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Seminar announcement by Dr. Misghina Gebremedhin.

Dr. Misghina, the author of a recent book “ Eritrea’s Tragedy Under Two Dictators” will give a seminar on: war&dispora trauma; reconciliation; culture and forgiveness in Eritrean society. Dr. Misghina has a wide experience of

Dr. Misghina, the author of a recent book “ Eritrea’s Tragedy Under Two Dictators” will give a seminar on: war&dispora trauma; reconciliation; culture and forgiveness in Eritrean society. Dr. Misghina has a wide experience of dealing with Diaspora Eritrean and other communities. He has conducted many seminars worldwide on the issue of depression, peace, reconciliation and forgiveness. He has also given extensive interviews to PBS Tigrigna radio in Australia and Radio Wegahta. He has recently written very inspiring articles posted at

Dr Misghina has produced a manual on depression in several languages which has been widely commended and supported parents and children.

In association with some Eritrean elders, he has recently initiated a body called “Advisory Council of Eritrean Elders”, whose broad aims are reconciliation among Eritreans in the areas of religion, political views, gender, ethnicity, region, age etc.

Dr. Misghina is willing to be contacted on his email address: and is more than happy to provide advice and counseling to troubled parents/children and others.


Eritrean Education.

Venue: 24 Greencoat Place, London SW1P 1RP


Date of seminar: Sunday May 10, 2015(2-5pm)

Review overview
  • Towfik April 10, 2015

    why not under three dictators??? Haile Selassie was not a dictator?

    • AHMED SALEH April 10, 2015

      He was oppressor , so what difference does it make to those
      oppressed people under his marshal law reign ?
      Don’t forget what happened to Eritreans at Haile Selassie time
      unless it doesn’t matter if the sufferings endured doesn’t concern you .

      • Simon G. April 10, 2015

        Those who are related to Saho by blood or friendship will never forget Hailesillasie’s cruelty. Mine is 2nd hand knowledge (my mother’s story) but I still remember each horror story as if it happened this week. Let’s not forget that.

    • Dahlak April 10, 2015

      Why not under three dictators???? Amanuel Eyassu of Assenna is the third dictator of the 21st century. He bans good commentators and writers like Mr Fetsum Abraham for no reason at all and yet he claims he is fighting for free press, democracy and freedom in Eritrea.
      God forbid if he (Amanuel Eyassu) becomes the next Minister of Media and Information in a free Eritrea then he will be a lot worse than that rat Ali Abdu. Well, you can’t trust the tegadelti to run a country at all as they all went to the same jungle schools and therefore you can only trust them with the jungle issues. My beautiful peasant grandmother would be a splendid future Minister than these so called liberators and tegadelti.

      • guba April 11, 2015

        Nberkut aynberkut ab gemgem may nbxah dyu ztebahle. Mimrah b tegadelti mis Edme Eseyas kebkie eyu. Silezi Dahlak aytsekefi/aytsekef. Entay dea eti kedamay tselaei kemey gerna netfeo dea nhseb ember ezi minor negerat amxieka ab hatewtew mietaw ayedlin eyu.
        Nay Amanuel Eyasu sirah gin azye yedlnko eye. Dectator tezkewn eza xhftiki/ka display aymgeberan neyru Dahlak.

        Rhus beal Fasiga

      • Natnael May 5, 2015

        Oh God !

        …next Minister of Media and Information in a free Eritrea! If he is the 3rd dictator, such people are not wanted in our future Eritrea. Mr Amanuel deleted my comments three times, because the contents don’t fit with his mindset!

        But Assena is his website and he can make what he wants as far as it is not ‘official’.

  • rezen April 10, 2015

    To: Dr. Misghina Ghebremedhin,

    I drafted the following piece before I read your announcement. I thought, perhaps my commentary is more appropriate (i.e. in broad context) here than under another item that I had in mind. Here it is. If my perception is wrong, please forgive me.

    Imagination (or hallucination)

    Were Eritreans better off under the following entities than they are today under the guidance of Issayas Afewerki?
    a) The Ottoman Empire and the Pharaoh of Egypt;
    b) The Italian occupation;
    c) The British Administration;and
    d) The Ethiopian Administration.

    If the answer is YES to each of the above questions, then consequential question should follow [see also footnote 1):
    e) Why did Eritreans then sacrificed (in totality) about four-hundred thousand (400,000) precious population in two wars within a span of 47-years (still continues in a “no war-no peace” atmosphere)?

    If the answer to e) is to attain “INDEPENDENCE” then another question follows:
    f) What is ‘independence” to a totally subjugated people without freedom, without liberty, without sense of justice, without human dignity, without reasonable hope; and without any sense of economic development for the future?

    If the excuse is: “The world is against us” then world-renowned psychoanalysts may be what Eritrea needs! On the other hand, if the answer is:”Tomorrow will be better” then the wisdom of ancient Habesha Great Society comes to mind: ኣንተዘይሞትክን ጥዕና ኣለክን ።[2]

    Footnotes: [1] If on the other hand the answer is NO i.e. Eritreans are better off TODAY than any other period in the history of Eritrea, then what do we make out of some eighty (80) opposition parties and civic organizations around the world?
    2] For those Eritreans who may have difficulty with their ancestors’ written language, that they shunned under the pretext of being ‘civilized, modern’ or for other reasons, a poor translation of the three-word wisdom is this: ‘If you do not die, you are healthy’

  • Kilo April 10, 2015

    “f) What is ‘independence” to a totally subjugated people without freedom, without liberty, without sense of justice, without human dignity, without reasonable hope; and without any sense of economic development for the future?”


    Eritreans have not see yet any freedom. That is because they were politically naive, so trusted their “leaders”. In politics you don’t trust anybody, people keep leaders under watchful eyes. The relationship between a government and people should be based on power delegation and related accountability. Some of you seen to have a problem with our Independence. Iseyas and his crime syndicate are dying but Independent Eritrea remains for eternity. We got Independence by grace of God and the immense sacrifices made by Eritreans who wanted Independence and freedom for their people. We are almost there … but only if we take care this time around.

  • wedi blata hannes April 10, 2015

    No way, there is no way you can compare this two dictators in parallel. once Isaias was a hero who lead the war against Mengistu at any cost, and he was considered a national hero until the unnecessary border conflict. How in the hell do expect mercy from Mengistu, a dictator, who was trying annex your land to Ethiopia and blaming him for being merciless, just forget Mengistu and deal with our existing dictator. Mengistu fought to the last to get sea access to his country.bottom line, mengistu dream was over 23 years ago. Mengistu was never a hero to Eritrean people, what is the surprise in here. Were you expecting angle colonizer.Comparing mengistu to Isias is miss leading.

    • sam April 10, 2015

      First know what the Doctor is to say before you blurt ‘the horse before the cart’ sort of opinion.
      If you are basing your opinion on the title, the title reads ”Eritrea’s 40 yr tragedy under two dictators.” So it can be a narration of eritrea’s tragedy or maybe it is evaluating the two dictators impacts on the socio psychology of the eritrean society…so many things.
      But let’s just develop the habit of listening FIRST.

      • AHMED SALEH April 10, 2015

        I don’t understand some commentators arguments to define
        Eritreans history under occupation from foreign forces in comparison with current Eritrean government .
        The difference which they refuse to recognize is that we own
        our land and identity . I agree the country failed from the expectations but do not underestimate our people’s resistance
        for political reform will triumph one day .

        • Simon G. April 10, 2015

          I was under the impression that we are still under Ethiopian occupation, since isayas and his inner circles are Ethiopians? With those modern Bandas (military generals/colonels, and security branches), of course.
          may be you should add this comment as one of the options…

          • rezen April 11, 2015

            Hi Simon G,
            I see your efforts on the ‘financial matters of’ is a success. Why? Because it was FOCUSED. There is no secrete. That is the KEY to success in ANY endeavour ….. here I go again preaching!!!

            Have peaceful Habesha Easter >>> though I noticed you wish to be “vegetarian” ha ha ha …. but seriously, it is a very wise intention for your HEALTH, without which NOTHING can be accomplished. For sure I stop here.

          • Simon G. April 11, 2015

            Dr. rezen,
            Amen to that!

    • Natnael May 5, 2015

      @wedi blata…
      are you satisfied with the never ending prevailing crimes in Eritrea? It is like a bus driver who either doesn’t know the goal to which he is targeting or he is taking the people in the bus to devastate them and he himself too. Both are definitely not good ways to achieve goals.

      That is exactly what the dictator (with no comparison) is doing now in our homeland.
      1. nobody has elected him
      2. he decides alone while the pure Eritreans are in Ira-iro
      3. he is never oncerned about the tragedies of Eritrean refugees in the mediteranean sea
      4 … no end!

      Therefore now we are in a state where our people have already decided – they are saying loud:
      This is exactly the TRAGEDY !

  • Seraw April 10, 2015

    wedi Blata,

    Hitler, Stalin and our own old master Benito Mussolini were ones not only “heroes” but also worshiped like gods in their respective nations.
    Issais will be remembered in history as the worst dictator in africa that kept hundreds of thousand in slavery, sold many to be Arab slaves and humiliated, and supported to the burning of Eritrean languages and history.
    i will leave the readers to compare him with the repressive Col Mengistu.

  • yohannes April 11, 2015

    I don’t see any point of comparing dictators in all forms; a colonial power, an emperor, military junta or so called freedom fighter/dictator. I believe all are manifestations of subjugators to certain degree, more or less. The past dictators are history we can only narrate, the present is the one we can fight and change.

    Independence is a noble cause. But Independence is hollow if it is followed by subjugation, lack of rule of law, social justice and democracy (free election, freedom of speech, free press , etc). If independence does not lead to the emancipation of the subjugated mass and does not contribute to the betterment of the society, what is Independence good for? Absolutely Nothing. Is it just to wave a flag, heave the chest and gloat? That can not, should not be the reason why all the youngster died for. It should not be!! It must have a higher and noble purpose, it must. Otherwise, it is as if they died in vain!!!

    • Weyo April 11, 2015

      ኣየ ዶክተር ምስግና፣ ሕጂ ኸኣ ነቲ ሕሱም ናይ ደርጊ ኮሎንያዊ-መግዛእቲ ከተዘክረና ኢልካ መጽሓፍ ጽሒፍካ? እዚ ክንደይ ኣሸሓት ኤርትራውያን ፋሉል፣ መንካዕ፣ ስርየት ኣዲስ፣ ኩናማ፣ ጃሱስ፣ ጨው እግሮም፣ እናበለ ዚኣስር፣ ልዕሊ ዓሰርተ ዓድታት ኩናማ ዘቓጸለ ንብረቶም ንከሰላ ወሲዱ ዚሓረጀ፣ ንኤርትራውያን ናብቶም ለወሃት ራሻይዳን በደዊን ዓረብ ዝሽጠን እከይ ፍጥረት ከተዘክረና?

      ትጽሕፍ እንተኾንካ ብዛዕባ ሰውራና ብዛዕባ እቶም ለባማት መራሕትና ከምኒ ኣቦና ዓዋተ፣ ኣሰይድ ሳሊሕ ሳበ። ኣይተ ወልደኣብ፣ ደግያት ተድላ፣ ኣይተ ገላውድዮስ ዘይትጽሕፍ፧
      ታሪኽና እኳ ናይ ሱሳ ዓመት እዩ! ክንደይ ደርዘናት መጽሓፍቲ ምስ ተጻሕፎ።

  • Mesinas May 6, 2015

    ዓቢ ብስራት’ዩ!

    ልዑል ምስጋና ይብጻሕካ ክቡር ዶ/ር ምስግና ገ/መድህን። ናብዚ ደረጃ’ዚ ብምብጻሕካ እንቋዕ ኣሐጐሰካ፣ እንቋዕ ኣሐጐሰና! የቐንየልና።

  • mebrahtom May 7, 2015

    Weyo on ajoka ezi tblo zeleka propaganda nay ayaka issayas neana ne ertrawyan ablihuna eyu hgdf dea kab dergi zgedede xelaie hzbi ertra mukanu qedem zbexahnayo hji nska ktnegrena aytfetn.