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The Bleak reality of Isayas Afwerki’s Adminstration – Presentated by Guenter Schroeder

The Bleak reality of Isayas Afwerki's Adminstration Presentated by Guenter Schroeder What a disaster! Excerpts from the transcript of the presentation. Eritrean population and gender balance: Normal society's gender ratio between male and female is 50/50 with only like slight variations for

The Bleak reality of Isayas Afwerki’s Adminstration
Presentated by Guenter Schroeder
What a disaster!
Excerpts from the transcript of the presentation.
Eritrean population and gender balance:
Normal society’s gender ratio between male and female is 50/50 with only like slight variations for forty nine point eight to fifty point to or vice versa:
  1. in the case of Eritrea we have now a gender balance of 100 women you have only 93 men
  2. in the central region the imbalance is even worse there are 100 women you have only 85 men
  3. this imbalance had been caused by the large-scale immigration of male
  4. within Eritrea young women find it difficult to find suitable husbands.  in 2016 in Sudan I realized that the young Muslim women from Sinhit and from a Gash Barka region still migrate to Sudan because in their home villages they no longer have enough men. so they migrated to Sudan and marry in Sudan the young men from their home villages who have emigrated there.
Additional data from the presentation as follows:
  • no official census has ever been taken in Eritrea.
  • there is no functioning Central Statistical Office in Eritrea which regularly publish economic and social education indicators which would be accessible to the public
  • northern Red Sea region experienced tremendous population loss of about 30 percent
  • southern red sea experienced a population loss of close to 20 percent
  • it seems that more than 60% of the Eritrean afar are today living as Afar refugees inside Ethiopia
  • city of Assab whose pre-war population of above 70,000 had shrunk down to 15,000 after the flight and deportation of Ethiopians living in Assad has now risen again to about 25,000
  • the gender imbalance is 45 percent male and 55 percent female
  • due to the emigration of males nearly 40 percent of the households in Eritrea currently are female-headed households which is one of the highest incidences of female-headed households in Africa which has serious social and economic implications. female-headed households generally are economically weaker than a complete households
  • about 20% of the children up to the age of 17 are not living with one or both parents but they are living in foster arrangements most of them with a relative’s this indicates their biological parents have fled abroad. What that means for society when a full 20 percent of the young generation is growing up not in stable social settings.
  • During 1998 war Ethiopian Army had around 70,000 dead but only 20,000 handicapped whereas the Eritrean 23,000 dead and they had a much higher rate of handicaps of 50,000 due to the war.
  • Etc.
Source of data is this presentation and watch it for more info and analysis:

Review overview
  • Danilo September 8, 2019

    That is the reality thank you writer, in Eritrea is dying every thing. no more value of humanity due to brutality. No social value nor ethical due. Frankley speaking, we have no option but to resist 4 dots here! !

    • tewelde Gebremariam September 10, 2019

      What Eritreans have been going through is not by accident, or an unavoidable consequences of the alleged woyane invasion, Eritrean Somalia Monitoring group, UNSC sanction etc. as the impostor isaias afewerk as his cabals would have us believe. It is rather a meticulously premeditated and all encompassing conspiracy long hatched out by the impostor and woyane to decimate Eritrea and its people systematically and completely.

      We must understand and understand deep to our bones and nerves that we are truly truly facing fundamental existential threat. Therefore, if we, as people, do not cast aside our complacency and ambivalence, stand up in unison and foil the impostor and co. now, we will soon lose our country and sovereignty.

      I am extremely angry that as of yet, no Eritrean, specially the social media, seems to give the attention it deserves of the 1985 annexation of Badme to tigrai by the impostor isaias afewerk. It was the premier test case the impostor did to test the resolve of the EPLFs in particular and the people of Eritrea in general to serve him as a future guide with his all encompassing conspiracy against the rest of the country. They all acquiesced. About thirteen years later, emboldened by their acquiescence, he embarked upon realizing his hidden dream by launching the war of 1998 under the false guise of woyane invasion. He is till conducting his war against our country and people and we are still unsure what to make of him. One time we call, atsnati (genocidal), another time, welqe melaki. The terms are contradictory but it does not seem to matter to us. Neither do we have a working definition of him, nor have we identified his motive. Shame!

  • Asmara Eritrea September 8, 2019

    Somehow “administration” and Isaias do not go together. A better word may be “anarchy”. I would have thought it abundantly clear by now that Isaias is brain dead who can’t administer the smallest village in the country let alone the whole of Eritrea. He became a leader by beating up people and cowing them to submission – in a word through “thuggish” behaviour.

    The ones that surrounded Isaias for decades were as bad as him and deserved to be locked up, and indeed some of them have.

    Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

  • Salim Negash September 8, 2019

    What an intellectual dishonesty by the writer and those who are perpetuating the same disinformation verbatim. How did the writer conduct his research? Any statistical data one puts out must meet basic research threshold and the writer readily admits the GOE doesn’t have a central census office and the GOE is known to restrict any foreign national movement in Eritrea let alone conduct such research. So how on earth did the writer invest such data… It appears the whole thing is predicated on anecdotal data that is not statistically representative of reality on the ground. Granted, the situation in Eritrea could be a lot worse than what is being parlayed on this article but that doesn’t make this article believable or worthy of being put on Eritrean social media platforms.

    We can forgive the writer as it is a typical tactic of western “intellectuals and agents” of their attempts to paint stereotypical images of Africa in general and Eritrea in particular. The sad part is the Eritreans who are latching on to such a shallow article that is light on data, research and references. Just because one has political gripe with EPLF doesn’t mean they have to prostitute their soul and intellectual rigor.

  • Almaz September 9, 2019


    What a timing to bring back the 1998 sad issue what/who is behind this ??? at any rate — this is not intellectually dishonest. This is an abuse of all Eritrean aggressively in a persistent manner (to the level of molestation. Sorry for the use of this word but it fits this useless piece!) Sir, you need to educate yourself on how to present your findings, including data, sources, reference etc., i.e., if it is in your possession. I doubt if you have one. You cannot just put together a profanation study.

    • k.tewolde September 9, 2019

      To defend the indefensible!,you didn’t come out this way when Eritrean mothers made the Mediterranean Sea a maternity ward and the Sahara a non sterile operating room where young kidneys were exiced without local anesthesia for sale,when Eritrean bodies where washed ashore like seaweed to the beaches of Libya and environs,shame on you to defend those who exposed our people to the elements,who cares where these stats were compiled,we are the living and breathing proof who resemble like a nation struck by a celestial asteroid and scattered in every direction,the article above doesn’t even come close to depict the cataclysmic and irretrievable loss our people suffered under this brutal clique.Shame on you those like Almaz and Salim who continue defending the beast because he throws some left over bones your way.

      • Ghirmay September 9, 2019

        You always write so much garbage nonsense about this and that irrelevant stuff
        but I wonder if you actually help the children of our martyrs or you are just empty
        talk and bluffing! You are no more than a sick overacting,delusional, fraudulent Muppet. Cut all your fake Muppet acts and arrogant fake lectures you loser bitter jerk.

        • k.tewolde September 9, 2019

          ‘I wonder if you actually help the children of our martyrs’ ..I am at loss of words what to call you—a dyslexic or extortionist,your sorts have been using that line for a while now.

          • Salim Negash September 9, 2019

            Brother k.tewolde
            I don’t think people are here to judge you or get in to cyber argument / name calling with you. Try to compartmentalize each and every subject and argue your view points in a constructive way than resorting in to name calling anyone who doesn’t subscribe to your political disposition. The article on here is being challenged for its methods and sources, if you have counter argument that validates its methods / sources, say so. You call the government dictatorship but your very tactic is trying to do nothing but dictate everyone to tow your political venom towards the government. Why do you always lead with “Shame on you….” with anyone who disagrees with your world order?

        • Hdriswuehalalmariet September 13, 2019


          The impostor isaias afewerk is surrounding himself by people born of soldiers of the defeated Ethiopian army. He is also married to a woman born in Eritrea of parents of tigrai descent as are all of his senior officials, such as hagos kisha, yemane monkey, yemane gebremekel, abraha kasa etc. etc. he waged the 1998 war under false pretext of woyane invasion,which was subsequently refuted by the EECC. After the Algiers treaty was signed, instead of restoring the disrupted political process of our country, he dissolved the Eritrean parliament, shovelled the 1997 ratified Eritrean Constitution into his pocket, anointed himself to be the absolute bully supremo. As he torpedoed the social fabric of our people and bulldozed their economic infrastructure , rationalization,evasion, euphemism , scapegoating have been his hideouts. However,the triumph of the young Orono over woyane… the other face of the impostor isaias afewerk…. has demolished all of his hideouts for all to see , including his deluded supporters, his true identity and his true motive.


          After the true identity and true motive of the impostor isias afewerk has become as clear as a broad daylight, for you to attempt to deny the bleak situation of our country and people can only be a stamp of confession of your unEritrean identity and a sly expression of your malicious motive against our people and country. And you must be fully cognizant that we , the genuine Eritreans, are not living in the past, swallowing your deceptive patriorism, such as …..covering every part of your body with Eritrean flags , and with your eternal treacherous lips, uttering foxy concern of the children of our Martyrs……. but are fully awakened and resolved that you, the Sheep-Skin Wearing Wolves and Tear Shedding Crocodiles in our midst… shall pay in kind for your Genocidal crimes.

      • Kiki Tzeggai September 9, 2019

        Hi K. Tewolde,
        I would like – with your permission – to use your quote above for an upcoming article. May I please? You could not have described better the situation of refugees, in particular women, at present time .than this paragraph….. “Eritrean mothers made the Mediterranean Sea a maternity ward and the Sahara a non sterile operating room where young kidneys were exiced without local anesthesia for sale…”….Please get my email from Amanuel and we could communicate better. I thank you for any which way you will reply. Kiki Tzeggai

        • k.tewolde September 10, 2019

          Dearest Kiki, you don’t even have to ask, we are all in this together body and soul.I give you my blessing in everything you do.

          • Kiki Tzeggai September 10, 2019

            Thank you much K. Tewolde

  • Hagos September 9, 2019

    The great YG, Yosief Ghebrehiwet and Zekre Lebonawarned of this coming doom years ago, in his article titled by Zekre: An Eritrean Story: A Late Apology to a Spinster Sister,

    “Believers as they were, most forgot to consider the dire demographic factors faced by the fronts in the long and protracted war, necessitating the front to fill the gap of the male recruits perishing in huge numbers. In comparison, the Derg, which also subscribed to the communist ideology like the EPLF, and espoused a program of women’s liberation, firmly refrained from deploying women to the front lines. It briefly started training women soldiers, however, prior to its military debacle, luckily saving them from harm. Believers as the scholars were, they attribute the current dismal post-independence status of the Eritrean women as regression and deviation from the program of women’s emancipation of the armed struggle era. Understandably, works of scholarship on women in Eritrea utterly failed to materialize.”

  • k.tewolde September 10, 2019

    ‘You call (the government) dictatorship but your very tactic is trying to do nothing but dictate everyone to tow your political venom towards (the government.).>>>>’INA ALLAHU KELEQU AL INSSAN WAKALAQU LEHU AL DEMIR LKEI YUMMEIZ BIHU AL KAIR MIN AL SHEIR’, HOLY QURAAN. Translation– ‘God created the man and gave him a mind to discern the good from the bad.’ No dictation here,no venom, just plain un adulterated facts on the ground which numbs the prudent soul. >>>>“Shame on you….” with anyone who disagrees with your world order”, brother Salim,I am not a Masonite trying to create a world order but seeking an orderly world,a sane world,a world of leveled playing field,a world which make sense,a world where you and me can can live in peace and harmony without inflicting harm on each other,a world of rule of law where nobody gets away with murder…..where do you see the venom in this one? you can call me an idealist,but not a dictator.

  • Woldegabriel September 10, 2019

    Dear friendd
    Higdefites are anemic to facts and statistics. Like their master, who distastefully abrogates any economic parameters that defines the economic performance of Eritrea as sham and irrelevant, they also tend to nullify, by all means possible, facts and statistics. Any study follows scientific data collection methodology. It subscribes to scientifically representative sample frame and sampling techniques where fair generalization about the population could be drawn. Since 1998 up to 2011, there are umerous independent baseline and household studies on health, education, agriculture, water, housing etc that accentuates the mismatches in gender and the extreme high women-headed households in our society. In fact, the figures provided by the above article are just a minuscule of the current reality. (I very much doubt it is a current study).

  • g michael tzerai September 27, 2019


    ” a minuscule of the current reality’ may be an understatement. Far more devastating than the number of youth dying in the deserts, oceans, seas, refugee camps and hgdef jails is the of loss children that should have been born from kedamay (first round) zuria to the present one mebel 33 zuria (33rd round). due to the national service.that denies the you to start home life after the 18 months period of service. What would be an estimate of this loss? Issayas makes sure no information of this sort goes public. One can have some idea of an estimate. If on the average we had 18,000 per zuria, multiply that 33, we have a number that is 528,000 who served or serve in the national service. If we assume 25% are women, then we have 396,000 are men and the rest are women. In the civilian life, there would be more women than pair with the men in service to raise a family with children which is what Eritrea is missing with each round of gfa’s and no end in service. If we assume a modest size of a family of 4 with 2 children, we are talking about 800,000 children – the future generation of Eritrea. A loss of a family, is a loss of a neighborhood, a loss of a village, a loss of a town, .This means future Eritrea is weak and vulnerable. This is the devastation that no one is talking about. Issayas had been hard at work to see to it Eritrea becomes a shell of itself.

    This single Issayas act has broken the back bone of the Eritrean Society. It has stripped Eritrea’s centuries old web of socio-economic, cultural and political fabric..