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Subject: The Woes of Eritrea & Calling, once again, for the Historical WILL and HEROISM of the Eritrean People

Subject: The Woes of Eritrea & Calling, once again, for the Historical WILL and HEROISM of the Eritrean People PREAMBLE.                                                                                                                                                         First and foremost, one CRUCIAL point must be understood before discussing ANY matter, what so ever, pertaining

Subject: The Woes of Eritrea & Calling, once again, for the Historical WILL and HEROISM of the Eritrean People


First and foremost, one CRUCIAL point must be understood before discussing ANY matter, what so ever, pertaining to Eritrea. It should be unedestood, by friends and foes, that ERITREA IS ALREADY  A SOVEREIGN STATE and a full-fledged Member of World-Wide International Organizations. What is being discussed below is only about an INTERNAL AFFAIRS of the STATE of ERITREA.

The above FACT should NOT be tampered with through ‘back-doors’ and sophisticated political manouvering [and betrayals too] at the expence of the entire population of Eritrea, who are THE LEGITMENT COLLECTIVE CUSTODIAN of ERITREA. Tampering with this fact — which was obtained through collosal sacrifice in 30-year war — is to push the Eritrean people to another upheaval and horrendous loss of human life and environmental destruction.  It would be the saddest historical phenomenon if the United Nations Organization becomes the open ENABLER to a hidden scheme against the ERITREAN PEOPLE who are only interested in having a Peaceful Country with Independence, Liberty, and the Freedom to run their LIFE in their own way in tandem with all other Members of the UN Organization according to the universal code of counduct in the BOOKS of the UN Organization.  One hopes that sanity will prevail against deception and manuovering that is going on in the ‘bushes’.   END of PREAMBLE. Now, let me  address the titled subject matter of this Article

1.       Discussion on the main subject

It seems, Eritrea never possess anything easily. It is always the difficult way; the hard way; and consequently, the most ‘expensive’ way that Eritreans have to cough to get what others get without a sweat — at the lowest price too! Is it inherent that Eritrea is endowed with mysterious characteristic for Life? To say YES is to close the BOOK for ever, which means we would just fold our hands and be a silent spectator of Nature >>> hoping things will change ‘tomorrow’, somehow by some mysterious phenomenon.  And so, logically, it follows that I STOP here and wait for ‘tomorrow……………… but I can’t! And so, Dear Readers, please be patient with my diatribes and continue to read at your spare leisurely time.

2.       Action by Eritrea

By hook or by crook, Eritrea must MAINTAIN what it has already achieved out of the 30-year WAR for LIBERATION. There cannot be – indeed, there should never be – a lingering alternative. Doing so is tantamount to questioning the MENTALITY of the Eritrean Society, in its totality! It is blasphemy to simply assume that the horrendous sacrifice made by the Eritrean people and the destruction of the country as a whole amount for NOTHING.   Or – to put it absurdely – it is simple madness to surrender Eritrea to the country that it fought against, and came out victorious, for thirty-years to achieve INDEPENDENCE and OWNERSHIP of Eritrea!!! The destiny of Eritrea must (at any cost) be dependant upon the WILL of the Eritrean people, as a WHOLE – NEVER upon the whims of a single individual. Less than the cardinal Right of the Eritrean people it is tantamount to questioning whether Eritreans are indeed capable to be FREE and INDEPENDENT.

The forging of a scheme that is floating around is actually a TEST of the well-known DETERMINATION and WILL of the Eritrean people – as demonstrated during the 1961 -1991 era. For sure, it is still intact, though clouded by temporary confusion and surprises. In any case – once again — historical TEST is being hatched upon the Eritrean people i.e whether the subjucation of Eritrea during the last 27 years [1992 -2019] had any psychological effect on the moral of the Eritrean people.  OH! Lord, have mercy upon Eritrea – as it has suffered unproportionately for so long under the yoke of so many. NOT AGAIN!!!

3.       Historical Insidious Betrayal Perpetrated Against Eritrea.

At the risk of being repetitious, let me go back to the 30-year [1961 -1991] WAR between the tiny Eritrea [ of about 5 million] and the giant Ethiopia [of 100 million]. While Eritrea was able to defeat the well-known armed opponent and achieved its LIBERTY, it neverthelees LOST IT to a SINGLE indigenous hidden leader of the liberation war itself!!! Eritreans were caught off-guard by unexpected betrayal. It is the cruelest surprise ever perpetrated on Eritrea.  Even the well-known gallant and experienced Tegadelti were so infiltrated deeply that they were frozen like the legendery rabit against glaring light. Dito with the entire population of Eritrea. To use historical parrallel of other Societis as an argument is just a cover up and excuses.   Be that as it may, let us proceed with our subject matter as an expensive learning opportunity – sad as it is.

Absurd Question: Can a single person defeat an entire nation? Well, first of all, let us ask who Issayas Afewerki Abraha Miratch is. First and foremost, he is just a human being like all of us. But what makes him different are: a) his hatred for the Eritrean people based on ‘deregatory name-calling’ that he endured through out his youngster period and even in his adulthood; b) development of aggressiveness, vengeance  and hatred; c) the aquisation of tools such as self-appointed leadership and presidency to show Eritreans who he is; and c) finally the achievement of absolute dictatorship and determination to bring down the entire population of five million under his ‘BOOTS”.  He succeeded.

How did he succeed?  Answer: Issayas knew the “Achilles heel” of Eritreans such as: a) he knew the psyche of the Eritrean people; b) he knew the strength and weakness of Eritreans; c) he is born expert in manupilation of people; and d) unlike the rest of the mass, he is bold enough to take a risk.   With such string of talents, he manuplates the weak knee-bones of parochial divisions of Eritreans to the fullest — bringing down Eritrea helplessly flat on its face. There is no secrete. Issyas simply used the characteristic of Eritreans, as he knows it deeply.  Furthermore, with his tenacity, he lived up to his diabolical hateful promise >>> “ከርእየኩምዬ”። (1) I realize that I have repeated this quote ad nausea at the risk of irritating even the most patient, fair and insightful Readers. I realize too, that I am naïve on the extent of human nature. Just concentrating on Eritrea, five million people were deceived and out of their wits, in the 21st Century!

4.       Where do we go from here?

Before we answer the question, we must determine WHAT WE, COLLECTIVELLY, WANT AS ERITREANS.  This is a crucial step. Once it is sincerely and deeply agreed upon, the accomplishment thereof may not be that difficult to see it in reality. The thirty-year war was accomplished, with admirable success, because Eritreans wish to have LIBERTY, though keeping their inherent sociological differences on the back burner. The next step is for Eritreans to logically come to the conclusion, without any lingering doubt, that the OBSTACLE to THEIR LIBERTY must be ‘wiped off’ (2).  If we are unable to ‘wipe off’ the obstacle, the logical conclusion is that we must have inherent differences that frighten us to face THAT HIDDEN TRUTH. In conclusion, while we are paralysed with our individual parochial needs, the “obstacle” will keep on rolling collecting ‘dust’and eventually disintegrate the machinery of the whole system. We are then (it seems in a bizzare phenomenon) ‘relieved’ [!?!] because we do not have to make hard choices but to:  a) let others take over the machinery; b) modify it in their own way; and c) benefit smooth running machinery in addition to their own.

Finally, to answer the question above [i.e. ‘Where do we go from here”), we seem to be happly relieved from answering that question and leave the answer to other entities – and lead our Life as we had it for the last one hundred thirty years and more – but always with that everlasting DREAM of OUR ERITREA!!!

It is OUR choice; though it does NOT have to end that way. But as long as we latch to our inherent parochial mentality of religion, region, tribalism, racisim etc we will not move anywhere. The tendency to deny our REALITY is understandable but a hopless and short-sighted endeavour that serves no purpose for ‘united Eritrea’. One thing is for sure: deceiving our selves will NEVER make us FREE [3]

Finally, as always [but sadly at the irritation of very few] I like to express my appreciation to for granting me a free space to express my opinion – as it is the greatest and cardinal Right in a democratic free society that WE ERITREANS are struggling to achieve.  May I also add that as an independent person, I do not have an iota of motive in expressing my admiration for the service provided under the able guidance of Mr. Amanuel Eyasu. THE END                             Rezen                                                                                                                                                                                           ———————————–                                                                                                                   


(1) Page 322, Eritrea at a Crossroad by Andebrhan Welde Giorgis (2014)

 (2) Help me, Dear Scholars:  Was it not Khrushchev of the old USSR who asked: “what do you do if you see a ‘dirt’ on a wheel of smooth-running machinery?  He answered his own question: “wipe it off from the wheel”.

(3)  I would like to appeal to those Readers who are inclind to solve problems by insulting others to concentrate on the cardinal issue and use their knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of our common Eritrea. We ALL have crucial ‘LIFE AND DEATH’ matter to deal with, pertaining to our Eritrea.

Review overview
  • Tsehaye February 13, 2019

    Dearest and respected brother Rezen,
    Thank you for your brilliant article with lots of valid information and educational positive input.
    However, I still agree to disagree with your too much MIWIDAS like a typical WATA of that coward Amanuel Eyassu.
    This so-called fake journalist A.E. is another new dictator in making for poor/unfortunate Eritrea and Eritreans. All he does and specialize is in deleting fair/valid {may be sometimes a bit sexy and organic} comments that doesn’t agree with his few gutless, toothless, vision less opportunists ELF/Jebha terefmerefs remnants who contribute absolutely nothing to Eritrea. Brother Rezen, just imagine if this fake A.E so-called journalist becomes the next Eritrean Information minister {the new Ali Abdu Ahmed} God forbid of course, he’ll be deleting not only brilliant comments like yours and mine but he’d also be deleting poor commentators without any warning or reasons!!
    You see our coward journalist A.E is still in his old Sahel/Nakfa bush practicing his old nasty deleting/eliminating opponents. All he has changed is his old KONGO shoes and KUMTA scruffy cloths to the latest three pieces suits, designers glasses and fashionable shoes. The only thing that never changes with this hagereseb businessman is his old weird monkey voices but I suppose once a monkey always the same old ugly monkey {in monkeys suits}!!

    • Muller-Mulugeta February 13, 2019

      Haw Tsehaye,
      I wouldn’t be that surprised if Amanuel Eyasu actually becomes the next Eritrean information minister in a new free democratic Eritrea, after all a drop out lunatic is the current president of the poor state of Eritrea. What ever happened to the former information minister Ali Abdu anyway?

      • asmerom February 13, 2019

        How do you know that is his dreams and he is lunatic as well?

    • Asmara Eritrea February 21, 2019

      Skimmed through above article very quickly. It is an excellent piece and timely. However, it seems to miss one key and important component to change in Eritrea. That is the Eritrean Defence Forces whose role is to protect the country from external and internal enemy. Isaias is clearly an enemy within.

      Under the circumstance, shouldn’t our efforts be deployed to waking up the EDF from their deep sleep and get one of them to use his/her tools to liberate Eritrea from Isaias. Unlike our struggle for freedom from Ethiopian oppression, I do not think we need a Gedly nor a 30-year war to remove a drunken lunatic from power.

      The EDF needs to be infiltrated proactively if we are going to bring change in our country and we must.

      Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

  • Goitom February 13, 2019

    Mr Rezen, Eritrea’s tegadelti were given boundless respect and admiration to the extent were worshiped as gods.
    Eritrean society wrongly took back seat assuming the tegadelti or “liberators” are there to safeguard freedom only to find out freedom can’t survive unless it is guarded by all.
    As the tegadelti abandoned the spirit of freedom and justice they supposedly fought for, ordinary citizens (derisively referred as gebar by tegadelti) also willingly accepted a second class citizenship role. And it all went downhill from there onward sadly. The best solution for the current Eritrean fiasco is (sadly again) a military takeover and the establishment of a government led by technocrats.

  • Muller-Mulugeta February 13, 2019

    Haw Rezen,
    “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”, I don’t know who said this but how very true, indeed.
    Poor Eritreans think with their caveman brain not with their God given modern, educated and logical brain. Where they to exercise the better part of their brain they would NOT have found themselves destitute and homeless or enslaved. And they definitely wouldn’t have tried to invent a nation at a time when nationhood was becoming obsolete.
    In addition to that, relatively speaking, thanks to some exposure to Italian civilization, they were at the top of the food chain before “the independence madness/adventure”; now they have become infiltrators, migrants, refugees, conscripts, boat people, slaves…… never have the people of Eritrea being worst off.
    The 28 yrs old Eritrean so called independence (more like slavery) has shown two glaring realities: that independence doesn’t necessarily bring better life conditions for Eritrea and Eritreans and that it doesn’t also mean bad life conditions for Ethiopians. Both realities explain how unjustifiably high price was paid during the long bloody war and devastation.

  • aditekelezan February 14, 2019

    ክቡራት ASSENNA
    ነተን ክውቀጣ ዘፍቀድኩምለይ ርእይቶታተይ እናመስገንኩ እታ ኣብዚኣ ዝወቀጥክዋ ንውሕ ዝበለትን መሃሪትን ርእይቶ ድኣ ደምሲስኩማ. እወ ንዝኾነ ይኹን ግለሰብ ወይ ቀቢላ ዘይዘለፈት brilliant ዝኾነት እንደገና ክትውቅጥዋ ተስፋ እገብር. ስለ እተን ተፍቅዱለይ የቐንየለይ.

  • ዝበረቐ ጽሓየይ February 14, 2019

    ነታ ብቕንያቱ ‘ካብዚኸ ናበይ ንኸይድ ‘ብዝብል ኣርእስቲ ሓው ረዘን ኣብ ዝተፈላለየ ኣርእስትታት ንዓና ንሓፋሽ ዝሓተተንን ብሰሙኑ ምስ ፈተውተይን ኣዕሩኽተይን ክዝትየሉ ቐንየ ፠ እቶም ተጋደልቲ ዝነበሩ ጽምቕ ብዝበለ ናይ መብዛሕትኦም እምነት ‘ ንሜዳ እኮ ሽርሽር ኣይኮንናን ኬድና ንሃገርና ነጻ ከነውጽእ ኢልና ኢና ሰንኪልናን ተሰዊእናን፠ ሕጂ ተደሚርና ኣብ ትሕቲ ግዝኣት ኢትዮጵያ ኽንከውንሲ እቶም ስዉኣትከ እንታይ ክብሉ; ንብላሽ ተቓሊስና ማለት ድዩ ; ዝነደዳ ዓድታት ዝጠፍኤ ህዝቢ እዚሲ ብጭራሽ ኣይከውንንዩ’ ዝብል እዩ፠ እቶም ምድማር ዝመረጹ ድማ ‘ ብመጀመርያ ስዉኣት ከይቅየሙና ኢልና ህሉዋት ኣይነቐይምን ; ድሓር ስዉኣት ቅድሚ ንኤርትራ ንኤርትራውያን እኮ እዮም ተሰዊኦም;ንሕና ድማ ናይ 1993 ውሳኔና ዳግመ ርእይቶ ጌርናሉ ምድማር ብኹሉ ሸነኹ ዘዐውት ኮይኑ ረኺብናዮ;ድሓር ተደሚርና ኣካል ኢትዮጵያ ኽንከውን እምበር ትሕቲ ኢትዮጵያ ኽንከውን ዝበለ የለን’ ኢሎም ምድማር ከም ዝመርጹ ገሊጾም፠ ካብ ዘዛራረብኩዎም ኣዕሩኽተይን ፈለጥተይን መብዛሕትኦም እኳ ምድማር እንተመረጹ;ዝበዝሕ ተሓታታይ ግን ቅጭ ዝመጾን ሂወቱ ጥራይ ክመርሕ ዝደሊ እዩ;ግን እቲ ቕድሚ ዓመታት ዝነበሮ ዕሉል ሃገራዊ ሃልሃልትኡ ዝቕሃመ ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ ብማይ ተረብሪቡ ዝጠፍኤ እውን ይመስል፠
    ካብቶም ተጋደልቲ ዝነበሩ ጸረ ምድማር ተሓተትቲ .. ‘ኤርትራ እኮ ኣብ ሕቡራት ሃገራት ብሕጊ ዝተፈልጠት ; ናይ ባዕላ ባንዴራን ባጤራን ዘለዋ ሃገርያ ,እዚ ብጭራሽ ኣይቅየርን እዩ ;ብኽንደይ መስዋእቲ ዝመጸ እዩ’ ክብሉ ; ሓደ ካብቶም ተደመርቲ ድማ ‘ክቡራት, ጉዳይና ከም ጉዳይ ምብራቕ ጀርመን ነበርን ምዕራብ ጀርመንን እዩ፠ ምብራቕ ጀርመን ካብቲ በዝባዝን ርእሰ ማላውን ዝበለቶ ስርዓት ምዕራብ ጀርመን ተገንጺላ ስርዓት ዴስነት መሪጻ ተጓዒዛ ;ሃገሮም ብናይ 72 ስለላ መሳሊ ተመሪሓ; ዜጋ ኣንጻር ዜጋ (ደጋፍን ተቓዋማይን) ዝዓይነቱ ኣካይዳ ኤኮኖሚኣ ኣንቆልቂሉ ብፍርሓትን ሓሳርን ምስ ተቖሽመደት ; መወዳእታ ናይ ሰማንያታት ምስ ምዕራብ ጀርመን ክትድመር ምስ መረጸት እንሀለት ኣብዚ እዋን እዚ ህዝባ በልጺጉን ተፈሲሑን ይነብር ኣሎ ; ንምንታይ ኢኹም እዞም ጸረ ምድማር ዝኾንኩም ናይ ሎሚ ድሌት ህዝብና ዘይተኽብሩ ? ንምንታይ ኣብ ሕሉፍ ትነብሩ ኢሉ እምነት ተደመርቲ ደምዲምዎ፠
    ክቡራት ተኸታተልቲ ኣሰና ድማ ሓደራ ብዘይ ሻርነት ንፈተውትኹምን ፈለጥትኹምን ሓቲትኩም ጉዳይ ሃገር 100% ብድሌት በዚሓ (majority( ኣብ ተግባር ከይውዓለ እንከሎ ንህዝብና ሓሳቡ ,ሓሳብ ምድማር ከነቐይሮ እንተኾንና እቲ ጊዜ ሕጂ እዩ፠

    • k.tewolde February 14, 2019

      “ዝበዝሕ ተሓታታይ ግን ቅጭ ዝመጾን ሂወቱ ጥራይ ክመርሕ ዝደሊ እዩ;ግን እቲ ቕድሚ ዓመታት ዝነበሮ ዕሉል ሃገራዊ ሃልሃልትኡ ዝቕሃመ ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ ብማይ ተረብሪቡ ዝጠፍኤ እውን ይመስል፠”>>>good observation,you doing your homework very well,however,have you explored how this current Eritrean fogy scenario was concocted?can you make an attempt to tell us who relentlessly was dousing the scorching flames of Eritrean nationalism over the years? your German unification analogy is out of context,it doesn’t have remote resemblance with a sovereign nation which fought for 30 yrs for its independence,interpret history as is not as you want.I know you trying hard to sell this new merchandise “medemer” by creating this atmosphere of inelastic political demand,but you are underestimating the audience Mr.Zibereqe,I don’t know which Eritreans you talking to,the authentic ones are not enticed by your fake merchandise even in a desperate market.Love your Tigrigna though and your modesty. YEKENYELNA ZIHAWEY.

  • Wedi Hagher February 14, 2019

    ኩቡር ዶክቶር ክ፡ ተወልደ

    እዞም ንድሕሪት ክመልሱና ዝደልዩ ዘለዉ ደቂ ጎረብትና፥ ማዕረ ክንደይ ካብ ሕማቅ ተግባራቶም ተማሂሪና ከም ዘለና ኣይተረዶኦምን።
    መዋእል ኣብ ዝሓለፈ ነበረ-ያ-ነበረ ተሸኺሎም ፥ ንሕና ከም ህዝቢ ፥ ብሰንኪ ዝወረደና ግፍዒ ፥ ንኹሉ ፥ ማዓልታዊ ንሪኦን ንሰምዖን ፥ ኣዳቂቅና ንኸይድ ክም ዘለና ኣይፈለጡን።
    ኤሪትራዊ ንቅሓቱ ብናህሪ እንዳ ወሰኸ ኣብ ዝኸደሉ ዘሎ ግዜ፥ ኤሪትራ ሃገርና ፥ነዚ ሰይጣናዊ ጉጂለ ኣልያ ፥ ኣብ ጎደና ሕግን ፍትሕን ክትምርሽ እያ።
    ሃገርና ንዘልዓልም ከቢራ ትንበር።
    ሞጎስን ክብርን ንጀጋኑ ስዉኣትና።

    • k.tewolde February 14, 2019

      Yes this nation will prevail,Wedi Hagher, KABTA ZIGHEBRUKA,ITA KIFA’E ZIMHRUKA.We were too gullible,trusting,I know my people.

  • COW FACE February 15, 2019

    how nice it would be if the opposition created a seminar to discuss current issue.

  • ዝበረቐ ጽሓየይ February 17, 2019

    ኣብቲ ዘድሊ ጽኑዕ መርገጽ ከም ዘለኒ ክሕብረካ
    1) ኣግኣዝያን ዝብሃል መንግስቲ ኣብ ኤርትራ እግሩ ከይረግጽ;እዛ ትግርኛን ራሻይዳን ጎኒ ንጎኒ ኾይኖም ዝተቓለሱላ ሃገር ዓዲ ትግርኛ ጥራይ ኣይትኸውንን እያ
    2) ደቀንስትዮ ማዕርነተን ምስ ዘይራጋገጽ ግንባር ቀደም ዝዋደቐለን ኣነ እየ፠
    3) ቆልዑ ብገለ ጨካናት ወለዲ ዘይተማጣጠነ መግረፍትን ሞራል ምድቋስን ንኸይበጽሖም ሽምጠይ ገቲረ ዝጣበቐሎም ኣነ እየ፠
    4) ሸሪዓ ንሃገርና ኣትዩ ጸቓጢን ጸረ ደቀንስትዮ ዝኾነ ተግባራቱን ከየካይድ ኣትሪረ ኽቃለስየ፠
    ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ክግንጸል ደለየ ወይ ምስ ኣቢይ ተደሚሩ ‘ሕቡራት መንግስታት ኢትዮጵያ’ ክምስርት ደለየ ግን ናይ ማንም ዜጋ መሰል ስለ ዘይጥሕስ ኣብዚ ዝበረቐ ጽሓየይ ህዝበይ ዝመረጾ ድማ መንግስተይ ምባለይ ዕሉል ዲሞክራስያውያዊ የብለኒ እምበር መርገጽ ኣልቦ ኣየብለንን፠
    ሓው k.tewolde ድሌት ህዝቢ እናረገጽካ ተሪር መርገጽ ኣለኒ ኣይትበል፠ህዝብና ከምቲ ኣብ ሕቡራት መንግስታት ኢትዮጵያ ክልላዊ መንግስታት ትግራይ,ኣምሓራ,ኦሮሞ ወዘተ ዘለዋ; ፍልይቲ ኽልል ኤርትራ ድማ ኣካሉ ክትከውን እናደለየት ንምንታይ ትኸልኣ ? ካልኣይ ሬፌረንደም ኣይግብኦን ድዩ ህዝብና ?

    • Danilo February 17, 2019

      ኣየ ሑንኩሊቢቶ፡ብዘይካ ንስኻ ዳግማይ ረፈረንዱም ንግበር ወይ ናብ ክልል ኢቲዮጲያ ( ንደመር ) ዝበለካ ወይ ዝብለካ የለን።ንስኻ፡ ክንዲ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ክትዛረብ መሰል ኣለካ ድዩ?እቲ ኣፈ-ጨለ ሙኹዋን ትሓላቂ ዘምስለካ’ውን እንትርፊ መስሓቅ ፋይዳ ዘይቡሉ፡ቡሉይ፡ሃሳስ ፕሮፓጋንዳ ኡዩ’ሞ በጃኻ ተሰተር።ኣብ ቅሓይ ብራቅ ዝኑቂ ደርሆ ኣይ ተባዕታይ፡ ኣይ ኣንስታይ ንሸኾርተት ዳኣ’ሞ ናይ ኮምዲያን ስራሕ ስለዝኾነ ሸለል ንብል።ግን፡ኤርትራዊ እንተኾንካ ማለተይ እዩ።ብዝተረፈ፡ሳላ ገታሸው ኢሳያስ ዶብ ተኸፊቱ ከሎ ህደም ዳሕራይ ከይትጠሓስ።

  • Genet-Original February 19, 2019

    Hi assenna and Aman
    Good to be at assenna
    I see, the crooked neighbors are over our house uninvited. Can someone tell them to go home?

  • Genet-Original February 19, 2019

    Hi Rezen
    I see, you are felling unease about the whole situation of our country Eritrea. I appropriate your assertion of “Eritrea being already a SOVEREIGN STATE. This fact should not be tampered with through back doors and sophisticated political maneuvering or betrayals”. Good point. But we, Eritreans need be careful not to sleep on that fact and thinking the troubled water will pass without sweeping our existent to uncharted territory. DIA worked for 50+ years to get where he is now. For us, Eritrean nothing left, but to come together and build a life line or bridge over the troubled water. No question, change is coming. it is starting on social media. For any body who tend to doubt the social media impact on change, just need to look back the Ethiopian experience. We can do it too.
    We are Eritreans first and most!!!
    ERITREA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

    • Danilo February 19, 2019

      Genet, I love your comment and stand. Frankly speaking, this forum is infected on the name of free speech but a true Eritrean could not tolerate because feel in danger even by outsiders typically cow face, aditekelezan, and zibereqe tsihayey. For me, is absord that Assenna accommodate those outsiders.