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  • truly, Truly i say to you January 9, 2012

    part 4
    Why is all business men,sporttmen, even diplomats fleeng from their homeland every day? Are you going to tell us those more than 50,000 fleed to Tigaray are because of economy problem, like your stupid crazy dictator manuplating all matters ? Atleast for that instead bleaming Woyanes you have to thank them.These and more luck of basical human rights what has to do with Woyane or other threats? Such serious challenges was i expected to here and supposed to be heard at pal talk . By the way if PFDJ has also interst to resolve the border issue, to sit for peaceful negothetions was not a shame,because after discution if they not agree they have right to reject it. If they be that done thay be able to get more credit and reliability not only by citizens even in the world for their credit . But because they adapte humilation unless they not kicked they wouldn´t listen to any advice.What a shame? If you have power or ability instead insulting Woyanes hiding at pal talk, and to our oppositions those trying to solve our nations problem in diplomatic civilized way ,why not try to take the occupied territories by force then? “እንተ ኣሃስ ተዘሚተን እየን እንተ ንጸርፊ ግናስ ዝገደፍናሎም የብሎምን እዩ ነገራትኩም።”

    • ahmed saleh January 9, 2012

      You didn’t change, always you tell what you beleive. Keep it up.

    • Abdi January 9, 2012

      You blabbring out of the topic,Mr Taba explained the opposition’s agenda as non Eritrean by all its meaning,and every opposition member is a sellout and works for his/her own personal you should argue about this not repeat the same old argument prisoners,and youth fleeing the country.they are in jail for the crime they committed and our youth are fleeing for better life period.
      Mr Taba did a good job i hope you guys understand the message and leave addis and woyane worshiping.

  • aurora bruk January 9, 2012

    i don’t think taking things out of context is of much use. what was the doctor talking about when he mentioned islamists? he was trying to discuss a certain nation which has specific characteristics and background. And in my opinion there is a difference between being an islamist and a Muslim. Also he was not talking about something he created.