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Still No One to Blame

I always prefer to be neutral not blaming anyone for anything that may happen in front of me. I like to be like that at least to avoid any dispute with other people. That is my character.

I always prefer to be neutral not blaming anyone for anything that may
happen in front of me. I like to be like that at least to avoid any
dispute with other people. That is my character. Still I would not
like to blame anyone for what is happening to Eritreans in South
Sudan, as my motive is not politics but rather social affair, even
thought the issue is more related to the former one.

Frequent murder, looting, unsecured life, partiality, kidnapping,
unsecured investment, inflation and so on is what our community in
this new part of the world is facing nowadays. Our people are
insisting to face all this challenges despite all the day to day
worsening situations, as other options for leading a better life
either in the home town or somewhere else has almost became a night

I don’t think SS will be welcoming us anymore. I always feel that one
day the game will be over and those of us who are lucky to survive
will carry nothing other than their clothes to leave.  We need to
think a lot before expanding our businesses further. SS could only be
a stepping stone but not the ground. In other words it could be the
means but not the end. Still as far as my imagination is concerned
there is no one to blame for all the massacred that are taking and
will continue to take in this so called shining star. There is nothing
that could shine as long as there is no proper management of

We cannot secure the wellbeing of our families in terms of finance
here, nor can we at the neighboring countries, like Uganda and Kenya,
believing on our unsecured incomes form SS investments. We always
pride someone when we see his business expanding. We feel proud when
driving our Prado vehicles or when building a hotel.  I call it an
endless rotating growing financial cycle with no target or end. But
you might ask me what would be the solution.  I have no answer for the
question myself. But I would suggest that each of us seeks his own
solution for this question.  If not we would find no one to blame
rather than ourselves.

By Juba boy
Juba boy is a businessman who has being residing in South Sudan since 2008.

Review overview
  • Genet July 31, 2013

    “Juba boy”
    what are you saying? Business is risky in Juba? Is it risky for any one? or only for Eritreans?

  • Kombishtato July 31, 2013

    Juba boy,
    Get out of SS with your money and life intact before it gets too late. There are many places to live and raise your family: Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Angola, Tanzania … or move on to Australia, Europe and North America.
    Money is not everything. It is not even secondary. Find a place to live in peace.

  • MightyEmbasoyra July 31, 2013

    I could be wrong but it is someone’s fault. That someone can be sometimes you.
    Just saying.

  • Semhar July 31, 2013

    “Sebeiti keyhadgu Adi yihadgu”
    Running away from Eritrea is not the solution.
    The solution is to get reed of the mad dog Isayas and his blind followers!

    Who are our #1 enemies and who are our real friends? Our #1 enemies are the tyrant mad dog Isayas and his blind followers HGDEF, who took down our liberation flag and replaced it by their own flag. They took down our original historical provinces and replaced them by their own zobas. They dismantled Highi Indaba and replaced them by dictatorship. They took us to war against all our neighbors, Ethiopia, Yemen, Djibouti, Sudan etc.
We must oppose this dictatorship and liberate our land and our people, just like we did against our colonizers.
1) Put down the tyrant Isayas’s flag and rise up our liberation flag! 

2) dismantle the dictator’s zobas and replace them by our original provinces!
Liberate our land and our people! 

    4) Implement our constitution and Highi Indaba (the law of our land)! 

    5) We should never fight against our neighbor countries instead we should all unite and fight against the mad dog Isayas and his blind followers HIGDEF. 

    Death to the mad dog, the tyrant dictator and his followers! Together we will win!

  • Generation "Y" August 1, 2013

    It is Eritrea’s “loose canon ” foreign policy that drives all these unknown uncertainties.

    It is not safe at home to invest and even worse on the neighboring countries.

    Do you want more explanation than this article ?

    Move on brother to some where else but that is not the final solution.

  • Kalighe August 1, 2013

    Dear Juba boy

    We hear that some Eritreans have invested a lot of money (PFDJ foreign investments), and in a poor country like South Sudan, there are many criminals who are ready to kill anyone to steal a little money from the pocket of the victim. Some people blame some Ugandans thugs.
    Is that true ?. Can you tell us what exactly is going on ?

  • Tewelde belay August 1, 2013

    The Killings and kidnappings has ben going on for a long time to come. But Eritreans are business minded and no one would leave this dangerous place. What people see is not the deaths and killings but the few people who have made a lot of money. One day the day of reckoning will come. SS is a lawless country and the people do not even care for their brethren let alone an Eritrean with no government or opposition to defend him. So, he becomes the victim of even the weakest person. To the brothers and sisters who live in SS I advise that they collect their money and leave the place. Look at the cliff not the green grass beyond the cliff!

  • ahmed saleh August 1, 2013

    Juba boy
    We heard rumors about HGDF’s mafia financial enterprise activities in S. Sudan . If that is true ,
    except those individuals who are politically connected other Eritreans face risky consequences to
    loose their life and their capital . Better take a lesson from Eritrean victims of Weyane in late 1990’s .
    The ordinary people would always pay the price as the result of HGDF’s selfish ,inconsiderate and
    irresponsible activity .
    Anyway your safety comes first , so you better find a suitable way of solution to avoid any harm to yourself .
    Please stay alerted and be safe . With my best wishes .

  • Genet August 2, 2013

    I heard PFDJ leaders are behind all the big business in Juba. Eritreans (PFDJ’s supporters) come from Eritrea with Eritrean peoples’ money and get rich too fast. They get rich so fast, no body can belive it. Juba boy, is that true?