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‘Several killed’ as Ethiopia police clash with protesters – bbc

Several people are feared dead in clashes in north-western Ethiopia between police and anti-government protesters, amid a wave of unrest. On Friday police arrested dozens of demonstrators during massive rallies in the capital, Addis Ababa. The government

Several people are feared dead in clashes in north-western Ethiopia between police and anti-government protesters, amid a wave of unrest.

On Friday police arrested dozens of demonstrators during massive rallies in the capital, Addis Ababa.

The government has been facing protests from the two largest ethnic communities over alleged human rights abuses and other issues.

Authorities have banned demonstrations and blocked social media.

Despite the ban, people took to the streets in several parts of the country for a third consecutive day on Sunday, Emmanuel Igunza reports from Addis Ababa.

The worst violence took place in the north-western city of Bahir Dar in the Amhara region – the homeland of the Amhara people.

Police used tear gas and fired in the air to disperse thousands of people who had blocked roads and chanted anti-government slogans.

Unconfirmed reports say several people were killed. One resident told the BBC he had seen a friend being shot in the head by security forces.

What is behind Amhara trouble

The Oromo protests and Ethiopian unity

Overnight protests continued in the Oromia region, which surrounds Addis Ababa, with police arresting dozens of people.

The unrest was sparked last November by a plan to expand the capital into Oromia. This led to fears farmers from the Oromo ethnic group, the largest in Ethiopia, would be displaced.

The plan was later dropped but protests continued, highlighting issues such as marginalisation and human rights.

Oromo activists say police have killed hundreds and arrested thousands of people from their community in recent months.

Review overview
  • Alem August 7, 2016

    So long there is injustice there is protest and violence. Ethiopia has marched a lot towards democracy but still undemocratic country. Will higdef be happy about this? I do not think.

  • Hazo August 7, 2016

    Do Eritreans have a right for peaceful demonstration and freedom of speech to express outrage about the miserable life and slavery in Eritrea and to shout their views about the repressive fascist Issaias regime?
    At least in Ethiopia, they have right to express their anger about the poverty and lack of freedoms in their own country. In Eritrea, one lives in National slavery indefinitely and is forced to keep his or her mouth shut.

  • Zagir August 7, 2016

    Only ignorant and stupid wannabe Arabs would be delighted of the violence and the deaths of Ethiopians. Don’t forget the eventual target or goal of the Amhara and Oromo people is to get back Aseb at any cost. It is only the late great leader Meles Zenawi and his TPLF party that have been stopping the Amhar and Oromo troublemakers. If these war mongers defeat the Tigrayans then they will have a free corridor to walk all over poor Eritrea sooner than later.

    • AHMED SALEH August 8, 2016

      You seem too paranoid to speak alone by yourself . Nobody said a word about
      deaths of civilians in Ethiopia to accuse Eritreans in first place , In fact the same
      hatred you possess toward Eritreans showed toward Amhara and Oromo people
      to call them troublemakers .

  • Wedi Hagher August 8, 2016

    Where are Teclay, Cow[ard] Face and all those who enjoy insulting Eritreans as Arab slaves, instead of looking after their business.
    What seemed impossible yesterday, is happening in front of our eyes now. The Weyanes are losing control of Ethiopia, as Amhara and Oromo seem to be determined to challenge their power in Addis. Things are getting ugly in Ethiopia.

    Let’s pray for peace in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

      • Wedi Hagher August 8, 2016

        Dear Assenna Admin

        Thank you for serving Eritrea and helping its people to look beyond the current problems, for a democratic and peaceful Eritrea.
        That said, there are a few visitors on this forum, who continuously call Eritreans Arab slaves, and spread through this forum, unprovoked contempt and hate for Eritrean Muslims.
        Assenna forum followers are very familiar with these people and their hate propaganda, and no doubt, some may even know, who they could be.
        My hope is that you take note of this too, because their aim is very sinister and divisive. There is no need to tolerate someone who want create mutual suspicion among Eritreans posing as one of them. It harms everybody, not only those being vilified here continuously.

    • Ghenet August 8, 2016

      “Where are Teclay, Cow Face and all those who enjoy insulting Eritreans as Arab slaves, instead of looking after their business”. Wedi Hagher aka Mohammed, Khalid, WoBawzan, Khaled & etc.
      And what is your business Mr Wedi Hagher? Looking and defending after the businesses and interests of the barbaric Arabs or defending Eritrean’s interest by any chance?
      Mr Teclay (the Abi seb) & Cow Face (the respected Mr M.Habte), unlike you and a few of your useless type who are 24/7 on Assenna playing the old outdated PFDJ style of character assassinations, the others like Mr Teclay & Mr M.Habte probably have far better things to do in their lives like works, family commitments and sport hobbies.
      Should we also remind you when there are violence, innocent people’s deaths and killings in Somalia, Libya or Sudan as you would not come out to celebrate about this bad misfortunes!

      • Ghenet August 8, 2016

        My simple message to you would be to mind your own business and to leave the Ethiopian business or issues to Ethiopians to deal with unless you are Ethiopian too!
        No one should celebrate or take the mick of a neighbor’s misfortunes especially when innocent people’s lives are in dangers and being lost.

        • AHMED SALEH August 8, 2016

          Why are you always take personally offended when someone brought Ethiopian issues ?
          NB: Your pen names doesn’t mean nothing .

      • Wedi Hagher August 8, 2016


        Now you became Ghenet … it’s funny.

          • PH August 9, 2016

            Thank you assenna for giving me a clear vision towards that one person with many nick names. he is funny but wisely calling war of religion. If not ignored he will continue to serve some one else far beyond ethio -eritrean issue. he is MR mercenary paid for to engulf blood to the entire region of the horn AFRICA. thus why we have to be conscious and vigilant. Thank you!

  • k.tewolde August 8, 2016

    It is only natural for the oppressed to rise against their oppressor,that is what we are witnessing,’you can’t keep a good man down’ as the good old American saying goes.Hopefully, the youth back home learn from their peers south of the border and rise to claim their future that has been subdued by their mentors under the pretense of ‘hagerawi agelglot’.The time has come for woyane to taste their own medicine so will their flip coin HGDEF.

  • PH August 8, 2016

    Poor Ethiopia is facing public unrest due to TPLF wrong handling the situation. The HGDEF regime olso putting fuel on the fire. Making KEIL or region even more changing the regional entity’s name and flags with out concent was totally wrong. to do so, referendum should have been done. Similarly, in Eritrea has been done too. so let us join hands together with freedom respecting each other.

  • Wedi Hagher August 8, 2016

    The idea of Killil or local government is suitable to a big country like Ethiopia which was controlled by one ethnic group from day one. What is fundamentally wrong is imposing it without consulting the people.
    Imposing national symbols such as flag and anthem, which historically expressed only religious and cultural values of the ruling group is also wrong. The Amhara want the old flag, the one they had inherited from Orthodox church, in the same way many Eritreans want the blue flag.
    Obviously anything imposed without taking the opinion of the people sooner or later will be rejected.
    Nations are built with passions and love.

    • Ermias August 8, 2016

      You seem to be an expert (a fake self-made expert) on Ethiopian politics and killil or local governments. Did they kick you out of Ethiopia for being a spy and a paid agent for the Arabs/Egyptians who are probably causing all the problems in Ethiopia in order to destabilize the country from its development plans. You as a Muslim person you might have all your families in a safe Arab countries but many of us have so many Eritrean refugees families and friends working, studying and living peacefully in Ethiopia who might be affected if things continue to get worse or deteriorate badly.
      You should also keep away from our Orthodox Churches as this is none of your business whatsoever. Do you have some sort of sickness or illness of getting involved in outside matters or do you just do it for the fun? You seem to be irritated from your comments about being called Arab slave but you are asking for it by getting involved in none of your businesses as well as by acting or trying to monopolize Assenna to your own and only hidden agendas. To me you are the one who is a coward and hypocrite so stop your fake acting as you not fooling or impressing anyone.

  • PH August 8, 2016

    If this situation get out of control all out of war with Eritrea is imminent as usual to divert attention.

    • Ze-Eritrea August 8, 2016

      We are well prepared to deal with any eventuality. Don’t try to blackmail us.

  • AHMED SALEH August 8, 2016

    Unstable life in Eritrea under HGDF authoritarian ruling political party .
    Unstable life in Ethiopia under WEYANE authoritarian ruling political party .
    They both graduate from military oriented doctrine in same institution at the same period .
    Best wishes for people in both sides including civilian population of Tigrai . Only a fool thinks
    that he is safe when his neighbor’s house is in fire .

  • Alem August 9, 2016

    As much as it is about their anger it shows the democracy that they are enjoying in their country. I wish I was ethiopian