your Kelbi moslem lemani maAkor} to your bastard Arab pay masters to open your own moslem devil website. But make sure you use your killer destructive moslem name otherwise you will be a failure with our amanuel, almaz and danilo “Christian” names. Please also tell us when did you f**king convert to our Christianity from your devil animal killig religion of Islam garbage?????????????????????????????

      • k.tewolde May 3, 2018

        I can picture you foaming from your mouth,prominent veins throbbing on your temples,beads of sweat on your forehead and getting cramps on your fingers from tapping hard on the keyboard,you brain neurons are firing at an imaginable speed from hate and anger robbing you to think rationally,you are on the verge of convulsion,a prisoner of your conscience,Valium anyone! Our christian God sent his son and died on the cross to wash the sins committed by humans like you.Please don’t desecrate the religion of Christianity.

  • k.tewolde May 3, 2018

    “That era must have been the era of smart ‘kids’.”….our rezen ponders,not really,just an era of sobriety,rationalism,pure nationalism,an era of an aspiring nation at its full potential,a generation ready to lay it all on the line,some shrewd character with ulterior motive took advantage of it… rezen we will continue this conversation in detail one day over cafe corretto (an espresso with a splash of cognac) I can feel your heart skip a beat,the Eritrean people will come full circle.