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Swiss: Eritreans fought one another instead of celebrating – 9 injured

Hundreds of Eritreans gathered on Saturday night to a party in the town hall Dietikon. When a group of strangers to hard dazustiess, there were wild brawls. Nine people were injured, several arrested. Several fights in

Hundreds of Eritreans gathered on Saturday night to a party in the town hall Dietikon. When a group of strangers to hard dazustiess, there were wild brawls. Nine people were injured, several arrested.

Several fights in Dietikon and a large deployment of Zurich cantonal police – as the organizer of a festival Eritrea have not presented their cause. Hundreds of visitors were expected on Saturday night at the Stadthalle Dietikon. Many festival-goers were already in place shortly after 18 clock when another group of strangers joined to.

A short time later it came between the fixed and participants of this group to a brawl that resulted in several injuries. When the Canton police intervened, some people fled towards the city center Dietikon where it was then in different places at other fights. The police, who had been with a bigger squad in action, had to summon up more patrols to bring the situation under control. Nine injured persons were rushed to nearby hospitals. In addition, the police arrested several parties and handed over to the prosecutor.

The background to the conflict are at the moment not yet known how the Zurich cantonal police announced. The ceremony was then restarted, but the police kept the environment in mind all night.
As a spokesman for the State Police said the surveys are not yet complete. One can therefore not give any information about the background of the attack. But be sure that a racially motivated attack could be excluded.

«Eritrean thugs financed from Ethiopia»

According to an eyewitness, there were Eritreans who were at each other mutually. Not an isolated case: Time and again in Switzerland skirmishes between pro-government and anti-government groups. The SRF reported in 2012 even by government spies disguised as asylum seekers who collect protection money from local Eritreans. According to Toni Locher, Honorary Consul of Eritrea, it should be the perpetrators of Dietikon an Eritrean thugs who would be financed from Ethiopia. “Since 2008, this group attempted to disrupt all major Eritrean events in Switzerland,” says Locher, who was also on site. “They attacked even women and children.”

Also when Dietikon station there were several skirmishes, in which Eritreans were involved. (Picture: 20 minutes / reader-reporter)

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Link: Original Story: Eritreer prügelten sich statt zu feiern – 9 Verletzte

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  • Truly truly i say to you June 3, 2013

    The swiss regime should not to be disturbed by these bastard PFDJ lawless regime supporters animal behavior. If these bastards mean there is rule of law and justice, in Eritrea and if they satisfied with what Isayas regime is doing, why should they go back home to enjoy their freedom and rights there, instead disturbing a peaceful civilized state? Really if they satisfied and believe the regime is ruling people under rule of law and justice and there is freedom and human rights there, and mean Eritrea is a safe heaven; the Swiss government should send them all back home to those because believe that on behalf of to defend their lawless mafia regime those are causing the conflict. But to those because in their home country suffered to live, due to luck of justice and any kinds of human right violation unwillingly to those are in forced to seek asylum, the Swiss government should give them grant asylum with no ifs or buts.

  • Andebrhan June 4, 2013

    good job deleyti fithi . we are on your side .if money is needed for the court to deafend your self we will do every thing we can .

  • ahmed saleh June 4, 2013

    First of all the gathering was supposed to promote solidarity for change seekers Eritreans . Only
    participants of ill will come with sinister agenda to do damage . And it only shows their frustration
    to go on that level . Well , I guess they will learn their lesson on hard way . The era of silence
    and fear has worn out among this young generation and this kind scenario would continue until the end .

  • simon June 10, 2013

    If there is a freedom and justice in ERitrea Better the supporters of the Government reterned back toe their countries

    whay the living refugee.

  • aron January 23, 2014

    You guys look very obsessed with tigray and Ethiopia. We let you go with two ports and all government mechanism to be free nation.alibederchi, chaw bye sayonara adios dahankunu selam mengedun cherk yarglachuh.forget Ethiopia and live your own life.we are busy building our own to worry about you.

  • Hgdef October 3, 2016

    Weyane and traitors and the lowest of the lowest

    When r u going to learn

    Long live the lion of Nakfa

    Wedi Afom