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Sophia Tesfamariam’s Failed and Flawed Seminar in Vancouver on March 3, 2013

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Review overview
  • berhe April 5, 2013

    Sofia Tesfamariam is a well known paid agent of the dictator. She has zero crediblity.
    She is trying her best to confuse some innocents, until the dracula of Eritrea is gone.

  • simrrrrrrret neber April 5, 2013

    she brave,she is fighting against seller

  • Zeray April 5, 2013

    Sophia will continue her blatant lies as long as she can gather an audience. From the report I did not learn anybody in the audience leave the meeting. Why do they have to sock-it-in and tolerate such blatant insult to Eritrean intelligence? Is she really the only Eritrean who knows what is going on in Eritrea? If we live in a democratic country how come only a few exercised their right to speak out? I guess Sophia is made by us and we deserve to be insulted.

    • Haben April 6, 2013

      Yes, we should be ashamed of ourselves!

  • hade April 5, 2013

    Well one Sophia, keep on treating as the ignorant gullible cowards they are. They deserve it. Those who know,those who use their brains those who dare to question, will NEVER attend any of your “conferences”.

  • hade April 5, 2013

    Well done Sophia, keep on treating them as the ignorant gullible cowards they are. They deserve it. Those who know,those who use their brains those who dare to question, will NEVER attend any of your “conferences”.

  • Kombishtato April 5, 2013

    This paragraph is taken YG’s : Eritrea’s Drive for Modernity: In Search of Asmara

    Cosmopolitanism and Jebha

    How about Jebha? Even though Asmara modernity had a lesser role to play in its world view, Jebha’s feudal and Arabist roots left no room for any kind of cosmopolitanism to take hold.

    Saleh Younis wants to differ: “… in addition to being repulsed by the permanently medieval society promised by Ethiopia, the ‘Ghedli Generation’ was heavily influenced by the revolutionary zeal around the world at the end of the World War”22 He then quotes a Jebha teghadalay to validate that the Eritrean movement drew its inspiration from various movements in the world that emerged from the end of the colonial era: Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru of India, Mohammed Ali Jinnah of Pakistan, Chu En Lai and Mao Tse Dong of China, Mau-Mau of Kenya, Kwamo Nkrumah of Ghana, the Moslem Brotherhood and Gemal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, Joseph Bros Tito of Yugozlavia, George Amado of Italy, Zapata of Mexico, Castro of Cuba, Winston Churchill of Britain, the Paris Commune, the French Revolution, etc. Now, if we are to believe that there was any internationalist influence from the various movements the author haphazardly piles up, it would definitely show in the nature in Jebha. But for Jebha, let alone internationalism of any form, even nationalism was the last thing in its mind. The trans-national aspirations of its absentee founders in Cairo – Islam and pan-Arabism – shouldn’t be confused for cosmopolitanism. Even when some of them came up with some sort of “socialism” at their liberal best or “ethnic federalism” of the mieda sort at their pluralistic best, both had to necessarily come from the Arab world in the form of Baathism and “Algerian experience” respectively – again, the point is Jebha couldn’t conceive anything outside the Arab world. So whatever inspiration they drew from or whatever solidarity they made with had nothing to do with internationalism or cosmopolitanism; nothing at all about self-liberation. Always driven by collective identity, their mieda history testifies that they never managed to come out of their tribal and religious squabbles.

    • Kombishtato April 5, 2013

      Since Saleh revels in characterizing the Habesha world, in general, and Ethiopia, in particular, as medieval, let’s use that measurement to assess the “medieval component” or lack thereof in Jebha. I will use one parameter to test Jebha’s supposed internationalism as has been propagated by its “visionaries”: how it treated its war prisoners. The abc of internationalism as proclaimed by all liberal or leftist movements starts with this simple credo when applied to the Eritrean context: that there should be a strict distinction between the Ethiopian rules and the Ethiopian oppressed masses from which the foot soldiers hailed from. But even if we ignore this leftist credo, there is still the Geneva convention that states fair treatment of war prisoners. In 1978, at the time of retreat, Jebha executed all of the hundreds of Ethiopian prisoners that it had at its hands then. Others have come up with a more exact number: “800 Ethiopian POWs massacred at the cliff of Jemiel Mountain near Keru, Akordet of lower Barka in 1978”.23 And I don’t believe this is the whole story, for Jebha was killing all the rest (in thousands) as they were captured. It didn’t even spare the Raya militia that came on spontaneously in the 70s without any military training. Many of them were to perish in the hands of Jebha due to maltreatment, starvation, diseases and execution while still in custody. The fact the Jebha was killing all its Ethiopian prisoners all along in its 20 years of mieda life – something that neither Ethiopia nor Shaebia did – has a simple reason: pure barbaric hate at its most elemental. If there was medieval barbarity, it was to be found in Jebha.

    • Nahom April 6, 2013


      If you are trying to alter the debate of this forum to Jebha-Sha’bia mobilization of the seventies, I would like to assure you that history of deception has gone forever. People like you who are obsessed by ethno-religious beliefs are making our beloved country a fertile land for totalitarian rule of DIA.

  • ahmed saleh April 6, 2013

    For some reason you sound one of those MAHBER ANDNET philosophy followers . Always stressing
    on religious and racial mix-up . You do not know ELF to degrade it’s history using your cynical
    game of corrupted mind . In 70’s the land of Eritrea was on fire ; villages burned , Ethiopian
    War planes bombing randomly regardless children , women or elders and Ethiopia with help of
    Russia and upgraded weapons attacked in all direction heavily to cause big number of sacrifices
    on our fighters. At this moment you have a courage to come here to defend the enemy army . You
    might were in Ethiopia continuing your study while your age fellows were fighting to set you
    free from colonizers . Sorry , you don’t look happy to see Eritrea departed from Ethiopia .

    • ahmed saleh April 6, 2013

      onetime combishtato , next paradise then Canada and then
      to confuse people . I keep saying why not reveal your real name if there
      is honest approach in this forum , lekhbat wahd .

      • Ouch! April 6, 2013

        Ahmed saleh,

        The truth really hurts, and the truth is the jelebia wearing extremists like yourself were not involved in the burning fire of the Eritrean struggle. You were either a sitting duck at the refugee camps in the sudan or sent to the Arab world by the ELF to study. The Eritrean war of independence was fought by the Eritrean highland farmers. Period! Accept this simple truth first so that we can work out together for a common cause. Stop giving yourself a credit that you don’t deserve. If kombishtato was studying in Ethiopia, you were doing the same thing in the Arab world. As to the ELF’s history, it is common knowledge that ELF was barbaric and it is about time the Ethiopians bring those who were involved in the killing of POWs to court. The tragic thing is that the Ethiopians themselves don’t seem to care.

      • Kombishtato April 6, 2013

        I am happy, you did not call an Arabist or an Arab Abeed. I am proud to speak my own languages and live in my own heritage and skin.
        You were hiding in Cairo or Baghdad in the name of scholarship before you run away from the Arab world to what the Arabs call “infidels” — America.

        • ahmed saleh April 7, 2013

          It is unfortunate to observe morons in 21st century perform to sponsor the deceitful Issayas hidden agenda which brought the country on this unbearable circumstances . Even the eye witness
          testimony of ex-fighters like Tesfay Temeneo and others couldn’t reach to their ears .
          Anyway who cares , we Eritreans are proud of our revolutionary history .
          I am sure as always practiced in this forum the above dual identities belong to you .Your ARAB-PHOBIA mind set will lead you to hatred and bigotry , better look yourself in the mirror to free yourself from destructive thoughts .

  • mike April 6, 2013

    I don’t understand, why people are giving credit for this attention seeker woman. She is not that much influensial to drive the country to both sides! ” reiuni reiuni hebuni yemtse”!!

    • jonah April 6, 2013

      Attention! I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know what this woman has done or achieved to take or have the role she has in community. If this is the best that PDJF and it supporter can produce for spokesperson or advocate it is an indication of how bad things have gotten. She has lived in America since 70’s. She lives not far from Washington DC. Why can’t she drive and go the National Archive and see a Constitution that was implemented 200+ years ago. This is what she said about man who instrumental in putting the Eritrean Constitution together.

      “Eritreans know that Bereket Habte Selassie is a true blue traitor who suffers from an overdose of ambition and failed expectations, and as an evil individual who has turned his “worship” of Eritrea’s leadership and the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) into hatred and vengeful betrayals. His fanatical ambitions and expectations and deep-seethed frustrations are reflected by his sordid past. Simply put, Bereket Habte Selassie and Paulos Tesfagiorgis are frustrated individuals who have no qualms about destroying Eritrea, or selling their mothers to get what they want-fame and fortune”

      She is a character and I don’t think any serious, critical thinking eritrean can take her seriously.

  • Point April 6, 2013

    Sophia is better than puppets and sellouts!

  • araya April 6, 2013

    Soffi you are doing your best.When are my mother and father going for good to their beloved Eritrea for whom both paid dearly.The only Eritreans that went to the beloved Eritrea is when they died.Sister life is too short lets enjoy our fathers and ancestral land while we are alive.peace!!