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Subject: The Ever-Elusive True Liberation that Eritrea Never Achieved — Part 7 — INDEPENDENCE & LIBERATION Day of ERITREA

Subject: The Ever-Elusive True Liberation that Eritrea Never Achieved —                                                    

Subject: The Ever-Elusive True Liberation that Eritrea Never Achieved —                                                                                      Part 7   — INDEPENDENCE & LIBERATION Day of ERITREA


Yesterday, 25 May 2019 was the 28th anniversary occasion to congratulate each other for the INDEPENDENCE and LIBERATION of Eritreans  >>> even though, shocking as it may sound,  the Eritrean people are not liberated nor independent in the TRUE meanings of the words.  On the other hand, Issayas has a solid reason to celebrate the DAY where his true mission on Eritrea came to fruition with extraordinary success. He worked for it for a period of thirty-years – silently, patiently, steadily, treachery — and came out conquering the Eritrean population and became our unchallenged Ruler. Unsurprisingly, he will continue to do so until he reached the age well beyond the senile age of ninety. After all, he said it to a colleague in a moment of free atmosphere with a glass of spirit: “ከረእየክኡም  እዬ”። Indeed, he did and would no longer be a surprise if he transferred it to his off-springs. So, YESTERDAY  was the 25th of May celebration of the unchallenged success of Issayas Afewerki Abraha Miratch.

But not all is lost. YESTERDAY was  also a remembrance day for Eritreans who fought gallantly for thirty-years to liberate Eritrea from Ethiopia, regardless of the unexpected final shocking result concocted by internal force, resulting in Eritreans finding themselves transferred from Emperorship absolute dictatorial regime of Ethiopia to a new indigenous absolute dictatorship of Eritrea. The pure-hearted Eritreans have no choice but to accept their mysterious curse [መርገም] and dance, dance, and dance to the wee hours of the night as a solace for their mysterious misfortune.  That is the only way that Eritreans can retain a sense of normalcy in THEIR LIFE. If it is any consolation, Eritreans may wish to find a solace  [a sanctuary]  out of recognition of similar history taking place by others around the Globe.  Just look at our Dear Africa.   We are not different. 

But let us stick to Eritrea: is there a salvation to Eritrea? Before we answer the question, it would be prudent to reflect upon the inherent ancient sociological composition of Eritrea ITSELF. Let us be honest to ourselves. Eritrea has overwhelming Scholars of the highest calibre in the world to help us decipher the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of our history >>> good as well as the shameful parts of our nature. Let us also be honest: During the last twenty six years, what have our Scholars achieved  to direct Eritrea as the right track of socioeconomics and political institutions for the benefit of the Eritrean people?   NOTHING! Conveniently, the excuse and blame fall on the self-appointed Dictatorial President of Eritrea. I rush to add: it is not to deny the devilish character of Issayas. In any case, the people of Eritrea are forced to look upon (once again) on the famous Eritrean Freedom Fighters (ተጋደልቲ ) to approach their comrade in arms  to honour their promise to their faithful civilian Eritrean people who were their faithful back bone during the 30-year liberation struggle.  Alas, sad to say, there wasn’t – and still there isn’t — a blip of sound from them!!!  It is a mysterious phenomenon, where the world renowned Eritrean freedom fighters found themselves wordless to ’correct’ the trajectory of their comrade in arms.   And so, Issayas has a free hand to accomplish his long-hatched grievances [bordering hatred] over the Eritrean people.

 And the people of Eritrea are (to use a common expression) left hanging to dry and wither away. What is then left on the open field, is for the daring Issayas Afewerki Abraha Miratch to have his way and accomplish his ultimate agenda, with extraordinary patience and ingenious manipulation. But WE are not free yet with excuses. The foundation of Issayas’ success is One and ONLY ONE i.e. The FAULT LINE of ERITREAN MAKE-UP.  YES, the COMPOSITION of Eritrean MAKE-UP. Nothing else.  And no  mountain denials is going to change the realty (the make-up) of Eritrea. So, we go dancing in front of HIM [the majesty of Eritrea]  displaying our subservient to our BELOVED MASTER >>> of course,  in the name of Eritrean LIBERATION & INDEPENDENCE DAY, whether we like it or not.

 Why do we Eritreans behave they way we do?  It is in our mysterious nature. Take for example, the factual history where Eritreans fought among themselves and massacred EACH OTHER in the middle of a simultaneous war against a common ENEMY!!! It must be a world record for a mysterious behaviour where ‘brothers liquidate each other while simultaneously fighting a common enemy!!!  If – for a moment — we pretend to act like psychiatrist or psychologist we may be forced to conclude that we are our own eternal  ‘ENEMY’. But, unsurprisingly,  we try to cover it by a mountain of website insults to anyone questioning our sociological behaviour. We are extremely sensitive when a trace of sociological issue is raised. An Eritrea can withstand any problem or difficulty but completely goes berserk when it comes to the reality of Eritrean composition.  So, the TRAGEDY goes on,  and on, and  Eritrea  will continue to pile-up  more colonial history of subservience and Eritreans will continue to roam around the Globe  with dancing [ጓይላ] for the yearly celebration of  LIBERATION  & INDEPENDENCE Day,  under the master guidance of our orchestra.

Mysteriously, one day, the Good Lord way up in Heaven may decide to change his mind about Eritreans and would give us a break  from our sordid behaviour. Amen and Inshalah [in alphabetical order, please].  THE END

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  • k.tewolde May 31, 2019

    Perfect example,the IT professionals of this website trying to use their domain to stifle voices of prudence.Watch out hizbey for these cyber dictators,they are embedded everywhere to take advantage of your toil,rings a bell!?

    • Amine May 31, 2019

      Now you know? Welcome to assenna!

      • Alazar June 1, 2019

        Ayite Amine, why are you welcoming him, was he lost in your Tigray refugee camps?

    • Asmara Eritrea May 31, 2019

      The bottom-line is that we Eritreans are weak and ineffective. Not only have we created the most horrendous dictator, of the worst kind but we have consistently failed to chop his head off. Can you imagine Isaias lasting a day in Somalia, Pakistan or such other countries? I can’t. An hour of Isaias for them would probably be too long – I can envisage a queue being formed in that time to take him out.

      We have the most ineffective armed forces in the world who use their tools as a bed pillow rather than to save their own country from extinction. The only way Eritrea will be freed from Isaias is by force in just the same way our martyrs resounded defeated of the Ethiopian forces to liberate our homeland.

      Sadly, the people of Eritrea have now refined the art of talking and fleeing their homeland in large numbers. And those in the country, dancing around Asmara draped in Ethiopian flag – the very symbol of torture and killing of our people not long ago. How mad can one get? If it was me, I would ban the Ethiopian flag not only from Asmara but across Eritrea. Anyone caught dancing draped in Ethiopian flag should be treated as a traitor, brought to justice, flogged and sent to a mental clinic to regain sanity.

      Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

      • Gezae June 7, 2019


    • Tsehaye June 2, 2019

      K.Tewolde, well said, indeed.
      “The IT professionals of this website trying to use their domain to strife voices of prudence”.
      I never considered you as a brave and courageous commentator of mass hizbey side.
      You always seemed to me an opportunist and an attention seeking individual with big ego.

      • Danilo June 2, 2019

        Tsehaye, don’t be idiot! Fabricating your own comment as excellent using others name. Otherwise, just wait until k. Tewolde respond for you and me.

        • Tsehaye June 3, 2019

          Damilo, don’t be a sick parrot! Should I be scared while waiting for your K.Tewolde ‘respond’ then? And are you an expert of fabricated moslem diQala gimmicks? Get a real meaningful life outside assenna old crippled parrot.

          • Danilo June 3, 2019

            Tsehaye, why do you jump to insult Muslim? Which is not on the topic. I told you stupid. okay insult me equally or more because you deserve it. but not religion of others ( not even yours & mine ). Be conscious brother. Thank you.

          • Haben June 6, 2019

            Oh Tsehaye I feel sorry for people like you who suffer r from either mental instability or inferiority complex due to identity crisis – desperation -desperation

    • Tsehaye...the peasants’ June 4, 2019

      ዘመንያ ግርምቢጥ ማይ ንዓቐብ። ገብረኪዳን ተወልደመድህን (K. Tewold) ንኣሰና ትኸሰሉ ግዜ መጺኡ። እስከበል በዛ ናይ ወዲ ገብሩ ደርፊ ክንዓጹ፡ ንኹሉ ንኹሉ እንኳዕ ኣርከብኩሉ። You can listen the whole song on YouTube. Cheers!

    • tewelde gebremariam June 10, 2019

      The offspring of the defeated and scraped invaders are coming back wrapping themselves as Eritreans to vent their shame and disgrace, of which the author of the above trashy article is glaring embodiment.

      And beware of these pathological liars. They also claim that Ethiopia was never colonized . The truth is, it was indeed an Italian colony. Haile selase had run away with is family on donkeys without shooting any weapon and his military had collapsed. He pleaded for asylum , granted and lived in England for five years. It was a matter of luck that the 2nd world war broke out and the allied forces defeated the fascists and liberated both Eritrea and Ethiopia. obviously, had the 2nd world war never taken place, fascist Italians would have remained in both countries for a lot longer time.

      Xenophane, an ancient Greek Philosopher said the following about 500 years B.C.: Each man represents the gods as himself— the Ethiopians, as black and flat-nosed. But those who currently claim to be Ethiopians not only deny to be blacks and flat-nosed.but claim to be Habesha, which they cannot pronounce.

      As we can see they are in identity crisis because their claims are totally irrational, for one thing cannot be two contradictory things simultaneously and with the same respect.

      The truth is, in the ancient time, it was the Nubians whom the Greek referred to as Ethiopians as denigratory term, which the Arabs translated into Arabic language, Sudan.

      • tewelde gebremariam June 10, 2019

        please, reading the following:.——had run away with is family– as … had run away with his family.

  • Warsay Adhanom May 31, 2019

    I agree with your analysis. And DIA know this very well, and exploited it effectively.The Eritrean freedom fighters had their chance during the demonstration of 2001. But DIA took a note. He dismantled EPLF, and created his own party. He did not provide any support to the freedom fighters. He encourage them to go abroad and earn a living.And he used the war as a cover to do his evil deeds in the name of national security.That is why he started the war. But i still blame the other senior leaders who were working closely with him for not taking action. How can they wait until he takes action on them. Once, or twice you can be fulled, but you can not be fulled all the time. How many of the are jailed, killed, or laid off, and after a few months jailed. And mysteriously die…However, i am hopefully with the new generation, we will learn to respect each other, and call out when we see in justice. We have paid too much sacrifice to let it go..We will build a prosperous Eritrea, where all its people live in a harmony.

  • Hagherawi May 31, 2019

    What we see happening today in Eritrea is deeply rooted in liberation war history.
    Iseyas and all those who were members of his different killing squads, took control of EPLF and eventually created their own party.
    These people are not ordinary freedom fighters. They are maybe few hundreds but each of them is another Iseyas in his own right.
    Their past is equally monstrous as that of their master. In the last 40+ years they kept Iseyas in power by liquidating anyone who Iseyas thought poses some risk to his absolute power.
    Thanks to the invisible killing squads, Iseyas enjoyed life abroad in places like Rome, Beirut, Mogadishu, Aden etc. while ordinary Tegadelti thought he was a saint working for Eritrea.
    The sad part is that his absence will not necessarily bring change.
    His men will make sure they are safe at any cost. They are not going anywhere. They will keep protecting their boss till his gone to hell.

  • Hagherawi June 1, 2019

    “The only way Eritrea will be freed from Isaias is by force in just the same way our martyrs resounded defeated of the Ethiopian forces to liberate our homeland.”

    Asmara Eritrea

    It will take a lot of time for many people to understand this sad truth.
    The sooner we realize this fact the better. Else few years from now our country will be unrecognizable.

  • Danilo June 1, 2019

    I believe too the only use of force will overthrow iseyas regime. Some may say create bloodshed but isn’t enough emptying people and reining the country until give up. We are watching, hearing what is up to mean peaceful while no peace at all. It is true iseyas has supporters who socked their hands with blood never ever could be wiped easy. thus why we have to line up RED line sooner than later.

  • Warsay Adhanom June 3, 2019

    We need to understand that until DIA feels his life is life danger, he will not leave. Therefor he should be removed by force. The sooner the better. We are racing with time. Dictators are cowards, and they love them themselves a lot to die. Look at Gadfy, Sadam where they ended up hiding. We should not worry about the rest of his followers. They are a punch of crewel brain less, who has low intelligence. He made sure to surround himself with this people..Once you cat the head, the rest will collapse.

    • Danilo June 3, 2019

      Warsay, this is what I want to hear. DIA is leaving only upon our fear. His shadow too hardly seeing Bearley by dirt mirror. besides, what do we expect “after all for sell “? Our recourses human power, identity dignity many more to say. …

  • Woldegabriel June 11, 2019

    Dear Tewelde Gebremariam,
    Thank you very much. Apart from the silent observers, it seems you are the only one who understood the objectives and intentions of the article.

  • tewelde gebremariam June 11, 2019

    Thank you indeed Woldegebriel,—-> Anfra Qoquoh Zeyfelts Ayhadanayn…..

    What the author did not understand was that we know where he lives… a Glass House….. He ought not to have thrown his stones at us but he did, and that was why we exposed him, including the false and shameful history he recites ignorantly, and the equally false and shameful identity he ignorantly bears. We hope we have awakened him up from his fantasy world.

    Remember: ethiopia in Greek means Sudan in Arabic; and both of them are derogatory adjective words the greek and arabs used on the Nubian people.

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