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The Honourable Dr. Abiy Ahmed – Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE)

Date: 28 June 2018 To:  The Honourable Dr. Abiy Ahmed         Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE)   CC: Ambassador Hailemichael Afework Aberra   From:  The Eritrean Unity for Justice – UK    Your Honourable Dr Abiy Ahmed, At

Date: 28 June 2018

To:  The Honourable Dr. Abiy Ahmed

        Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE)


CC: Ambassador Hailemichael Afework Aberra


From:  The Eritrean Unity for Justice – UK 


Your Honourable Dr Abiy Ahmed,

At the outset, we the committee of Eritrean Unity for Justice, express our appreciation for Your Excellency’s clarion call for peace, reconciliation and development in the Horn of Africa.  It is indeed refreshing and encouraging, particularly for us Eritreans, to see an Ethiopian leader offering olive branch to reconcile the two peoples after such intractable conflict between our two sisterly countries.

While Your Excellency’s noble initiative is commendable and historic in our region, it is critical that affected parties learn lessons from past conflict. Implementing the overdue Algiers Agreement is necessary to achieve lasting peace between our two countries. Sustainable peace and reconciliation can only be achieved if the negotiation process is organized and managed based on the following principles:

  1. Ensuring inclusive participation of parties to the conflict, particularly those directly affected peoples through their respective legitimate representatives;
  2. It is useful to realize that the directly affected Eritrean and Ethiopian peoples were not responsible for the border war; they were not consulted. The war was instigated by both governments, but these brotherly peoples were the most affected victims for the last two decades. It is rationale and fair, in resolving the conflict, however, the role of the affected peoples should be the anchor of the negotiation process. It is these peoples who know the history of the border and could easily agree on delineation based on centuries of lived experience and practice. We believe the result would endure;
  3. In the context of this Eritrea-Ethiopia conflict, letting the peace process to be dominated by the ruling political parties or coalitions of both countries, to the exclusion of those directly affected people’s meaningful participation, could only create mistrust amongst the people. This mode of negotiation could potentially narrow the acceptance of your noble initiative among the directly affected peoples on both sides of the border. The affected and excluded party/ies could also probably perceive your noble initiative as harbouring the notion of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” diminishing the sustainability of the solution.

The Eritrean Unity for Justice has huge admiration for your compassion and the goodwill you generously showed for the Eritrean people. Our intention in raising these considerations is only in order to ensure the success of your historic initiative. We want to see meaningful peace and reconciliation based on justice and mutual cooperation between our countries.

We wish you success in all your endeavours to bring peace and stability in the Horn of Africa.


Respectfully yours

Committee of Eritrean Unity for Justice – UK

London 28 June 2018

Review overview
  • Amanuel July 2, 2018

    Who do you represent? Iseyas represents about 10% eritreans. Do you represent 1% to present such proposal to Dr. Abiy.

    Do the home work, recruit many eritreans, get known to us before trying to be given weight by gov. Of Ethiopia. If we do not know you, gov. Of Ethiopia does not know you.

    • Amanuel July 2, 2018

      They are at least doing their part. Did you try to take part and play your role, get involved if you don’t know them, get to know them. They have been calling meetings upon meetings. Lets be constructive instead of just trying to undermine our brothers and sisters. They are way better than wedi Medhen Berad.

      • Amanuel July 4, 2018

        Why are they proposing new things. That is what stalled the demarcation for 16 years. Let it be implemented, the gov. Can take care of their respective people afterwards.

  • rezen July 2, 2018

    Call me naïve and innocent!!! I believe the cardinal point at this moment is to appreciate the FACT that Issyas Afewerki Abraha DOES NOT represent Eritrean people. Issayas Afewerki Abraha came to power by his own will and dictate. Eritrea has no constitution,so far. This is a fact. Twenty-seven (27) years of governance proved beyond a shadow of doubt. Thus, the duly elected President of Ethiopia is in fact dealing with self-appointed dictatorial president for Life – who does NOT represent the Eritrean people as attested by the countless exodus of Eritrean refugees all over the Globe [1} I am aware that this opinion raises a number of question, Never the less,.I leave it at that.
    [1] I have already submitted (1 July 2018) a lengthy opinion under a related Article article(*). I believe it is still under review by My commentary went through without a problem but disappeared in an hour so! I think it is being reviewed.
    (*) ”The World Diagnosed Some Eritrean Refugees with Inborn Mistrust and Tyranny Instilled Fear” by Mamino, July 1, 2018

    • rezen July 2, 2018

      Dear Readers
      My commentary mentioned above is now printed. I am ALL SMILE.

    • Amanuel July 2, 2018

      You are absolutely right rezen. He is never elected, he is self appointed, he is self imposed. He slaughtered our constitution. He is illegitimate leader who committed groosome crimes for decades. No question that he will try to provoke tplf and the people of tigray to derail demarkation to buy time and stay in power.

  • Michael Tesfamariam July 3, 2018

    Reply from Dr Abey Ahmed Shek Bilanden,

    Don’t lie, you don’t exist!

    Thank you
    Your Sincerely
    Abey Ahmed Shek Bilanden
    PM of Ethiopia

  • rezen July 4, 2018

    ERITEREA – The Land of Dream

    There is something sadly wrong! After one-hundred and thirty years (130 years) of broad experience, Eritreans are still on the same wavelength of confusion, away from the cardinal issue: “THE FREEDOM & LIBERTY in ERITREA” Yes, we have INDEPENDENCE but meaningless to the general population of the country. Let us not mince words. Right now, Eritrea belongs to one, and only one, Dictator — Issayas Afewerki Abraha, who single mindedly, worked his way for fifty-four years and successfully accomplished his desire. In fact in the Tigrigna parlance, he put it into two crisp words >>>Quote “ከርእየክን እዬ” Unquote

    Every article we read in the Internet seems, for some mysterious reason, to be away from the urgent cardinal primary issue of Eritrea. At this point in time, we should only be writing/talking about establishing a firm foundation, without which Eritreans will NEVER move an ‘inch’ anywhere. Instead, Eritrea will continue to revolve around secondary items, without having a foundation to stand upon.
    Let us take an example. Eritreans seem to be mysteriously joyous about the new, young, dynamic, charming, brilliant, thoughtful, the Honourable Prime Minister of Ethiopia Dr. Abiy Ahmed. But, needless to say, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia can NEVER give us FREE, INDEPENDENT, ERITREA. In fact, I dare say, it is really strange that the Prime Minister of Ethiopia is meeting the absolute Dictator of Eritrea – as they don’t have the same frequency for communication (i.e. according to our conception about the new Prime Minister of Ethiopia). But we know our Dictator. Mr Issayas Afewerki Abraha has glaringly and shockingly demonstrated his lowest opinion about Eritreans, bordering sheer hatred. With this back ground, what could be the topic of discussion with the Prime Minister of Ethiopia? To reiterate, the cardinal issue to the Eritrean people — at this point in time — is the inhuman treatment of Eritreans by a self-appointed indigenous dictatorial president. Outside this scope any meeting is frivolous.

    Eritreans should be talking about the obvious issue: removal of the hateful self-appointed president from the post and align Eritrea on the right track for which gallant young Eritreans gave their precious gift of Life and everything else that they could have accomplished during their young ages. They paid horrendous price of Life. With this background, the concentration of ACTION to be taken should really be the common NUMBER ONE agenda for ALL ERITREANS i.e. the attainment of unrestricted Freedom, Liberty and ownership of Eritrea as a whole. In this regard, Eritreans who are lucky enough to have safe sanctuary in foreign countries could, and should, play an essential role to bring the dream to reality. Continuously talking about the universally accepted fact of Eritrean gallantry is NOT going to move us ‘an inch’ to our common desired goal – unless deliberately and diabolically cheating each other, knowing full well the age-old religion and regional cancerous diseases that we have!!! It is time that we STOP skirting around; and instead, SAVE ERITREA. Less than that ACTION is tantamount of giving away Eritrea to the ‘vultures’ of age-old colonial forces and indigenous charlatans wo have absolutely no feeling for Eritrea. It is a cruel rough WORLD.

    Dear Reader: I have written my piece. It is the best of my ability and consciousness. Hence, I feel that I have done nothing wrong (i.e. deliberately) to say what I feel as a full-fledged Eritrean. Having said that, I cannot finish my commentary without, as always, sincerely thanking for the provision of the medium. It is democracy and freedom of expression being ALIVE. I salute the originator of that medium: Mr. Amanuel Eyasu. By the way, his latest (29 June 2018 ) POETRY (verbal) is simply superb, unmatched by any. THE END
    Post .Script.
    Dear Readers: I have absolutely no ‘axe to grind’, nor even an oblique desire to any political goal. My writings are simply a reflection of my heart-felt good will for ERITREA, though like anyone else, I am lucky to have a HOME outside my natural HOME that sadly has become a nightmare of a “Paradise Lost”.

  • Amanuel July 6, 2018

    You are absolutely right rezen we can not move as a country without freedom, liberty and equality. You are also absolutely right hgdf leaders will never change (can compare them to weyane leaders who are doing everything they can to stop reforms in Ethiopia). You are also right everything- the language, songs, news, propoganda, etc should have been centered around these values. Unfortunately our confused opposition are completely detached from the people and really confused. Moreover, I doubt they value our values. I doubt they believe in democracy, freedom and civil liberty. Competence of some of them is also very questionable.

    What did you say when you read some saying Ethiopia should leave occupied territory first, others the people in disputed areas should agree as if it is a dispute b/n two villages, and others saying no demarcation since iseyas is not legitimated.