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Principled & Honest Mouthpiece of the Voiceless should not be touched ‼!

Saleh Ghadi, Amanuel Iyassu, Tesfaldet Maharena and all our brothers in Erena are the untouchables for any Eritrean who is united to throw the walking dead system in Eritrea to the dustbin of history. I remember

Saleh Ghadi, Amanuel Iyassu, Tesfaldet Maharena and all our brothers in Erena are the untouchables for any Eritrean who is united to throw the walking dead system in Eritrea to the dustbin of history.

I remember during the Dergue time there was joke, it says “Who is a revolutionary? A revolutionary is someone who accuses to another one as a reactionary‼”

Similarly, the fact that “Mesgherem” that calls itself “Eritrea’s Mainstream Website” but serves as a mouthpiece of the “Dream Stealers” of the Eritrean people has called our heroes as “servants to Ethiopia” is a big joke‼

The system is the main cause to the exodus of all Eritreans. The exodus is cutting the hands and legs of the Eritrean nation. Therefore our Mafia Group “HIGDEF” is the true Servant of Ethiopia because they are the ones that are executing the Ethiopian dreams and not our Heroes.( Our Heroes  are exposing the regime) and telling the facts to the Eritrean People who are deprived of knowing the facts about their own nation‼!

You cannot imagine in “Mesgherem” from the 20 headlines in the news feed or latest news 3 is about Eritrea and the rest 17 are about USA, Russia and Iran.  The funny part is the news about Lufthansa stopped flight to Eritrea and Turkish Airline will start flights in June was a fresh news on the 09.04.2014‼ It is before 5 months that Lufthansa has stopped flights to Eritrea but “Mesgherem” must hold the bad news until it is able to say “so what Turkish airline is coming”

I kindly recommend you to change your name to “notice board” because your website has no consistency and has no integrity. It has no moral ground to accuse our vanguards and true Eritrean websites that serve the Eritrean people and not the Anti-Eritrean Mafia Group‼

Saleh Ghadi, Amanuel Iyassu, Tesfaldet Maharena and our brothers in Erena could shut their mouths and be indifferent like most of us or be leakers like “Mesgherem” and get paid by the Mafia regime but instead they preferred to be voices for the voiceless regardless of the consequences than to bow for the wrong system. All of them believe :-

“Injustice to one is injustice to everyone”

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dear “Mesgherem”, we kindly request you to have a consistency of what you claim to be and what you post. What is the significance of the blast in Iraq to your “Eritrean” readers? What is the significance of the British Museum and Edward Snwoden when we have millions of issues to cover regarding our motherland‼?? What will it help to tell the “Eritrean” readers about the death in Homs in Syria when many time that number are killed in the dungeons of Eritrean jails? For the blind HIGDEF supporters they are “Weyane” or probably they are touring Eritrea‼ “Zura Nihagherka in Jails” This is a mystery to many innocent Eritreans and the world at large‼

You cannot defend that you are not the notice board of our Mafia Group, I mean your “HIGDEF” Why did I say that? Just to mention only few examples:

1-    You have not posted any interview of Tesfai Temenwo but you posted accusation labeled against him‼

2-   You have not posted any seminars by Dr. Tewolde Vaccaro but you posted accusation labeled against him by Dr? Tzegazeab‼

3-   You post articles from Alenalki or Erigazette or any Ethiopian opposition websites but never from Assenna, nor Awate or Asmarino‼??

4-   You post TV-ERE and ESAT newsletters which is Ethiopian opposition news but never any posting from Assenna or Asmarino‼?? And I can go on and and on‼

Therefore, stop disguising and confusing the innocent readers and take off your Sheepskin and show your true identity that you are wolf too‼!

Our heroes were heroes and will remain heroes regardless of your baseless accusations‼!“ It takes courage, composure and decisiveness to be heroes. Men with such dedications and specifications need not to defend for themselves, we the people who trust them will do instead.

Down to the Dream Stealers of the Eritrean People‼!

Down to HIGDEF and its stooges‼!


Review overview
  • ahmed omer April 11, 2014

    Some commentators are full of a lot free hate ,racism and doblestandars .
    1-some Eritrean organisations and the regime hang all their fails to Ethiopia this is unreasonable because Ethiopia can invade Eritrea because has a power and excuse offered by the idiot regime .anyone blame except the regime cheating himself .This idiot regime is causing unstable to all region financing it from many source one of them is making or using Eritrean people as goods and cattle there is a huge stories about exported young Eritrean by the idiot regime,s generals from Eritrea to RASHIDA who we are going to blame in this case everyone should ask himself why the regime doing this the reason is in short sentence (THE REGIME IS A CRAZY GAMBLER )

  • Fanko April 11, 2014

    The two great honest responses that I read on this article are of Wedi Zere and Geje. May you write often to enlighten the blind in the so called “opposition” camp:

    Wedi Zere on April 10, 2014 said:

    I wish you said meskerem instead of “main stream” so I understood and wouldn’t waste my time reading about a dead brain supporter that preferred to be a voice of the tyranny. Meskerem is no different than dehai,shabait,shaebia,alenalki and many other new ones that are sponsored and financed by the shiftas so that they become voices of oppression,betrayal and slavery.Hence wouldn’t deserve anyone’s precious time including you the author.You said,”they are the ones that are executing Ethiopian dreams” What are Ethiopian dreams for Christ sake?In my humble opinion,I think this is where we Eritreans lose sight and strategy on how to fight the enemy we have at hand and save our nation.We failed to realize that we are joining hands with the very brutal regime that we vowed to fight when we too keep accusing Ethiopia of a sinister motives or hidden agendas or dreams as the writer put it.If it so what is it that make us different from the regime that we are battling so hard against?Are we not accusing the regime of using imaginary threats such as the border or another invasion to justify its cruelty and atrocities that have been committed against our people for the last 16 years?Why are we echoing the same imaginary threats of the regime when we all know that they are non existent?
    KNOW THIS,ETHIOPIA IS A NATURAL ALLY IN ALL ASPECTS THAT WE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT,WHETHER IT IS ECONOMICAL,SOCIAL OR POLITICAL.It might be so hard to those empty nationalist or half baked politicians like the writer to swallow but that is a bitter fact that we should learn to live with.
    May God have mercy on Eritrea (Kab sebsi ayterekben)

    Ezi Wedhanka,

    • Fanko April 11, 2014

      Here is Geje’s reasonable rebuttal to the article on its flaws:

      Geje on April 10, 2014 said:

      Where was Salih Gadi and his Awate mouthpiece hiding when Ali Abdu Yonous, the former mouth of Issaias Afewrki, defected to Australia?
      Where was Salih Gadi and his web site hiding while the Arab mafia, Arab police and Arab regimes were deporting young Eritreans, raping and enslaving Eritreans, stealing Eritrean body organs, kidnapping women and children to sell them to Arab slavery?

      It was only recently that the Awate web site started to post few crimes on slavery, and this is done scantly by rewriting the few articles they managed to post.

      I will give great credit to Assena that interviewed many Eritrean victims in the Arab world as they did victims under Hgdef and reporting bravely on coward Ali Abdu Yonus. I will give credit to Erena and Asmarino too.

      Salih Gadi does not belong to the current opposition, he belongs to the few one sided older dinosaurs driven by hate and revenge. This article tells only half truth and half lies, so full of hypocrisy.

  • Tsehaye April 13, 2014

    I don’t know what to do. Should I laugh at this poor guy or cry for his pitiful ignorance? Why he had decided to put the most notorious ghedli erar criminal who has still decided to ignore the plight of Eritreans in the Sinai Desert and the high seas, a guy who chose to report the presidential election of Djibouti instead of advocating for the release of the Eritrean prisoners in that country, a guy who visited the Al-Jazeera broad caster in its Middle East studio centre and had a “good time” with the CEOs and news casters but refused to ask them to air the Eritrean victims of the barbarian Arabs is put side by side with the two giants (Amanuel Iyasu and Tesfalidet Meharena). I am wondering if this author has a normal size brain. Think and do a little bit of research about the topic you are going to write.

    Ertrawian meguhaiti!