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South Sudan: Rebels Armed By Sudan, Eritrea – Small Arms Survey

Juba — Rebels fighting the South Sudan government are receiving weapons and ammunition from Sudan and Eritrea, says a report by Small Arms Survey; an independent research project in Geneva. The group's evidence also suggests close

Juba — Rebels fighting the South Sudan government are receiving weapons and ammunition from Sudan and Eritrea, says a report by Small Arms Survey; an independent research project in Geneva.

The group’s evidence also suggests close ties between South Sudan’s army and the Sudanese rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North, that is fighting the Khartoum government in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile border states.

Jonah Leff, the Small Arms Survey’s Sudan Human Security Baseline Assessment Projector Coordinator, told Sudan Tribune that the support of rebels on both sides is “a symptom of the greater issue, which is oil and land”.

Sudan and South Sudan has persistently accused each other of supporting rebels seeking to unseat the governments in Khartoum and Juba. Each side routinely dismissed the allegations.

A dispute over border areas and oil has led to further deterioration of relations between the two countries. Last week the South Sudanese army (SPLA) claimed to have overrun Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) in oil-producing town of Heglig.

The SPLA has asserted that recent SAF border attacks have included South Sudanese rebel groups.

“Extreme elements within both governments do not want to make any concessions, and will do what they can to disrupt the peace process and negotiations over oil. Support for rebels is one way of doing this,” Leff added.

The April 2012 Small Armed Survey report lists Sudan and Eritrea as the “likely source” of arms to militia groups in South Sudan.

Evidence from interviews conducted and rifles seized from rebels of South Sudan Democratic Movement (SSDM) and South Sudan Liberation Army (SSLA) in Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity states matched those in the hands of SAF, the survey claims.

The SSLA denies claims it is supported by Khartoum.

“In addition to Khartoum, Asmara [Eritrea] is emerging as a likely source […] for weapons supplied to Southern rebels,” the report claims.

Ammunition confiscated by the SPLA from the late George Athor’s SSDM forces in Jonglei were identical to rounds were also found with Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) reportedly supplied by Eritrea.

Last month, Small Arms Survey reported that the SPLA supplied rifles to the Nuer White Army in Jonglei state. This was denied by SPLA spokesperson Philip Aguer.

Sudan Tribune

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  • Dawit April 18, 2012

    Eritrea is again implicated in the boarder war between South Sudan and Sudan. It’s surprising to note that unlike the boarder war between Ethiopia and Eritrea, South Sudan and Sudan are like two “Afro Men” fighting over ” A Middo-Memeshet”. Eritrean and Ethiopia can be likened as two bold men fighting over ” A Middo-Memeshet”.

  • Tef April 18, 2012

    Dawit from Mekele
    we have open vacancy, after you left from Eritrea to Tigray. We(Eritreans) are fecing shortage of labour workerer. If you are interested, I will give you information how to apply vise to Eritrea. Do not hesitate, if you need further information to ask me.

    • Nakfa April 18, 2012

      Are you serious about the job vacancy? If so why more than 70,000 eritreans are at the ethiopian refugee camps and more or less numbers in Sudan, many in Sennai deserts trying to cross to Israel and in their way their bodies being harvested for trade.

    • SINGAPO-ERITREAN April 19, 2012

      Brother tef,
      Where you sleeping for the last 21 years ??? Do you know that the “Goat Herders” /shepherds ,in tigray use GPS system to locate their lost cattles..sheep…goats. Do you know in Tigray there is a cellular company ,called “K – 9 Mobile” which provides cell phones to dogs ,because , the dogs do not have to bark loudly ??? Do you know ,that Tigray mothers use “remote control” to make “injera”, do you know ,while Isaias has closed the one university , in Axum there is a college for cats ??? PLEASE DO NOT EMBARASS US !”ሓባልሲ መርኣይኣ ትኩሓል “በሉ ። ዝተናዕቀ ሽ….ስ የጥንስ ከም ዝብሃል ,ቡን ሃብዎ ክባራበር ,ኣሕዋት,ወይለይ ረሲ ዔዮ ,ለካ ባባ ኢሳያስ ጣፍን ቡንን የሕምምዩ ኢሉ እዩ!!!መዓመር ሻሂ ሃብዎ !!!…እምበይተይ ለይሓንካ ሞይተንስ,ንዑ ኣቃብሩና…..አሉ ተባህለ !!!

    • Translate April 19, 2012


      I see, so you are one of the human traffickers for organ harvesting, right? Job opening to assist Tef, right? You sound like a kindergarten!

    • Kokhob Selam April 19, 2012

      really? what are the positions open? what about for those who are in front line is there any position? by the way, my friend have degree on law can you find position? the other fried is very good you have any address to send you there CV?
      for me no position is required I have enough money I want to open a company. so can you help me to read what are the legal procures to start?

  • amuca April 18, 2012

    Ha tef tef you are still 1994, weak up

  • yien April 18, 2012

    Wat a miserably concatinated jornalistic piece of work is that.
    You have repeatedly said”acording the independent research report small arms survey” but you give no any convincing or sporting data to the alleged involvement of Eritrea .

    belive me i am not saing that the regime in Eritrea is a holly, neither i’ trying to defend
    it, but i simply dont agree when some one impliying to belittle the consciousness of a 5 ml

  • seleman tombi April 19, 2012

    whether they like it or not rebels get arms from any where.The thing is who is producing the arms? I f it is America,then America is arming the rebels period.

    • seleman tombi April 19, 2012

      what r u talking about

      • Ahmed saleh April 19, 2012

        Seleman Tombie
        The so called backward third world countries always have an
        excuse to engage in skirmishes . Westerners including America
        get busy to manufacture the demands of weaponry. Now you
        have those who gain and those who loose. It is big market to
        their economy but disaster for us. Unless the leaders can come
        out with solutions to the conflicts their resources would drain &
        poverty would stay still . Our region looks fragile at this moment.
        The whole geopolitics needs reshaping not fall down for destruction.

        • visionhope April 19, 2012

          The people need’s regime change.

        • Kokhob Selam April 19, 2012

          as usual blaming others is the only thing you hear from PFDJ supporters. even if their car tire blasts on the read the reason because it is made in USA. they are so lazy to correct mistakes, it is very easy to blame others.

    • shetet aynibel April 19, 2012

      seleman tombi,
      A father bought a pesticide to kill what ever pests, he may have at his home, but failed to put it out of reach of children. One of his kids, came and drunk that sheet. It is not the producer who killed the child but his own father’s ignorance.
      Now you are trying to argue that if the pesticide was not invented and produced at the first place, the kid would not be dead. Really funny, argument.
      But, one thing here, if you feel your case is viable, you can still file a case in the court against the producer, America never denied this right to its citizens. STOP, never try to file your case against Eritrean Government for being irresponsible for proper using.
      Ur bro

  • visionhope April 19, 2012

    this metaphor, is belong to Mengstu Hailemariam

  • tears_of_the-dead April 19, 2012

    Another round of sanction is looming against the mafia government of PFDJ. Now that the North- South Sudan case is a serious one, unlike the Ethio-Eritrea which is nonsense to begin with; UNSC will nail PIA in his ar**ss. Sorry for my wording..but Isaias deserves it.

  • sara April 19, 2012

    the truth is ISRAIEL is involved in the south sudan vs sudan fighting, in fact the south has been recpient of such support from israiel even during the civil war in sudan, but no one dares to accuse or implicate israiel due to its special relationship with USA.
    may god protect Eritrea from external and internal enemies!

    • hama-sinai April 19, 2012

      ‘Another lie, it is a lie, still a lie, ……’ , I have never supported south sudan rebels said esayASS. it is ISRAEL …., it is the CIA ….
      DO YOU THINK THAT esayASS can live without war? No, he can’t, at least he should smell.

    • Translate April 20, 2012

      sara says “…no one dares to accuse or implicate israel due to its special relationsip with USA.” Now you are getting the idea sara! Now go tell Isaias this fact. Nothing to do with right and wrong. Just a fact which you, my “sister” sara and Isaisa still to this day fail to grasp. Wake up, please!

  • Semhar April 19, 2012

    The # 1 enemy of Eritrea is
    the tyrant mad dog Isayas
    and his blind followers HIGDEF!

  • Semhar April 19, 2012

    ISAYAS is #1 enemy of ERITREA.

    Isayas is Ethiopian mercenaries who was sent by his uncle Degezmach Solomn Abraham (former governor of Wollo, Ethiopian province) and Asratekassa (former governor of Eritrea) to dissolve Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF).

    * Isayas successfully dissolved ELF in 1981.

    * He dissolved the EPLF in 1993.

     He created his own organization HIGDEF in 1993.

    * He changed our national flag, the flag of our martyrs and replaced it by his own HGDEF flag in 1993.

    * He changed our PROVINCES and replaced them by his own ZOBAS.