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The DIA speech on Martyrs day was adding insult to the injury

The DIA speech on Martyrs day was adding insult to the injury My fellow Eriteans. I did not expect to hear from DIA anything beneficial to Eritrea on June 20. There is nothing new. He has

The DIA speech on Martyrs day was adding insult to the injury

My fellow Eriteans. I did not expect to hear from DIA anything beneficial to Eritrea on June 20. There is nothing new. He has been feeding us BS for the last 28 years. However, at the time were his hidden agenda is exposed, and his intentions are clear, one would think he would modify his speech a little bit. Nevertheless, no, he is talking to us about human capital, as he is murdering, imprisoning. Eradicating Eritrean people from their land. This tells us how much he disrespected us, and undermined our intelligence. This is the same thing as someone keep sticking you with a knife, and telling you he wants to heal you, while you are bleeding to death. However, something stack in my mind. He said, “We have to return to the origin of our identity” What does he mean by that? How does he define our identity? If he define our identity as his own, he is talking about Ethiopian identity. Because we have never left our roots, and mistaken our identity. In the contrary, he has been diligently working to destroy our roots, and lose our identity. Moreover, he has the audacity to lecture us about our roots, and identity. It is not by accident that we are carrying a temporary Eritrean ID card. How can a population carry a temporary ID card for years? We do not have a courage to take care of one person. We may need to learn from the recent event in Ethiopia.

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  • Wedi Hagher June 26, 2019

    DIA is an Ethiopian by choice.
    He likes Menelik.
    Did you know that on his first visit to Ethiopia, he and Aby Ahmed visited Tedy Afro’s home ?
    The latter is a famous singer, who became popular by singing for Menelik’s expansionism.

  • tewelde gebremariam June 26, 2019

    ” What did the impostor isaias afewerk mean when he said, ” we have to return to the origin of our identity”? The answer is clear, he is referring to his own identity, tigrai. for the sake of which he joined ELF 1966 and committed Genocide veiling himself as an ultra Eritrean patriot. The creation of woyane, the woyane Abai tigrai Manifesto of 1976, the 1985 handing over of Badme to Woyane, the 1998 Eritrean Ethiopian war, the protracted NO War No Peace situation , the sanction the UNSC imposed on Eritrea, the Agaazian group that has been clamoring for the unity of tigrigna speakers , etc. are all his own making predicated upon killing Eritrean identity, culture, tradition etc. as a means of annexing Eritrea to tigrai.
    He did not marry tigraweity wife by accident but by design to keep his offspring tegaru. Remember isaias afewerk does not have an Eritrean uncle nor aunt. All of his relatives are tegaru residing in tigrai/ethiopia.

    My patriotic Eritreans,
    It is high time that we call a spade a spade. Stop calling isaias afewerk …dictator, wlqe melake etc. because when we use these words we are implying he is simply greedy, oppressive but an Eritrean. But this is false as evidenced by his own admission of his ethiopian identity, by the Genocide he has been committing on our people etc. We must not be deceived by his Orwellian doublespeak con artistry. Instead our verdict of him must be based on his deeds. Please, ask yourself as to what prompted him to marry tigraweiti. Do you think he did it per chance? Do you think he never slept with many genuine Eritrean tegadelti? And remember the number of tegadelti of tegrai ancestry compared with the genuine Eritreans were exceedingly minuscule. Now we can understand the amount of energy he spent looking for her kind. Why? Because he wanted to keep his offspring pure tegaru, which, of necessity, reveal his secret agenda against Eritrea and its people.

    And when we call him wrong names, we are doing a disservice to our cause because our less educated people will never understand the real cause for their plight. They will swallow whatever he feeds them. And remember, he is racing to finish his evil goal. If we are not clear with our messages, we will fail and he will succeed.

    What should we call him? ….. Impostor, Mole, Kedae etc.

    • k.tewolde June 28, 2019

      t.g. habrom! I was only 14 y/o when l sounded my alarm saying “he is not one of us..’ that was tens of thousands of innocent victims ago.

  • Asmara Eritrea June 28, 2019

    I puzzle every minute how this idiot can be a leader for 50 years. He can’t even chain a couple of sentences! But again Idi Amin was like that – although the heroic Ugandans did not let him brutalise them for 50 years.

    It may be unfair of me to say but I blame the so called G-15 who packaged Isaias to look presentable whilst he was killing their compatriots one by one. Some put the number of Eritreans Isaias eliminated during the struggle at around 5,000 (probably c. 10% of the fighters killed in action). You could easily add another two noughts to that number of the lives that this beast has destroyed since the liberation of our country by our martyrs. We shall never forget the sacrifice of our martyrs and it’s a matter of time before their dream of free Eritrea is realised. The beast in Asmara will be no more soon.

    Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.