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  • Taddesse T Gebremussie January 12, 2012

    TEXAS we have problem of identity who is Eritrean? those who keep the patriote promis who die for Eritrean liberty or those who suport the dictator ruling outhorities?
    Iam EPLF Member on the old days till naw I opose the present ruling class our promis was to give power to the people of Eritrea that is the trueth not for individual Isayas? I like him like any Eritrean I opose his ruling that is not we pay prousiuos blood of our brothers for 30 years.
    Those who came late who never pay their blood to saport this ruling class is Eritrean. I think ether me or them we lost the meaning of Eritrean?.
    please is ther any one who can reamember the meaning of our stragle of independence I wander why Eritrean brother & sisters forget our stragle for independence Ethiopian Mengstu was beter than to day Eritrea? Am I right or rong can same one tel me please? I lost the meaning of Independent Eritrea.? If you opose your name is Agame, or Kedami,? Iam 100% Eritrean all my generation. I Know Tedros Mengstu his ansestors, they call him Agame Ethiopian & so, his grand father was Seraye leader are we SERAYE people are not Eritreans? then who is Eritrean? came out if any one is more Eritrean than us SERAYES? Please keep your dirty mouse.? please be men came out as I do.I have lost 38 imediat famly for Eritrean Independence strong patriotes,that is why Iam ageinest dictators I Ddont need power Iwant to see Eritreans engoy freedom as I injoy in USA as citzen.

    • gerimuna January 13, 2012

      Tadesse. I can understand your frustration. It is ironic time that all the running dogs of the dictator are renegades or ESEBA cadres. It is by design that FIA tried to suppress the very people who made him usurp the throne on his head while awarding the ill confident remnants to champion him because they don’t know his sins. Those who are elongating his cruel suppression would even call awkwardly, “Wayane” to G!5, the very people who made them to stoop and say Eritrean. Therefore, don.t go too far to unnecessary details that leads you to where the cadres of HGDFites want you to to believe.

      • ahmed saleh January 14, 2012

        You do not have to go that far to say Seraye, we & you are real
        Eritreans who are fighting for truth. We know well our history
        of Eritreanism have confidence. Stay strong, we are together in this
        fight. Anyway, hat off for your contribution to our struggle, my dear brother.

  • SINGAPO - ERITREAN January 12, 2012

    “መራሕቲ ንቃየር ፣ ኤርትራና ናብ ገነት ክትቅየር”

    ኣሉላ ኣባ ነጋ ተባራበር፣ ኣይተስቅጥ ከም ዘይሰማዕካ
    ሓውካ ደይነበርኩን፣ ፍንጫሕ መሰንገሌኻ
    ባሕረ ነጋሽ ኢልካ ዝሰመኻኒ ባዕልኻ
    ነዚ ኣፍ ሓተላ ካብቶም ኩሎም ብሉጻት መሚኻ
    ዘርኢ መርገም ከተምጽኣለይ፣ነቲ “ለባም ሓጺር “ገዲፍካ !°!°!
    ኣያይ ድኣ ፍጹም ዘየሕደረሉ
    ናይ ቀደሙ ድዩ ፈሽ ኢሉ ተጸሊሉ ???
    ወይሲ እታ ጣንጡ ምስ ኣተወት እያ ኣብ ሓንጎሉ
    ኣምበሳ እቶን ፣ ፈኵሽ፣ ቃላቱ፣ ናይ ዓዋሉ
    ሰባት መቃመምቲ ወዲ 60 እዩ እናበሉ
    ሓወቦይ ኮይኑምበር፣ መንእሰይ ወዲ 40 እንድኣሉ !!!

  • Cambo January 13, 2012

    To Every Eritreans in Diaspora,
    Every Eritrean or Eritrean organization or church or opposition should make a note or record to every threat made by the higdef supporters in person, in group, in the internet or by radio.
    it is important to learn to write the incident and if possible report it to the closest police station. You will need all these information one day as the threats increase with time.
    Lets say if Higdef’s church makes a threat to another independent Eritrean church by its radio program, record the radio broadcasts. You will need it one day.
    Do not ingnore, record them all.

    • kozami January 13, 2012

      N’Gus ente’rE’akhu si Tira’E Tira’E ye’metseni… is your idiotic non-sense. You guys have been prawling every festival and meetings venues of patriotic Eritreans, holding camcorders that are purchased courtesy of woyane D’goma. Do not worry, patriotic Eritreans are civilized, and would not harm you on purpose. Barbarity and sadism are trade marks of your patron TPLF junta.

      • Haqqi Nezareb January 13, 2012

        Hi Kozami,

        Who is more barbaric Issais or Meles? You can watch old videos recorded by running dogs of Issais: chair-throwing on Mesfin Hagos and other opposition leaders whenever they were holding meeting in 2001-2005. Back then they used to act like hooligans, but these days they are really scarred, especially in the US. But now time has changed: the PFDJ hooligans can’t intimidate and push around people who oppose them. They are at the point where they don’t even disclose places for their “Mekete” meeting.

        Mr. Kosami can give me a video footage where the supporters of Melles acting like the running dogs Issais? You to have access to the archives of PFDJ. That way I can find the answer to the question of ” who is more bararic?”: Issais or Melles.

  • Semira January 13, 2012

    To cambo

    Is it supposed to be scaring us and stop us from supporting OUR BELOVED COUNTRY.I don’t think so , we will support our country no matter what my friend.

    God bless Eritrea and it’s leaders all

    • TwoWayStreet January 13, 2012

      Nobody is against “Supporting your beloved country”, even “Your beloved president and party”.
      Rules like: Individual rights, Constitution, Human rights, Free Press, Fair trial, Equal opportunity, …and more

      Life is a Two Way Street, Look both ways.

    • samuel January 13, 2012

      Hello semira how is hgdef = Eritrea. how does Issyas = Eritrea. I don’t see any content here that says done’t support our beloved country Eritrea. Eritrea is loved by all Eritreans specially by those who speak for justs and freedown for all in Eritrea. Don’t get it twisted sweetheart, support democracy, rule of law, a national service by choice (not forced labor), higher education for Eritrean citizens, elections, free madia, free market, freedom of speech….. the list goes on….. be on the oppressed citizen of Eritrea …. stop supporting a dictatorial regim.

      • Tsiniat January 14, 2012

        True that

        • alex January 14, 2012

          Only blinded people support your leaders when Eritreans
          are suffering at the hands of those thugs. The situation of
          their daily life is getting worst and worst, if that satisfies you,
          then you are right on supporting the oppressors.

    • jemal January 15, 2012

      Responding to
      Ati-anjal ; I would like you to differentciat between Loving our country & supporting the butchers shefta un elected regime in Asmara. What you telling us on your text abave is to support your master while killing your brthers & sisters. I think this is crule and imoral ; But ofcourse we all love our country or else we would’t fought for . But; unfortunatly we didn’t get what we fought for and the struggle we’ll be going on untill the sun rise and for u and for all of as your eyes.

  • TwoWayStreet January 13, 2012

    I hope:
    1. They learn what “individual rights” are,
    2. They learn that their bosses are putting their life their family’s life in danger,
    3. They learn that this is a different world. Eritrean PFDJ justice system does not work here.
    4. They treat all prisoner in Eritrea, just like how they were treated here in Texas, USA.
    There is a lot more to hope for, but better to do it a little at a time.

    Life is a Two Way Street, look both ways.

  • Cambo January 13, 2012

    Eritreans in diaspora need to record every threat. The court of justice in USA, Sweden, Australia, Germany, Italia, Canada, Holland … wants to see and study on their past to convict them.
    These includes any internet, radio, tv, telephone, e-mail, verbal … threats and incidents … record them all. If an Eritrean Orthodox church priest is attacked verbally or physically by Higdefites, then the people behind the radio broadcast or threat can be taken to a criminal court and then to a civil court to pay for damages and for instigating a crime.
    The crime accessor’s property or business, such as a taxi, a house, bank accounts … will be divested to pay for crimes. Do not ignore the little threats, record them all.

  • jemal January 13, 2012

    I think he should take them to civil court in order to learn the lesson loud and clear . In other words if in any case any of the PFDJ attempt or trying to do to the other fellow Eritreans so that they can think twice .

  • Abrhaley E't'iDne January 13, 2012

    All Eritreans need to record cyber threat. There are many recorded threats by Dehai and its Admn group.

  • Tsiniat January 14, 2012

    To all Eritreans;
    U Eritreans will never ever become together, get free, and be led by the president of ur choice. This is because u never stop putting things like HAIMANOT-QEBILA before u. Poor 2 have u!!!

    • alex January 14, 2012

      I agree with you, but it is everybody duty to challenge and fight this old mentality.
      DIA used this wicked tactics to divide our people and made an easy target to his
      personal success. We need to learn from our past mistakes and find alternatives for positive thoughts.

  • Taddesse T Gebremussie January 14, 2012

    Thank you GOD . GOD bless evry Eritrean,we need to respect each ather. Freedom for all Eritreans each one of us have the right vision for our country that is why we fight 30 years not for us for the yung jeneration ,not for our interest like AGDF [MENTL] do we EPLF members are shame of this dirty group.
    Iam proud of this yung jeneration who fight againest dictators .I wish to see Elementry, high school students & Teachers sturt civil disopidence like we do in the late 60th SHEBRO is the most important to over throw dictotr leaders.
    We don’t need guns to kile each other we need civil disopidence. Police, Army all armed gruop saport your children brothers & sisters we force the governament for election, rule of law, conistitotion, free movment 2 year national service only better salary for all Eritreans good releshin ship with the world,beter diplomatic releshion Educated Eritrean from Diaspora to cam give free service to help to build the country & so on change Eritrea with out blood shed.
    Help is needed from evry Eritrean & Friends.

    • Eritrawit January 16, 2012

      Taddesse T. Gebremussie.
      Your comment above is exellent; but do you think the current government would
      do those things, they are doing every thing wrong on pourpse so it is easy for them
      to oppress ppl. We don’t deserve this kind of goverment no one deserve oppression; but it look like thier days are near. they need to go.