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Sudan tribune: Eritrean border guards shoot dead 10 civilians trying to flee

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle August 22, 2014 (SHIRE, ETHIOPIA) – Eritrean border guards have allegedly shot dead 10 Eritreans citizens as they attempted to cross in to Ethiopia, a recent escapee told Sudan Tribuneon Friday. Samuel Gedion said he was

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle
August 22, 2014 (SHIRE, ETHIOPIA) – Eritrean border guards have allegedly shot dead 10 Eritreans citizens as they attempted to cross in to Ethiopia, a recent escapee told Sudan Tribuneon Friday.
Samuel Gedion said he was among a group of 18 Eritreans who were trying to flee to Ethiopia two weeks ago.
“Ten of them were killed, while three of us made it to Ethiopia. I am not sure on the fate of the remaining five,” he said.
He said border guards had opened fired on the group without any prior warning.
One of those reportedly killed was a young woman who had recently finished 18 months of military service.
Eritrea has a long-standing shoot-to-kill policy against those who attempt to flee the repressive nation, dubbed the North Korea of Africa.
Eritrean opposition groups in Addis Ababa told Sudan Tribune that hundreds of young Eritreans have been killed by border guards in the past two years alone.
The regime in Asmara considers citizens who attempt to flee as traitors. Those who are caught are often subject to indefinite prison terms and serious human rights abuses.
Many others are also punished by death, particularly if they are believed to have links to exiled Eritrean opposition groups.
Many young people, however, are still prepared to take the risk, fleeing to neighbouring countries in protest against indefinite military service, serious human rights abuses and bad governance.
Last week, the A report released last week by the International Crisis Group (ICG) entitled Eritrea: Ending the Exodus? calls on the Eritrean government to implement the long-delayed 1997 constitution
The group underscored the need to address the country’s growing internal crisis which is behind the ongoing exodus, as well as calling for greater engagement with Eritrea – potentially ending a decade of isolation that has been both self-imposed and externally generated.
It urged the leadership in Eritrea to work towards gradual demobilisation of the military and undertake a restructure of the country’s economy in order to create wider job opportunities.
“The youth exodus from Eritrea is symptomatic of social malaise and growing disaffection with the Asmara regime,” said Cedric Barnes, the think tank’s director for the Horn of Africa.
“The state’s demand for the sacrifice of individual ambition to the greater good of the Eritrean nation – resigning oneself to, in effect, indefinite national service – causes more and more Eritreans to leave the country, even if that means risking their lives,” adds Barnes.
He called on Eritrea’s government to end the policy of indefinite national service and to work with international partners to build an economy that will create jobs for its citizens.
The secretive Red Sea nation currently has up to ten thousand political prisoners languishing in the country’s secret detention facilities, including in underground prisons and shipping containers.

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  • Abraham Haile August 24, 2014

    Again we blame the junta regime who has no power to control his cronies and unable to protect its policy. Waste product is only useful for recycling or fertiliser if it happens the nation have farmers. Do we have farmers or the Cheguar Danga? I don’t think so because he finished them off in 1973 to 1991 in process building his empire. We need to prepare our selves in different way to challenge him by raising our hands together high in the sky. We are so frightened and confused to start the real knock out fight one by one so that the people could rest in peace and start to live their lives in harmony and build the nation from scratch. We are completely lost and unable to do any thing to the PARANOIA REGIME. LET US HELP THE TYRENEYTO PRESS THE LAST SELF DESTRUCTING BUTTON AND BURN HIM OUT TO MAKE A FERTILISER OR GARBAGE OF HISTORY. A REGIME WHO DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO RESPECT IT SELF WOULD NEVER KNOW HOW TO RESPECT OTHERS, ….. PERIOD. Let us not stretch the elastic until it breaks, it is time to move on and stand one more time united to push the remnant wall which is already wobbling and inviting pushers. Thanks

    • Paradiso August 24, 2014

      Every time I open Eritrean websites for news, it is so bad that the “Eritrea” in me dies slowly.
      The idea of Eritrea surviving as a nation is dying slowly in me as does a cancer patient.

      “Eritreans die in the sea; Eritreans die in Arab slavery; Eritreans die crossing to Sudan; Dozens of Eritreans shot to death crossing Tigray and Afar regions; Eritreans dead in Hgdef gulags …” is a weekly story.

      It has become a shame to be born Eritrean. Even my co-workers who does not give a shit to African news know the misery and life of Eritreans in Arab slavery.

      • Berhe Domenico August 24, 2014

        Don’t give up on being an Eritrean.
        No matter what. We’re a people and a country that cannot be defined by our present tragedy. There will be time when we will walk with our chin up.

      • Eritreawit August 26, 2014


        Genet-orginal on August 25,
        You seems to be smart, but you don’t know who the Eritrean people are. You call our ancestors’ land and country, A “FORGED LAND”. You need to read and research the original population of North East Africa or Horn of Africa. Including the current day Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Sudan and even Egypt. If you think Eritrea is a “FORGED LAND” So do the rest of them. Why single out our country as “FORGED LAND”, when our country was the main settlement region for the Horn of Africa POPULATION. Then you should also say Ethiopia is a “FORGED LAND” as well. Very soon we will see the biggest forged land of all. The Tigray region or territory. That is the mother of all FORGED LANDS.

        Seriously, what is wrong with you? you are repeating this outdated stereotype view of the few as “Eritreans claim superiority over the rest of African people” I though you are educated enough to restrained yourself from labeling the entire Eritrean society as egotist. You should know better not to grossly generalize negative opinion of a few to the rest of our people. Is that your belief “Asmara is equivalent to saying Eritrea” Do you believe that? It is mind boggling an “educated” and “insightful” man is acting stupid, small minded, reckless in his use of words, and endangering the Eritrean people at the worst time of their lives. It seems you are getting carried away with insulting the good Eritrean people. Your words has consequence to our people. What are you doing? Do you think,Eritrean people have a different opinion about the rest of African people than the of Ethiopian or Tigrayan people? have you ever been around Ethiopian or Tigrayan at all? If you want to be relevant to the Eritrean cause, you should restrain yourself from gross generalization. I used to think you are a frustrated, but smart Eritrean man. Now, I am not so sure. I will keep my eye on you.

  • abdulkader August 24, 2014

    This is the mafia and aginest eritrean people we have to wake up this ls the big wake up call who does this not a man it is like a rat go to the hell god bless them those they care about those they safering all over the pleaces.

  • Berazio August 24, 2014

    Ato Tesfa-Alem,Do not try to capitalize on sad stories like this. Ethiopian guards would have done the same thing. tell me what Ethiopian border guard would have done in the same situation. God knows how many Ethiopians were shot trying to cross to Eritrea. if you report from center, how come you did not expose the killing of of Eritrea refugees in Ethiopian camp by Ethiopian Polices a while ago

    • Berihu August 24, 2014

      Why would any sane Ethiopian want to cross to earth hell Eritrea??? You must be day dreaming and imagining things! Eritreans are prone to extreme national emotions and synics…. emotions that couldn’t let us to move forward rationally and judiciously to challenge the current reality. Indeed, the current regime in Eritrea is a part of terrorist networks that terrorizes its citizens whether inside or outside Eritrea. And please enlighten us as to what you did for those Eritrean refugees in Ethiopian camps!!!

      • Berazio August 25, 2014

        How in the hell do think the DHMIT or what ever you call those bastard mercenaries of Isais came or coming to Eritrea, through the Airport ??. Let me tell you this, stay out of Eritrean politics. If we can not defeat the regime on our own, the regime deserves to rule. We need no foreign help, if you dreaming to help establish an Ethiopian puppet government in Eritrea to abuse our ports you and your leaders are dreaming.I hate our dictator, but i will choose him than a government which will piloted by Ethiopia.

  • Sarah OGbay August 24, 2014

    Please let us not blame only PFDJ for this misery. how can read and simply do nothing after we hear things like this. This is what I wrote on when I first read the article there.

    ‘Shame on us! The impact of the of the Eritrean political and economic situation has adversely affected the values of Eritrean society to level beyond explanation. Our hearts have hardened and our ears and minds have got used to the barrage of bad news that hits us on the face everyday. Sometime it feels like we are in denial that we are near extinction (both in quality and quantity). How is it that we talk about unity and not unite, about struggle justice and not commit to it? What happened to our identity and compassion? How can we ‘Eritrean who have gone through hell and back’ to snatch our land from the Dergue are not able to snatch our people from the monsters chewing our youth, mothers, fathers etc. to bits? Did we, Eritreans, not contribute financially, emotionally and physically so that we get our country back? Is this who we really are? Haters of Ethiopia only? Or has the situation eroded our identity as well? It is mind boggling!’

    • Tamrat Tamrat August 24, 2014

      Dear Sarah, in Ethiopia after the removal of derg the goal has been not to repeat the derg system. We dont deny derg is an ethiopian organization. And we do know all ethnic Groups were part of derg including the now eritreans. In 1991 if tplf announced that derg was finished and we lead Ethiopia intact the jubilation could have been a thrilling one for all, if eplf said we finished derg and we lead Ethiopia intact the jubilation could have been a thrilling one, if eplf and eprdf did announce the same the jubilation … and so on. It is not because we are collonizer but we were brought up like that ie Eritrea is also Our country. Some tried to ammaraize derg we stopped them. Waht must be done is not to repeat what derg has done. No more no less. Derg system is good for dictators but it is difficult to repeat it in Ethiopia. That is the reason for the multitiud sacrifice. Compare the struggel against the rulling party and the People of Ethipia and Eritrea in the last 23 years.

      But when you come to Eritrea derg is ethiopia, ethiopia is derg, at least for shabia. They dont teach eritrean youths to hate derg system but the name derg most of the time Associated With Ethiopia. Now Eritrea has more than 500,000 brain washed sawa graduate which do not understand what you are saying at all. That country belong to them. For them this is Eritrea. The land of freedom and free from the Bucher Ethiopians. All the military service, the imbargo, the war, the exodus is part and Parcel of the New Eritrea. They know life could be better but the ‘west’ and ‘Ethiopia’ wanted to take the freedom from them so they have to Accept the suffering. And this has worked for the last 23 years. And this half millions soon would be one and half millions.

      So shara, the Picture you have for Eritrea and the reality created by the last 23 years has a big discripancy. It doesnt mean it can not be won. But the job must be a well organized and beyound cyber war.

      • Sarah Ogbay August 25, 2014

        Tamrat Tamrat,
        I hope your intention is to add or clarify or add to what I said. If not, I never considered Dergue as Ethiopia before or after liberation. What I was trying to say is hate of Ethiopia is clouding our vision and destructing us from focusing. As you rightly said many do confuse what dergue with the whole concept of Ethiopia. But I differ on the idea of ‘Parcel of the New Eritrea@. what we want the parcel to contain is hope and freedom, not the military service and embargo as you said.

        • Tamrat Tamrat August 25, 2014

          Ya, sarah, only to clarify. I have understood very well what you have said.

  • Dan August 24, 2014

    ጸላኢ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ሓደ ኢሰያስ ኢዩ

  • Sarah Ogbay August 24, 2014

    My apologies, the above comment was meant for the article of Aljezeera!

  • ahmed saleh August 24, 2014

    There are thousands of Eritrean army members stationed at border area ready to confront the enemy but unable to face the reality of their own
    misdeeds . Not only HGDF regime but
    also the people became irresponsible.

  • Dawit Meconen August 24, 2014

    Any news outlet, like, which profess to serve to the need of Eritrea and Eritreans ought to examine the credibility, nature , purpose of the author before it posts on its websites. tesfaalem teckle, the author, is woyane, and in the world of woyane, there is only falsehood, perjury, murder etc.

    The Number One reason that the majority of Eritreans have wittingly chosen to remain in subjugation under the impostor con artist isaias fewerqi is because they are convinced that the so called “opposition” are mere talking parrots and shrouds of the villain woyane.

    I absolutely subscribe to their view. After all, tegaru, from the time of immemorial, have been our people’s mortal enemies, immortalized by our forefathers in the famous diction, Libi Tigrai Twi Twai. Only fools would overlook such historical wisdom.

    But don’t you ever think that our people do not know who the impostor and con artist is and what his secrete agenda is. They do. They are going along with him for a number of reasons:

    1. Considering his age, he can be outlived

    2. He is easier to handle than woyane

    3. They are patiently waiting for the genuine opposition to appear, grow and mature

    4. They do not want to risk their Sovereignty in the hoopla of haste, which is only to the benefit of the villain woyane.

    You see patience is virtue.

    • Berihu August 24, 2014

      Dawit Meconen,
      The same old shit head dawit meconnen. You sound again like a badly badly wounded dog barking like a cat. You come out to release your depression invariably posing as an Eritrean, spewing your treacherous and faithless nature in the futile hope of putting some naive Eritreans in your trap. A mind is terrible thing to waste. You’ve too much hatred and you are destroying your poisonous mind. Get medication urgently it might just help, get a life as well you low life scambag.

  • bereket August 24, 2014

    I condemned to the people at the border (EDf) because they are shooting Their brothers and time will come to give every body rewards so I say shame on to you!!!!!!!!!

  • wolde August 25, 2014

    while we are dying for nothing, we never tried sacrify our self to save Eritrea or our nation for the benefit of our and feature generations from this one evil dictator. The most saddened me just hearing that dying by handrads at one moment and still we afread death while we are dying “aserte mot” for nothing. Even those people with a lot of grace of money and fortune never scared death and eager life more than “Nay zemena Ertrwari” the more we eager and dream to make money on the western countries, the more getting worst our misery and death for nothing. Ezi nay zemena Eritrawi legacy is legacy of shame, legacy of slavery, legacy of sinnai sale of internal organs, death in the sea. The most of the shame is the Eritrean killer dictator relaxing going every Expo and Sawa to open Gaila and every body clambing and dancing for him, rather than shooting him, kuluna shintitat, and then dying on border,or way to Europe. Nihina kuluna enttay ena Tebeletsti, ena motna mot niferh ena. This kind of population never seen on the face and in the history of our world. Shame on us.
    who is Eritrean enemy, how can we solve is mentioned by Hizbawi minkisikas niharnet. Let’s execute it before being too late.