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Religion – Isaias Afeworki’s Eternal Weapon to Divide and Mislead People

Religion – Isaias Afeworki’s Eternal Weapon to Divide and Mislead People Woldeyesus Ammar The growing popular call of ‘’ ይኣክል! كفى! -- Enough is Enough ‘’ to the cruelties of the Asmara regime by waves of Eritreans

Religion – Isaias Afeworki’s Eternal

Weapon to Divide and Mislead People

Woldeyesus Ammar

The growing popular call of ‘’ ይኣክል! كفى! — Enough is Enough ‘’ to the cruelties of the Asmara regime by waves of Eritreans at home and abroad is a real threat – probably the final blow – to  Isaias Afeworki’s several decades old dictatorship. And when the threat is real, Isaias Afeworki always uses religion and external enemies as his most trusted and so far effective weapons to fight back.

Dictator Isaias did this in a subtle manner throughout his political life extending to a half century. Recent examples are how he and his clique distorted and manipulated the 2013 incident of an Eritrean army unit led by Wedi Ali and that of a private Islamic school of the great patriot, nonagenarian Haji Mussa, in 2017. May their souls rest in peace.

To again try to use that weapon, the one-man dictatorship’s Ministry of misinformation released on 3 April 2019 yet another official lie. The released statement aimed to win back regime’s former gullible listeners by trying to tell them that Eritrean Muslims and their co-religionists in the region are their enemies. What a shame, and what a shameless regime!!


The Eritrean dictator is not a religious person. He has no religion. Yet, he until this year  knew how to play around religions in order to survive and stay in power.

The 3 April statement by the Eritrean authorities said that enemies of Eritrea are re-organizing ‘’the obscure Eritrean Muslim League’ under the mantle of ‘Eritrean Ulama’s League/Eritrean Rabita-i-Ulama.’’

But why now mention a non-existing Eritrean Muslim League in connection with the formation of a civic organization of Arabic speaking Eritrean intellectuals who have all the right to form such an association?

In simpler terms, the evil regime in Asmara wanted to invoke the word ‘’Rabita’’ – an innocent Arabic word that means ‘league’ or association – in a desperate attempt  to create new a bogyman, a new  enemy at a time when Ethiopia and its ‘Woyane’’ are no more enemies.

Only to stress, it is quite clear to the majority of Eritreans today that the PFDJ statement wanted to appeal to the erroneous and distorted perception built long ago around the Arabic phrase ‘Rabita Islamia’  for the Eritrean Muslim League of the 1940s which, to many elements opposed to Eritrean nationhood at that time, was an organization of ‘traitors’ allied with enemies of ‘‘Christian Eritrea and Ethiopia.’’ But will that Isaias — that old master of deception — succeed to use religion also this time round? Measuring by the political climate building around the call for ‘’Enough is Enough’’, one can assume that the vast majority of Eritreans today are of the belief that he will not succeed.

For the sake of the new Eritrean generation, one should repeat affirming the truth that ‘Rabita Islamia’ or the Eritrean Muslim League of the 1940s was not a negative force, as the dictator in Asmara and his fast dwindling clique repeated and in different forms wanted to mislead people. The Eritrean Muslim League was a great patriotic organization that can claim a lion’s share in the history of the slow and costly growth of Eritrean national awareness. It was around the love for a national Eritrean flag, a National Assembly, an Eritrean constitution with democratic rights, among others,  that Eritrean nationhood was built. The great patriots of the day, on top of them Woldeab Woldemariam and Ras Tessema Asberom, were the closest friends of the Eritrean Muslim League and its energetic nationalist leader, Ibrahim Sultan Ali.


Only to cut a long story short, I will quote below excerpts from my own article posted in Eritrean websites on 19 November 2000, sub-titled: From the Satanic Utterances of Isayas:

‘’… by his own admission, Ibrahim Sultan had to name his party after Islam (“al RabiTa al Islamia”), not because of his religious belief but because he and his group of militants found it the only easy and feasible way of rallying the majority of the Eritrean Moslems for independence [at a time when Ethiopia was winning their compatriots through religious appeal]. Al RabiTa al Islamia was not a party of religious fanatics as detractors insinuated. To my knowledge, Eritrean Moslems have never been fanatics, and in general, never deserved that epithet [to be called fanatics]…… In recent years, when political Islam mobilized masses for fundamentalist wars elsewhere, Eritrean Moslems continued to give deaf ears to any call for Jihad, a stillborn movement in our country, whose nominal existence was aided and abetted by the actions and omissions of the regime in Asmara.

‘’To stress, we never came near to religious strife save the infinitesimal incidents of 1949-50, which were the making of foreign powers, Ethiopia included.  Yet, there have been satanic writings and teachings by Eritreans repeatedly used to make believe that we had ugly mass murders, genocides and ethnic cleansing of worst degrees in contemporary history. [Read this shocking quotation by you-know-who]:

’If I were not aware of our own situation, I would have described the grisly mass murders in Somalia, Rwanda, former Yugoslavia and Liberia as barbaric crimes perpetrated by backward peoples. I would have said ‘we are different, we are not like them’. But what we had gone through in Eritrea was not different from what is going on in other countries. We in Eritrea suffered mass murders, one ethnic and geographic group cleansing the other in a cowardly and inordinate manner. We have now come a long way from that past, and the present and future generations [in Eritrea] who had not seen what we did would be surprised of what is going on in Somalia, Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Liberia. The surprise comes because they did not know what had happened in our country. Seen from this angle, it would appear that the present and future generations would benefit from knowing about it. But unless done in a constructive way, making the new generation aware of a black spot in its history is a bit difficult’.

‘’If you [reader] had forgotten or if you are not aware of who said this and when, you better be reminded. The words were uttered by the Eritrean president, Isayas Afeworki, ‘proudly’ speaking to issue volume 1, number 1 of Reporter, an Amharic language magazine of Addis Ababa published in September 1997. The message was very clear – as clear as a similar poisonous messages he conveyed [in the long past]. …’’

To conclude, this quick writing and the excerpts from a lengthy old article cannot fully depict how much the current dictator in Eritrea has been working hard to divide Eritreans on religious and other bases. However, the time has come that he will not make it. At least I believe so.

Review overview
  • k.tewolde April 8, 2019

    Indeed Mr. Woldeyesus,religion has been his sword and shield for this phony crusading tyrant especially when he paints himself to the corner,he even fooled and summoned help from extreme right wingers around the world which some gave him a hand because of his Islamophobic tendencies,he made brothers/sisters wipe each other using this very weapon in what is historically known “Hadhid quinat” the name says it all,he is the most poisonous and divisive character who galvanizes local peasants with this vile and turns around clasps hands with the Amirs and whispers sweet nothings in their ears,takes their money and uses it to bolster his repressive state machine against the Eritrean people.He have burned his bridges along the way not only with the Eritrean people but also with his wealthy Arab donors,their brothers are watching him.It is a small compound and everybody knows the prostitute.

    • Deglel April 8, 2019

      Esub garbage Wedi Hirkam, just like your Amete Komarit filthy dog mother
      you are also a cheap disgusting male prostitute and diQala PIMP. You should be burned alive.

      • Sol April 8, 2019

        Mr many names, if you are addicted to insults go to face book assenna is not an appropriate platform for street boys.

      • Haben April 12, 2019

        You are in the wrong address. This is Eritrea not Ethiopia so leave the house ok
        And/or if you are one of the papagalos’ sorry Game over.

    • Gezae April 15, 2019

      Enough is Enough for/to WHOM? Obviously ‘Enough is Enough” is for you and you damn so called opposition groups not the peoples government of Eritrea. Do not think Isayas one/single person, he is the PEOPLE. Woldeyesus Amara is jealous and does not have place in blaming the great leader and liberator PIA. And nothing is more capable of troubling our reasons and consuming our times, than secret notions of jealousy in saluted

      • Gezae April 15, 2019


        Enough is Enough for/to WHOM? Obviously ‘Enough is Enough” is for you and your damn so called opposition groups, hate and ravage or avenge seekers not the for/to peoples government of Eritrea. Do not think Isayas one/single person, he is the PEOPLE. Woldeyesus Amara is jealous and does not have place in blaming the great leader and liberator PIA. Hence nothing is more capable of troubling your reasons and consuming your times, than secret notions of jealousy in saluted

  • Sol April 8, 2019

    Thank you Wolde for enlightening us about the malignant message of the Eritrean despot which he has been using as a tool to divide and conquer our people.

  • Hagherawi April 9, 2019

    መርዛም ሓሶት እሰያስ ኣሚኖም ፥ ምስኡ ክተሓባበሩ ዝጸንሑ ደቂ ሃገር ፥ በብሓደ ጠፊኦም።
    እሰያስ ፥ ንመዳ ካብ ዝወረደሉ ግዜ ጀሚሩ፥ ሚስጢራቱ ሓቢኡ ዝነብር ሰብ እዩ። ብዛዕባይ ዝፈልጡዎ ሚስጢራት ክህሊዎም ይኽእል እዩ ፥ ዝብል ቀጻሊ ምጥርጣር ኣለዎ ። ብሰንኪ እዚ ድማ ፥ እሙናት ተላኣኣኽቲ ዝነበሩ ክስወሩ ትሪኢ ። ካብቶም ኣብ ሰልፊ ናጽነት ምስኡ ዝነበሩ ፥ እሞ ኣብቲ ግዜ እቲ ፥ ምስ እትዮጵያ ዝተግብረ ርክባት ካብ ዝፈልጡ ዝነበሩ ተጋደልቲን ገለ ገባራት ፥ ተቀማጦ ከባቢ ሰገነይቲ ፥ ብህወቱ ዝተረፈ የለን ። እሰያስ ፥ እቲ ሚስጢራት ምሶኦም ከምዝቅበር ገይሩ።
    እቶም ፥ ንነዊሕ ዓመታት ፥ መጋበርያ ናቱ ኮይኖም ፥ ህዝቢ ኤሪትራ ኣብ ምጽናት ዝርከቡ ዉሑዳት ሰባት ፥ ዕድመ እንተ ረኺቡ ባዕሉ ከጥፎኦም እዩ ። ብዕድል ባዕሉ ቀዲሙ እንተ ኸይዱ ግን ፥ ናይቶም ኣብ ጎዳጉዲ ዝሞቱ ዘለዉ ፥ ኣሻሓት ረሳታት ኣብ ቅድሚ ዓለም ምስ ተኣከበ፥ መሕብኢ የብሎምን ።

  • Hagherawi April 9, 2019


    እሰያስ ፥ ሓተላ ናይ ሕብረተ-ስብ ዝኾኑ ሰባት ፥ ኣለሊዩ ፥ መልሚሉ ፥ ብደም ኑጹሃት ኣጠሚቁ ፥ ኣብታ እንኮ ብትግሃት ዝነጠፉላ ናይ ገበን ዕማም ኣዋፊሩዎም ፥ ንዓሰርተታት ዓመታት ዘገልገሉዎ ፥ ግን ካኣ ንሶም ዉን ፥ ስደት መሪጾም ፥ ኣብ ደገ ዝነብሩ ሰባት ምህላዎም ምዝካር ኣድላይ እዪ።
    ካብ ጊዜ ገድሊ ጀሚሩም ፥ ካብኡ ምስጢራዊ መልእኽቲ ተቀቢሎም ፥ ንሰብ ኣብ ሕቡእ ቦታ ጸኒሖም ፥ ወይውን ኩይናት እንዳ ተኻየደ ፥ ብድሕሪት መጺዕም ብምቅታል ፥ ሰብ ራዕዲ ከም ዝኣትዎ ገይሮም። ንእሰያስ ከም ሞት ተፈራሓይ ዝገበሩዎ ንሳቶም እዮም።

    እዞም ሰባት ፥ ናይ ቡዙሓት ደቂ ሃገር ህይወት ዘሕለፉ ብምዃኖም ፥ ኣብ ወጻኢ ሃገራት እንዳነበሩ ከንሶም ፥ ልክዕ ከም እሰያስ ፥ ለውጢ ከይመጽእ ዓብይ ስግኣት ስለ ዘሎዎም ፥ ከምዚ ኣብ ኣሰና ሽሙ እንዳቀያየረ ከዕገርግር ዝውዕል ሰራም ሰብኣይ እዮም ዝኾኑ። ኣብ እዶም ዘሎ ደም ኑጹሃት ከይረአ ዘሎዎም ስግኣት ድቃስ ከሊኡዎም።

  • Geladios April 11, 2019

    እንዳዓበየት ትኸይድ ዘላ ኣሰና ናይ እታ ጉዳት ህግድፍ ተጋልጽን ሓበሬት ሰፍሕ መስኮት ሜድያ መተካእታ ናይ ቲቪ ኤረይ ኮይና ዘላ ንዝያዳ ዕብየታ እንዳተመነኹ። ዕሙቕ ዝበል ኣፍልጦ ታሪኽ ወልቀ መላኺ ኢሳያስ ብዙሕ እካ ተዘሪቡ እንተኮነ ሰማዒ እዝኒ ከይተረኽቦ ከምዝጸንሐ ዘይካትዕ ጉዳይዩ። ኣብዚ እዋንዚ ኢሳያስ ክሃድመሉ ኣብዘይክእል መንቀራቕሮ ኣብ ክስግሮ ዘይክእል ቀውጢ ህሞት ኣትዩ ይርከብ። ንብዙሕ ጊዜ ንቡዙሓት ሰባት ከተደናገር ይካኣል ይኸውን፡ ንዘልኣለም ግን ከም ዘይካኣል ታሪኽ ሓሶታት ዝምስክሮ ሓቂ እዩ። ብፍላይ ኣይተ ኢሳያስ ኣብ ኣዋሳን፡ ጎንደርን ዝገበሮ ናይ ንዕቐትን ትዕቢትን ንሃገርን፡ህዝብን ከም ናቱ ፍልይቲ ግራት ቆጺርዋ ከካርያን ትሕጂ ከትሕዛን ዕጅብ ከይበሎ ብዘይ ገለ ውከሳ ህዝባዊ ባይቶን ካቢነ ዝብሎምን ከይተማኸረ፡ ደስ ከምዝበሎ ናብ ሕሱር ዕዳጋ ኣውሪድና ይርከብ። ከምዝደልዮ ስልጣን ንምብሓት ክብል ኣብ ኣድላይነት ዘይነበሮ ኩናት ከም ኩናት ሕድሕድ ምስጢ ሃገራዊ ሓይሊ ተጋድሎ ሓርነት ኤርትራ ምስ ናይ ወጻኣት ሓይሊ ምስ እዞም ናይ ሎሚ ጸልእተይ ዝብሎም ወየንቲ ተማሳጢሩ ዘውረዶ ጉዳት ጥፋት፡ ብዘይ ገላአ ተሓታትነት ክስግሮ ክኢሉ እዩ። ኣብ ውሽጢ እቲ ውድቡውን ክንደይ ንጽሃት ኣጽኒቱ ሓታቲ ዘብሎ ሰጊርዎ ኢዩ። ከምኡውን ድሕሪ ሃገራዊ ናጻነት ኣብ ርእሲ ህዝቢ ፡ ተጋደልቲ ኣካለ ስንኩላት፡ ጋዜተኛታት፡ ጂ15 ውዲ ዓሊን ብጾቱን፡ ስርሒት ፎርቶ፡ ናይ ሓጂ ሙሳ፡ ከምኡውን ናይ ሕልና ብሰንክ እምነቶም ዝተጨውዩን ዝተረሸኑን። ካልእ ኣብ ርእሲ ህዝብን ዘውረደ ናብ ፈቐዶ ስደትን ባርነትን ዝምርሐ መንእሰይ ወለዶ ኣብይ ከምዘሎ ነፍሲ ወከፍ ገዛ ኣብ ምጽናት ገጻ ትምርሕ ኣላ። ገበን ውልቀ መላኺ ብቐሊሉ ጸብጺብካ ዝውድእ ኣይኮነን። ዝደለዮ ስልጣኑ ንምብሓት ናብ ኣድላይነት ዘይብሉ ኩናት ክእትወና ካብ ከኣለ ብተደጋጋሚ ጊዜ ከም ኩናት ሕድሕድ፡ ከም ብሰንኪ ናይ ዶባት ኩናት ብዙሕ ተሓታትነት ብዘይብሉ ምክንያት ኣብ ርእሲ ህዝብናን ሃገርናን ዘውረዶ ውርደትን ሓሳረ መከራን እቲ ኣብ ባይታ ዘሎ ሃለዋት ህዝብና ዓቢ ህያው ምስክርነት እዩ።ዓለም ዝርእዮ ግዳያትውን ኮይና ንርከብ ኣለና። ሎሚ ድሕሪ 28 ዓመታት ኣብ ሰልጣን ዕባራ ምክንያታት እንዳፈጠርካ ዝግበር ሸንኮለል ከይኣክል ሓደ ህዝቢ ኢና ሃደ ሃገር ኢና ኣነ ንኢትዮጵያ ህይወተይ ክሕለፈላ እየ ድሕሪ ምባል፡ ኣብ ኤርትራ ዋላ ንሓደ መዓልቲ እግሩ ዝዕርፈላ ጊዜ ክትህሉ ኣይነበራን። እንተኾነ ግን እቶም ላዕለዎት ሓለፍቲ ድሕነት ሃገር ፡ ምክልኻል ሃገር ዝባሃሉ ትካላት ኣብይ ደኣ ኣሎ ሓልፍነቶም፡ እዚ ሃገርን ህዝብን ክበርስን ትም ኢልኩም ትርእይዎ ዘለኩም ሸይጢ ሃገሮም ካብ ምኻንኩም ነጻ እትኾኑሉ ምኽንያት ይብልኩምን። ሎሚ ጊዜ ዝባሃል የብልኩምን ተበራበሩ ምስ ህዝብኹም ደው በሉ ክብል እምሕጽነኩም። ሸያጥ ሃገር ኣብ መንበር ፕሬዚደንት ሃገርና ዋላ ንሓንቲ ማዓልቲ ክቕመጣ ኣይነበሮን በታ ዘውጻ ድሕሪ ናይ ኣዋሳ መደረን ዝውዲ ኢትዮጵያ ምድፍኡን ክምለስ ኣይነበሮን። ሕጂ ምሕጽንታይ ዘርከበ የርክብ ጉዳይ ዕማም ህዝቢ እዩ ተርፉና ኩሉ ገዲፍና ሃገርና ነድሕን። ኢሳያስ ጠላም ካብ ቀደሙ ሕቡእ ሰላዪ ናይ መሳፍንትን ኣህጉራውያን ገበትን ልኡኽ እዩ ኮይኑ፡ ኣብ ገድልና ተሓቢኡ ብዙሕ ሃስያ ኣውሪድልና እዩ። ካብዚ ንላዕሊ እንታይ ንከውን ንጽበ ኣለና ማዕበል ህዝቢ መላሲ ይብሉን ኣልግሱ ከትሽልበቡ ምልኪ የልግስ ሕጊ ክነግስ!!!!!!!!

  • Haben April 12, 2019