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  • solomoneritrean September 18, 2015

    don worry Eritrean freedom is coming lets see what will follow the next few months!!

  • Wedizemo baalgrma September 18, 2015

    We must remember the unjust act. The truth however is that those guys had enough experience to know before hand that their democratic demand would end them in the hell they are now. Besides, if, according to Aboi Habtemariam Abraha, that Solomon Woldemariam knew that isaias afewerk would dismantle Liberated Eritrea, we can safely assum that they too must have such premonition. Therefore,the 1998 illegal and unnecessary war and its mismanagement ought to have served them a wake up call to act. There are indications that they were contemplating such measure but were dissuaded by none other than the infamous Isaias Afewerki perennial agent, Sebhat Efrem, who immediately informed him of their intent,and they were rounded to their prison. The moral story is that unless immediate step is taken to eliminate him, it is certain that we will lose our country as Solomon Woldemariam warned.

  • Saba Berhane September 18, 2015

    Remember for what? For bringing us darkness, slavery, refugees, shortage of basic services, long imprisonment, NO PEACE & JUSTICE in Eritrea by the so-called our revolutionaries or liberators tegadelti!!
    Sadly enough, miskin Eritrea is suffering from what psychiatrists call “Isolation of Affect” where people are
    acting as if nothing happened or everything is fine and dandy. Well, it is NOT fine and dandy for genuine Eritreans
    who are suffering severely from all kind of disasters and misrey caused by the so-called ghedli generation.

    • AHMED SALEH September 19, 2015

      What is the solution ?
      Whining , crying and complaining don’t bring difference . The damage is done .
      But the problem is ; Can we do something about it or give up to take it’s toll .