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The Current Swiss Authorities Apparently Sided with the Majority Eritrean People

Couple of weeks ago, I wrote a short text, which evokes the Current Swiss Authorities to take part alongside the suppressed majority Eritrean people. And sincerely thanks for the systematic reaction that they had shown

Couple of weeks ago, I wrote a short text, which evokes the Current Swiss Authorities to take part alongside the suppressed majority Eritrean people. And sincerely thanks for the systematic reaction that they had shown against the minority PFDJ apparatus. At the beginning of the tragedy, the majority Eritrean people really hesitated on the Current Swiss Authorities’ neutrality. However, within a very short time, the Eritrean people were able to witness that the Current Swiss Authorities also had nothing to do with the minority Eritrean PFDJ cogs in Europe.

As long as the rotation of the planet is keep ongoing, it is common to effect the replacement of the days by the weeks, replacement of the years also by the centuries. Along this hierarchical chain, the human being by its nature has a talent of changing its environment and this makes him a unique species among the Animal Kingdom. In this lucrative evolution, the human being was able to establish and exercise the model civilizations whereas slowly but surely rule of law was introduced. Democracy and human rights are also other integral parts of this long time evolution. This is why in our contemporary world the progressed nations committed, first to safeguard the rule of law in their countries, which might pave a way for a genuine democracy and indispensable human rights. However, the most regrettable thing is the habitually appearance of the most abominable totalitarian regimes throughout the mankind’s history. By nature, the totalitarian regimes do not care of their people’s tribulation and agony but they run after their own interest merely.

For example, currently many nations are suffering by their own tyrannical regimes; of course our country Eritrea can be taken as a best sample. Good governance, rule of law, freedom of speech and other basic rights completely denied. Standing in front of the PFDJ’s militarily commanders for the crime which you never committed become a daily occurrence. Denial of free worship, nationalization of innocent citizen’s property, exploitation of youth’s labor is the best controlling method of the PFDJ regime, in Eritrea. Above all, unnecessary resentment against certain minor ethnic groups, which profoundly targeted to evict from their fertile lands and gradually to annihilate once for all from their territory, is the most woeful PFDJ’s hidden agenda. And this kind of systematic ethnic cleansing against certain minor ethnic groups is not acceptable at all. In Eritrean, nations and nationalities have been living in peace and love, for the centuries and still it is their ultimate goal to live in the prosperous Eritrea keeping their unity and diversities. The good culture of the Eritrean nations and nationalities is based coexistence which achieved the genuine justice and equality. In Eritrean history, no nation had stood against another nation. No religious sector rose against other. The regrettable segregation,

discrimination, division, suppression and inhalation endeavors come to effect with emerge of PFDJ, just two decades ago.

To diverting this fact, the PFDJ cogs have been manipulating very basic claims of the Eritrean people under the cover motherland. Yes, we love our motherland and we stood guard for her sovereign but we don’t want to be deceived under cover of motherland. Untold crimes still turned fold as a state secret. Incalculable money, which defraud from the Eritrean people, either transferred into foreign banks or lavished in the cover of state defense but the fact is that this money being used in proxy war against all neighboring countries. The most deplorable thing is, the invaluable life of our Eritrean brothers and sisters perished in vine consequently the most venerable ones (children & elders) being left in their ruined huts. Peace and stability in the region, economical recovery inside the country, badly affected. All over all, nothing has left in Eritrea and thus her nations and nationalities seemingly preferred to adhere more to their God.

Thinking twice before taking any action could be a best technique in addressing any implicated issue. I think that was why in the end of the miserable Eritrean history; both the international community and the United Nations Security Council apparently turned their face toward the Eritrean people’s grievance.

However, as a human being:

….How is bitter and challenging for someone to leave his loved ones (children & elders) inside their ruined hut?

…How many of us would accept roaming outside of our beloved native soil seeking a harsh refugee life in the strange countries?

…Is it not disgusting to someone to be exposed to an inexplicable sexual and human violence abuses outside his own country?
…How shameful is someone to be treated as second, third, even fourth citizen while he has his own culture, value, norms and dignity inside his country?

I tell you it is too difficult and no one could bear easily. But, the Eritrean nations and nationalities have been tolerating all this suppressive events. Furthermore, almost all nations throughout the world firmly proved their solidarity with the majority Eritrean suppressed people. When we heard that the minority PFDJ cogs will be carrying out a tricky demonstration in Switzerland, for sure, many people shocked by the news. However, days after the majority of the Eritrean nations and nationalities witnessed the fact with their own eyes and sincerely thanked to the Current Swiss Authorities for their systematic isolation of PFDJ cogs from the world’s media scene.

As all we know, we are not living in Stone Age or Ice Age anymore, but we are in Information Technology (IT) Era. No one can deny the positive and negative impacts of the Information Technology (IT). Knowing this fact, the wise Current Swiss Authorities apparently put a nice (IT) snare where PFDJ cogs could not move forward, for their destructive provocation, that is barrier of mass media attention. As any of us can guess, now days in Europe, every single movement is kept track under the vigilant follow up of the private mass Medias. Nothing could be hidden from the scene of media, in Europe. What is amazing is the so called peaceful demonstration against SC resolution, which was orchestrated by the minority PFDJ cogs in Swiss, was not been able to draw even a single media’s attention in all over the Europe. Was it not fanny!

Really it was funny. As my expectation was gone beyond the reality on the ground, when I watched live in the only state run Eritrean Television, I could not believe at all. To confirm this funny phenomenon I called my colleague in Italy who had travelled to the site to have full coverage of the tragedy and he mockingly assured me as follows, ‘…I have been living here in Europe for almost half of my lifetime. I used to live in different parts of the Europe but I have never seen such secluded demonstration by the European Medias. Europeans have well coverage of hot news. Sometimes they take into their account a casualty of a single dog which might die in the street, not necessarily to be casualty of human being merely. However, the so called PFDJ’s orchestrated demonstration had never been able to bring even a single European’s media attention. And this is a good solidarity of Swiss people in general, the Current Swiss Authorities in particular where they assured their firm stand with the majority Eritrean nations and nationalities.’

When I concluded my telephone conversation, really I took a long breath and I felt relax. I loudly recited saying,’…it was true, the Current Swiss Authorities also apparently stood along majority suppressed Eritrean nations and nationalities.’

Marbati Amren

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