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The European Union invests €170 million to tackle instability and irregular migration in the Horn of Africa

European Commission - Press release Brussels, 15 December 2016 The European Union invests €170 million to tackle instability and irregular migration in the Horn of Africa The European Commission has today approved a package of 11 new actions

European Commission – Press release

Brussels, 15 December 2016

The European Union invests €170 million to tackle instability and irregular migration in the Horn of Africa

The European Commission has today approved a package of 11 new actions under the EU Trust Fund for Africa to improve stability and address the root causes of irregular migration and forced displacement in the Horn of Africa region.

Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, said: “This new set of actions worth almost €170 million is yet another proof of our decisive action to tackle the root causes of instability and irregular migration. With activities on the ground up and running, we have already seen the real value of the EU Trust Fund’s for the Horn of Africa. With these new actions, we are steaming ahead to provide sustainable support to the many refugees, displaced persons and host communities in the region. They will allow people to sustainably improve their lives in the region instead of risking their lives in the hands of traffickers and smugglers.”

Fourth package of actions in the Horn of Africa under the EU Trust Fund The package of 11 actions for an amount of almost €170 million consists of: regional projects to build the capacities of countries of the Horn of Africa to manage migration, including to fight against human trafficking and smuggling of migrants and through the development of rights-based and sustainable return and reintegration policies (€30 million); a project in three cross-border areas of Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Sudan to address the drivers of instability and forced displacement, and support cross-border peaceful cooperation and sustainable economic growth (€63.5 million); support to refugees and host communities in northern Uganda, in response to the recent large-scale influx from South Sudan (€10 million); projects creating employment opportunities to address socio-economic grievances of young people in Kenya, Djibouti and Eritrea (totalling €25 million). For example, in Djibouti 3,000 people will be trained with relevant skills to access the job market; 75% are expected to have found employment within 6 months of the training; support to the people in Sudan, with three projects to address instability and forced displacement through resilience actions to improve access to, and quality of, primary education, benefitting 90,000 children and training 2,000 teachers country-wide (€22 million), strengthen livelihoods in Southern and Eastern regions (€9 million) and enhance nutrition of 400,000 women and children in North-Eastern Sudan (€8 million); a regional monitoring and learning system (€2 million) to complement the on-going Research and Evidence Facility which is expected to include (but not be limited to) information on the drivers of migration, dynamics of cross-border economies and centre/periphery relations, drivers of radicalism and violent extremism.

These actions will build on previous packages of actions worth €253 million, €117 million, and €66.5 million package committed under the EU Trust Fund in the last 12 months to tackle instability and the root causes of irregular migration and forced displacement; all of which are part of an ongoing response to the commitments made by the EU and African partners at the Valletta migration summit of November 2015.


The European Commission launched an “Emergency Trust Fund for stability and addressing root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in Africa” at the Valletta migration summit in November 2015. The Fund is made up of over €2.4 billion from the EU budget and European Develop­ment Fund, combined with contributions from EU Member States and other donors.

For More Information FACTSHEET: Third package of measures approved to tackle the root causes of irregular migration and forced displacement in the Horn of Africa

On the Trust Fund for Africa:…

Website of Commissioner Neven Mimica:


Review overview
  • Keshi Mars December 17, 2016

    Kentu tsaEri Europawian, ab Hutsa kem ztekuawe mai.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! December 17, 2016

    After independence Eritreans were fully prepared to build their country without foreign help dependency .
    Our leaders lack of knowledge on how to promote socio-economic developments in 1990’s contributed
    to HGDF politics loaded with uncertainty on productivity , labor and economic growth .
    Now Eritrea is in line among African corrupted governments to join the cycle of foreign dependency that
    made them to remain dysfunctional continent . I don’t believe humanitarian aid can bring short or long term solution to stabilize the situation ,
    The power of remittance from diaspora has great potential on economic development if the government
    was able to attract citizens investment and raise domestic resources on advancing future developments .
    People efforts lived in a dream of SELF-RELIANCE for no avail in the last 25 years .

    • PH December 17, 2016

      That is true. If I was allowed to live in my country, I wouldn’t be a burden to any country. The European union must address poletical rather than economic ussues.

    • k.tewolde December 18, 2016

      Brother Ahmed,the complex ridden goofballs wouldn’t accept the talent and capital that started pouring back into the country right after liberation because they were stuck in their caveman attitude.The businessman,the professor,the engineer,the neurologist,the pharmacist,the lawyer…they were viewed as a threat and ridiculed and sent back,These are the champions of self-reliance who have changed the country into a panhandling boulevard waiting for a change from the very people they kicked out of the country.

      • adhanom December 18, 2016

        K tewelde
        It is not about the country, it is about themselves. U have a profession, they do not. Their profession is propoganda which is 99% lies, That doenot reqiure education atleast in eritrea.

  • Michael Tesfamariam December 17, 2016

    This 175 million Euro investment package in Horn of Africa is the direct result of the EU’s shambolic immigration policy, which is being allocated to appease African tyrants in the hope they will deter the flow of migrants from Africa.
    This is just another big slap in the face for those Eritreans, who flee their home to escape rape, murder, and torture, they are now labeled as poverty driven economic migrants.

    Now, We must be able to admit that the opposition camp is dead, will not breath anymore. The regime, despite its crime and atrocities has outwitted them at every level, the voice of the regime has received more attention than the raped and oppressed ones.

    The EU is perfectly aware of the fact that mass migration from Eritrea cannot be resolved through such investment promises, and this money will help them create jobs in Africa for those unemployed fraction of EU citizens. The situation in Eritrea will never get solved even one billion Euro a year is invested, and the EU and Ms Bruton knows this very well.

    Unless the regime is willing to transfer power to the people, which is extremely unlikely to happen as long as Issais’s health remains robust. But this financial package has another very distressing message to us and a gigantic relief to the murderer regime at home. The EU now seems to conclude that Eritrean problem is no longer a political, rather it is a problem driven by poverty and economic desperation, although this was proven to be true in some case given the abysmal behavior and attitude of some Eritrean.
    The EU is always an easy meat for Issais, he can easily deceive them in just 10 minutes formal discussion without lobby or other diplomatic efforts. Issais is incredibly lucky indeed, no international body is interested in challenging him no matter the degree of crime he has committed.

    If the regime did not go to war with Ethiopia, but continued its oppression against its own people, the current sanctions imposed upon him or any other form of international pressure wouldn’t have even existed. Because NO unified opposition movement that is strong enough to challenge the regime has ever been created at home and abroad.
    Again the EU knows the fact that shoot to kill policy has been going in Eritrea since 1998, but they do not want to address it because it is against their bizarre domestic policy. And I am sure, whatever the amount of money given to the regime in Eritrea is going to be used to smuggle weapons from East Europe so that it will continue to manipulate the no war no peace situation as well as maintain its shoot to kill policy to satisfy the needs of EU migration policy.

  • koubrom December 17, 2016

    Well remember guys eritrea have rejected 200 millions from EU with string attached ones and they survived
    they wanted to play the immigration case even to instigate coi inquirie it fails, now they are the one begging for engagement with eritrea.
    Eritrea is much much more better situation now so the Olds and fail so called opposition are in disarray and desperate, all their ill trick to hurt eritrean society by any means, economic sanction, arm embargo, eritrea isolation, ethiopian treat and assault on the border, media propaganda,COI and etc… come almost at is end ,eritrea will never bow down to no one.
    So your comments and ideas for our country is irrelevant, it’s time before it got late to apologize to eritrea for what you have done and come to your sense.

  • andom December 17, 2016

    Eritreans believe their leaders are criminals that deserve to br cooked in boiling oil. Thus, it does not matter whther merkel or else tries to engage the criminal tyrant and his acomplices mr kubrom hatela.

    • koubrom December 18, 2016

      Well eritrean know well our leaders so keep barking adgom
      shabia roots are solid your tplf regime tried everything he could and fail so what could you do, nothing.
      But good luck for you woyane ,soon you will be gone for good and all the region will have peace

  • Mesfin Belay December 17, 2016

    Kuobrom, sick and unstable minds never rise to the level of men of thought. Wake up and get real.
    Eritrea has been found guilty of crimes against humanity by the UN, and yet, this was overlooked by the EU (Europe) when it granted aid to the failed state (Eritrea) amounting to 200 million Euro (as Mr M.Tesfamariam rightly stated to deter the flow of migrants/refugees from Eritrea).
    Together with the massive financial infusion from the Arabs, its tyrannical leader has been given a new lease of life to continue with his destabilization agenda with a renewed vigor as witnessed in the recent dangerous upheaval in some parts of Ethiopia and also in some parts of Somalia in the past.
    The Eritrean and Ethiopian ancestors came from one family. Only Shaebia the agents of the Egyptians and the Saudi Arabia colonization make up fabricate false history in order to accomplish the dream of their Arab masters which is colonization of Africa especially the non-Muslim, non-Arabs African countries. The people of Eritrea and Ethiopia (the brothers & sisters of the one family) should stand together to defeat Isaias and the Arabs.

    • koubrom December 18, 2016

      No we are not brother stay in tigray and let us live our life, you no enemy than yourself, you divide your country by faith and ethnicity and create kaos and now you said we are brother cause you have no where to go.
      Well we already had a good lessons i don’t think we will make another mistake,

      • AHMED SALEH !!! December 18, 2016

        I believe in respect and tolerance to each other but reality is enough evidence
        to recognize dubious brotherhood after what we had witnessed through naked eye . There is no glory that comes with inflicting pain on civilian population .
        HGDF and WEYANE policy proved to became nuisances to the region and to
        their people livelihood .
        The game of politics depends on lies and deception and untrustworthy people
        incline toward it . Our conscience send warnings but we prefer deeds that shows
        the rejecting of it . At the end we fulfilled the evil tendencies rather than the good
        we know to find ourselves to a lower standard of life .

        • adhanom December 19, 2016

          Tolerance is non existent in higdef world. They will push us to extreeme till the end.

    • Yacob Abraham December 19, 2016

      Mr M.Belay
      Absolutely. I could not agree more with your excellent observation.
      We have so many irrelevant outcasts and paid agents of the bastards moslem Arabs and PFDJs,.
      Keep ignoring these foreign Arab condoms which are not reusable even for their Arab and PFDJs masters. They are probably only good as toilets to shit on them outcasts. God bless.

  • adhanom December 19, 2016

    If weyane and pfdj are wiped, there will be real chance to live peacefully as neighbours with ethiopia. Honesty brings about trust. Trust biulds good relations and peace. If ethiopians respect the rulling and stood for demarcation, that will show their honesty. For us, our dignity, liberty and freedom though stund first, our sovereighnity is also inseparable. That is why we stund against weyane which would not have been our buisiness.

  • Tesfai December 19, 2016

    Yes Christian habesha Eritrea & Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda and South Sudan must kick out all the muslim devils and sick diseases to any normal human and civil society of any peaceful country.
    The sick badly diseased muslim mercenaries in Eritrea caused all our current problems and miseries just because they wanted an Arab and Islamic Eritrea under the awful backward Arabs.
    Once we get rid of all the nasty badly diseased infectious muslims from the better prosperous and peaceful Eritrea habesha we will build and leave in peace with our peaceful Christian neighbors.

    • PH December 19, 2016

      Tesfai, don’t mix race as nation hood. Here, we are commenting how to tackle poletical missleading and economic hardship. In contrary you are looking more and more mess by dividing Habesha both moslems and Christians. shame on you.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! December 19, 2016

        Killing your children in the name of Christian habesha , xeghibom , kehadti
        enabelka , what a shame !

        Devil religion is violence , killings and every other sins to commit . We saw it
        in Ruanda , South Sudan and Ethiopia . And evil tendency to mix Eritrea with
        that group represents ill-will thought regardless the sources behind it .

    • koubrom December 19, 2016

      The problem Tesfai
      Your criminal tplf is the cancer and the disease of the region, it must be cure fastly soon it will be taken away and for those who line up with the tplf to harm our people and lied all the time without any shred of evidence against eritrea,
      Well you stick with them to the last cause no chance for you to come back to eritrea.
      As for those agamee acting at they are eritrean every where,
      Your ill trick has fail know you guys are telling us we are brother, well we swear by the mithy God when the amhara and oromo will come to burn you ,we will pass them the fire and will enjoy your destructions, soon

  • hidat December 22, 2016