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Swiss court: Eritrean vets can be expelled if asylum fails

GENEVA — A Swiss federal court has ruled that Eritrean asylum-seekers who completed military service in the East African country can legally be sent home if their asylum cases are rejected. The ruling could have

GENEVA — A Swiss federal court has ruled that Eritrean asylum-seekers who completed military service in the East African country can legally be sent home if their asylum cases are rejected. The ruling could have sweeping implications for thousands of Eritreans who make up Switzerland’s largest pool of asylum-seekers by nationality.

Eritrea’s government has faced criticism by United Nations human rights investigators and other rights advocates over its harsh conscription laws.

In a summary of the Aug. 17 verdict made public Thursday, the federal administrative court in St. Gallen said that because Eritrean military veterans had completed their service — as opposed to deserters — they “won’t necessarily expect to be summoned again for national service or punished criminally upon return to the country.”

The case involved a woman from Eritrea who claimed that she had deserted. The court said she “could not make a plausible case” the she actually deserted, and it could only presume that she received a proper discharge.

The summary added: “After a thorough analysis, the court also concludes that Eritrea is not currently facing a situation of broad violence.”

The ruling is final and cannot be appealed, the court said.

In June, a special investigator for the U.N. said Eritreans continue to suffer arbitrary arrest, enforced disappearances and a national system of military service that amounts to enslavement. A U.N. commission of inquiry has estimated the enslavement of up to 400,000 people — mostly through military conscription — in the country of about 6 million people.

Eritrea has been a leading source of migrants and asylum-seekers who have crossed the Mediterranean to Europe via Libya. Nearly 5,200 asylum-seekers from Eritrea requested asylum in Switzerland last year.

Like some other European countries, Switzerland has been grappling with a recent influx of migrants from Africa and the Middle East. A far-right party that holds the most seats in Switzerland’s parliament has built its appeal largely upon its calls for curbs to immigration.

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Review overview
  • Abrehet K. September 1, 2017

    “Yigermenalo” dyu zibele eti derafay! Really, bihaki ‘yigermenalo’ fithi/justice of these white Europeans!!

  • Tesfaldet Abraha September 2, 2017

    ብጣዕሚ ሕማቅ ወረ ንኤልሳ ጭሩም መሮን ኢስቲፋኖስ አባ ሙሴ ሽላ ኩተሩዝ ሕጂ ድአ እንታይ ሪፖርት ኢዮም ከቅርቡ አብቲ ጸብጻብ እዋይ ፍሽለት ብምንታይ ድአ ክናበራ እየን

    • Yitbarekh September 2, 2017

      All thieves and traffickers these people you mentioned T.Abraha. They will be brought to free/independent courts of Eritrea once we get rid of Esayas and his criminal mafia gangsters.

    • amanuel September 2, 2017

      Tesfalidet or tesfanews
      Hatella is always hatella. U better side with the oppressed and abused people than with gihilatat who are gambling in the name of our martyres.

      • amanuel September 2, 2017

        Elsa, meron, aba mussie are making history unlike u affaf nefat.

        • k.tewolde September 2, 2017

          amanuel,the tyrant did’t spend over half of a century among us reciting verses from chairman Mao,he was manufacturing and cloning human like robots like Tesfaldet and Abrehet who can repeat sound bites from a distance by remote control from adi halo. Today he moved the plant to SAWA and the newly oiled machine is spitting replicas at a record pace which speak the language of command and execute and the product has a life time warrant and comes branded with green,red,blue and gold colors.Welcome to the new Robitrea.

          • shilan September 2, 2017

            K.Tewolde, you are one confused person, you sound really stupid even if some clap for you out of pity.Sava your empty ignorant lectures and rants. You are just dragging with your immature pontificating diatribes your closets are full with skeletons too.

          • shilan September 2, 2017

            please read as save and not ‘sava’. Many thanks.

    • Sol September 2, 2017

      T. A.
      Go back to home the mafia regime is in need for new security agents for the new container and underground prisons to host the deported victims because you look as if your mind has stopped to function so you are fit to be recruited as a criminal agent of the regime.

    • amanuel September 5, 2017

      Well although majority of veterans have no problem some do. If they fail to proove themselves they have problem with their gedli brothers, that makes them part of the system and part of the chronic abuse against civilians especially the forced national service slaves.

      • amanuel September 5, 2017

        Thus they should be thrown out if they fail to proove their inosence from all the crimes and that they are victims. 2. Those that come on visas. They should not be given asylum period. They have no problem going back.

  • TesfaldetAbraha September 2, 2017

    EU is damegeing their propoganda they know they giveup from weyane to bring them change then wehen EU was lieing they thought EU belive them &celebrate to see EPLF gone bat the EU are running to ERITEA to get advice how to get read of them

  • Almaz September 2, 2017

    This is good news. We need all able citizens back home. Kudos to the government of Eritrea for not accepting forced repatriation. No kidding, we do not need addicted and spent citizens. The country is not a rehabilitation center. After all, even Nigerians these days claim asylum pertaining to be Eritrean. We need real Eritrean to go back home to help us build the country and perhaps creating an organic democracy


    • Sol September 2, 2017

      sister what organic democracyyou are talking about. Eritrea under the rule of the lion of Nakfa has the best system of governance.

    • Abrehet K. September 3, 2017

      Sister Almaz,
      As usual brilliant observation and points from you dearest sister. Please ignore this critically disturbed Muslim mad dog. He is unstable and confused other son of a bitch/prostitute.
      I believe he has already been exposed as a serial and compulsive Muslim liar and old crock.
      He unashamedly and continuously changes his nicknames from one mad dog to another mad dog, may be he was born from thieves and liars poor family that only taught him to become a cheat and subhuman!! Please continue your positive contribution and God bless.

    • amanuel September 3, 2017

      Glad u finally able to spell your name correctly. Rebuilding eritrea though should not you lead by example? Let alone to go back you do not pay 2% (the percentage amount you love eritrea). Honestly the supporters rather the night club aka community dancers are a bunch of dumb pretenders.

      • Almaz September 3, 2017

        Dear Manuel, after all, it was my elementary school teacher who coined the spelling of my name so it is patented to him; are you him? If so, sorry for molesting your creation. If it is not you, you are welcome to call me anything. It is fine. Coming to the other point, judging and labeling someone you never know and/or meet in person is a sign of weakens. As for me, I am one among the thousands of Eritrean who go by the book. I am not under any obligation to disclose this to you; but so you know, I gladly pay my taxes to uncle Sam and the government of Eritrea on time and always. Since you challenged me, and so it will probably be a lesson to some (Maybe), I, in fact, mail my check to the Eritrean embassy in three payment (the last portion 5 months after the second check mailed i.e., .after getting my W-2 from my employers.) I dear you to show the follower of this website just one recent payment. If you do so, I will post all starting w/ the 1992 payment plus all the other none mandatory (volunteer.) As to going and have hands on deck service, I am ready to do it if my government asked me to serve.

      • shilan September 3, 2017

        amanuel, your Muslim Arab Jihadists are still slitting throats and beheading poor innocent people! Are you still one of their staunch member and spokesperson?
        You make no intelligent contribution here because all you do is antagonize and sabotage people and their comments. You must have learned your backward jihadi trade from the criminal brutal Arab countries that you get your orders/payments.
        Bullies crumble when faced courageously, you are a naked Arab servant bully.

        • amanuel September 7, 2017

          Shilan do shilet?
          Shilan niskan shniflan tehaxibkum silezeytixeriyu zisemaka yelen. Higdf mukanka kulu eyu zifelit miknyatu, zeyele kedem zimote wudib jebha kitibil xehai aribuka. Jebha zibehal wudib yelen. Kedem baelu moytu eyu. Bdihriu dima agazi aka andinet moytu. Nimintay- alamu tirgum zeyblu nay tigray tigrini kedem zikesere alama koynu. Mis kulu ethiopiawi mesel nay kulu akbiru nihibrey zixiwie kudus alama entezinebro bzuh tezeykone zisiebo aymiseanen. Eti zinexgo win nimintay yinexgo kigelix meteshegere.

    • k.tewolde September 3, 2017

      Love your eloquence Almaz,thanks to western education,it seems you have exploited the opportunity regardless in what discipline you are, that said, noticing your intense infatuation with the Asmara regime which you call ‘our government’ instead egging people on why don’t you take the lead,pack and move to the promise land and serve ‘your government’ up close and personal.Fact is the honey moon won’t last long,as soon as your 2% contribution dries up and you end up in their nacfa payroll they will start looking at you as a misfit.So I suggest Ms. fluency as soon as you get back to work tomorrow to go straight to your boss who cuts your check and thank him for giving you the opportunity to do what you do and be what you want to be which otherwise you had no chance in your birthplace. We have been lying to ourselves and others for a long time.See the mess it got us.Lets start speaking the truth for a change,the Lord might change his mind and give our homeland a second look.

      • k.tewolde September 3, 2017

        Definiton of a government- First it has to be legitimate elected by the people for the people,it has to have checks and balances the legislative,judiciary and executive branches along numerous vital supporting institutions.It has to be transparent in every aspect of governance from managing the natural resources of the nation to supporting the welfare of the veteran,senior citizen and the poor.It has to have limited term,it has to change ,evolve,bring new blood,fresh approach.Government does not grow old,senile and wither away clutching on to old glory. Government is a durable instrument through which the people harvest their vital needs privacy,safety,security,peace and the pursuit of happiness.If this minimum needs are not met, the people have the right to change the government even before its term.Then,only then I will be willing to give not 2,not 3 but a 110% of me like I did before. This regime in Asmara is business collusion of a handful with a logo,it is an exclusive club that serves only the shareholders based on their financial contribution,the majority who don’t have nothing have to look elsewhere.

        • shilan September 3, 2017

          You do love the empty sound and analysis of your own imaginary voice. Tragic with all the fantasy and half truths you preach and imagine blindly.
          Churchill’s aphorism of “If you are going through hell keeping going”, literally. You have perfected brutality, that legacy of the brutality of your Turkish, Egyptians/Arabs and Italian colonialist and regimes that you learned and passed to the present generation.
          In short, you accomplished nothing absolutely nothing except destruction and mayhem in Eritrea, stop blaming others and first look into your past destructive, irresponsible and madness hell past. The future of any country shouldn’t be determined by a few opportunists like yourself and likes and the Lord will keep punishing twisted, sinful people with complexity and opportunist views and intentions.

          • shilan September 3, 2017

            please read as ‘brutality of your Turkish, Egyptians/Arabs and Italian colonialist & regimes that you “perfected” from……

          • amanuel September 5, 2017

            Do not insult egyptians, otherwise ur boss in asmara will mess ur face up. All hgdf will come down on u.

          • shilan September 5, 2017

            amanuel, did your brutal animal Egyptian/Arab masters slit and mess up your muslim ass too? Or was it savagely messed up damaged beyond repairs by your wild savage muslim dog father?

      • Almaz September 3, 2017

        My dear thank you for being civil…having said that, I believe I contribute better by engaging anti-Eritrea elements in diaspora such as individuals like you, state actors, and institutions. Of course contributing to the foreign currency (2%.++) of “of Eritrea. Again, if I am called for to serve in any capacity by “my government” I am ready to do so with little notice. Just you know, the order does not come from the bashers of anything/everything Eritrea/Eritrean rather from the legitimate government of Eritrea who enforces the law of the land (for now!)

        • kokhob September 3, 2017

          Almaz, I am sorry but you wasting your valuable time engaging with life long pretenders, bogus actors, welfare claimant and useless street people.
          You see useless, spineless and toothless opportunists “tebeletsiti” cowards like these K.Tewolde, Sol (amanuel, Setit), and Tesfaldet Abraha never contribute any taxation or national insurances as they live on state’s hand outs for ever hence you see them round the clock making boring comments. Real and serious people work hard to support their families.

        • k.tewolde September 4, 2017

          Almaz,you don’t have to be called upon,you voluntarily dedicate your life for the regime you love like so many did in the early 90’s,’reverse migration’ like somebody calls it,you are not the 1st one ,engaging in cyber war with people like me is a luxury given to you by your adopted nation,you can’t do that under your ‘government’. If you call posting comments here is better contribution, you are short changing your ‘government’.You go dig wells,trenches,move boulders,teach kids in remote villages,nurse and take care of vets who are bedridden…..but no!!! you love to contribute from you favorite leather recliner tens of thousands miles away by tapping on your surface pro.Again lets speak the truth for a change.

          • amanuel September 5, 2017

            These bunch of pretenders will never speak the truth. They filed asylum turnishing the name of the regime they say they support. That tells it all about their honesty. K.tewelde do u know that all the supporters who came after 1991 are either johovas who are not johovas or protestants who are not protestants. If we want to be series and get rid of them we can pass their info annonymously to immigration and homeland offices to root them out and get them deported..

          • shilan September 5, 2017

            amanuel/mohammed, don’t hesitate to fulfill your wicked/evil muslim paid mercenary tasks of being an informer, grasser, back stabber, whore muslim snake and shitty ass licker.
            Mohammed the ass licker, please, please DON’T get us deported!

    • amanuel September 5, 2017

      Does that mean wedi sewra is addicted. He was to be repatriated and was asking for ur help to stay in usa the country he hates and not to go to the country and government he says he love. Bhasot eki teserihki kem kulom hgdf.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! September 2, 2017

    Assenna staff
    Be nice to give medical treatment to the mad dog
    that disturbs our house day and night .

    • Abrehet K. September 3, 2017

      Muslims insensitivity, insecurity and cultural disconnectedness in display, again shamefully.
      Why would a supposedly “enlightened or nationalist” Eritreans utter nonsense?????????
      You must also be a critically disturbed Muslim mad dog or like the other son of a bitch!!
      Sadly, you sound like the clown detective/inspector Clouseau without his medical treatment!
      If you have missed your daily or nightly medical treatment then just make sure you don’t miss any more!! Otherwise, Assenn staff or moderators don’t look after babies/kids complaints!!

      • Sol September 3, 2017

        ኣደይ ኣብረሀት ተኽላይ ሓውክን ሓድሽ መምሪሒታት ክወስድ ንሳዋ ኸይዱ ዶ ኾይኑ ነዛ ረሳሕ ስርሑ ከተጽናሓሉ ተላቢዩክን ኸይዱ

        • kokhob September 3, 2017

          If you are a truly muslim man then instead of deceiving readers with Sol & Amanuel, why don’t you just come out with your Mohammed or Ali names?
          Didn’t your true muslim family teach you any discipline and honesty at all??
          Unless you have some criminal record and past, why are you hiding behind bogus and fictitious names and identities?? It is not Mr Teclay but you are the one assigned to do the dirty and wicked/evil works of other devils.

  • kokhob September 3, 2017

    Tesfaldet Abraha,
    Assenna’s readers are discussing about the ruling of Swiss court not about Weyane or EU.
    Why would EU need to run to Eritrea for advice from your EPLF or PFDJ, what advice are they seeking?

  • TESFALDET ABRAHA September 3, 2017

    You are right Almaz meybe they are SPYS USA can use this Agenda to deport them bat it can use them as SPYS meybe the ERITREAN gov know this people are not returing wilingly so he dont want to axept them

    • kokhob September 3, 2017

      Tesfaldet, wede aboy Abraha, why are you evading my simple question to you about what advice the EU are seeking from Eritrean government?? Could it be about SPYS????
      From your poor writings, I don’t believe you completed your elementary school in Mendefera or Adi Quala?? Did you and Almaz have the same SPY teacher in your EPLF government??

  • senkam September 3, 2017

    Under the current economic state of Europe and the wave of migration and unabated pattern, it is easy for countries to opt for the easiest and shortest “solution”. All they have to do is temporarily suspend their core principles and virtues. It is not clear if they do this to discourage other migrants from heading their way or simple desperation. In any case, Eritrean asylum seekers have rightful claim. Even if they are deserters. The choice that exist in Eritrea is either you are an eternal slave under numerous pretexts or you free yourself taking all the risk and leave the country. THERE IS NO SUCH A THING AS HONOURABLE DISCHARGE. What are those Swiss talking about. are they out of their mind or they will pretend sick and damn to refuse people some kind of humane gesture. Eritrea, the whole country belongs to one man and is managed like personal private business under strict command and order rule. There is no people, no rule of law, no generation, no country. You are considered out of this world if you mention JUSTICE and RULE OF LAW. One malicious old man has taken the country hostage and is incapacitating, imprisoning and killing its people through a network of highly resourceful bandits. That’s why ANY ONE FROM ERITREA should be automatically qualified to get protection anywhere.

    • amanuel September 7, 2017

      I hear u bro. We know the motive of the west. Their resourse is stretched and wants to do something. But the good thing is the regime sees eritreans especially the youth as the bigest threat to its rule. B/s it knows Opressed people no matter what will rise one day. Thus, the crooks in asmara will circulate the refugees. It will demand money to accept refugees back and will send fresh ones. But, if eritreans are discouraged through rejection in the waste will swell up inside country and then explode. Iseyas does not want to see that take place and thus may not take back his refugees even if they want to go back voluntarily.