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Sudan: Stop Deporting Eritreans – HRW

The Sudanese authorities have deported 30 Eritreans, including at least 6 registered refugees, to Eritrea, Human Rights Watch said today. Sudan did not give the UN refugee agency access to the group. Unknown numbers of detained Eritreans recently convicted of immigration offenses in Sudan also risk

The Sudanese authorities have deported 30 Eritreans, including at least 6 registered refugees, to EritreaHuman Rights Watch said today. Sudan did not give the UN refugee agency access to the group. Unknown numbers of detained Eritreans recently convicted of immigration offenses in Sudan also risk deportation.

“Sudan is forcibly returning Eritreans to serious risk of detention and abuse at the hands of a brutal government,” said Gerry Simpson, senior refugee researcher at Human Rights Watch. “Sudan should immediately end these deportations and protect Eritreans.”

Eritrea, ruled by an extremely repressive government, requires all citizens under 50 to serve in the military for years. Anyone of draft age leaving the country without permission is branded a deserter, risking five years in prison, often in inhumane conditions, as well as forced labor and torture. In 2012, 90 percent of all Eritreans claiming protection in other countries were recognized as refugees or given other forms of protection.

On May 1, 2014, Sudanese authorities in eastern Sudan handed 30 Eritreans over to Eritrean


forces, according to two advocates in close telephone contact with the group at the time. Human Rights Watch also obtained further credible information confirming that the deportation took place and that six members of the group were registered refugees.


Sudanese security forces arrested the group of 30 in early February near the Libyan border and detained them for three months without charge and without access to the UN refugee agency, the two advocates said.

International law forbids countries from deporting asylum seekers without first allowing them to apply for asylum and considering their cases. This right applies to asylum seekers regardless of how they enter a country or whether they have identity documents. International law also prohibits the deportation, return, or forced expulsion of anyone to a place where they face a real risk to their life or of torture or ill-treatment.

On May 3, two Eritreans from a different group told a third advocate that a few days earlier Sudanese security forces had intercepted them and about 600 Ethiopians, Eritreans, Somalis, and Sudanese nationals attempting to cross the border to Libya. They said the police had taken them to the town of Dongola, about 500 kilometers north of Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, where they were charged and convicted of immigration offenses.

On May 4, Sudanese media reported that a court in Dongola had convicted 600 people and ordered all the Eritreans in the group to be deported to Eritrea.

In October 2011, Sudan unlawfully deported over 300 Eritreans to their country.

Review overview
  • Kalighe May 8, 2014

    Sudan has one of the most brutal and corrupt regimes on planet.
    Bashir is not much different than Iseyas. The two men are hated at home and abroad. They are good only at dehumanizing their people. Bashir is cutting his country to pieces. Iseys has sent half of Eritreans to jail while those who could not escape are begging on streets, something they had never done in their entire history.

  • rahwa May 8, 2014

    eseyas and beshir are two outlaws who constantly violate regional and international laws and regulations. there is no rule of law in their respective countries. they are the law. so that is how they behave on the international arena. the international community needs to take drastic action against these two dictators. imposing sanctions on eseyas for refusing to implement the ratified constitution and for keeping the Eritrean people hostage, for violating human rights …is one thing the international community could do. IMPOSE SANCTIONS ON eseyas and his men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eritrean brothers and sisters let’s do this- let’s make sure sanctions are imposed on eseyas.

  • selamawit2 May 8, 2014

    tesfaldetabraha lezzay, you are drooling again.
    it’s UNSIGHTLY – get your jobe done and attend a bib!

    • selamawit2 May 8, 2014

      sorry…i commented the wrong articel.

  • Ahmed Omer May 8, 2014

    If one of the superpower specially USA has benefit in Eritrea Asiyas to be one hour on power too long .Everyone should know no solution form international community just only by Eritreans we have to fight ,nothing to get from crying .

  • Gideon May 9, 2014

    Why would one go to Sudan where it is infested by the Bedeuin
    and Rashaida Arabs in the first place! These stinking Arabs whose
    hate against Christians is beyond imagination, (before their independence,
    South Sudanese people had for a very long time been treated as sub-human
    because of their religion). Today Eritreans are increasingly getting aware
    of the sense of brotherhood we share with our Ethiopian counterpart. Needless
    to say Ethiopia is the only country in our region today that is standing with
    the oppressed Eritreans. What is happening to Eritreans in Sudan and Egypt is
    excruciating to bear, however, the Ethiopian people and government’s open door
    policy towards Eritreans is healing the previous wounds.

  • Goitom May 9, 2014

    This is unfair. Eritreans are leaving the country owing to untold suffering and persecution in their homeland. I urge the Sudaness government to stop deporting innocent Eritreans and hand them over to vile people. The Eritrean governmet has been adversely suppressing and oppressing his own people and has been commiting unprecented atroities toward his citizens. The UN, UNHCR and other agencies must take punitive action against the regime in Asmara. We, Eritreans in the diaspora are echoing the plight of our people. Let the rule of the law prevail over the rule of the jungle.

  • denden May 9, 2014

    Some one has to stop the madness of exodus of kebesa habesha who are emptying the entire kebesa, run and run … when they are going to stop running and think how to behave like human and respond to the dictator in the language he and his generals can only understand. actually I do support the sudanese, Egyptians and libyans to deport all eritrean back to eritrea or ethiopia.some of those deported are human trafickers. you People you do not know where you stand. you are opposing every thing even if vampire isias resigns you will still oppose his decision.