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Subject: The Destiny of a Nation; Baptized as Eritrea by its Colonial Masters; Lead to LIBERATION WAR; and finally succumb to FUTILITY.

WISHFUL MESSAGE: MAY THE NEW YEAR 2019 BE THE YEAR FOR ERITREA’s ‘RENAISSACANCE’, EMANICIPATING ITSELF FROM ITS OWN INTERNAL SELF-DESTRUCTIVE PAROCHIAL BELIEF AND INSTEAD ALIGN ITSELF TO ENLIGHTMENT AND GREATNESS Commentary, 1 January 2019                                                                                                                                    1. Preamble: Eritreans undertook


Commentary, 1 January 2019                                                                                                                                  

 1. Preamble:

Eritreans undertook a LIBERATION WAR to have an INDEPENDENT, FREE, SOVEREIGN, COUNTRY.  Eritreans of all walks of Life and Age volunteered to sacrifice their DEAR LIFE to attaint that noble objective. A period of thirty (30) years elapsed, with horrendous sacrifice, before that objective was fully met. Alas!  the objective came with unexpected, most deadly, ‘appendicitis’ that must be removed, if the objective of the thirty-year war was to be maintained and honoured.

And yet, after twenty-seven (27) years [i.e. almost equal to the liberation struggle] Eritrea is still struggling – this time in the removal of an indigenous ‘appendix’.   Does Eritrea have qualified and willing ‘Doctoral Experts’ to undertake the planning and execution of the operation needed to physically remove the cancerous element from the internal body of Eritrea?  Unfortunately, the last twenty-seven-year period does not give us the confidence to expect a bright future.  Ahhh…. What a luck!!! There must be something mysterious! But, in all honesty, Eritreans DO NOT deserve such a cockeyed luck. Do WE?!?!  Or, is there something of a FLAW in our characteristic or COMPOSITION of the society? Just a question. Let us NOT be afraid to question ourselves for our own benefit.  Please keep on reading with accommodating — as well as CRITICAL — attitude for the benefit of Eritrea as a whole — not upon fragmented secretive pieces, based on religion, region and other toxic sociological poisons. At the end, we will be exhausted playing ‘cat and mouse’ and would, eventually, be forced to be daringly honest to ourselves and call ‘a spade a spade’, regardless of the consequences.  Anyway, for the moment, let us continue reading.

2.       Discussion: Realm of possibility

Now, in the beginning of the NEW YEAR – 2019, let us proceed to hypothetical questions for consideration.

a)       What if Issayas Afwerki Abraha, all of a sudden, disappears?

b)       What would be the reaction of the Eritrean People?

c)       Will Eritreans consider themselves as ONE entity and utilizing the opportunity to SAVE themselves from the gutter of History?

The conjecture about Issayas’ disappearance is not new.  He has done it before and paralyzed the entire population of Eritrea for a period of thirty (30) days.  No group would dare take any action. The Nation was in the ‘rat hole’, waiting for someone to take action.  As it turned out, Issayas came out from his hiding place, having accomplished what he set out to accomplish (i.e. testing the loyalty of those around him and beyond). Consequently, he has done some ‘polishing’ upon unfaithful followers, and continued with his dictatorial domination.

He repeated it again in a different format: This time a young man was the actor.  In broad day light, the young man took over a radio station at FORTO demanding some sort of meager improvement. It didn’t last long; and the man tried to escape but soon was captured and the whole thing came to an end.  It is reasonable to suspect that the whole thing was Issayas’ scheme. The poor, innocent, honest chap (Footnote 1) was a set-up to be the sacrificial lamb. The process enabled Issayas [i.e. as he planned it] to clean the political environment.  No doubt, a segment of readers will disagree with this interpretation of the set-up – and even get angry for denying them the heroism of their dear compatriot.  It is understandable. The enticement to a wishful thinking, as a daring revolutionary action, was immense.  And we are all striving – in our dreams — to have Liberty, Freedom of Expression, Democratic environment etc. in our Eritrea. Aren’t we?  Have we not been struggling in our minds for that eventuality, for time immemorial?   Or, do we have inherent weakness against success?!?                                                                                           

Now, let us elongate the period of experimental disappearance by Issayas to ninety (90) days. What will happen in Eritrea? Dear Readers: Do you HONESTLY believe that there will be a COHESIVE uprising in Asmara – Eritrea during the ninety-day period? If you believe it, just relax and keep on counting the days, silently without sharing your anxiety with your neighbours as you have no idea who they might be — in the land that turned-out to be infested by informers!!! Let us NOT pretend to be shocked: Issayas wouldn’t survive a month without ‘hearing aids’ around him and beyond (Footnote 2).  Anyway, when the ninety-day period is over – and Issayas, once again, pops out from the dark clouds – you will, naturally, be happy for not divulging anything to anyone, thus escaping from the penalty of public hanging in the market place >>>similar to the savagery of Derg of Ethiopia in Keren, Eritrea.

3.       Absolute necessity for Action                                                                                                                             

If it is considered an absolute necessity to galvanize a group that would lead Eritrea to democratic system., we should be able to answer the following questions:

a)      Is there a cohesive Eritrean Group, outside Eritrea, who can automatically take the opportunity to liberate Eritrea?

b)      Does such a Group have the necessary educational foundation, far sightedness, experience and qualification on international level to carry the PLAN to its fruition?

c)        Will the Group be immune to the cancerous disease of religion, region and other parochial obstacles?  NOTE: NEVER forget:  Issayas used these factors to the maximum for his destructive diabolical success. Without that instrument, as one of his University colleagues put it crisply, Issayas ‘would have abandoned the Ghedli a long time ago and be back to Addis Ababa’.

d)      Will such a Group be capable to have a ‘blue print’ for the take-over of the government?

e)      Will such a Group have experience and far sightedness to include in their ‘blue print’ all the necessary governmental transitory to the ultimate constitutional democratic Eritrea?

4.       Conclusion 

Needless to say, in the case of negative response to the above questions, Eritrea will keep on existing [though not LIVING] as it has been for the last one hundred and thirty (130) years under the domination of various colonial forces; or under a brutal government of indigenous dictator; or perhaps, this time, abandoning Eritrea all together in favour of exodus to Ethiopia while the Ethiopians anxiously flooding into Eritrea!!! It is a silent operation, replacing an ugly war. All done without a single shot fired.  What it all means is a simple and tragic ending:   Eritreans, after horrendous sacrifice, forfeiting their beloved Eritrea to the enemy country of ‘YESTERYEARS’, accepting the ultimate reality of truth that Eritreans are NOT capable of forging UNITED Eritrea, neither in war times; nor in peaceful times. It is a classical case of TRAGEDY. WE ERITREANS CANNOT HELP IT >>> IT SEEMS TO BE IN OUR NATURE. I accept (quietly) any reaction of insults from certain Readers to their hearts’ content, if it brings back the DREAM of Eritrea to REALITY.

Dear Eritrean Reader: The following is exclusively for Eritreans. It is a little anecdote of interest to us. It has to do with our admirable, resourceful, hero, conniving, mysterious ወዲ ኣፎም።  Here I go:  After ‘Liberation’, one of the tasks of Eritrea was to be a member of the African Union (AU).  Issayas Afewerki Abraha attended an Annual Conference of the AU. When his turn was up for him to take the podium, he had three arrows of deadly questions/statement:                                                                                                                                                          a) what did you do for us in time of our needs?                                                                                                                   b) What have you ever achieved in the Life of the African Union?                                                                                    

c) The African Union is a useless Organization.

 What a daring declaration! Please do not challenge me, word by word, with the story.  Whether we like it or not, Issayas’ remark was brilliant and quietly admired by so many.  The Honourable members at the Conference were speechless (though angry to be lectured by a young fighter) not because of the accuracy and crisp labelling on the African Leaders but for a novice member of the Club to be bold enough to REVEAL THEIR TRUE NATURE, OPENLY to the world. Issayas was, and still is, a formidable Actor who can portray ANY POSTURE for any occasion.

Now, let us flip the other side of ወዲ ኣፎም። Please bear the agony. Here is what he did, in 27-year period of time, to the innocent, trusting, emotional, gallant people of Eritrea:                                                             

a) He has done nothing to re-construct Eritrea;                                                                                                                   b) He, deliberately, let Eritrea rot;                                                                                                                                        c) In fact, he destroyed Eritrea with ferocious appetite; and                                                                                                  d) He demonstrated his devilish desire [ከርእየክን እዬ] to mince Eritrea into non-existence, for ever.

Needless to say, the above narration hurts deeply but it is even perpetually agonizing to realize that it REMAINS as one of OUR UGLY HISTORY, for ever.  WE WILL BE KNOWN, FOR EVER, AS THE HONEST EMOTIONAL PEOPLE ON EARTH WHO ARE DETERMINED TO FLOG THYSELVES FOR ETERNITY  Be that as it may, I do not wish to finish my mini-dissertation with a sour conclusion on our affairs. Instead, I wish to rest my hope upon Eritrean Groups around the Globe — for example, those in Norway, UK, Canada, USA. They could align and focus on their respective work to the common URGENT OBJECTIVE of LIBERATING Eritrea i.e. this time against indigenous colonizer.  The Group need not disband after the accomplishment of the SINGULAR URGENT TASK but would continue with their respective sociological work in their adopted countries – similar to the undertakings of other citizens from around the Globe.  THE END



(1) The fellow is well known to Issayas from the days of Assab war facing Ethiopian army. Issayas has a cunning memory of those who defy his order.

(2) I am aware of the hurtful feeling by reminding Readers of our innocence and down to earth foolishness. Didn’t WE ALL applaud ‘yesterday’, elevating ወዲ ኣፎም ኮርዒዳ to the highest pedestal, just a notch down below GOD!!!  Shame on us! Pathetic on our wild emotion! Aren’t we now re-displaying our legendary emotion affecting our FUTURE?  Let us be honest:  Instead of concentrating on the ONLY, and ONLY, cardinal matter, which is “THE INTENSE FOCUSING ON ERITREA”, we are wasting our future, deliberately by dwelling, debating, insulting each other on, and about, our neighbours and beyond.  The ‘hidden’ sociological reasoning is obvious – as the Tigrigna farsightedness goes: ዘረባ የብሉን። Correct me, if I used it incorrectly. There is a VERY SAD historical and psychological fact, destroying an entire society in every sense of the term ‘destruction”.


Review overview
  • Wedi Hagher January 23, 2019

    “I don’t mind if you consider me unpatriotic as it doesn’t value at all.”


    You are not hiding the fact that you are not an Eritrean patriot.
    Eritrea, to you “doesn’t [have] value at all”.
    So why are you here ?
    You can’t call yourself “a Tigreyan” either , because your father’s country is not necessarily yours.
    How many of you are suffering from this syndrome of “belonging no-where” ?
    It’s a really sad story. You are not Eritrean because you hate to be and you are not Ethiopian because you are not one enough.
    These kind people are the invisible army of the Monster. They are managing his killing machine, Higdef, at all levels, posing as genuine Eritreans.
    I think we need to open our. eyes wide open and start identify who is who.

  • Tes January 23, 2019

    Wedi hager!!! You don’t deserve response until you act like mature person