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  • k.tewolde August 13, 2015

    It is time. ‘CRISIS NOT ONLY TESTS THE CHARACTER , IT REVEALS IT.’ Capitalize on this opportunity.It is time to take matters into our own hands , because we can ,TOGETHER!

  • berhe August 14, 2015

    Welcome to all of you and special welcome to Dr. Daniel REZENE MEKONEN. Go forward brother, keep it up doing the good job, cheers.

  • Wedi Mehari August 14, 2015

    Good job, i would like to appreciate to Dr. Daniel Rezene really when i was him in the Geneva’s demonstration he is too young and he is a brilliant person that is why HGDF wants him to demoralize but they will never do anything that he was expecting the HGDF’s defamation and good job Dr.Daniel continue as before don’t give them a value thanks all and Amanuel Eyasu bravo as always

  • theland August 14, 2015

    This announcement will cause depression and stress to the PFDJ site called

    Before Meskerem-PFDJ bang his head against the wall, I am sure Dr Asefaw, the great Consultant would advise, to seek medical assistance.

    Great plan .. let and the wolf cry loud..

    Good job Guys..


  • Gabir August 14, 2015

    Well done guys. Now is the time to push the PFDJ to the edge. Every single person in the world must know what is happening in the forgotten land called Eritrea. This action is really a headache to the advocates of human abuse such as and alike. Keep it up the good job.

  • Bhdma hager badima August 15, 2015

    Can some one tell us something more the owner of what was his role during the armed struggle. He is defaming a number of individials who are bold to speak up against the mafia regime. I have no idea how much of the 2% percent is going to his pocket to do the dirty job.

  • warsay2020 August 16, 2015

    Kalkaka that is good day I will be there I need to know who is danial

  • ዮናስ ገረዝጊሄር August 17, 2015

    I would like to extend a welcome to all of you and especially to Dr. Daniel Rezene Mekonnen who has recently been a target of the PFDJ slander and typical DIA nasty work. Moving on I would like to ask if there is going to be hard copies of the presentations available to the public for those who might not be able to attend in person. Otherwise I want to wish you all an excellent and successful visit.

    ዕድመ ንተቃለስቲ፤ ዓወት ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ

  • Ossaress Gebremeskel August 17, 2015

    very good boj

  • DT August 27, 2015

    Everyone in MN and around is invited.