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  • Tse-A-Zega! August 31, 2013

    It is better to have 1 Amanuel Eyasu than 1000 coward Eritreans. Eritrea only need 4 brave people to finish the job. One from East side and one from west side and one from north side and one from south —- I mean. No escape route…

  • habtu August 31, 2013

    I think some of you are are ethiopian.are you really you think amaneye eyassu is serving for eritrean people. If you say yes. Check your self. But amaneyel eyassu is working for weyane you liked or not. Every thing he
    Is trying to destroy eritrean history . This is doing every day so check for your mind please hi is messenger of weyane. Thanks

    • Tes September 1, 2013

      habtu you better check you mind mate!!You are either born idiot or retarded if you can not see the suffering of our people. If you are a little child please forgive me for those unkind word you may grow up to a propare person with time.

      • Tedros September 1, 2013

        @Habtu, be happy that we communicate with you as a human being, but do not forget that you are stupid, born idiot, retarded and knowingly blinded.You see the suffering of our people and you explain the opposite.

    • Genet September 2, 2013

      habtu, poor habtu.
      And you think you are Eritrean. You are worshiping a dictator, like he is a GOD. You haven’t been around real Eritrean for a while and you are really twisted. IF you are Eritrean, you need a reality check. Real Eritreans don’t put on a tutu skirt and dance for a dictator. Your comment tell everyone that you have a pink tutu skirt on and you are working for a dictator. Your master, the dictator is destroying Eritrea and Eritrean as we know it. He is destroying our country, In Education, Economy, family structure and politically. habtu, don’t be scared. Weyane is not a boogie man. They are Tigran-Ethiopian. By the way they are the dictator’s cousins. When the dictator tells you,to all zombies out there about how you should hate Weyane, it is not about Eritrea or you, rather it is all about him and his cousins Weyane. They are having family feud. If you are not part of that family feud, you don’t have to do what the dictator is telling you. Look around you, read, go to Eritrea and check it out yourself, what is going on to your country and people. Again, Weyane is not a boogie man. They are a group of Tigran/Ethiopian who happen to be cousins of your master the dictator. He is killing our people and destroying our country Eritrea. Good luck. Because you will need it.

    • Tesfay Okbu September 3, 2013

      If Amanuel is serving for Weyane, who are you serving for? Isaias? or some body who does not exist in this planet in which you live comfortably unlike those languishing in pfdj’s notorious prisons? If you assume Amanuel is serving Weyane, do you think he spends his time and energy interviewing those chained in Sinai? I think you must be mad or you are ready to be mad.

  • habtu September 1, 2013

    Tes it is easy for you to say like this derty words. As saying you he said exactly for the great people of eritrea. So that way you are following him . Again you like or not hgdf is the fundamental of the eritrea people. It will be for ever. No body will change. You will keep your dream an til you die.

    • Tes September 1, 2013


      I think you are more idiot than I thought. There is no need to discuss with you or to consider you as sane person. feel sorry for you.

    • ERITRAWIT September 1, 2013

      habtu are u eritrean or like hgdf hate real eritreans distroying our country makeing our people refugee all over the world who are u kidding just to u self no body expect life like is after our independent. we are only seeing what we never seen before mate but like Tes said there is no point discussing with people like u.

    • Genet September 2, 2013

      “It will be for ever” What a moran! Nothing is for ever in this world. Are you old enough to comment here?

  • ERITRAWIT September 1, 2013


    • Tiumnegassi September 2, 2013

      Habtu you see it’s not you I think it’s you father he didn’t teach you or look after you that’s what you are the way you are god for give you bless

  • habtu September 1, 2013

    Eritrawi and tes
    You are not understand me I am not like you which is not. Talking on the Internet bad words as you reply to me idiot and so on. You need for your self think how you can solve any eritrean problem. I am teaching you the real direction. Again the problem not hgdf. The problem is you and your fathers. I hope you read this message just you will find out more your own mind

  • berhane September 1, 2013

    No government , no opposition that is true. The government is dictator, the opposition are dictator s

  • Dawit Meconen September 1, 2013

    The hallmark of genuine Eritrean fighter:

    1. Condemns woyane as proponet of Law of Jungle and as proxy of foreign powers

    2. Call on woyane to withdraw from Eritrean territory in accordance with the EEBC decision

    3. Condemns Isaias Afewerqi as tigrai conspirator

    4. exposes Isaias Afewerqi all the treacheries he committed since he joined ELF in 1966, including his torture,incacerations, killing Eritrean intellectuals in the War of Liberation to blindfold Eritreans into his secret agenda

    5. Expose Isaias Afewerqi on the 1998 war with Ethiopia he illegally and uncessarily launched in collaboration with woyane as a means of usurping the Eritrean State Apparatus through which, by means of fraud and force,he has completely reduced the country into its knees

    6. Call upon his Eritrean misguided blind followers to wake up and refrain from committing National suicid as the Unionists, such as Asfaha Woldemicael, Tella Bairu etc. did in the fifties.

    While at it, let me remind you all that Asfaha Woldemicael was promised, albeit deceptively, a position of Crown Advisor for Life by Haile Selase in exchange for his servility to sell his country but he died a lonely and regretfull man in one of the shabby hotels in Addis Abeba. Probably, you know that Tella Bairu, again regretting his servility and folly , managed to escape but he could not undo the grand folly he committed; he died wearing the mark of quisling

    7. Isaias Afewerqi is feeling the heat of our fight, and because the Present has exposed him for what he is worth, tigrai-conspirator, and noticing that life long pursuit of his criminal enterprize has reached dead-end, a true con-artist that he is, he is digging, dusting and using Liberation War Video Archives of the EPLFs to fool and use the people by plunging them into the past memory. But remember, even in the past, he has nowhere to hide because those tegadelti whom he shows on the accursed EriTv, many of whom are Martyrs, of whom many he killed for no other reason but solely for their intellect and bravery.

    8. Isaias Afewerqi is not Eritrean Hero but War Criminal that should be behind bars

  • josef September 2, 2013

    Just because of Amanuel we’ve learned about the tragedy which is taking place in sinai on our fellow citizens, he really deserves credit for that, he made history for himself.Weylkum daa ba’al habtu nketali ahwatkum indatakaekum idmekum zwidae zelo tehzinu bhaki!