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  • kozami January 6, 2012

    For those who may not be aware of the full extent of how the sadistic woyane is busy to harm the well being of innocent Eritreans going about their business, look no further. The writer of the above ‘press release’ is the same woyane cadre who wrote to UNSC members posing as an Eritrean (publicized at aiga forum days before the doomed sanction). He misleads his identity by saying Ghirmay Yeibio, but actually is Ghirmay Shibeshi. Those with facebook account, please check him out at facebook going as Ghirmay Cazanchis. I was told he has an adult son who proudly states himself as an Ethiopian. People in Winnipeg, Canada are very aware of him but approach him for some sponsorship works I was told. He arrived to Canada directly from Ethiopia in a very bizarre manner. Ever since he has been proper woyane agent serving his poison to harm Eritreans in that part of the world.

    • Kibrom T. January 7, 2012

      So now you are bored of looking at the stars and decided to write the above crap. Against my better sense, I will reply to you, fully agreeing with Dan’s short reply to you.

      1. Every time you and Tsahaye cry about the Weyane, it is kuzame (puking) and they are only happy to put you in that position. Only an Eritrean would have enough sense to know that. Please try to understand the implication of what is said in that sentence.
      2. If you want to talk about this Eritrean in Canada, this is the wrong forum for it. Any negative comments you utter about an Eritrean, chances are that he or she is fighting the good fight.
      3. However, having written the above two comments, I believe most Eritreans are aware of what the two of you are up to: Cheap distraction ploy like Isaias talking about America’s problems instead of solving his own, especially when Eritrea occupies the position it does.

      Have a nice day.

  • Dan Nomav (Wedi Ate'men) January 7, 2012

    Kozami: So you are Eritrean with a name that may mean puke in some language? The despot in Asmara will get to you and your family sooner than you think..jerk

  • kozami January 7, 2012

    Kibrom and Dan

    You are forgiven for your frustrated outbursts, your games have been blown to pieces and all you have left is foul mouthing here and there. It is good to learn that the Winnipeg News Paper had written to the Eritrean Community before going to press based on the above ‘mambo jumbo’ and their views has been inserted accordingly. The point is that the sadistic woyane is now exposed for all to see and being challenged! Thank goodness to that. As to Mr Shibeshi (aka Ghirmay Yeibio) sort your self out buddy.

  • Mr. T January 7, 2012

    Kibrom T,

    Kan nkozami kem bun qelika n’ai dma kursi bunka gerkani. Why do you feel so much pain when I try to expose the woyane’s sinister motives and its barbaric actions during the border war? Why do you get so much irritated when Eritreans, including kozami and I, demand that the woyane regime have no choice but to evacuate from sovereign Eritrean territories? Why do you choose to categorize Eritreans in terms of black and white only? Let me tell you again about my political stand. I criticize the PFDJ regime for not giving the Eritrean people a choice. I oppose the PFDJ regime for arresting people and not bringing them to a court of law. I oppose the PFDJ regime for banning the Eritrean free press. I oppose the PFDJ regime for ruling Eritrea without the people’s constitution. Never the less, it does not mean that I have to flirt with the barbaric woyane regime. If I am struggling to install democracy and the rule of law, I have also an obligation to defend to any rule of law whether it is internal or international, and it is worth mentioning here woyane’s violation of international law. You cannot be a democrat if your ideology is based on “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” which is a common practice of the opposition groupings at the moment.

    • Mr. T January 7, 2012

      Kibrom T

      Despite all the odds, I have an idea that I believe has the greatest power to unite Eritreans of all walks of life. Let everyone show their patriotism to the nation by condemning the barbaric woyane’s occupation of our territory in violation of international laws. The reason why the PFDJ regime feels untouchable and not willing to reform is because we are sadly divided. If you guys on the opposition have no guts to stand up and tell the barbaric woyane to evacuate from Eritrean territories without any preconditions, enjoy your hashewiye for another twenty years.

  • wilson white January 7, 2012

    let me ask you what is the meaning of woyane ? if you are real mature you should not say to MR.GHIRMAY CAZANCHIS WOYANE. if you want to know more about ghirmay cazanchis ask me and i will tell you what you want to know about him . but let me tell he is the hero.

    • Kibrom T. January 7, 2012

      If you are posting this in good faith, i.e. if you are not Kozami in disguise, I think you may want to read my posting again and think of what Daniel said. I don’t know Ghirmay but from what I read, I admire his great contribution to our people.

      • alex January 7, 2012

        I advise not to mind Mr. T and Kozami , to provoke and to mislead
        is what they always do. Be smart, reject them to nothing because
        they are a little blinded to consider ……… .

  • daniel January 7, 2012

    wilson white,

    You’re targeting the wrong person. Ayt’tahawekh.

  • Kibrom T. January 7, 2012

    You some times amaze me how calmly and clearly you defend your position even when that position has two conflicting parallel lines never to meet: (a) There should be democracy in Eritrea …which you touch in passing… but (b) it has to wait until the barbaric Weyane hear our cry, our lamentation, our complaining to whoever will listen, saying, “the barbaric Weyane is sitting on land. Please tell them to move “. Mr. T, I really do not believe a smart guy like you honestly believes that this is the way to go. Come on man! There must be some hidden reason you are doing this. 10 years past. How long do you think we should keep doing this. You keep saying, “the Weyane has no choice but to accept the binding agreement”. Apparently it is not binding since the Ethiopians have not moved and dictator Isaias has given the world plenty of reason to ignore us.

    My main point: Let us all build our country first just like Denmark did instead of crying about what the Swedes had done to them.

    • Mr. T January 8, 2012

      Kubrom T,

      Again you are making a big mistake. I challenge you to give your evidence that I have ever said or suggested that any democratic reform in Eritrea has to be delayed until “the barbaric Weyane hear our cry”. I have always said that the PFDJ regime should hand power to the Eritrean people without any delaying excuses. Implementing the constitution has nothing to do with the barbaric woyane’s refusal to allow the border demarcation. However, your excuse for not standing with the Eritrean people against the woyane regime’s occupation of their land can be considered a treason. You have also said that border verdict is “not binding since Ethiopians have not moved.” Are you trying to suggest that international laws and treaties are only respected on the whims of the other party? If you don’t have any problem with woyane’s occupation of Eritrean land in gross violation of international laws, I don’t see any reason why you have a problem with PFDJ’s violation of human rights in Eritrea. You cannot be in favor of one and against the other since both have the same end result: JUSTICE being served. I am sure you know fully well your current political stand is like a road that leads to nowhere, but you don’t seem to have the desire to take the obvious alternative either. That is what Eritreans call politics of HASHEWYE.

      Rhus Ldete-Kristos yigberela fetari.

      • Alex January 9, 2012

        Are you saying because Ethiopia violated international law, PFDJ has
        a right to violate its own citizens human rights. How rediculous and
        pathetic could be , we ordinary people have nothing to do to their
        political affairs. When they fall in between should we pay for their
        failures. You look a person with total hate toward Eritreans when you
        said ” you can not be in favor of one and against the other” …. Justice
        being served. Means the maltreatment and suffering of our people is
        justified because of your woyanes problems. That is enough for me, from now on I will not be bothered from your postings because you clarify yourself. I respect that, Thank You. END OF DISCUSSION.

        • Kibrom T. January 9, 2012

          Thank you. When I read that part of his response to my posting, I am telling you God’s truth, my head went spinning. I had to pause for a minute or two before I continued to read the rest of it – without caring to what he had to say any more. All I could muster in my reply to him was what you see below your posting. If this guy is Eritrean, I don’t know how he can say that and sleep peacefully at night.
          Thanks again.

          • ahmed saleh January 9, 2012

            Alex and Kubrom
            I keep saying becarefull from these corrupt and arrogants with hidden agenda. They do no differ from HGDF relentless astrocious behavior. Imagine when an educated person approve the unhuman hostile conditions to his people, I’m not sure if he is a real Eritrean.Poor Eritrea is controlled by a group who are disconnected with its people for a reason.
            Our suffering is an entertainment for them. Who cares about HGDF or Weyane, what we
            care is our peoples well being, period.

      • Mr. T January 9, 2012

        In order to deny the political currency to those on the barbaric woynaye’s payroll, and to make sure decent Eritreans do not get exploited by the low life woyane agents commenting on this website, I am offering a clarification on my previous statement of “JUSTICE being served”. As far as humanity is concerned, there is only one JUSTICE being served or being denied in this world. There are not two types of justices; there is one only. If the people on the side of oppositions are truly fighting to restore “JUSTICE” in Eritrea, they have also a duty to condemn woyane’s gross violation of international laws and norms which are by the way a violation of JUSTICE. So when I say, “You cannot be in favor of one and against the other”, what I mean is those on the care of the barbaric woyane regime cannot have the luxury of showing two faces on a single head: one face displaying pro-justice and the other against justice. Woyane’s gross violation of international laws should be condemned without any reservations as well. The problems we have at hand are both about JUSTICE being DENIED. I hope I have made myself clear this time.

  • Abnet Tesfai January 7, 2012

    I am really surprised by the dictator’s defendants when the facts start to shine in their eyes…. they shout WOYANE!!!!
    your dictator initiated war with Ethiopia to skip democracy in Eritrea and stay in power life long and to hide himself from all the crimes he committed during his life. yet he is using it as an excuse not to implement the constitution and other rights of the people.
    the only solution is to stand defiant and heroic like Ghirmai and smash the dictator and his confidants and defendants.

  • Kibrom T. January 8, 2012

    Selam kun my brother!