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State of emergency declared in Ethiopia amid political unrest

Ethiopia has announced a state of emergency after prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn on Thursday announced his intention to step down amid a political crisis in the country. The ruling EPRDF coalition’s council met on Friday and decided to

Ethiopia has announced a state of emergency after prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn on Thursday announced his intention to step down amid a political crisis in the country.

The ruling EPRDF coalition’s council met on Friday and decided to impose emergency rule for an unspecified period, the state-run Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation said. The council “came to the conclusion that imposing emergency rule would be vital to safeguarding the constitutional order of our country”. Further details are expected to be given by the defence minister on Saturday morning.

An opposition leader said earlier on Friday the ruling coalition had lost its authority and that all parties must help map the country’s future.

Mulatu Gemechu, deputy secretary of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress, said Ethiopia needed a completely new political system after years of unrest. “Ethiopians now need a government that respects their rights, not one that keeps beating and killing them,” he said.

Rights advocates have frequently criticised Ethiopia’s government for mass arrests and long jail terms handed to political opponents and journalists. But more than 6,000 political prisoners have been freed since January as the government has struggled to quell discontent.

The prime minister’s resignation followed a wave of strikes and demonstrations demanding the release of more opposition leaders.



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Review overview
  • Wedeb February 17, 2018

    The Tigrayan Weyane security forces have conducted their quite coup against PM Desalegn succefully but who is the leading coup leader and at the center of this hurricane force?
    Ethiopia is heading into the unknown future while Eritrea is living in a stagnated and stale past. Issais will do everything to exploit the current situation, however, the person in Ethiopia that makes Issaias shit in his pants, if he comes to power, is General Seare Werede.
    General Seare had been pushing to invade and remove Issaias militarily. Will General Seare invade Eritrea soon? Depends if his State of Emergency succeeds.

  • Hidat February 17, 2018


    Ab aynika zirayeka zello wedeb ASSEB tirah eyu.

  • Michael Tesfamariam February 17, 2018

    I am just curious to know what is the demand of these crowds? Bread or simply extremely hateful attitude toward the Tigrigna speaking segment of the Ethiopian society?

    • Aba thimmer February 17, 2018

      They deserve it. Have no honest wish to wards eritreans nor ethiopians cancerogene been shefatu master minded reptiles with venom.

    • Sol February 18, 2018

      Their demand is a fair distribution of wealth and power.

  • Nahon February 17, 2018

    Weyanes wrong policies are putting Tigreyans in danger in many parts of Ethiopia. Probably they never expected this could happen to them.
    They enjoyed full control of the Ethiopian state for more than two decades, as their comrades in Eritrea. But the time are changing.
    I hope a day comes also to Higdef.

    • Michael Tesfamariam February 17, 2018

      This is just lazy and irresponsible comparison between Ethiopia under ERPDF and Eritrea under HGDef. You may not like it but the fact of the matter is what is happening now in Ethiopia is the direct result of democratic experiment that has been carried out over the past 25 years under the leadership of late Meles Zenawi, Ethiopians have enjoyed some degree of democracy and freedom of speech for the first time in the history of th country, economy has boomed, poverty has been eliminated to the greater extent, yet this vile and backward hateful Amhara ethnic group has been working day and night by forming alliance with Arab despots to thwart the progress the country has been able to achieve so far and leave the people with absolutely nothing but with death and starvation. On the other hand, Eritrea, a tiny, poverty stricken war ravaged basket case country has shown no sign of democracy or economic freedom since its inception more than a quarter of a century ago. Although there is no reason for vast majority of Ethiopians to take to the street and carry out this senseless and violent mass robbery, which has been largely instigated and orchestrated by the neoDerg in Amsterdam and their Arab masters in the Gulf, yet Ethiopian ruling party has been able to demonstrate their effective ability to run a country of 80 million with incredibly diverse culture and ethnicities for 25 years. Today, the only people who are laughing and cheering behind a closed doors sitting in their armchairs are Amhara and Arabs, but the the vast majority of the peace loving genuine Ethiopians who were engaged in building their country destroyed by Amhara fanatics are heartbroken to see their hard work and dream suddenly decipitated. Some benighted Eritreans may think getting rid of Woyane will give them a good sleep and eventually solve their problem, well, wait it will not take long for Amhara, like their ancestors before they will slide back into and haunt them like never before.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! February 18, 2018

        Similar accusation to portray everybody in ETHIOPIA including ERITREANS on conspiracy for ARABS interest . At present time to identify who become regional
        fanatics doesn’t need clarification . We learned a lesson that hatred only brings
        fear , violence and bloodshed .
        Incase past conflicts with ETHIOPIAN government has nothing to do with AMHARA
        people . In fact they didn’t let our people undergo humiliating experience and to
        suffer the lost of lifetime hard earned belongings .
        I think they were honest enemies to fight for ETHIOPIAN interest comparing the
        so called friends who have no shame to deceive and betray .

  • Keshi Mars February 18, 2018

    Hello Assenna,
    For a great deal of things, Ethiopia is still doing well and this emergency though unexpected and an imposition, as what we have been witnessing so far, the leadership has proven its pragmatic nature and will once more come into its senses and put Lema Megersa as a temporary PM to negotiate with all opposition parties. That’s what the world expect of Ethiopia’s leaders and they will do it. Kinbl bel ’ember aytekha’ewen::

    • AHMED SALEH !!! February 18, 2018

      I hope they rest the expired GHEDLI mentality and respect their people demands
      for democratic ETHIOPIA , The last twenty five years experience was enough lesson
      to correct mistakes made that led for public disturbances .
      We have enough human crisis of dislocated citizens from ERITREA , SOMALIA and
      SUDAN .
      To notice Ethiopian political leaders settle their difference for common good will
      bring advantage for our region in general contrary to warmongers dream ,

  • Nahon February 18, 2018

    Ethiopia has done well economically, and there is relatively a better political system in the county as decentralization gives local people more power to manage their affairs.
    But that is not the whole story.
    The federal government and from behind the curtain, the Weyane, micromanages a number of States.
    It uses State or Killil budget as a tool to promote it’s allies and demote those who disagree with them. The Weyane have been in the business of creating a broad alliance of Ethiopian ethnic minorities aimed at creating a balance with Amhara and Oromo and remain in power.
    It’s true that among Amhara there are groups who think they are owners of Ethiopia, that they are selected by God to lead the country.
    They look down at others who happen to be Tigeryans, Oromo, Béni Shengul, Afar, Somalis .. etc.
    That is a sad fact, a residue from the times when they had absolute control on the people of Ethiopia.
    Now the Weyane need to be open to all. Stop playing smart and let the people decide.
    They failed to stop Amharas winning over Oromo on their side. The only way they can survive now is by being ready to make peace with all, and give power back to people.
    Their cousins in Asmara are a bunch of criminals. But it’s in the interest of Tigray as well of their brothers and sisters in Eritrea to settle the border demarcation issue, and bring peace to the region.
    Tigrayans and Eritreans need peace.
    Neither Weyane nor Higdef should be allowed to keep them hostages of no war no peace situation.