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Subject: Exodus of Eritreans in Search for New Eritrea

Subject:  Exodus of Eritreans in Search for New Eritrea   The phenomenon of exodus of  Eritreans — in singles or in mass — is not  a new phenomenon. Apparently, it is in some holy book, which means

Subject:  Exodus of Eritreans in Search for New Eritrea


The phenomenon of exodus of  Eritreans — in singles or in mass — is not  a new phenomenon. Apparently, it is in some holy book, which means Eritreans are only abiding by the dictates of the Mighty Lord, way above in Heaven, who favourably knows better what is good for Eritreans !!! Really??? Ouch!  Anyway, I am not a scavenger of the good book, nor of any other religious books on supernatural  forces.  Warning: my  doubt  is not out of deep  studies but rather out of honest lack of brain to understand the supernatural phenomenon.  If Eritreans, on solid Earth, are offended, I  apologize for the  ሃጠው  ቀጠው ።

But I can’t deny the world-wide facts  of Eritreans taking horrendous visible and touchable phenomenon where a flood of  population of Eritrea risk their dear Life, searching for sanctuary — or for some thing else  that cannot be readily available for comprehension. When was the last time Eritrea was wholly custodian of its Land and comfortably be a free, independent, democratic country? Eritreans gallantly fought for thirty-years for the illusive freedom, liberty, happiness, independence, democracy,  only to find themselves under the most cruel indigenous dictator, ever seen in Eritrea. Eritreans were completely dumbfounded — so much so, they had to find some sort of a consolation  That consolation comes with one revelation that Issayas Afewerki Abraha Mirach is, after all, NOT an Eritrean!!! With that revelation, it did not matter that Issayas lead a 27-year war to INDEPENDENCE of Eritrea and iron-ruled Eritrea for almost 30 years!?!? And still it did not matter that he goes on strong — regardless where he may be hiding from place to place to multitude of sanctuaries. He is doing HIS job PERFECTLY I.e. TO SAVE HIS LIFE and continue to be MASTER of Eritreans. And unsurprisingly, his son Master Abraha may wound-up being his Father’s replacement to rule Eritrea according to his wishes. And the exodus of Eritrea will continue.

Where do we then go from here?  It is VERY SAD to say that, in the mean time, we will continue to be busy insulting each other on the free Internet at or any where else. Let us admit that it is a perfect admittance of our hopelessness.

There is also another avenue where we sooth our failures to dislodge Issayas from the  post. We can keep writing endless articles [like I am doing now}  and satisfy our selves like the legendary shepherds who excused them selves in their language Tigrigna  [I will be glad to be corrected]: “ ዝገደፍናሎም የብልናን፤ ነተን ከብቲሞ ወሲዶመን “!!!  And so, the natural rational is for Eritreans, living abroad, to live-with : a) the age-old 80 to 90  opposition parties;  b) the  newly established  group of 95-Members, entirely holders of Ph D Degrees; c)  all  individual personalities, awaiting the downfall of Issayas for their own ‘dreams’  and the remaining majority [which includes me] are busy sneering at each other or just producing mass of Articles.

Good News:  comes up with a good news item : “ATV: ኣብ ኣስመራ ጽኑዕ ጸጥታዊ ሓለዋ፡ ወጥሪ ሰፊኑ ኣሎእንግሊዝን ኣመሪካን ሰራሕተኛታት ኤምባሲአን ኣውጺአን  “  In contrast, could it be said that Eritreans living abroad comfortably would get together as ONE unit, for ONE  goal,  supporting the Internal Action to liberate Eritrea?  Let us be honest to ourselves and admit the truth.

During the period of ’real-Issayas’  — not the artificial and deceptive Issayas displayed during the 30-year war —   many Eritreans were liquidated as guarantee for his dictatorial mastership. And the only one University in the country was closed; students locked under military guidance; buildings and roads dilapidated and worn out, and finaly the Eritrea that we knew, once upon a time, is “gone with the wind” — a title of an ‘ancient’  Hollywood Movie.  This is historical fact with horrendous liquidation of Eritreans. The visible exodus of Eritreans in search  for a ‘HOME’ is glaring. It is also a glaring contrast to the Eritrean gallantry of 30-year war against well armed and populace country Ethiopia. What ever happened to the gallantry and bravery?!? What happened to the UINITY of Eritreans which had no crack for the wind?!?  It is the end of that glory. Now, the new  reality of Eritrea must be faced.

Eritrea has inherent sociological problem consisting of the cancerous religion, divisive region and/or the mini sociological traits which I wouldn’t fall to such a level as to mention them.

And so, the story of Eritrea goes on —and on — and on  for seemingly eternity.  Eritreans are proud independent people. They are very confident of themselves, without space for modesty. They seem to have their own meaning of living, which, by the standard of the majority of the World, is really only “existance”. But, It does not seem to matter to Eritreans what the world thinks!!!. Let us admit: Eritreans are profusely proud of themselves  መን ከማና whether the world likes it or not. Example: Eritreans have always been fighting as if fighting is a tranquilizer to them. Eritreans fought against Ethiopia for independence, freedom, liberty for thirty yeas and won. And to the utter surprise to outsiders, Eritreans fought against each other in the middle of a war against Ethiopia !!! Unbelievable as it sound it literally happened keeping the war against Ethiopia, seemingly,  at a standby while Eritreans massacred each other until one of the forces was completely exhausted and defeated.  It sounds  as a perfect fiction story. But, the war between two brethren — ELF vs EPLF  proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt that the inherent major problem of Eritrea  is still on the back burner for future  liquidation of each others at a moment of triggering fraternal war. It is NOT far fetched. It is a permanent obstacle to the development and  independence of Eritrea in the true sense of  the words. At the very least, it is a weakness that “others” can utilize for their own benefit. In other words, Eritrea would be  a “pony” in global political ‘chess game’.

Will Eritreans around the Globe be disturbed and align themselves as ONE TRUE FORCE for the incarnation of ERITREA? The ANSWER belongs to each and every Eritrean around the Globe. As to our relationship with the World, let me be insensitive and venture to say that the World may not even wink a sympathy for the dysfunctional and totally disintegrated Eritrea. THE END

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  • k.tewolde April 28, 2020

    ((Will Eritreans around the Globe be disturbed and align themselves as ONE TRUE FORCE for the incarnation of ERITREA?))…….the Eritrea I know,the one I was raised,the sane one,the one my mom invited the neighborhood women for an afternoon coffee garnished with popcorn and kassala dates and the smoke of mur bellowing through the door,the one my dad’s N3 trucks unloading canisters of honey and butter,coal,goats and sheep and distributing them to the neighborhood family and friends,the one that I had a crush with the girl next door and finally had a chance to sneak a kiss the night before she disappeared to go to the field,the one that my grandma and grandpa loved and lived for 100 years and died one day apart,the Eritrea that I fought for and gave everything I got……the answer is a resounding no! it is reincarnable! however,I will settle for a democratic Eritrea that is governed by rule of law which includes the Tic-Toc generation,the LGBTQ…..even remnants of HGDEF.>>>>>>The original one is a distant memory. rezen,I have already gone through all the grief stages and ready to sit down and enjoy the tea and umbotito with you.

  • k.tewolde April 29, 2020’s been a while Zibereqe,I don’t mean to stir old emotions,you strummed the notes though,that is enough,however stay away from this ‘medemer’ political fad,it’s back to square one,nobody cares about our people,as you can see they did’t even share the PPE that was donated by the Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma.It is land grab by ethnic cleansing,don’t contaminate your hand by putting it in that dirty bowl.Eritrea will be back big,bold and strong,just needs to shed the toxic,scaly old skin—HGDEF.

    • Gezae April 30, 2020

      I know you very well now who you are. You were one of the one percent of Eritrean asmarinos living in a lavish way of life I also know some of your close friends selomon beatay wedi balila, girmay haregot, kiki and abrehet tesfayohanse berha/chegora/.

      • k.tewolde April 30, 2020

        Ok Gezae, since you positively identified me,would that bring us a little closer,more politically friendlier,make you see things from jurisprudence and have a little empathy toward our people who are living in a terrestrial inferno? ironically that Eritrea I described of yesteryear was way better than this dilapidated current one,don’t you agree? I wish any of the members of the family you mentioned above ascended democratically to lead the nation,they wouldn’t have let our homeland descend to the bottomless pit it is today.