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Remembrance of Eritrean Victims of the Lampedusa Boat Tragedy (EYSNS.G.Manchester) P1

Review overview
  • raei October 17, 2013

    Very true,stronge,and touching speechs god bless you religeon leaders and the organiser of this ceremoney EYSNS Greater Manchester. It is time for unity the HGDEF divide and rulle game is over,no matter who from which Awraga the matter is who is the enemy of Eritrea.

  • simerrr2012 October 17, 2013

    The young priest spoke clearly, courageously, responsibly, strongly, truly and he reminded all the children , young, elder and particularly mothers. Now we have to ask our self. what can I do and should do to end all these misery. Every time when we wake up in the morning , we should ask what is my responsibility to liberate my people from these slavery. If you don’t have reason to die then you should not have reason to live.

  • MID October 17, 2013

    qeshi Triba,

    Did he graduate in Theology or Political Science? kebdu Whisky meliuus kindimeat kea yzareb. Fesfas!

    • Tes October 17, 2013

      Mid i advise you not to give comment because you are unbalances sick in the head. By just not commenting in this forum you will spare you close ones from embarrassment.

    • Wedi ngus October 18, 2013

      He is not a priest , he is undercover politician. He can’t convince me . I know your agenda my friend. Please try again

  • RAHEL October 17, 2013

    THANK YOU FOR THE NICE AND TRUE SPEECH i hope those mostly illeterate regime supporters listen to you and wake up ,we need to stop this mad man ,other wise in the near future there want be a nation called ERITREA .THANK YOUNG SMART PRIEST .

  • Meretse Asmelash October 17, 2013

    In a day light you have spoken the truth.
    In a day light you have spoken loud enough that no individual can ever claim the people and the nation as his possession.
    For days and years to come YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED AS A GREAT FATHER.
    Oh! my Great Teacher, may God bless your teachings.

  • Sara October 18, 2013

    What a smart young priest, God bless you. You opened up my brain, you made my day, we need more people like your self. I thank you million times.

  • mussie October 18, 2013

    Nice message for those who are def and blind people