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Sweden piles pressure on Eritrea with plan to sever diaspora cash

Sweden, whose citizen has been jailed by Eritrea for more than ten years without charge, has moved to block the flow of diaspora money to the isolated Red Sea nation. Its parliament, Riksdag, is preparing legislation

Sweden, whose citizen has been jailed by Eritrea for more than ten years without charge, has moved to block the flow of diaspora money to the isolated Red Sea nation.

Its parliament, Riksdag, is preparing legislation to block a two per cent mandatory tax collected by Eritrea from its citizens living in Sweden.

The Swedish parliament tasked its justice affairs sub committee to prepare a supplementary bill to support the decision following a recent debate on the proposal.

“We are willing to take measures if current legislations cannot put a stop to this,” Mr Johan Linander, the deputy chair of the committee, told reporters after the parliamentary session.

Some parliamentarians had referred to the technical challenge of enforcing such a decision without a suitable legal framework.

The decision would be a huge flow to the finances of Eritrea, which is already under United Nations sanctions for its alleged support of terrorism in eastern Africa.

Huge blow

The taxes have been described in a UN report as the largest source of income for the internationally isolated Asmara government.

Eritreans living in the diaspora are forced to pay the tax with failure to comply reportedly leading to a denial of entry back home and exclusion from government services.

Source: African Review

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  • Nazu March 9, 2012

    why did Assena publish only half of the article?

  • Semhar March 9, 2012

    Eritrea needs a man like IDRIS AWATE to get read the mad dog and his followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shame on us to let the mad dog destroy our land and our people!

    We should implement the advise of the founders of our revolution.

    1) Woldeab W/ Mariam: “God blessed this crown (Eritrea) for us,
    Woe to him who dares touch it.”

    2) Ibrahim Sultan. “ Stand united my dear folks.
    Unite and work together for Eritrea.”

    Death to the mad dog, the tyrant dictator and his followers!

  • sahle March 10, 2012

    This’s absolutely a lie…i didn’t pay the 2% tax for the last 3 years and i’ve never been denied to visit my country…this’s for those who honestly believe in the lies written above…of course if i need some service back home, then definetly i’ve to pay the due taxes which is quite common and fair…and i guess most of the countries and governments charge their citizens a certain amount of tax….but no one is forcing you to pay the taxes…absolutely is a total lie…moreover, if we compare the taxes that we ( Eritreans) have to pay with other nationals, is very minimal and we can consider nothing…please stop spreading courageous enough to tell the truth.

  • dehay hager March 10, 2012

    It is normal and morally acceptable to do some thing for the country u orginally from interms of what we supposed to do to our country.whm do u expect to contribute for the development of ur country.if u want to get ur right u have to fulfill ur duty.(john of kenedy )once said dont ask what ur country do for u ask what u supposed to do for ur country.regarding how our people becomes treated it is un fair.our people deserv a better treatment more than any people in our planet

  • dehay hager March 10, 2012

    What semhar said is is un cultural and immoral to wish some one to his/her death as we all are living under the mercy of God.and semhar u do not know what tomorrow holds for u.if u found shaebia far away from ur expectation pray to God and wait ur answer or u can criticized as people do or pick up ur gun and found ur self as ur mothers do before .otherwise u was as little as 2 years old when shaibia got their freedom .our struggle is our peoples`.stop understimating our struggle and those who are in duty day and night.u choes to stay away abroad its cool but encourage them those who sucrifice their life for us.

  • tegadalay March 10, 2012

    Kalighe idiot the gov of eritrea is rich the 2% is not hing look in evry MEKETE eritreans contruput in evry IDEPENDENCE DAY THEY DO THE SAME so dont be joyes eritreans in ather part of the world will countinu support their bloved country dont wary abaout SWEDEN they are up set of their jornalist who is rating in ERAERO

  • March 14, 2012

    Sweden is a puppet. They cannot stop supporting the eritreans people to build school,hospital and roads. Eritreans supporting their own people by themselves. Eritrea is not like sweden who supported by US.