The Catholic Bishops’ statement: How is it going down in the annals of history?

The Catholic Bishops’ statement: How is it going down in the annals of history? By Zeineb Ali June 16, 2014   Being part of great moments in Eritrean history is a blessing; being part of the war for independence

The Catholic Bishops’ statement: How is it going down in the annals of history?

By Zeineb Ali

June 16, 2014


Being part of great moments in Eritrean history is a blessing; being part of the war for independence and now witnessing the demise of a regime that has long betrayed the cause of its people.

The primary motive that drove the people of Eritrea to wage a struggle that lasted half a century was to secure national sovereignty. But not the only one. To the contrary, it had to do more with guaranteeing basic human rights to each and every Eritrean. It was aimed at ensuring an all-rounded (social, political and economic) opportunity to individual men and women who were meant to give our nation its richness and character. It was fought with a view to safeguarding the rights of each citizen to live a decent life. To enjoy childhood, experience normal adulthood, age with dignity and grace, and die in peace.

Unfortunately what we are witnessing in Eritrea nowadays is quite the contrary. We have a regime whose main developmental policy is grounded on a philosophy of destruction. Under the guise of ‘sovereignty’, ‘unity’, ‘defending the county from foreign powers’, and ‘unpreparedness of the population to exercise its democratic rights’, the regime has launched an all-rounded offensive to disgrace a population, dishonor a nation, and squander opportunities provided to the Eritrean people to build a nation based on equality, social justice, and human dignity.

It is shocking to note that in the name of all these fake premises, false rhetoric, and unrealistic assumptions, the very individuals whose rights were to be won over and in whose names the war was fought, are subjected to all forms of subjugation. Their basic rights: to survival, to express their independent views, to organize in whatever form they desire, to lead a normal life, to enjoy peace and tranquility, to live side by side with their neighbors in harmony are totally non-existent. The same pretexts have been used ad nauseam to engage the nation in several meaningless and unhealthy confrontations with neighbors. They have become a justification behind antagonizing the international community; a pretext to hold the nation hostage, and an excuse for its perpetual isolation. These empty words have indeed become the raison d’être for a tiny group of individuals’ grip to power.

The statement released by our esteemed Catholic bishops comes at a very crucial time in our history. It resonates with the heart beats of the people of Eritrea and the change they would like to bring about. It came out as a bombshell when people are silent for fear of retribution, when the sense of desperation has reached its peak (for lack of leadership), when the opposition could not make a breakthrough, and when the regime has in explicit terms told the Eritrea people that one-man rule would continue for years to come (please refer to the self-proclaimed President of Eritrea’s statement on the occasion of Eritrea’s 23rd anniversary of independence).

The statement make by our courageous bishops is powerful. It addresses all the pertinent issues people are raising nowadays in unequivocal terms. It attacks the very foundations of the rogue regime’s destructive policies. It questions ‘national sovereignty’ when as an individual one does not have the right to give the sense of richness and character to his/her country his/her brothers and sisters paid dearly. It asks questions such as: What’s the point in believing in ‘sovereignty’ if one witnesses the whole nation being transformed into a huge prison; when a few henchmen (civilian and military) are deciding the fate of richly diversified nation and a noble and dignified people; when there is no way that an individual could feel safe and secure; and when one witnessed the pauperization of the entire population?


The list of naked crimes our people are subjected to include: wanton misuse/abuse of one full generation’s potential, deliberate move towards dismantling the social fabric, carefully designed destruction of a rich and diversified culture, harassment and control of religions and religious institutions, the silencing of any dissension, alarming exodus of tens of thousands country men and women for fear of persecution, gross infringement of basic human rights, total marginalization of veterans of war of independence, forceful regimentation of society’s way of thinking, and the destruction of the private sector.

The four bishops’ statement is questioning the legitimacy of a government which, by its own actions, does not enjoy legitimacy among the vast majority of its own people.

Some might argue that the bishops represent the Catholic Church only. I do not believe this is the case. They are the voice of the voiceless. They represent all highlanders and lowlanders, Muslims and Christian, and men and women. They are echoing the views of the young and the old. They are reiterating the sentiments of the majority – both inside Eritrea and the diaspora. They are ready to pay dearly for speaking the truth and for leading the people on the right path to salvation.

God bless our bishops!

God bless the people of Eritrea!

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    He is Lucifer