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Review overview
  • Kidane Beyene August 26, 2015

    I full support it ,and helpful information for all

  • Kidane Beyene August 26, 2015

    Very helpful to be aware of what is happening to our people and how we can help

  • weygud August 26, 2015

    Dr. Algu, May God bestow upon you sound health,virtue and long life to serve your own people more. You are a pillar of strength for so many Eritrean victims. Unlike others who are bickering each other in the same humanitarian activities, you have strong character regardless of circumstances. Many have been profoundly impressed by compassionate and humble personality.You are an example of the good Samaritan in modern times. I like the style you covered your hair in the poster and it has a valuable meaning in our culture.

  • ERITRAWIT August 26, 2015

    ክብርቲይ ሃብቲይ ኣደ ኩሉ ምስጋና ይብሳህኪይ።

  • wedi Toronto August 26, 2015

    We will be there!
    Hope many Torontonians show up at this worthwhile seminar.

    • Beraki Yohannes August 27, 2015

      Well, some pro-active individuals are taking steps to organize this seminar. it is the responsibility of each and every one to contribute their fare share for this seminar to be successful.

  • Kibrom August 27, 2015

    እቲ ተበግሶ ኣዝዩ ኣግዳስን እዋናውን ሙኻኑ መብዛሕትና ንሰማማዓሉ ይመስለኒ፡ ግን ስለምንታይ ኢና ኩሉ ግዜ ንዛዕባ ሽግርናን ሽግር ሃገርናን ኣብ እንዛረበሉ እዋን ብጭፈራን ዳንኬራን አነሰንዮ?

  • eden eyasu August 28, 2015

    Dear Dr. Alganesh Fessaha,
    You have managed to save many lives by risking your own.What you did and are doing is inspiring, to say the least. You are one bright star in the dark skies of our homeland. You are a true role model for many of us to follow. And we know how honored we are to have you as a sister. You Dr. Alganesh (Ghandi), are an icon of tenacity,humanity and humility.
    We welcome you to Toronto. We will be there.

  • Kidane August 28, 2015

    I am so happy to see doctor Alganesh.

  • Harent August 31, 2015

    God Bless you Dr. Alganesh!!! Toronto, comeout and support Mother Teresa of Eritrea!!!