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Ten Reasons Why Orota Medical School in Silent Demolition!

Education is one of the most important national investments that has to be done to impact the life of people and their futurity. A radical societal transformation cannot be achieved without well synchronized educational system,

Education is one of the most important national investments that has to be done to impact the life of people and their futurity. A radical societal transformation cannot be achieved without well synchronized educational system, but the standard of higher education is moving down. It is less likely that Eritrea could advance in science and technology in short time.

Most of the outstanding Eritrean students often join Orota Medical School as they are less interested in studying at substandard colleges. Initially, the medical school had better affiliation with Cuban University and George Washington University; and started gaining a decent academic standard through their channels. The performance of the students, gained in different areas of medical education, was approved by experts from the United Kingdom, the United States, some others from the Middle East and other countries in Africa. The architect of the medical school was Dr. Haile Mezghebe in collaboration with late Minister Saleh Seid Meki who was a renowned government diplomat in an era of authoritarianism. Nonetheless, Dr. Haile Mezghebe was totally frustrated…

The promising medical school is being turned into a ground of psychological harassment; and the school system is causing a dilemma among outstanding MD candidates, who are investing their time for more than 7 years. These are the ten reasons why Orota Medical School in silent demolition:

  1. The accreditation of the school is being dismantled by terminating its network with international universities found in Cuba, USA, and Europe.
  2. An extremely authoritative school management is being imposed which ignores an academic freedom and positive interaction with students.
  3. Students have no any opportunity or access to share experiences with international students who are engaged in the same field.
  4. There are no sufficient school materials, laboratories and access to internet services.
  5. Female MD students are being embarrassed by mismanagement of the school though they are striving to break all odds of the tradition and biological nature as they are found investing a large portion of their time in education.
  6. The aspiration of the students to contribute in health sector is systematically eroded by the school administration.
  7. Unstable schedules of exams have been introduced which affects the motivation, preparation and performance of students.
  8. Students are continuously harassed and intimidated by their lecturers and school administration for possibility of dismissal or suspending though they are doing unlimited efforts for more than 7 years. .
  9. Unhinged change in academic system which does not account the capacity, environment and values of the school.
  10. Most of the lecturers become rude, inconsiderate and negative towards their students.

Therefore, school dropout is going up; and students’ performance becomes stagnant or partly deteriorated. All concerned Eritreans in general and academic professionals and Project Orotta in particular should investigate the ill-management of the school. We need more medical doctors to meet the shortage of human power in health sectors and ensure the health quality of our people.  Our young successful female MD candidates should be motivated for their consistent efforts that they are doing to build a healthy community. We have moral obligation to pay a particular attention to female students who are strongly fighting against all odds. We cannot change the life of the society without educating our female students.

May God Bless Eritrea!

Haben Zelalem

Review overview
  • Moses August 27, 2015

    Why is that Assena only wants to tell only bad things about Eritrea ?
    Here are few questions for Amanuel and Assena administrators

    – Were you happy or sad when Eritrea got its independence from Ethiopia
    – Were you happy or sad when Ghirmai Gebreselassie won the first ever gold medal for Eritrea?
    – Were you happy or Sad when Daniel Teklehaimanot won a state 6 Jerse in Tour de France?

    Why don’t you rename your website to be ” All Anti” ?

    • Ambasoira August 27, 2015


      You are so blind, you remind me of the blind followers of “Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones”.
      Bad is bad and good is good!
      Assena was a part of Eritrean straggle for Independence.
      Assena is happy and has reported the victory Ghirmay Gebresilassies.
      Assena is happy and has reported the victory of Daniel Teklehaimanotin the Tour de France.
      Assena is for Eritreans by Eritreans and for Eritreans.
      You Moses are the one anti Eritrean and blind follower of the mad dog the tyrant Isayas wedi Medhin Berad.

  • Kiflemariam September 7, 2015

    Moses! Are you sane? Or did you lose your sanity because people did not go out to dance empty stomach. Are you suggesting to act like what used to be done during the reign of Stalin in the USSR. Why don’t you call TADDESSE MEHARI and his lumpen time servers for such aa role. One has not to tell you whether he appreciated the achievements of the people of sport or not. Who the hell so you think yopu are? By the way “NAAY HADE SEB GUDAY AYNIMILKETIN ENA” is the key standing regulation of EPLF/PFDJ. Now, what went wrong? Why do you want people to go out and beat the drum, now to dance over the blood of their children, sisters, brothers, fathers and what have you? Do you think this is an achievement of the peoples and the country? Shed your shameless outburst over your dirty bosses.

  • sam September 13, 2015

    I was a former employee of OSM and it doesnt surprise me that OSM is going down. There were clear signs. Just compare the 2009 students (first batch) with batches after 2012 and you will see a trend.