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The Israel Government have decided to deport Eritrean and Sudanese refugees to Rwanda: Time to peak up for those who can’t

  By Petros Tesfagiorgis  African asylum seekers, mostly from Eritrea, take part in a protest against Israel’s deportation policy in front of the Israeli Knesset in Jerusalem, on January 26. (Photo Newsweek) These days are the darkest days


By Petros Tesfagiorgis

 African asylum seekers, mostly from Eritrea, take part in a protest against Israel’s deportation policy in front of the Israeli Knesset in Jerusalem, on January 26. (Photo Newsweek)

These days are the darkest days not only for Eritrean and Sudanese refugees but also for the people of Israel and the justice loving people all over the world.   To deport 40,000 Eritreans and Sudanese by the Israeli Government is a racist decision.   This forceful deportation of Africans who have nowhere to go is shameful history of Israel against Africans and will go down into history books as such, like the history of holocaust. It is sad to see people who suffered a lot under Nazi atrocity to be cruel against other people because of the colour of their skin.

What is worse is that the Israeli Government has bribed an African nation, Rwanda, to accept the expelled refugees alleged to be in exchange of arms and military training and financial help.  This is slave trade by other means. And there are precedents that the few who left voluntarily to Rwanda are being damped in no man’s land in the border with Uganda with no document putting their life at risk. There were reports that some have died. These shows that the refugees are disposable and for the Israeli and Rwandan Government their life does not matter at all.  What a shame and humiliation for African governments. African Union should seize of the matter and rise up to the challenge presented to them by Netanyahu.

However, what is encouraging is that many Jew groups have started to denounce the dangerous decision and are working hard to reverse it.  I quote from Newsweek.


Newsweek BY CARLOS BALLESTEROS ON 11/24/17 AT 10:42 AM

“Israel’s failure to follow the Jewish imperative to protect and care for the gerim—the landless sojourners who seek refuge among us—is a far greater threat to the Jewish character of the state than is the community of African migrants and asylum seekers who have escaped forced military service, torture and crimes against humanity in Eritrea and Sudan and sought safe haven in Israel,” Rabbi Michael Lezak, co-chairman of T’ruah, a human rights group, told Newsweek.

Ralca Gian, the secretary general of Israeli NGO   Zizim Community action, wrote a letter to Israeli civil aviation and pilots association to disobey the cruel and inhuman step of deporting refugees. That started to bear fruits as some pilots refused to fly refugees out of Israel.

Israel’s rabbi have started a movement that pledges to hide African refugees facing expulsion. Hundreds of Israel rabbis were inspired by the Sanctuary movement in the United States.

What is to be done by Eritreans in Diaspora: Many Eritreans are entertaining the idea of launching a demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy in London. The question is not what is to be done but how is it going to be done. There is a committee that organises events in UK. The committee has to invite many groups in the planning stage in order to be inclusive.  And it is in the initial stage that innovative ideas flow. Invite groups other than Eritrea for example – “African Lives” who are the main driving force in the successful demonstration against African slavery outside the Libyan Embassy.   There must be some division of work. Because it should not only be demonstrations.  In the UK there are many Jews institutions. They are influential and can be asked to appeal to the Israel Government to change their decisions. The organisation, Eritrea Focus Ltd (EF) works closely with APPG (All Party Parliament Groups for Eritrea) – and can   ask the APPG to raise the issue with the Israel’s Embassy or raise it in the Parliament. It can also prepare appeal letters to go to people who are concerned about the urgent situation.

It is possible to coordinate the work with other EU countries.  For example with the group in Holland. The group has succeeded in the cancellation of YPFDJ conference and their contribution in exposing the Eritrean Embassy activities to collect 2% tax by intimidation was substantial, and it gave rise to the expulsion of Eritrean Ambassador from Holland. Kubrom Dafla had clarified the two events in his interview with If possible to coordinate with other countries such as USA, Canada and Australia is very important.

If some sort of coordination is achieved a task force can be formed – to follow what is going to happen to the refugees and find out if their safety is guaranteed. All the names of the deportee must be registered and in collaboration with UNHCR, IOM and other bodies appeal to Governments in Europe, Canada, Australia and USA to take their share of the expelled. The world must not see the demise of 40,000 people. The Netanyahu Government can be sued for selling African refugees. In order to hide the human trade, the contract with Rwanda is shrouded in secrecy. The case must be handled by lawyers.  All these needs to have a task force to follow it up after demonstrations. The world must learn about the Persecution of African Refugees in Israel.

As I was about to post this article news in WhatsApp popped up that says “there is an initiation to do a demonstration in Front of the Israeli Embassy next Saturday. Well done, It is a good beginning.







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Review overview
  • AHMED SALEH !!! January 30, 2018

    Is it unfair or anti-Semitism to say that the nation of Israel is based on racism or do I have to compromise
    on behalf of political correct speech ?
    Is it unfair or treason KIHDET to say that Eritrean government policy is based on dictatorial system rule ?

    Demonstrations in diaspora along might bring world attention but it is not enough to resolve the main
    problems that produced Eritrean refugee crisis without civilian resistance movements inside the country .
    It require forces within inside and outside to do the job since both of them share the same responsibility .

    • shilan January 30, 2018

      How does one tell the stinky, poisonous and criminal murderer ELF mendef mercenary to buzz off Eritrean affairs and try to mind his stinking evil moslem Arab slave dog’s masters business? In other word, how does one tell an old (aregit gerewegna – mushmush kelbi areb) that humans can (normal civilized Christian humans and not savage barking Arab dogs like yourself) only have peace, order, good governance when they obey the rule of law (not the savage evil rule of barbarian moslem Arabs or the criminal murderer evil ELF shefatu/bandits jungle law) that the world has established to govern its smaller and greater actors?
      In short, these poor Eritrean refugees are running away from your evil savage all alien-loving ghedli of shefatu/bandit bastards, so get this through your thick moslem skull ignorant Arab dog. And what do you freaking know about treason?? As a rootless and illegal immigrant kondaf saHsaH aslamay aregit kelbi areb, KIHDET and TILMET must be in your evil Islamic blood but we are not interested to hear or to be lectured by an ignorant ELF murderer KAHADI here.
      In a near future, we will get forces from inside and outside Eritrea to get rid (dismantle/destroy) your stinking Arabic language of your savage Arab slave masters from our beautiful Christian Habesha Eritrea followed by eliminating you cancerous moslem mercenaries and terrorists for once and for good. Go to your evil moslem hell where you belong and come from in the first place.
      Last, let’ now hear your ignorant pathetic crocodile cries of ‘intruders, my Arab dog’s suspicion, aregit kelbi areb’s conspiracy theory, your other ignorant moslem detective investigations and so on…….Don’t worry we are used to your kondaf saHab gimel old games!

      • Z. Hagos January 30, 2018

        Are you writing from the desks of the tyrant’s embassies. You must be ashamed to betray and be enjoying seeing your people face such of the worst situation where the only option left is to commit suicide. Please, you and your likes, reconsider and at least avoid dropping such shameless postings. If you can add up saying supportive words or totally shut up using crazy-glue.

        • shilan January 30, 2018

          Z.Hagos, the foaming bulldog and the glorified fool (the useful village idiot), is that the best you can say? You wasted all your disgusting bulldog’s foaming for nothing! Speaking of cults, don’t you bloody know that you are licking the sandals of the followers of the biggest cult and hoax known to man kind? You may also send me of your evil moslem Arab clones representatives to debate on your behalf as you are a confused loser.

  • Z. Hagos January 30, 2018

    Refugees are humans and as human beings should be treated with respect. No one can trust this world because people are seen to be leaving their warm homes every day. Today from here and tomorrow from there, refugees are seen coming.
    In the past nations have seen and received refugees from across their borders or internally. Many Jews arrived in Israel for their safety, as refugees. At the same time many Palestinians became internally displaced to become refugees, too. The refugee problem never ends so long there are wars and abuses of powers.
    The Eritrean and Sudanese refugees in Israel went through the worst refugee transitional problems before they arrived or landed in Israel. Their refugee conditions qualify them to be granted mental and political asylum. But instead they are forced to face statelessness because they are being sent to an agent in a third country. No one knows about that agent. He can be a facilitator or a victor of traffickers. The UN should rush to their help to investigate the agent. Indeed, the Eritrean and Sudanese refugees, when they landed in Israel, they thought they were on a lifeboat until granted asylum. Unfortunately, their lifeboat is capsizing and they don’t know how deep they are going to drown and face death. The world and Israeli people are aware of their capsizing boat and are condemning those responsible, as reported by the following:
    The Jerusalem Post wrote: Israel is a nation of refugees whom the rest of the world systemically rejected, humiliated, hunted, imprisoned, tortured and murdered for millennia. It is the one place on the planet where a Jew is granted safe passage and protection should history repeat itself, which it often does.
    Recognizing a perilous past few could understand, let alone survive, in 1951 Israel was among the first of 145 nations to sign the UN Convention on Refugees, which obligates it to make the asylum application process accessible and humane to those in life-threatening situations.
    Jeffrey Heller of REUTERS wrote on Jan. 3, 2018: Netanyahu has called the migrants’ presence a threat to Israel’s social fabric and Jewish character, and one government minister has referred to them as “a cancer”.
    Teklit Michael, a 29-asylum seeker from Eritrea living in Tel Aviv, said in response to the Israeli plan that paying money to other governments to take in Africans was akin to “human trafficking and smuggling”.
    Gershom Gorenberg of Washington Post wrote on Jan 29, 2018: Now, the government intends to tell most of the remaining Eritreans and Sudanese that they can renew their papers just once more. After that, they can either accept deportation or go to prison until they change their minds.
    Nativism is a political epidemic in the Western world. But the disease is different in each place. In Israel, the government’s plans — and the rising protests against them — tap deeply opposing views of Jewish history and of Israel’s responsibility. Every Israeli Jew knows about refugees. Some of your ancestors were refugees. Some were pushed out of Arab countries. Some managed to escape Europe before 1939. Some survived the Holocaust and had nowhere to go until Israel was established. Every Israeli Jew knows that many more would have survived if the Western world hadn’t shut its doors. If you were awake in school, you know that Jews were turned away because they were purportedly an inferior race.
    Gideon Levy of HAARETZ wrote on Jan 28, 018: It’s impossible not to shocked by the malice and racism behind this ethnic cleansing plan – the removal of non-Jewish black people on account of their skin color. The fate of 35,000 people should touch the hearts of every decent Israeli, but the issue is much broader and more important.

    • shilan January 30, 2018

      Well said brother Z.Hagos, you make a lot of sense and also good points/observations.
      I admire your genuine concern and care for Eritrean refugees and people plight. Keep it up.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! January 30, 2018

        Mr.unknown with multiple nicknames
        Your comments show the mentality bends over backward
        to serve oppressors while innocent lives have thrown on
        miserable situations .
        Offensive remarks reflects lack of moral standing and corrupt mindset of a person . Since ASSENNA gave you
        opportunity to spew hatred , go ahead satisfy your ego .

        • Danilo January 30, 2018

          Brother Ahmed, this man is trying to bite his tale which he can’t reach. Round after round just looser I use to call him ሹሉ መኸርያ ጉርሁ ስርናይ።

        • Seifu January 30, 2018

          You are only known as HAREDTI killers like ur Mohammed. Period. Assenna should NEVER allow you to poison our minds.

          • Freedomfighter January 31, 2018

            Seifu= Amharic name. Shim Gezaeti Amhara

    • petros tesfagherghis February 1, 2018

      I am grateful to Z.Hagos for clarifying the issue sighting extracts from Washington Post and Newsweek. This is a humanitarian issue concerning the pains ans suffering of Eritrean and Sudanese refugees in Israel..It is touching the conscious of many Jews organisations and individual and started to appeal against the decision.
      It should not be politicised the life of these refugees is at risk. Let us not divert the issue and focus on the rescue mission and contribute to the powerful protest going on in USA and Israel by organizing protests outside the Israeli Embassies in the West. . ..

  • rezen January 30, 2018

    Once again, Petros Tesfagiorgis has come up with his untiring commentary, suggestion, advice etc Let me comment on three points mentioned in his Article of the day to be concluded with a suggestion (couched with a confession as a footnote)
    1. Rawanda’s Collusion with Israel.
    It is not surprising. Kagame is a slick operator in political affairs ever since – it seems – he learned how to walk!!! Netanyahu’s’ government “bribing Rwanda” is not a new phenomenon at all. It has been done in the past and will keep on going for eternity, with modified mode operando. So, Kagame may be an African but Africa comes second to his personal interest .(1)
    2. “humiliation for African Government”
    No way! No way! African governments have crocodile skins which is insensitive to any humiliation under the sun. African leaders, in overwhelming majority, do not care for the population that they govern. It is not unrealistic to say (or an exaggeration) that the African people were better off under colonial governance than the present conditions under indigenous Dictators. One my puff and huff with sentimentality and anger but the fact on the ground is glaringly obvious. Even the notorious Museveni, who is fighting to become President for Life, “fully agreed”, with the statement of flamboyant Trump on Africans: “shithole countries”. This is a glaring humiliation of an entire Black African Race – but NOT to the misguided African Dictators of the 2st Century.
    3. African Union (AU)
    Dear Africans: Please be honest to yourself. In fifty-four years (54 Years), what did the OAU or AU accomplished for the benefit of the African People? NOTHING, other than dropping the alphabet ‘O’ from the ‘OAU’ and became AU!!! And that was under the instigation of an Arab Ghedaffi who wound up hiding in a gutter. The AU is the most useless organization that has ever been created.

    Back to Petros Tesfagiorgis dissertation on the course of actions that he envisages for Eritrea. Commendable as it is, in my opinion, the focal point in the struggle, at this moment in time, must be to address the basic source of the ailment. Let us not mince words: the source of the problem is Issayas Afewerki. Period! It then follows to reason that, first of all, Issyas must step down from the post, as his agenda has been abundantly clear to be against the welfare of the Eritrean people. There can’t be any further argument at this precise moment in time.
    With the above focus, let me now address my opinion – and it is getting to be like a broken record – the solution to the problem of Eritrea rests upon Eritrean Intellectuals of the Highest Order with Doctor of Philosophy Degrees(PhD) from Ivy League Universities around the Globe (2). I rush to clarify: they are NOT expected to be Fountain of Miracles. What is being expected from them, however, is to create the platform from which Eritrea will take-off in the right direction. As initiators, ONLY TWELVE renowned Eritrean Intellectuals (in appropriate professional fields) would be enough to start ‘rolling the ball’. Following that achievement, we should be able to start the long voyage to align Eritrea in the right direction. It will be a long struggle to which Eritrea is well familiar. THE END
    Footnote: (1) Speaking of Rwanda-Kagame one can’t help being swirled around the mysterious Rwandan ‘holocaust’ which devoured over eight-hundred thousand (over 800,000) Rwandans instigated by its own sons. It will NEVER come to an end unless the whole horror story is revealed and narrated.
    (2) One of my favorite commentators, in this website, will kill me for ‘barking at the wrong ‘tree’. I promise here and now that I will keep on searching for any ‘tree’ – even if I have to carry the old fashioned kerosene lamp!!! [laughter is a good medicine at the appropriate time].

    • sami January 31, 2018

      Mr Rezen the analyzer expert, leaving Mr Petros T/giorgis’s article aside what do you actually envisage for poor Eritrea then? Could you also enlighten us with your tremendous knowledge and wisdom as if you are barking from an evil murderous savage ELF mendef Islamic ‘tree’ or from deKhalu riffraffat toothless crippled wheel chaired beggars mercenaries trees???
      Could you also check on your useless keshi kushet criminal Fedayin ayte merizam/meretse Asmelash where abouts as we miss so much his lousy poems and fake kushet stories????
      Otherwise ayte rezen, the poor Warsay generation has never known what it means to “own” a country. The savage evil-all-alien-loving ghedli, true to their colonial aspirations, have clearly shown them that the country belongs to the new colonial masters from evil savage Sahel. Consequently, Warsai’s lives on this cursed land as slaves have been HELL on earth. There are no good memories that could feed their nostalgia to this land. If so, how is it possible for them to feel the loss of “Eritrea” that they never owned in the first place?
      Indeed, laughter is a good medicine at the appropriate time but when is the appropriate time when we are constantly surrounded by unashamed (who preach about how they freaking fought for our “freedom to free us from slavery and imprisonment”) criminal evil savage Islamic ELF mendef shefatu/bandit beasts? We’ll only begin to laugh when we destroy these deKhalu beasts and the cancerous rootless moslems for once and for good, indeed.

      • Simon G February 2, 2018

        I think it is safe to conclude Sami is ≃ Simi
        Any objection?

  • Degoli January 30, 2018

    This comment makes some sense. Thank you al Jazeera and you guys for posting:

    Read Al Jazeera today, to see how the Arabs treat Eritrean Christians. Eritreans have become the most abused and the lowest form of human being all the way from Eritrea and in the Arab Passage: are Eritreans “Arabic” people? Ask Jebha leaders?

    “At night, it used to be worse. The guards would get high on drugs and resort to beating, abuse and torture.

    There is no proper registration process for the tens of thousands of refugees arriving in Libya [Courtesy: Sami]

    Women and children were kept separate from the men. Many girls and women were raped and had children as a result of it. Our buildings were close to each other so we would hear their screams and cries.

    I stayed in detention for nine months. Once my mother secured the money, they let me go.

    Upon my release, I boarded a truck with others on the way to the sea. We were stopped by another vehicle after armed men started shooting at our truck.

    Our Libyan driver escaped and the men asked us who we were and where we were going. They took us and said we had to pay for our freedom if we wanted to be allowed to go to the sea and travel to Europe.

    Sold and resold

    They asked us for money in exchange for freedom. When they inquired about my religion I lied to them that I was a Muslim, hoping they would treat me better.

    I was lucky because they asked me for less money, which I was able to secure eventually.

    I spent two months there, in a town called Az Zawiya.

    There were women and children in the same container as the men, children as young as two years, and there were infants born as a result of rape by the Libyan captors.

    Sami, 18-year-old Eritrean refugee
    “We were held in an apartment building complex from where we were not allowed to go out. After paying the ransom, they took me from Az Zawiya to the sea. But we were stopped by Libyan coast guards, who took us to Tripoli.

    In Tripoli, they demanded 1,000 euros ($1,225) in order for a person to be released.

    Then the coast guards sold us to an Eritrean smuggler who goes by the name Walid. He is notorious and runs a smuggling network with Libyans and others. His real name is Tawalde but the Libyans call him Walid. He is responsible for the torture and killing of many. …”

  • Sol January 31, 2018

    Shilan, Seifu, sami and Degoli all for the same socially sick and property of DIA is in assenna for 24/7 spreading his vulgar and ethno religious regional comments for two purposes the first and main one is to make assenna a forum for insults so that its followers will abandon it and the second purpose is promote the divide and conquer policy of the mafia regime.

    • Nahon January 31, 2018

      Brother Sol,

      The Teclays are trying to kill the nationalist spirit of Eritreans, because they want create a country were people like them, feel normal and at home.
      They want a country with no history or identity, where many of them, who suffer from “Iseyas syndrome”, who feel are neither Eritreans nor Tigreyans can live, by incorporating Eritrea into an independent Greater Tigray.
      As Weyanes struggle, using sometimes violent means, to assert their right to rule Ethiopia, as any other group in that country, the rootless elements who were born or raised in Eritrea, are trying to ease pressure on their cousins by creating an anti-Amhara and anti-Muslims hysteria on social media, as if such madness will help.
      They are really stupid, because hate will not help them to win over Eritreans on their side. And anti-Muslim hate propaganda will not make Tigray a country where Christians rule excluding their own citizens.
      Weyanes are not so stupid, they are learning first hand that hating Amhara and Oromo, or controlling the Ethiopian State with a dozen of security agencies, to win elections continuously, while opposition groups are constantly accused of being terrorists and jailed, will not help them to remain in power for long time. They know very well that peace comes only when you are fair with your citizens and your neighbors. I think they are in the process of changing their attitudes toward other Ethiopians, even it’s under duress.
      Let’s not forget that Higdef is also controlled by people who are mostly of dubious identity, which makes them act irrationally.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! January 31, 2018 commentators are good example about shameless people
        who seem angry to look for confrontation . Their main aim is too push others
        and too see them walk away from this forum . Probably they might have hidden agenda or they might be hired agents to gain access and seize control .
        Too late guys , you better give-up and get lost where you belong .

  • Freedomfighter January 31, 2018

    Why is the guy on the picture holding the Zionist flag? What a shame! That flag represents occupation and apartheid! It is sheer proof that the zionist anti-Christ are deporting the Tewahdo Eritreans and the likes.
    Shame to zionism and Free Palestine!

    • Lula February 1, 2018

      He is a refugee in Israel, not in the Jihadi Islamist Saudi Arabia or Islamic “Arab “Republic of Sudan, so he holds Eritrean and Israeli flags.
      Aren’t you carrying christian America, Swedish and Australian passport?
      Do you want him to hold an Arab flag? Your masters? The slave “Abeeds”, as the Arabs call them, of Jebha burned Tigre Tigrinya to be close to their Arab masters. At least the refugee in Israel is not ashamed of his Tigre Tigrinya languages.

      • Almaz February 1, 2018

        Woow Tekhlay has turned to shemale.

        • Simon G February 2, 2018

          I love your comment, Almaz!
          Shemale indeed! ጦስጣስ ሰበይታይ ዋሒድ 🙂

      • Alenalki February 1, 2018

        Slow down slave of the zionist. You are barking like a rabid dog. I can see your hatred towards our lowlanders predominately moslims. But why? Any bad things happened to you? Been raped and molested by your arab saudi price while you were working as a maid?
        These refugees belong in Eritrea. And remember, they should have raised the true flag of the land owners, a Palestinian Flag. Do you expect to settle in the occupied land of Palestine by licking Zionist asses? Kkkkk ok go back to Mama Africa.

        • Lula February 2, 2018

          ኣየ በዓል ኣል ክናን ፤
          ከምዚ ከማኻ ውሽማ ናይቲ ዝተሓት ዝደንቆረ ዓረብ በደዊን ራሻይዳ ፣ ብዛዕባ እስራኤል ክዛረብ ይትረፍ ፣ እግሪ እስራኤላዊ እውን ክስዕም ብቕዓት የብሉን። ከምዚ ከማኻ ዓቢድ ፣ መለዋወጢ ኩሊት ናይቲ ሳሕሳሕ ዓረብ ጥራይ እዩ ብቕዓቱ።

          • Zebib February 2, 2018

            They are the chosen ones. You are NOT. And that is why they are kicking the damned ones. Read the bible. Too much infatuation with the bible blinds you to the level of ignorance. You can live in arab states but you cant live in israel. Kab zeytifelto meliaksi, tifelto sheytan. Have fun in rwanda.

  • Lula February 2, 2018

    al zabib,
    “ከምዚ ከማኻ ዓቢድ ፣ መለዋወጢ ኩሊት ናይቲ ሳሕሳሕ ዓረብ ጥራይ እዩ ብቕዓቱ።”

  • k.tewolde February 3, 2018

    A picture is more than a thousand words and those in it are speaking loud and clear with the banners they are hoisting,the voiceless we need to speak on behalf are decaying in containers,underground dungeons and those living in dismal existence under the quarantine of the brutal regime back home.Instead of letting themselves be a bargaining chip for those who displaced them, they should be spearheading a revolution what history demands of them and speak for the ones they left behind in that terrestrial inferno. Like I said before, I am at loss of words what to label this generation.

  • Zgerim February 10, 2018

    Where are those who go to UN to accuse Eritrean govt of for violating human right? Where is Selam Kidane?, where is Daniel rezene? Where is Elsa chirum? Whrre is dan Connel? Martin and the so called rapporteur? How come they didn’t haven’t spoken or called big demonstration in Europe against Israel for violating the human right of their citizens? I hope those poor migrants in Israel take note of this wolves in sheep clothing now.