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Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus: Ethiopian wins top WHO job

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus from Ethiopia will be the next director general of the World Health Organization (WHO). He will be the first African to head up the UN agency, after winning the most votes from 186

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus from Ethiopia will be the next director general of the World Health Organization (WHO).

He will be the first African to head up the UN agency, after winning the most votes from 186 member states.

He replaces Margaret Chan, who will step down from her 10-year post at the end of June.

During her tenure, the WHO’s response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa was criticised for being too slow.

The agency was accused of missing key warning signs about the severity of the outbreak that began in December 2013 and ultimately killed more than 11,000 people.

Addressing the World Health Assembly shortly before the vote, Dr Tedros promised to respond to future emergencies “rapidly and effectively”.

He also promised to stand up for the rights of the poor.

“All roads should lead to universal health coverage. I will not rest until we have met this.”

Who is Dr Tedros?

Age: 52

Family life: Married, with five children and lives in Ethiopia

Previous jobs: Ethiopian minister of health and foreign affairs, chairman of the board of the Global Fund to Fight Aids, TB and Malaria

Qualifications: Internationally recognised malaria researcher, with a PhD in community health

His election was not without controversy.

He has recently been accused of covering up three cholera epidemics in Ethiopia, but his supports say this is untrue.

Ethiopian opposition groups are also critical of Dr Tedros. They accuse the government of human rights abuses and believe that Dr Tedros’ candidacy is an attempt to raise the country’s diplomatic profile.

Dr Tedros said his vision as the new director general was of “a world in which everyone can lead health and productive lives, regardless of who they are or where they live”.

He told delegates at the World General Assembly: “I promise I will get up every day, determined to make a difference… I am ready to serve.”

His top five priorities in his new job are:

  • Advancing universal health coverage
  • Ensuring WHO responds rapidly and effectively to disease outbreaks and emergencies
  • Putting the wellbeing of women, children and adolescents at the centre of global health and development
  • Helping nations address the effects of climate change on health
  • Making the agency transparent and accountable

Analysis By Tulip Mazumdar, global health correspondent

Although some people see Dr Tedros as a controversial pick, many others point to his impressive CV and track record, and insist he is the best person to lead the world’s “guardian of global health”.

As well as serving as Ethiopia’s foreign affairs and health ministers, he’s also chaired the Global Fund, which mobilizes and invests about $4bn a year to fight Aids, tuberculosis and malaria.

During the election campaign, Dr Tedros told me about the deep injustice he felt as a child when his five-year-old brother died of what he now believes was measles. He said the disparity of care between the developed and developing world continues to be utterly unacceptable.

Dr Tedros says universal healthcare – where everyone has access to affordable care when and where they need it – will be central to his presidency.

This is indeed the holy grail of global health, and Dr Tedros is now the man in charge of pressing governments to make it happen.

Source: BBC

Review overview
  • sam May 24, 2017

    Congratulations – Dr Tedros,
    Will be good for both countries !!

  • hadgembes May 24, 2017

    I am very happy to hear that that one of our brothers the son of Africa ,,the son of Ethiopia ,the son of Tigray is going to lead the very important organization of this world.Conguratulations my brother.We are so proud of you.You are a roll model for the young generation..Thank you Dr.Tedros.

  • Mesfin May 26, 2017

    Dr Tedras Adhanom would be the next prime minster or president of united Ethiopia & Eritrea. He was born and raised in Eritrea so he has special feeling and care for the tigrigna/kebessa people and other Ethiopians as well.
    Let’s just get rid of our common enemy the cancer of our region i.e. Esayas Afewerki sooner than later and we’ll all have a peaceful, prosperous, democratic and developed Eritrea & Ethiopia combined under Dr T.Adhanom.

    • Mike May 26, 2017

      Brother Mesfin,
      Isaias alone is not the main cancer of our East African or Horn of Africa region.
      It is the stubborn and arrogant Eritreans (the black Singaporeans) who are the cancers.
      DIA is a devil messenger sent by God to sort out the big empty headed arrogant Eritreans.
      The devil’s mission in Eritrea is not completed yet hence the devil has got an extension of stay.

      • peter May 28, 2017

        As an Eritrean, I am very much delighted by the fact that our brother is now heading WHO. Congratulations to all Africans in general and our Ethiopian brothers in particular.

        The cancer of our region are people like you who suffer from inferiority complex. Though that is not the fact, why you care if we call our country black Singapore? Had it not been for Weyane and their evil agent DIA, Eritrea would have been a developed nation by now. This is a known fact which you know. Stop wishing bad for Eritrea. Think about the betterment of Tigray rather than hoping to see the downfall of Eritrea. Unfortunately, you guys are infected with this virus.

        Peace to the people of Eritrea and Tigray.

        • Fesseha Tesfamichael May 29, 2017

          There are very few bad people on both sides. Ignore them and don’t get into their traps. There are also many malicious people who don’t speak our language but would act like us to bring us havoc and don’t want us to come together.
          I’m from Tigray and wish you (Eritrea and Eritreans) peace, growth and development. Please be careful some malicious (our previous enemies) use common Tigrigna names and use nasty language to get us (Tigrays and Eritreans) in a fighting mood.
          Whether you die or we die – we are losing part of us. If Eritrea is weak part of us is weak and vice versa but there are people who don’t understand that. At the end of the day – it is like “Himak ya natiks inte tsewakayo Abey yiblika”
          Let’s the youth spell our journey – a journey of peace, development and cooperation


          • petros May 30, 2017

            Fesseha, I completely agree with you brother. Eritreans and Tigrayan suffer a whole lot at the hands of the chauvinists. They were and are our enemies and we should join hand in hand to fight their evil intentions. Through our joint struggle, we temporary ensured peace in the region. Our joint efforts will bring everlasting peace to the brotherly people of Eritrea and Tigray.. As you suggested, let us all work in mending the bridge and bringing the two people together.. The politicians are working for their own benefit, and hence preach hatred and war..
            Peace to the people of Eritrea and Tigray.

  • Simon G. May 27, 2017

    Congrats Dr, and to your people! UoA would be proud of you but it is now obsolete.
    I didn’t realize there was no African person who had that position, so you broke the ceiling.

  • yared May 28, 2017

    ሓደ ሰብ ኣብ ዉድብ ጣዕና ዓለም ስራሕ ተቖጺሩ ኢልካ ክንድዚ ሸብዳዕዳዕ። ነቲ ብብሄር ከምናይ ርዋንዳ ብጎዞሞ ዝጨፋጨፍ ዘሎ ህዝቢ ኢትዮጵያ እንታይ ረብሓ ከምጻሉዩ?ነታ ወያና ዝዘርፍዋ ዘለዉ ትደኪ ዘላ ኢትዮጵያ ?ነቲ ሰበስልጣን ወያነ ዘኻዕብትዎ ግን ህዝቢ ትግራይ ዝዕደዮን በምሓራን ኦሮሞን ብዘይበልዖ ግን ተጸላኢ ኮይኑ ዘሎ ። ነቲ ምስ ኤርትራ ሰላም ስኢኑ ኣይ ሰላም ኣይ ኲናይ ኮይንዎ ሰላም ረኺቡ ሃገሩ ክሃንጽ ተጸጊሙ ዘሎ ትግራዋይ ቴድሮስ ዝበሃል ዉልቀ ሰብ ኣብ ናይ ዓለም ጥዕና ስራሕ ረኺቡ ኢልካ ክንድዚ ዝኣክል ገንዘብብብ ህዝቢ ኣባኺንካ ሆሆ ምባል እንታይ ይጠቕሞ።ወይ ፖለቲካ ወይ ጃህራ። ህዝቢ መሪርዎ !!!!!!

    • Fesseha Tesfamichael May 29, 2017


      So what is the issue if Ethiopia spends millions or celebrates in its own way.? Why is that an issue with ya whatever Ethiopia does and Ethiopians do?
      If I can ask you just a simple and innocent question? Do you have any evidence what the so called TPLF Authority stole from the public?
      You know it was these interference that got us in mess back in 1998 and it seems some of us have not learned enough from the past.
      You might be somewhere in the west with your family enjoying life like I do but think of the people back home who have suffered and are suffering a lot.
      As an outsider it is absolutely not nice to talk about things you can back it up with evidence. Why is that people can’t talk positive to bring peace between these two people instead of just spending 7/24 to seek and magnify point of differences
      Would that be an issue for you if I say “Why do Eritreans celebrate May 24 they way they celebrate?” Would that be an issue if I question why you celebrate it at all?
      Please be sensitive and talk and breath positive, and mind your business – let’s mind our own business

    • Tes May 29, 2017

      What a losser! I am not sure how old or what kind of person you are. If you are by any chance an adult grow up. Woyane woyane evry thing ill in Ethiopia and Eritrea is because of woyane. Get real! Because your evil boss in Asmara failer link to woyane you are repeating his words like idiot.
      I know Ethiopia before woyane came to power and now. What a transformation. I envy their achievement and you instead of trying to look and learn from them , trying to belittle their achievement. With alligation of fake news. As far as you Ethiopia had been in enternal war producing refugees where as the truth Eritrea is in hospital bed waiting to die young. The truth is that your comment here fit well to Eritrea.
      As for the dr for the highest position, its beyond your understand. A little man like you could not conteplate the magnitude of the role so you better sit at the bottom of the pile and lead you worthless life.

    • Selomon May 30, 2017


      efficiency is not solely dependent on Education, there has to be a motivation and a will to help and act. Dr. Tedros has that value, he is best on Planning, coordination and execution. It is a managerial skill driven by a will to help and to change the health status of under develop and developing world population.” Lets not talk too much because we may not do better than others!!!” a quotation my high school teacher likes to stress some 25 years a go!!!.

  • Asghedom May 29, 2017

    Yard, you have problem. I don’t know where you come from. You name says from Adawa , the biggest name who gave the best songs of the copiic church. I don’t understand how you can bear such long name if you don’t understand this facts.
    I don’t think that you are good eritrn too, because you don’t history of this Guy Dr. Tewodros Adhanom very good Tigrians name Mr. Yared.
    Myelf I am proud of this person for different reason that you could not understand

  • Aron Fist May 29, 2017

    ግደፉና እስከ ካልእና ይኣኽለና ካብ ሕማም ኢቦላ ዝገደደ መንእሰያትና ተለኺፎም ካብ ዓዶም ጸው ኣቢሉ ዘውጽእ ሕማም ኣሎ መድሃኒቱ መዓስ ከምዝርከብ ኣይተፈልጠን መንእሰያት ሓድጊ ከይገደፉ ኣብ ባሕሪ መዲተራንያን እሰጥሙ ኣለው ዶክተር ተድሮስ ተመሪጹ ንኣፍሪቃ ዘምጽኦ ለውጢ የለን።

  • ሚካኤል May 29, 2017

    ስለምንታይ ረሲእካዮ? ሻዕብያ ራኣዩኒ! ስምኡኒ! መን ከማይ! ህንጣጥ ምንጣጥ! እናባለ ንባድመ ወረረ፣ ትግራዋይ ንቆልኣ ሰበይቲ ኣይተንከፈን ብዠካ እታ ብርዕሳ ዛቃፀላ ወታሀደራዊ ነፈርቲ መቆፃፀሪት ራዳር አስመራ፣ ናይ ሲቪል ትካላት ኣይተናከፈን እሞ ምስቲ ኩሉ ዙርያ ምላሽ አስመራ እተፃወደ ፀረ ነፈርቲ፣ ጌጋ ክፍፀም ምተፀቤና፡፡ ወያነ ቆልዓ፣ሰበይቲ፣ሲቪል ሕዝቢ ዘይትንኩፍ ምኳኑ ክኣ እናሀደረ ያኩረኣና፡፡ ኣብዚኮነ ይኩን ቆልኣ ዓምላክ ስለዝኮነ ክቲንከፍ ኣያብሉን፡፡ ሻዕብያ ኢዱ ብደም ህፃውንቲ ተጋሩ ተጨማለቀትያ፣ ኣበ እዋን 1984 ፈረንጂ ኣብ ዘመነ ክፉእ ሀሪ ብሀንቲ ፀሀይ 2500 ህፃውንቲ ተጋሩ ኣብ ባርካ አእቅዚፉ፣ ብድህሪኡ ክኣ 1998 ፈረንጂ ኣብ መቀለ ቀዳማይ ብርኪ አይደር አሰርተታት ህፃውንቲ ብደብዳብ ነፈርቲ ቀዚፉ፣” ትግራዋይ!” ንዝተኮሰሉ ጥራህ ክትኩስዩ፡፡ ከም ጉርዲ በሊኡ ዝፀገበ ኣድጊ፣ ፀጊቡ ዝተኮሰ ክዝበጥ ግድንዩ፡፡ ተጋሩ ምስ ደቂ ኣስመራ ቀጠፍቲን ለቁማፃትን ክንረኣአ ሀላፊነትና ክንርስእ ኣይኮናን፡፡ ህዝቢ ከበሳ ኣካልና ክፋልና ትግራዋይ ምኳኑ ንፈለጥ ካብ ልቢ ንኣምን፣ ብህልውናኡ ንዝመጽእ ንካላከል፣ ብህልውናና ንዝመጽእ ይከላከል፣ ህውነታና ብሻዕብያ ክብጠስ አይኮነን፡፡ ብሀደ ምስንምዕብል ንከብር ንስስን፣ ሀዴና ምስንኣብር ኩልና ንደክም፡፡ እዚ ቢሽንተ ርግማን ኢሳያስ፣ ኣብ ሕዝቢ ከበሳ ወሪዱ ዛሎ ክፉእ ዘመን ያህዝነና፡፡ ሪሂቁ ዝጠፍኣ ሕዝቢ ክምለስ ኣይኮነን፣ ክፋልና ኣካልና እንክጠፍእን እንክፀንትን ንክስማኣና ተፈጥሮዊ’ዩ፡፡ ሻዕብያ አዝዩ ፀቢብን ደንቆሮን ኣረመንየን ፍጡር’ዩ፡፡ እዚ ቁንጣር ዝኮነ ሕዝቢ ፈቀዶ ዓለምና እናጠፈኣ ኣይናታዩ’ን፡፡ ብሀቂ ሰብ ዝመስል ጋኔን’ዩ፡፡ ሕዝቢ ዓለምና 70000000000(ሸውኣተ ቢልየን’ዩ) ሕዝቢ ትግራይ (ከበሳን ትግራይን) 10000000 እዩ፡፡ 0.14% (ፐርሰንት) ኢና፡፡ ብዘመናት ዘይተቋረፀ ጦርነትን ብፀላእቲ ዝተሰነየ ተደጋጋሚ ሀሪን ኣብ ጫፍ ምጥፋእ እንርከብ ቢሄር ኢና፣ ስለዝኮነ ንሀውየሉን ንስስነሉን ስልቲን መገዲን ክንመርጽ ይግባእ፡፡ “ከፍቲ(እንሰሳ )” ሀሪድና ክሳብ እንበልኣ ጠጠው ኢላ እትጽበ መጥፊኢአ ስለዘይትፈልጥ’ዩ፡፡ ትግርኛ ተዛራባይ እንተስ እናሀደረ ክማስን እንተስ ክሳስን ብተግባርና ይውሰን፡፡ ሻዕብያ ብናይ ምንሊክ ፊዊዳላዊ ድሁር ባህሊ ዝተሸመመዩ፡፡ ዛህሪን ተህዲድን ምንጮም ድህረት’ዩ ቀንዲ ባሕሪያት ሻዕብያ፡፡ ናይባድመን ናይሻዕብያን ተዋስኦ “ደቂ አናፁስያ ክራኣያስ ይዕረያ!!!” ዝበልዎ ወለድና ኮይኑ፣ ወዲ መድህን በራድ ኣብ ድፍኣ ባድመ ወሪዱ ኢዱ ኣብ ጅቡኡ ኣእትዩ እንክህድድ!!!፣ እንኪጎራደድ!!! ወዲ ጎንደር’በር ወዲ ከበሳ አይመስልን ነይሩ፣ መጨረሽኡ ክኣ ጣልያን ዝበሎ “ፎሰርያ!!!” ኮይኑ፡፡ ሂዚ’ውን ዝሀለፈ ሀሊፉ ብዙህ ህዝቢ ጠፊኡ ክልቲኡ ሕዝቢ ክንዲዚካሀስ ተሀስዩ፣ ሰኣሪን ተስኣሪን የልቦን ክልቲኡ እዩ ተሳኢሩ፡፡ ካብ ጌጋና ምስዘይንማሀር ንፀንት !!! ሕዝብና ናቅድም፣ ምእንትኡ’ውን ንሥራህ!!!

    • Fesseha May 30, 2017

      Oh! Michael, I can’t say it better. You are the wisest person I have ever come across. I call you Meles the second. I remember back in 2000 that Meles said to us in Mekele, “please don’t hold any grudge against Eritrea and Eritreans, they are your brothers, they are our brothers”.

      If we have a few individuals of the same talent like you, we wouldn’t have found ourselves in the mess we are now
      Bravo man!!