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Reliable sources from Eritrea indicate a cholera epidemic which has started in the Dembelas and Quahayn areas is rapidly spreading to Gash-Barka region.

The sources that are closely monitoring the extremely alarming situation are in touch with citizens who live in the affected areas and express their dismay at the regime’s silence and cover up. We present you the

The sources that are closely monitoring the extremely alarming situation are in touch with citizens who live in the affected areas and express their dismay at the regime’s silence and cover up.

We present you the raw information as we have received it so that the internarial community, including relevant UN agencies are kept informed about the alarming situation. The international community should get involved proactively in the effort to control the epidemic as the secretive PFDJ government is weak to deal with the serious health crises on its own.


In the last few days more and more news are coming from the affected  areas about a cholera epidemic rapidly spreading in the Gash-Barka region.


1 – The epidemic seems to have started in the Dembelas and Qwohayn areas

and is sweeping through the Gash Barka region;

2 – The government health structures are totally unprepared to face the crisis;

3 – The only response to the disease so far, on the part  of the government, has been to

isolate those infected  and treat them with some sort of flebo-infusion, and nothing else;

4 – Other than that, movements from village to village, marriages, tezkars, and

any other forms of gatherings are strictly forbidden;

5 – All movements into and from the area have been barred, Aqurdet being the outpost

of the limited zone, coming from Keren;

6 – The weekly market days have been halted;

  1. People are instructed not to exchange greetings by hand-shaking or other forms of

physical contact;

4 – Even worse, the government has sternly warned the population not to spread word

of the epidemic;

5 – Once again, the regime’s policy is: ሕጂ እውን ብጽፍርና ( “We will resolve it on our own”)

However, it is obvious that crises of this nature cannot be faced without the involvement of the

international community, namely the World Health Organization;

The alarming prospect is that a population already debilitated by hunger, poverty and all the

related problems, may soon come to the brink of yet another daunting tragedy.


Our pressing request to you, diaspora Eritreans is just to at least begin to call the

world’s attention to the extremely alarming situation.

Review overview
  • Berhe Tensea October 2, 2016

    The mafia regime’s main policy of destroying destroying the Eritrean people is an on going business.
    The regime is preventing and unwilling to provide medical and or sanitation materials foe a very long time now.
    The poor people are forced to dig Diga after Digha on empty stomach, while the resources of the nation is being looted, by the mafia boss.
    People were dying of hunger and other preventable deases, and now this.
    The regime must be happy as one of its wish is bearing fruit.
    People who tolerate uniaginable abuse will continue to suffer.
    The number of the dead and sick is increasing on daily basis, and it may continue, unless the people themselves ttake the necessary action in fighting it.
    Some reliable sources from Asmara also are accusing the regime of knowingly spreading the Cholera, just to ceate the usual drama of confusion, as it is considering the people as a herd.
    People must do everything in their power to safe guard their health,, safety, and security
    Death to the worst enemy of the people or the Ancuwa of Nakfa.

  • zt October 3, 2016

    Cheap politics from Assenna as usual, please do give up, and start looking for different kind of career, far away from journalism, as you seemed to be a bad journalist, always heavily opinionated and who gives incorrect perceptions of things.

    Please have respect for the Eritrean people, do not wish them for any kind of disease , as you will not be helping them if’ your wish becomes a reality , but please do not forget, this people are waiting for you to pay them back, the money that they have invested on you in order to give you a good education.

    • Z. Hagos October 3, 2016

      zt or ZeraghToe, what are saying? Even your tyrant’s radio and Tv declared that the epidemic disease is threatening the whole country. Sometimes piercing-eye news cannot be denied unless you are dumb, no hearing and no vision.

      Secondly, you seem to send a message that the schools of the tyrant are investments. The tyrants dismantled all the good schools in Eritrea and in their place is running non-sense schools, the highest one may equate to elementary school outside Eritrea. As a matter of fact, the tyrant should compensate all the graduates from such schools for wasting their time.