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Subject: “The silent death of Eritreanzm by Warsaye Adhanom, JUNE 18, 2019”

Subject: “The silent death of Eritreanzm by Warsaye Adhanom, JUNE 18, 2019”   Here is a commentary that triggers me to submit a lengthy  Article: QUOTE: “let’s take it back over half a century, slow, methodical and agonizing death with our

Subject: “The silent death of Eritreanzm by Warsaye Adhanom, JUNE 18, 2019”


Here is a commentary that triggers me to submit a lengthy  Article:

QUOTE: “let’s take it back over half a century, slow, methodical and agonizing death with our implied consent by k.tewolde, JUNE 18, 2019”UNQUOTE.

Indeed, “our implied consent”.   Let us go back to the beginning >>> to be exact, 53 years ago. It was the DAY (Footnote 1) that issayas Afewerki Abraha Miratch went to the Addis Ababa Bus Station on his way to join the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF). Two of his University colleagues saw him off.  On the way back, one of the colleagues made an amazing forecast about the future Action of Issayas. Here it is: ኢሳያስ፣ ነታ ገድሊ ኣብ ክልተ ክመቅላ  እዩ   እንተዘይኪኢሉ፣ ተመሊሱ ክመጽእ   Indeed, Eritreans NOW know that Issayas had no intention to LIBERATE Eritrea but to fulfill his long-hidden deep hatred against Eritreans.  He never had the intention of making a State out of Eritrea but a historical statue for his glaring hatred upon the Eritrean society.


Issayas proved his evil intention [call it revenge] with his adamant negation of the first Draft Constitution of Eritrea that he pretended to issue, thus fooling the entire population of Eritrea!!! He also orchestrated about having parliamentary assembly etc but only as an orchestration of deceipt. He never had the intention of democratic institution for Eritrea.  He also tooted about the greatness of Eritrea but never meant a word of what he tooted. In short, Issayas succeeded in hypnotizing the entire innocent vast majority of the Eritrean people and ruled by dictatorial characterstic behviour.  In short, Issayas Afewerki — lovingly nick-named ወዲ አፎም by his mesmerized followers — anointed himself as the Darling Master of Eritrea and Eritreans. ERITREA cannot blame anyone but ITSELF.


In any case, Eritrea — with its renowned highly educated scholars (Footnote 2), with the highest academic degrees from well known Universities around the Globe — believed him and elevated him on the highest pedestal and treated him like a semi-god. Issayas must have had inner laughter and exponentially demeaning attitude towards the innocent Eritrean people.  Consequently, his success must have had an increased hatred and proportional low opinion upon the entire population of Eritrea.  To this day, shocking as it may sound, there are Eritreans who still believe and worship Issayas!!!


Again, in any case, Issayas accomplished the first stage of his scheme i.e being accepted as a Hero of the Eritrean population. At the same time, in tandem, he developed formidable security system by which Eritreans were spies upon Eritreans and developing animosity against each other to protect – odd as it is — their beloved Hero, but secretive inherent enemy!!!  If it is any consolation, it is not a new or strange phenomenon. Other dictators around the Globe have done it and are doing it. Sordid examples can be found in our own dear poor Africa.


At one point in time, Issayas had to reveal his true characteristic to his obedient, hapless, helpless, servant citizens. Shocking as it may sound, he was not through yet with Eritrean people!!!  Here is what he shared with a comrade in a relaxed atmosphere over a couple of alcoholic beverage:  Issayas declared that he was not through yet with the people of Eritrea, as he put it in two words  “ክርእዬኩም  እዬ” (Footnote 3).  And he did. His true intention is now fully revealed i.e.  unless Eritreans are adamant enough not to recognize (if not accepting) the reality of Issayas’ hatered towards them. The intended END result, which has been hatched a long time ago, has now come to reality. It means Eritreans are, once again, for the second time,  forced to face an  enemy, though this time from its own ‘belly’. One is tempted to conjure the hand of a supernatural force, making Eritrea a land for eternal fighting. It also seems, the well known Eritrean 30-year struggle for the achievement of INDEPENDENT and FREE COUNTRY has, once again, a long way to go – though the Tigrigna wisdom is something that Eritreans may wish to heed, in passing >>> እንተዘይሞትክን፣ ጥዕና  አለክን 


What else is there left for Eritreans to do? We have seen notable individuals searching [and diplomatically nudging each other] for the possibility of taking over the “chair” of Issayasa. African leaders and others have done it, and still doing it, for their own individual benefits. Eritreans are not exception nor Angels. With that background of reality, Eritreans who are divided into some 80 to 90 liberation groups [presumably, ALL WORKING FFOR THE SAME OBJECTIVE] safely secured in foreign countries, far away from Issayas Afewerki, will keep on being occupied by themselves for themselves, thus making retirement age exciting and acceptable. Some of them are old enough to be close to their grave yard!!!


Where are the ‘young blood’ of Eritrea? They are: a) undertaking indefinite military drill to exhaustion; and b) scattered around the Globe searching for daily ‘bread’ for mere existence. We must also remember, with guilt consciousness, those young Eritreans who were devoured in the Seas and Oceans of the Globe, searching for FREEDOM. It is an irony, that Eritreans have given horrendous sacrifice for LIBERTY, and FREEDOM, but only to find themselves nurturing an internal ‘human animal’ for their own demise!!! Thus, the historical image of the most acclaimed Eritrean liberation struggle in the world is now turned into ruins by one mortal soul. The fact that the phenomenon is not unique in our World is NOT – and will NEVER  be –  a consolation to Eritrea, nor did it surprise other countries that have gone through similar devastation in world history.  THE END



(1)   It was catalytic end of the First Year Unversity for Student Issayas Afewerki who was egotistically crushed to find out that he was one of the First-Year Failure Students.

(2)   It is roughly estimated that there are about 20,000 Ph D holder Eritreans  in a population  of  anywhere between  a wild guess estimate of 3 to 5 million people

(3) page 322, Eritrea at a Crossroad, A Narrative of Triumph, Betrayal and Hope by Andebrhan Welde Giorgis — 2014

Review overview
  • Alazar June 20, 2019

    Eritrea had much bigger political and legal standing to claim its statehood
    like Libya and Somalia from Italy or British colonialists than from kind mama Ethiopia.
    Why were there not so-called liberation fronts against fascist Italy or imperialist British?
    Eritrea was NOT meant to be a state at all, that’s why. Wedi Afom jigna made it possible and WILL keep it as a state.

    • Asmara Eritrea June 22, 2019

      Don’t give me a shitty lecture. No one but no one gave Eritrea its freedom. Our martyrs earned our country’s freedom through sweat, blood and tears. May they rest in peace!

      If Ethiopia wants another fight it can have it. May take 30 years but it will be crashed again. It will be another David and Goliath fight. And you know who wins!

      Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

  • Gedamu June 21, 2019

    People and nations get leaders or rulers that they deserve. Wicked and twisted Eritreans truly deserve diablos Esayas for ever. Let’s hope and pray that Esayas’s son Abraham Esayas Afeworki becomes another angel like his father for Eritrea!!

  • Hagherawi June 21, 2019

    Alazar, Gedamo

    Please leave this website.
    Insulting Eritrea will not do any good to you. If you are some of those born to ex-Ethiopian soldiers, you are not doing any good to your Eritrean mothers. If you hate Eritrea don’t waste you time, go to your country.

  • tewelde gebremariam June 22, 2019

    Many , like the author of the article, professed dooms and glooms for Eritrea and Eritreans during the liberation era but they bit their tongue in shame and disgrace. in the wake of the glorious victory of the Mighty EPLFs. The set back we have been going through since independence was caused partly by our complacency combined with the treacherous dream of the impostor of isaias afewerk and his cabals that have usurped our State Apparatus disguised as ultra patriotic Eritreans.

    Now that we have learnt the hard way; awakened from our slumber and uncovered and unveiled the true identity and hidden motive of the impostor isaias afewerk and his cabals, there is no force in the world that can hold us back from crushing the treacherous impostors, And the offspring of the vain forecasters of doom and gloom, like their parents, of which the author represent, will bite their tongues. Of these, I am hundred percent confident.