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The How’s? & the Why’s? Eritreans are targeted: Year End Analysis

In light of the worsening humanitarian problems in Eritrea following the Isayas’s Ethio-Eritrean border-crossing agreement, many pro-regime Eritreans joined the pro-justice Eritreans in inquiring about the Eritrean-tyrant’s conspiracy plots and hidden agenda.  This is not

In light of the worsening humanitarian problems in Eritrea following the Isayas’s Ethio-Eritrean border-crossing agreement, many pro-regime Eritreans joined the pro-justice Eritreans in inquiring about the Eritrean-tyrant’s conspiracy plots and hidden agenda.  This is not the first time Eritreans to be alerted that the problems of the Eritrean people are deep rooted than perceived.

Even since the end of the World War Second, the strategic location of Eritrea has become the focus of the dominant powers.  At first, the colonial British Empire laid the groundwork for rebuffing the creation of an independent Eritrea.  The colonial decision for Eritrea was to remain under the hands of neighboring client state(s).  In line with the decision, the colonial British Empire took upon itself the task of giving the Eritrean people the illusion that independent Eritrea was not capable of effectively standing on its own.

Although the Eritrean people were loud and clear about their resistance to foreign power occupation and oppression, the colonial British sought extension of its occupation.  When the Eritreans refused and rejected the extension request, the colonial British resorted to threatening Eritreans with two options on his table: Your land or your wealth (industries and assets).  Thus, the option of stripping bare Eritrea of its industries was given effect, besides handing Eritrea over to a client state, Ethiopia.

Unlike the other Italian colonies that were decolonized and got outright independence, Eritrea was forced to be federated with Ethiopia, under which Eritreans were not given equal participation and governance rights.  The unequal participation rights were meant to keep the Eritrean nationalistic feeling down low.  The double blow caused the Eritrean industry level and individual level to drop below the African countries’ level with exception of that of the Ethiopian level.

In an effort to regain their level, the Eritrean workers and students led by the Eritrean intelligentsia started uprisings against the Ethiopian government.  Soon the uprisings supported by armed struggle empowered the Eritrean people against the Ethiopian declaration of illegal annexation of Eritrea.

The Ethiopian king who came to understand that lack of water kills off fish, threatened Eritreans with drying up the waters (life and economy) to kill the fish (the Eritrean people).  In carrying out the plan, the Ethiopian army started bombing Eritreans levelling their towns and villages coupled with economic strangulation.

The Ethiopian action created relocation problems for those internally displaced Eritreans.  Since there was no any peaceful place in Eritrea, the displaced Eritreans were compelled to flee on foot to the neighboring countries.

Finally, when Eritrea defeated the occupation forces and its independence was declared, the real liberators decided to hand power over to the Eritrean people.  But unfortunately those real liberators allowed the Eritrean-tyrant to be the only visible.  Soon, the real liberators were being dungeoned and the revolutionary processes to stand for the rights of the mass were being liquidated totally.  As a result, the Eritrean-tyrant has become overly intrusive leading the Eritrean people to believe that their grip on forces of defending their basic rights has been loosened and crippled.  Thence it was easy for the Eritrean-tyrant to tell the Eritrean people that he was the only liberator of them and that he owned them.

As much as the Eritrean people wanted to be the masters of their land and to stand for what they liberated, their weaknesses have become their enemies denying them to achieve their revolutionary goals.  The Eritrean people were indeed mugged by the tyrant’s lies to be duped into renouncing their rights to say “No” when he (the tyrant) got rid of their real liberators and took direct political control and direct economic dominance.

The current conspiracies by the Eritrean tyrant against the Eritrean people got worse than of those of the colonial British and Colonial Ethiopia in not consulting and disrespecting the Eritrean rights to their lands and resources.  On July 18, 2018, the precious thing to Eritreans (their country’s sovereignty) that was holding them fast to their dreams was compromised.  On this day, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Dr. Abiye Ahmed (the Ethiopian PM) reset the Ethiopian territorial expansion by reviving the colonial British Balkanization (partitioning) of Eritrea and the Colonial Ethiopia’s plan of swallowing Eritrea through federal system.

According to pro-justice Eritreans, the Ethio-Eritrean border-crossing agreement is comprised of conspiracies of denying Eritreans to be consulted as well as other Isayas’s betrayal acts that made the Eritrean sovereignty irrelevant.  Indeed, the Eritrean people were shocked by the Ethiopian PM’s audacious act of declaring that he was going to represent Eritrea in its foreign affairs (in place of the Eritrean foreign minister).  And, in carrying out the British plan of partitioning Eritrea, the Ethiopian PM proclaimed that the border was meaningless permitting common people across the border to become united as one people including the Danakils and the Tigrigna speaking people.  Worst of all, the Eritrean people were in disbelieve when their tyrant declared that the Eritrean navy and coast guard disbanded.  Accordingly, it is evident, Ethiopia has become responsible for Eritrea’s defense and foreign affairs and that makes July 18, 2018 the mother of all shames on the Eritrean people.

The Irreconcilable Difference between Isayas and the Woyane

The ex-PM of Ethiopia, Mr. Meles, RIP, was known as the ambassador of the Eritrean people in Addis Ababa of Ethiopia.  Thus, Mr. Meles of the Woyane was for the Eritrean people, while Mr. the Eritrean tyrant was/is against the Eritrean people.

When many Ethiopia companies started to complain that the Eritrean-tyrant’s companies, branded by Ethiopian to be self-centered and better organized, were unhindered in trespassing the Ethiopian exports and lands thereby driving many Ethiopian companies out of business, Mr. Meles started to take action.  Realizing that the Eritrean-tyrant’s transitional rule was already expired, Mr. Meles decided, in 1996, to first serve the Eritrean tyrant with a notice reminding him about when and whether the referendum terms regarding election in Eritrea would be implements.

Mr. Meles who felt committed to overseeing the implementation of the referendum till election, found that the Eritrean tyrant was in breach of the agreements under the referendum.  Under the referendum agreements, the transitional rule of the Eritrean tyrant was expected to end and hand power to an elected Eritrean government.  Mr. Meles quietly yet strongly called on the Eritrean tyrant to respect the letter and spirit of the referendum terms.  However, the Eritrean tyrant continued to rule illegally by bringing up other irrelevant issues.  Fearing that the Eritrean-tyrant might trespass other joint or government to government agreements, Mr. Meles started to closely follow the moves of the Eritrean tyrant including threatening Eritreans who reside in Ethiopian cities and who were not members of the tyrant’s party.

Thus, the difference between the two old friends deepened and was backed by different weapons in their arsenals.  Since the two old friends developed different stands towards the border demarcation, they resorted to different exploitative approaches.  Mr. Meles focused on politicizing the border dispute in order to isolate the Eritrean-tyrant internationally.  And, the Eritrean-tyrant, on his part, focused on weaponizing the border dispute by mobilizing the adversaries of the Ethiopian federal government in order to overthrow the ruling party.

Mr. Meles used the front door of the UN to weaken the regime in Asmara, while the Eritrean-tyrant used the back door of the Ethiopian ethnic units to infiltrate the Ethiopian federal government.  Mr. Meles kept the Eritrean opposition on minimal funding only enough to meet their survival expenses, while the Eritrean-tyrant generously funded the Ethiopian opposition to carry out coupdetat against the ruling party.

The Woyanes ignored the weaknesses of the Eritrean opposition and never, as well, realized that the Eritrean tyrant feared the most a united Eritrean opposition.  The Eritrean tyrant realized that only a turbulent Ethiopia and a weak Eritrean opposition guaranteed his stay in power.

The Woyanes had the mindset that the Eritrean opposition could not be part of the options on the table to be used against the regime in Asmara.  The Eritrean-tyrant, in order to bring the new Ethiopian government under his feet, packed the Ethiopian opposition groups in one basket including those pro-ethnicized federal system and those who seek to de-ethnicize the Ethiopian federal system.  The purpose of such packaging in one basket is to use the Ethiopian opposition groups as his tools against the new Ethiopian government by playing the role of both arsonist and fireman, as he did to the Sudanese government.

The Woyane believed that only an elected Eritrean government can be a trusted partner in implementing the border commission ruling.  The Eritrean tyrant believed that only members of puppetized Ethiopian parties within the Ethiopian leadership can be assuring that no threat come from the south.  What the puppetized Ethiopians should learn from Eritreans is that the more they (Eritreans) complied with the tyrant’s orders the more they got disrespected and lost their rights as human beings.

What brought the Eritrean tyrant and Dr. Abiye Ahmed closer?

These two new friends as victims of their fears have found each other to try to survive their urgent and pressing problems.  Although each cannot walk in the other’s shoes, they have common enemies, the Woyanes and the Eritrean people.

If the Ethiopian PM would know, he is claiming that he is doing his best to save those Ethiopians who were aggrieved by the Woyanes.  However, the Ethiopian PM is not doing his best not to lose his moral reasoning in infringing on others’ rights by supporting the Eritrean tyrant.  Indeed, the Ethiopian PM should put himself on self-sanctions not to scramble or race for the Eritrean lands by giving life to a dictator who is at will distributing/selling Eritrean lands to other foreign countries and companies.

The Ethiopian PM should know that the Eritrean people were not aggrieved by the decision of his signing the agreement with the Eritrean tyrant who is illegally ruling, but were dismayed to see their situation worsening following the signing of the agreement and that they are getting nothing better as the result.  Unless the 3 (three) billion US dollars put at the disposal of the Ethiopian central bank by Dubai’s government was from the stashed monies of the Eritrean-tyrant, giving a blind eye to the political and humanitarian violations in Eritrea is unacceptable.  Such blind support to the abusive regime renders the border-crossing agreement null and void besides its nullity and unenforceability by reason of not consulting the Eritrean people.

Fair politicians are referring to the border-crossing agreement as an agreement between the two to refrain from causing problems to one another.  Under the agreement, both sides have the duties to protect each other from their internal and external enemies.  In the case of the Eritrean tyrant, his only enemies are the Eritrean people.  Accordingly, the border-crossing agreement is well aligned with the best interest of the Eritrean tyrant.

The Eritrean people who triumphed over all the past colonial conspiracies, once again will stand together and stronger to crush them and regain their constitutional right to have a say on their lands, mines, ports, and resources.

Condemning the agreement’s position on allowing the Eritrean rights to be trampled,


Review overview
  • k.tewolde December 16, 2018

    The crime scene is still active and fluid,the victims are being butchered as we speak and the investigators are taking their time getting there till it is all done, that has been the story of the people of this little nation- victim-hood.

  • Danilo December 16, 2018

    ” the mother of all shames, the mother of all conspiracy ”

    Shame _ comes from inside ours. Still in this 21st century seeing & hearing some people are worshiping tyranny. example, ያቆብ-ሰበይታይ፡did in London, and those applaud him.but not only, the tyranny goes further to make us slaves Ethiopians? Some seems ready.

    Conspiracy – usually comes from outsiders ( no need to mention ) because we won the mother of all battles. However, እቲ ሞት ሑጹይ ንብሎ!”ኦ’ኣምላኽ ካብ ፈታዊየይ እምበር ጸላእየይስ ባዕለይ ኣለኹዎ “ዘይምባልና እዩ።

    I have more to say, isayas and Abie are only after how to grip power. Eritreanism and ethiopianism will live longer side by side. This isguaranteed by the wish and will of true Eritreans if the Ethiopians do too. Thanks.

  • Z, Hagos December 17, 2018

    The Eritrean tyrant has made Eritrea hell for the Eritrean youth. The Eritrean youth think that once they flee, they should feel secured. However, according to new arrivals in Addis Ababa, the tyrant’s agents are posing them a threat that causes not to enjoy or have peaceful nights. Is there a way to tell on them to the security personnel and assure the refugees that they are safe there?
    Any with idea how to go about reporting to the security personnel will be helpful. Eritrean youth are being haunted by the fear of the tyrant’s agents are following them. The UN office can help if there is a hotline (telephone) number that can be used to reach those UN personnel.

    • Hagherawi December 17, 2018

      “Any with idea how to go about reporting to the security personnel will be helpful. ”

      Z, Hagos

      The Ethiopians are not going to help them. They may not even be aware of Higdef’s intelligence agents presence there.
      Our youth have to organize themselves and protect anyone threatened by Higdef. Respond in kind when needed. Only then the security forces of the country will see what is happening under their eyes.
      Remember, organization is power. Otherwise, they will be targeted one at a time and everyone of them will suffer.

  • HdriswuE halalmariet December 17, 2018


    You said, among others, that Meles Zenawi had represented Eritrean interest but aren’t you contradicting yourself when you also said that woyane did not provide Eritrean opposition groups adequate means to overthrow the enemy of Eritreans, Isaias afewerk?

    The truth is Meles Zenawi had never represented Eritrean interest and he had never been enemy of isaias afewerk. You must have been deluded into such contradictory notion by their con artistry. The two had been working hands in gloves to destroy Eritrea and Eritreans. Their apparent difference was tactical designed to divide Eritreans into warring factions as a means of breaking of our breaking the backbone of our unity.

    The woyane border instigations, the isaias afewerk torching of the 1998 war, the woyane refusal to abide by the Final and Binding decision of the EEBC, the No War No Peace, the sanction etc. were all pre-planned and executed.

    Even now, behind the curtain of alleged woyane defeat, Isaias afewerk is putting the final nail on Eritrean coffin. If we are to survive, we must very quickly tear asunder the foolish old paradigm of isaias afewerk and woyane are enemies and wipe out all the legacies of our folly. The only way forward is to build Eritrean unity over the ashes of the warring factions our enemies led us into.

  • Wedi Hagher December 17, 2018

    “Even now, behind the curtain of alleged woyane defeat, Isaias afewerk is putting the final nail on Eritrean coffin.”

    ጽቡቅ ኣለካ።
    ንአርትራዉያን ብቀዳምነት ዝስራዕ ጉዳይ፥ ዶብ አዩ።
    ዝተፈላለየ ምክንያታት አንተ ሃቡ፥ ትሕዝቶ መርገጽ ክልትኦም ግን ሓደ ኢዩ።
    ብሓጺሩ፥ ዶብ ምሕንጻጽ ኣብ መደቦም የለን።
    ኣብ ሞንጎኦም ዘይምትእምማን ኣሎ፥ ናይ ዕላማ ፍልልይ ግን የብሎምን።
    ምስ ወያነ ጸገም ኣለና ኢሉ፥ ኢሰይስ ዝገብሮ ምዕጥጣይ፥ ምሕንጻጽ ኢንተ ኣደናግዩ፥ ንትግራይ ረብሓኣ ስለ ዝኽነ፥ ዋላ ኣብ ቅድሚ ዓለም ዝጸልኦም ክመስል እንተደለየ፥ ብዕላማ ሓደ ኢዮም። ሓቀኛ ጽልኢ የብሎምን።
    ኢቲ ዝገርም፣ ኢሰያስ ካብ ወያነ ንላዕሊ ሓላዊ ጥቅሚ ኢትዮጵያ ክኽውን ምፍታኑ ኢዩ።

  • Simon G. December 18, 2018

    In the Failure Anylysts world, when they have a product failure (could be component, process or functional), they have 8D report template they follow to solve the root cause of the problem.
    In our case, if we had to apply this template to solve our issues, we are stuck on 2D. We can’t even get beyond that. We are still trying to describe the problem. Enough is enough, let’s move to 3D!

    1D: Team Formation
    2D: Problem Description
    3D: Interim Containment Actions
    4D: Root Cause Analysis
    5D: Corrective Actions
    6D: Verification of Corrective Actions
    7D: Preventive Actions
    8D: Team and individual recognition

  • Wedi Hagher December 18, 2018

    Selamat Simon G.

    2D: Problem Description

    If an engine is not working, it’s easy to find out which element in it is failing and why ?
    But in a country ruled by a shifta clique, there is no system.
    In Eritrea, under the auspices of a notorious murderer, there is no government so to speak of.

    The main problems are :

    – There is no constitution.
    – No rule of law (country is run by decrees).
    – No basic freedoms (if you dare to speak you may lose your life)..
    – Economic melt down ( economy run by smuggling activity)
    – Genocide (tens of thousands missing in gulags for decades)
    – Close to half million people left the country to seek safety elsewhere.
    – Extreme man made poverty (high level of child malnutrition)
    – High level of violence against civilians (raping young girls, jailing elderly and children).
    In a nutshell, the problem is:
    – A combination of an extreme from of fascism and dictatorship.
    – Lack of well organized and unified opposition.

    • k.tewolde December 19, 2018

      The engine is fixed purposely not to work except for those who fixed it as such,solution-either you overhaul or replace so that it will work for everybody who cranks it up.In order to do that we have to come together and get rid of those few who are sitting on the hood of the car.I am sure we outnumber the hoodlums but we just have to come together so that we can have a ride instead trekking and fading away in the sand dunes.

      • Wedi Hagher December 19, 2018

        ኩቡር ዶክቶር

        ጽቡቅ ኣለኻ፥ ብዘይ ስምረት ዓወት አለን።
        ቀሪብና ኣለና።

  • Simon G. December 19, 2018

    Please check a song of “Enday fluT iyu. እንዳይ ፍሉጥ ኢዩ”