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Rwanda offers to take in Africans abused in Libya

Kigali - Rwanda is willing to provide refuge to as many as 30 000 African migrants suffering abuse and slave-like conditions in Libya, the foreign minister told AFP Wednesday. "Rwanda is currently under discussions

Kigali – Rwanda is willing to provide refuge to as many as 30 000 African migrants suffering abuse and slave-like conditions in Libya, the foreign minister told AFP Wednesday.

“Rwanda is currently under discussions… to see how we can help in welcoming migrants held captive in Libya,” said Louise Mushikiwabo. “It has just been decided so numbers and means are still under discussion but Rwanda estimates the number to be welcomed around 30,000,” she said, adding that this figure “is not confirmed yet but an estimation”.

The African Union (AU) added its voice to the outrage that greeted footage last week of African migrants being auctioned at a “slave market” in Libya, and on Tuesday AU Commission chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat called on African countries to help.

“I appeal to all member states of the African Union, the African private sector and African citizens to make financial contributions to help alleviate the suffering of African migrants in Libya,” Faki said Tuesday. “I urge member states that have logistical means to make them available to facilitate the evacuation of African migrants who wish to leave Libya.”

Earlier on Wednesday Mushikiwabo tweeted in response: “For Africans being sold in Libya: Rwanda is small, but we will find some space!”

Mushikiwabo told AFP that, “Rwanda, like the rest of the world, was horrified by the images of the tragedy currently unfolding in Libya, where African men, women and children who were on the road to exile, have been held and turned into slaves”.

Political philosophy 

“Given Rwanda’s political philosophy and our own history, we cannot remain silent when human beings are being mistreated and auctioned off like cattle,” she said referring to the 1994 genocide in which around 800 000 mostly Tutsi people were killed while the outside world looked on.

Rwanda is a tiny country, roughly the size of Macedonia, with a population of nearly 12 million and Mushikiwabo acknowledged that her nation, “may not be able to welcome everyone, but our door is wide open,” she said.

Rwanda’s offer follows the release of CNN footage of a live auction in Libya where black youths are presented to north African buyers as potential farmhands and sold off for as little as $400.

African migrants, mostly from the west and Horn of Africa make the dangerous journey to Libya with hopes of making it across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe.

Testimony collected by AFP in recent years has revealed a litany of rights abuses at the hands of gangmasters, human traffickers and the Libyan security forces, while many end up stuck in the unstable north African nation for years.

More than 8 800 stranded migrants have been returned home this year, according to the International Organisation for Migration, which is also amassing evidence of slavery.


Review overview
  • k.tewolde November 25, 2017

    The AU and African leaders has failed the African people miserably some due to incompetency,some due to ignorance and some due to a sheer quest for power and greed and the western and eastern power brokers are not helping either enticing them by opening their briefcases full of dead presidents. My downtrodden black African people you will continue to suffer as long as you are opening your backdoor and let the pale man attack and kill your unsuspecting brother.

    • k.tewolde November 25, 2017

      As the saying goes.. Mother Africa is the worst enemy of her children,she cannibalizes them alive. Looks at that bewildered beautiful face above,completely lost for no fault of his own.

    • Lewam November 25, 2017

      Are you saying Africa is not a place for an economic migrant. After all since when is a country will be force to take care of infiltrator? Border and language are unique to a country and must be respected. Infiltrator got no right. Israel is smart for not give these idiots a right to stay. I wish Europe learn this sooner.

  • Danilo November 25, 2017

    All enslaved once have home land, government and rich resources. despite that fact, enforced on all forms of slavery . Rwanda should be thanked for opening its door. Eritrea vowing to empty its people for the sake of one person. The UN don’t care neither condemn nor say a word. So isn’t a shame! ?

  • Kalighe November 25, 2017

    Instead of demonstrations only, Europeans should help the government in Tripoli to take back under its control areas were these crimes are happening.
    These bloody maletias should be bombarded by France or Nato.
    On the other hand we have corrupt African governments, who don’t care what happens to their citizens. The ruling elites spend millions on their families, while keep blaming colonialism for every African problem.

  • k.tewolde November 25, 2017

    My pledge to my brother—I love you,I care about you,I will fight for you and protect you,I will never embarrass or humiliate you,I will always respect and listen to what you have to say,I will never throw you under the bus or sell you out,I love you so much that I will die for you.This was the core principle and passion that drove young boys and girls like me to plunge into the hands of predatory elements who exploited our innocence and continue to exploit and cut short the lives of pure little children. Why are we still harboring them among us? This cancer is eating us alive.It is time to exice and throw it away.

    • Danilo November 25, 2017

      ” the cancer is eating us alive. It is time to exice and throw it away “yes indeed brother. let’s say it loud embracing the slogan ” where is my sister and brother ” in front of hgdef embassy where we are across the globe. I think will be wise join men and women of all nation, race and religion. I guess this is the OR compact room with vigilant circulating nurs.

    • Lewam November 26, 2017

      K. tewolde what a pledge! The best pledge which fits you — I would say is you to pledge to help Eritrea stand on its feet. like by you staying away (stop) from insulting the legit government of Eritrea. Then and only then we will likely minimize the flow of our youth. Did you read the latest news — 100 Eritrean youth at Honduras seashore. Who pay for their travel in a minimum of 20K? Investing 20K for their future. Who do you call them political refuge? I would not.

  • Tesfai November 25, 2017

    K Tewelde writes, “My downtrodden black African people you will continue to suffer as long as you are opening your backdoor and let the pale man attack and kill your unsuspecting brother.”

    I understand you meant “pale man” to the savage Arab Muslims who are enslaving and molesting the black Africans in the Arab and Muslim world. These are the same savage Arabs that are burning African values, history, culture and languages including Tigre – Tigrinya to Arabize Eritrea and Africans. The Arab Muslims are opportunist evil, remember, the Eritreans sold to Arab slavery, tortured and snatched the body organs to serve the savage Arabs, beheaded by the evil Islamists ….
    When the Arabs and their slave Abeeds cry from Africans to receive proper treatment in the savage Islamic world?

    Now lets pray five times a day: “We are Arabic People. We do not need Tigre Tigrinya languages.” As prescribed by our Arabic masters and the useful Abeed slaves.

    • k.tewolde November 26, 2017

      Don’t miss quote me Tesfai,nice try though. That said,do you ever wonder who delivers in a silver plate those helpless Eritreans to the Arab slave market and expose them to the elements and with the delivery fee builds himself/herself a spacious villa from ground up and a cruiser back home paid in full? And this are people who can’t manage to do an arithmetic long division.Do you know here in the USA for an average decent wage earner how long it takes to own a home and a vehicle outright if he could ever be able to?These are the people who make up and sustain the brutal regime in Asmara.Don’t deflect the blame to the Arabs, we showed up in their territory they didn’t come to sawa and snatched us.What happens when you jump into a lions den? you think the animal is going to give you a cuddly bear hug? please cut this Abeed slaves crap,it is getting old,more than 300,000 young boys and girls are conscripted in a slave like service for life without parole in a place we call home.

  • Tesfai November 25, 2017

    What the Muslims do to each other is their Sharia business and their Arabic religion, be it in Sinai Egypt, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Iraq …. what saddens me when I see their civilized 7th century practice of “kindness” to non-Muslims and black Africans, they call Infidel or non-believers.

    … How many times have you heard the noble and master people who are demanding to rule and be ruled by the Islamic Sharia Law of the 7th century Arabic tradition:

    “Islam is the Religion of Peace”

    See all the peace loving Islamic nations that have no wars and death in them, I mean, like Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, North America, South America, China, India, Ethiopia, Far East Asia, Australia, Arctic and the Penguins of Antarctica all live in peace because they practice Islam.

    Now repeat Five Times a Day: “Islam is the religion of Peace”

  • Tesfai November 26, 2017

    Breaking News: from the Arab Streets:

    When the Arabic and Islamic people heard about the slavery, abuse and beheading of thousands of African asylum seekers and migrants in Egypt-Sinai, Sudan and especially the slave market in the Arab and Muslim Libya, millions of Arab Muslims went to streets of Cairo, Tripoli, Benghazi, Alexandria, Dubai, West Bank Palestine, Khartoum, Riyadh, Kuwait City, Baghdad, Tunis …. as far as Afghanistan and Pakistan, in all Arab and Muslim lands, to condemn the slavery of Africans in Libya and the Arab world “by the Jews people of Israel”.

    They all asked – why is Israel and the Jewish people still selling black Africans to slavery? The Arab world must take military action on Israel.
    We are the Arabic people and their slave Abeeds are proud of our Arabic masters.

    Inshallah, may Allah bless them

  • amanuel November 26, 2017

    I hope ruwanda does not take muslims, otherwise it will start to harvest the fruit soon and go down the hill.

  • amanuel November 26, 2017

    Am sure the immigrants will refuse to ressetle in ruwanda and will pay to get released by one group only to be kidnaped by another group and so on and so on. And we will continue to blame backwarded muslims. Should not we blame our ignorance?

  • AHMED SALEH !!! November 26, 2017

    Somebody must take responsibility for the misery of Eritrean refugee crisis .
    We all know the root cause that brought our people into this mess and
    unless the government tries to find ways to resolve their failure , we will
    hear more of such kind bad news .
    We own the problems created by ourselves and the solution depends on
    us only not on outsiders .